SWJ: Total Defense — How the Baltic States Are Integrating Citizenry Into Their National Security Strategies

Not that anyone in FUSA has to worry about a massive totalitarian regime projecting its power westward from its capital region.

Thank Greenwood for that.

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  1. My comment is… I like Latvian women.

  2. I don’t know what to say really…is everyone brainwashed now? Doesn’t anyone still understand than it is the (our?) shadow government (deep state) (NWO’s…whatever you want to call them) THEY are the ones we need to fear. Not Russia.
    I suppose the PTB got to the Baltic States and twisted their minds. Of course it probably wasn’t hard since they have already seen the Russian style of communism 30 years ago. Now they are ready to sell out the the Brussels/Washington DC style of communism. And even pay their part in helping. That’s more than the French are doing.

    What a load of crap the RAND corp is spewing. They are part of MIC right? Or are they a “think tank”?

  3. Centurion_Cornelius

    Here’s a cartoon from the 1930s showing Uncle Joe and Adolph fighting over the Latvian beauty with the translation: “Are they after me and marriage or just my dowry?”


  4. Got food?

  5. It seems those states are where we were some time ago. Don’t see individual US states engaging in values-based resistance to the DC cesspool. The Baltics are engaging the Greenwood-model cheerleading operations cell while resilience here is largely oriented toward having a good charger for one’s iPhone X. Real resilience is still going to be much more granular than that depicted by the analysts at SWJ. Teach your grand-kids a new knot or piece of vocabulary or history today. Guaranteed they did not get it in school.

  6. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/09/26/female-us-marine-becomes-first-woman-make-infantry-officer-training/

    Three dozen female Marine Corps officers had previously signed up for the infantry training program but failed to finish, according to the Marine Corps Times.


      Let’s hope she “leads from the front” when she goes over the top to protect Goldman-Sachs and the other Banksters who pay her debt buck salary.

      • Oh yes,..to die for the glory of John Mc Hitler, Mulch McConjob, Nancy Pussypsoriasis,The drumpfenfuhrer, Goldman Suxs, and Halitosisburton..not necessarily in that order…

        Smedley was right!!

        Fuck the parasite class and every one of their enablers and enforcers!!

        And fuck the bread and circuses (football,etc) that they trot out to distract and deceive along with the assrag flag of empire and it’s shitty regurgitated tavern song!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • Smedley was a douchebag asshole who got pissy when he was passed over for commandant, so he sold his birthright for a paycheck with the communists in his later days.

          He ought to have been awarded the Benedict Arnold Trophy upon his tardy death, but there was about to be a war on, and it was deemed petty to give him what he deserved in the moment.

    • DoD stats show the USMC has 1,313 females currently commissioned as officers.
      After three dozen well-publicized failures to find even one female who could get past even Week Two, they “suddenly” found one who could make it – not two, not four, but all thirteen weeks.

      So they’ve found somebody, not just literally “one in a thousand”, but certifiably 650% better than any woman they’ve ever recruited – just now.

      And no standards were lowered.
      See me for your chance to own the Golden Gate Bridge.
      I also have Magic Beans in trade for anyone out there with a cow for sale.
      Send picture of cow.

  7. I do note that most of the country is WEST of Wash DC. So ‘projecting Westward’ is already in play on the home field is it not?

  8. The Usual Suspect

    As in most of these feel good political farces she will deploy to
    some shit hole country and run patrols around the largest base
    in the country for 6 months , pick up her railroad tracks and go
    on staff duty.

  9. None of the Baltic states have a risk of Russian invasion unless they make their ethnic Russian population second class citizens. I don’t know if that’s happening or not.

    Russia has a majority population in Crimea and eastern Ukraine. That plus the Jew that was placed in power in Kiev is the issue there.

  10. Meh. The Baltics each have about 100 miles between their borders and the Baltic Sea. It gets cold when you’re in it up to your chin.

    Mother Russia will eventually come calling, and realpolitik will kick in, because what Mother wants, Mother gets.

  11. Been a while since we’ve shat on Mr. Greenwood. I was wondering what happened.