A Reminder

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12 responses to “A Reminder

  1. Well put.

    But it’s never been tried seriously on a two-way range before.

    I like my odds.

  2. Like the Committees of Public Safety.

  3. Go out into the world each day armed with your hard-earned cash and starve those monkeys.Give no consent,approval,currency, nor common courtesy to the dirty commie motherfuckers that believe whitey is irrelevant.
    Put a stop to these contrived occurrences which are poorly choreographed and executed. Show people/corporations, your true vote, by giving them the bird and saying,” Hey, go fuck yourself!”

  4. Hope is neither an effective plan, or tactic.There, fixed it for you, Boss. Faith, Hope, and Love are the hallmarks of ones belief in G*d, with the greatest being Love, natch. Paul talks about it a LOT. And how to implement it. But there is a type of hard-headed and violent Christian (uh, yo ) that finds their way to the surface of all the gobbledy-gook, new age, pussy whipped, Christianity being troweled out in mega-churches and the back woods variety as well. The Crusades and a lot of other necessary frontiers were breached and done by Christians who were men and women who were armed and knew just how to use their weapons, and weren’t shy about doing so. There is the world you live in, and the one you HOPE for, both temporal and spiritual. Christians that HOPE to pass on their faith to progeny also have to show said progeny how to make your way in an evil and fallen world. I like the masthead, because it is practical. Dying like sacrificial lambs is not. I have only one Judge, and condemnation from Him supersedes all others.

  5. When I see that “People Doing their Jobs to Support their Families” meme, why do I picture California Department of Justice ‘Special Agents’ coming to confiscate my leaded ammunition?

  6. I highly doubt many claimed they were just doing their jobs, had families to feed, etc. They justified it with their ideology if they bothered at all.