Codrea: On #TakeAKnee

More than sportsball.

Irreconcilable differences.

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  1. WGAF?
    Why turn every sporting event into a militaristic USA lovefest?
    I’d be fine with doing away with the colors and anthem prior to these things.

    Except for the Indy 500….

  2. While I support their right to take a knee, I fully support bending these cry babies over and fucking until their broke, and living in a refer box, behind Burger King.

    My brother in law was in town, wanted to watch pro ball. Told him no problem, go to the neighbors house, packaged up two six packs of Coors, for them and they their.

    I’ll be cancelling my tv sports package I ordered two weeks ago. I’m to the point that I’d rather watch the religious channels in Mandarin Chinese, then pro ball.

    Was at the VA yesterday, where we were subjected to labron James try and talk like a white guy and rationalize why us whites are wrong. 30/50 vets sitting their getting pissed. Main ally got up and changed the channel. Got a small ovation for turning that “us poor niggers shit off”

    Going to buy a 70 series” Colt” gold cup 1911 .45acp. this morning. I’m stoked. Mint condition.

    An early birthday present to myself. Another tie or polar bear socks from my wife just don’t cut it in this day and age.


  3. Apparently the NBA feels the need to make the crackers uncomfortable…

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And why not? It’s an easy target and doesn’t usually come with much cost; plus, it appeals to most of their players and a lot of their fans.

    • That disloyal fuck just retired today, whether he knows it or not.
      Probably after a brief and spicy court martial.

      This is not Ass Carter’s DoD any more.

  4. I personally don’t really care what players, owners, or the NFL as a whole does or does not do. But I do find the reaction by fans interesting and worth following. I’m also interested in seeing how the teams react to the effects on their bottom line that are surely coming.

    It took baseball a generation to recover from the ’94 strike. Football ought to take note.

  5. Way to act knuckle under Jerry Jones.
    !. I’m fairly certain It says in the NFL rules to respect and stand.
    2. Jerry is on record not a month ago that there should be respect. He cannot come up with some alternate way to let his players protest yet still maintain they stand as that’s in the rules and he agrees with it and he signs the paychecks for the cowboys; pathetic.

    Last, the steeler who cam out an stood was wrong. it is my understanding the team agreed 100% to not come out. His time to voice his dissent way then. If he agreed or kept silent, as ranger and westpointer; he knows he broke with his unit; that was wrong. Looks like the idea to not take the field was wrong by the steelers by how it has been perceived, but he made it worse by bringing more attention to the team by doing his own thing.

    • Notarealperson

      If your team is composed of anti-American scumbags or fools, do you stand with them? Not unless you’re a fool yourself.

      The Steelers shamed themselves by hiding. You can’t shame cowards BTW.

      Understand that loyalty is two way streets. Not one way. That is the way of a cult. Those are the sort of people who end up drinking Jim Jone’s grape punch. IOW it’s not a suicide pact. . Though in the military it is.

      Lets be clear about something, most NFL players are thugs that if they weren’t employed would be beating your ass into the ground if they met you on the street. The NFL has a entire team of “agents” that go out to bribe police, victims and reporters to keep their names out of the press and police blotters for the rapes and beatings they commit.

      No one in their right mind ought to be defending this scum. It’s stupid game played by the dregs of our society.

    • You mispronounced the team name. They are the Pittsburgh Kneelers.

  6. I for one want to congratulate all the useful idiots of the NFL for jumping the shark and in the process ripping the veil down further. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a DT fan and never will be(see Mnuchin, Cohen et al) however our enemy has done us a huge solid in allowing millions to see just how sick they really are down deep inside. Communism is a disease in all it’s forms including “crony capitalism”. It’s normally fatal in all cases. NFL is no different and I’m ecstatic that people are disgusted. There is no going back, choose wisely Spartans. Can’t wait to see the first bankrupt NFL franchise. FYITEWRR NFL.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      ” Can’t wait to see the first bankrupt NFL franchise.”

      To be followed shortly by the first NFL bailout.

  7. For real, stop the national anthem at these sporting events. It’s a game. And not one of national pride. Treat it as such. National pride for self righteous end users is not required.

    Sports is for kids to help ingrain physical competition and teamwork. There are much better alternatives than sports for this.

    Stop lowering the flag to half staff every other week.

    Fuck it, just represent your local people only and maintain a solid reputation.

    • Respectfully and sorry, but I can’t agree…

      Mainly for the reason; discontinuing the National Anthem at these sporting events would be a MAJOR VICTORY for the left. And I certainly don’t want to encourage these people to go after the next “ism” they will lay blame on us again. They’ve done enough already to sew division between us and gained enough ground over the years. It would be a huge mistake to submit to them, on bended knee with bowed head (and that’s exactly how it will be perceived), the power to change such a dynamic.

    • Stop the national anthem?

      Fair enough.
      Take down the flag poles too, and require every team in every league to refund immediately the billions (NFL alone $1.1B) in federal taxpayer money they’ve received to build stadiums.

      If they want to telecast the games, the government’s cut goes to whatever the top income tax rate is; 33% of NFL broadcast revenues get transferred from the networks to the .gov via the FCC; otherwise they get blacked out.
      (You should excuse the unintentional pun there.)

      When they pay back what they owe, and cough up for the privilege, I won’t give two shits what they do; because at that point, tickets will be traded for welfare cards and 40-ouncers, if that, and the players’ families (including their 42 out-of-wedlock kids@) will be the only ones watching the games.

      Problem solved.


    More straws in the wind. We are moving ever closer to CWII.

    • Nope, race war…..

      • Jimmy the Saint

        No reason the former can’t be fought as the latter.

      • TheyCallMeRockStar22

        The CW was about politics, economics, freedom, states rights, foreign invaders, religion, all kinds of BS. Depends on who you are, and where you were.

        We are much dumber these days.

        Also, They said “Start the Culture and Race War”

        ergo, we are living in a race and culture war.

        This is western philosophy and values verses the made up economic totalitarian ideologies of Frankfurt and friends.

        Its also a lot worse than we know.

        Its 10 to 1, and not looking good for us.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “Its 10 to 1, and not looking good for us.”

          It’s fourth and fifteen, and you’re looking at a full-court press.
          – Zombie Frank Drebbin

      • Just remember (((they))) are not huwhite

      • Accellerationism!


        Seems to me that’s what’s being pushed…

  9. The NFL is dead to me; I wish the Politicians were too.

  10. The Usual Suspect

    Piss on the owners and players of the Negro Felon League,
    who needs them preaching .
    Respect is a two way street !

  11. When JJ fired Tom Landry, I was done. I’m not supposed to hold grudges so I’m still working on that part. NFL has become a home to showboating, political correctness, and MSM big bucks advertising.
    I have better things to do with my time.

  12. When an individual doesn’t respond well to struggle-session, self-critical brainwashing and won’t even parrot the others, they are removed from the group.

    Just sayin’

  13. While we’re all focused on solidarity with our racially oppressed ‘brothers’, Senate apparently brought up amnesty bill, no information on what’s in it yet

    • Randolph Scott

      that sounds just like the prick-publicans in the senate, but it will never become a law.

      • doesn’t matter. 9 months into the Trumpenthal regime, the number of illegals in ‘Murka is greater than when he took the oath. They’re here, they’re not leaving.

        until we kill them en masse:

        “kill all they send…and they will stop coming”

        it’s the only way. Sodom on the Potomac, all of it, is on the invaders’ side.

  14. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    “Piss NFL”

    • Good title for a work of ‘art’ — SF Giant uniform in a bucket of urine. Hell you might be able to get a NEA grant for it — to buy more bullets.

  15. The way I see it, is it is the owners who are the real problem. By not reining this in and, he’ll, in some cases even endorsing it, they are calling their white fans racist. You know those white people who watch the games, buy all the crap advertised during the game and spend $4 billion per year on NFL merchandise. Yeah, those are who you are calling racist. The owners should know better, but apparently times have been so good, that even they have forgotten who butters their bread. Ticket sales do not even come close to paying the multimillion dollar salaries of the players; the vast majority of the NFL’s revenue comes from the TV packages and NFL-branded merchandise. Act accordingly.

  16. robroysimmons

    No one believes in racial equality, especially these colored sermonizers.

    Sorry for the bad news, just let it go.

  17. She’s not the first to get on her knees there and she won’t be the last.

  18. Brass Scrounger

    America’s team my ass

  19. No man can serve two masters…………

  20. Sheila Jackson Lee and Hank Johnson are typical of the niggers that the US Army and the Republicans forced into southern legislatures during reconstruction and kept them in power until about 1900. The Wilmington, North Carolina change of government, when whites removed the “rainbow coalition” of the day out of office at gun point, was one of the high water marks of white power in the south.

    Then, particularly after the righteous hanging of Leo Frank, the Jews became enraged at the south and moved to stop our self government. Today, the ADL, SPLC, and other Jew organizations are out in the open with their anti-white, anti-southern actions.

  21. Serfs and slaves kneel.. its where they feel comfortable.

  22. fuck pooLice

    fuck the gubmint

  23. There’s another way to interpret “taking the knee” and that it’s an act of subservience and allegiance.

    Where the cult of gov is concerned (and that definitely applies to it’s crapaganda symbolism) one should NEVER show it the slightest amount of respect/obeisance whatsover!!

    Don’t “Take the knee”
    Don’t “Stand and salute”
    Turn one’s back and dismiss with righteous indifference
    Better yet be conspicuously absent from anything that would demand such.

    The parasite class NEEDS your approval to maintain it’s illusion of legitimacy/necessity.

    Withold it and ignore them and their multiple tentacles.

    Free your mind!!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Next words out of his mouth, “Get your damn cunstitooshin off my back you damn dirty apes!!”

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  24. Everyone who takes a knee is finally coming to the realization of their place in society and bowing to “white privilege” and the “crackers” who are over them. LOL They are only acting as the subservients they are destined to be and the jokes they truly are!!! If it wasn’t for “white privilege” they wouldn’t have anything!!!

  25. Do you think masonic members understand that Chaos and confusion are a means to an end?
    Trump attacking the NFL is teamwork.
    So who do they worship?

  26. Name (required)

    They are not us. They have to go back.