Herschel: The NFL, Spenser Rapone, And The Project Of Cultural Terraforming

A superb synthesis describing how FUSA’s institutions are being used as the hammer and anvil of collectivist transformation.

And you?

You and other traditional Americans are the malleable alloy being heated, cooled, and hammered by those institutions into The New American Citizen.


Any questions?

75 responses to “Herschel: The NFL, Spenser Rapone, And The Project Of Cultural Terraforming

  1. Can we please make this guy spend his required years of duty in communist china and see if he still thinks communism is great.
    That’s the thing that pisses me off about all these people, they never spent any time in the type of government they are desiring.

  2. I think we former alums of USMA can now safely say beyond all doubt that,” The Corps has!”

  3. How about dishonorable discharge?
    Let that follow him around for the next 70 years.

  4. who is the son a fucking bitch that made the appointment for this filthy little cum dumpster????

    • apparently you did not notice, but the “military” academies – as part of the Judeo-communists Long March Through the Institutions – were converged some time ago. West Point Chapel has been conducting male sodomite and lezzie “marriages” fort at least a decade.


        Word. The first time I saw a photograph of same, I threw up in my mouth. The Army I served in in the late 60’s is gone forever.

    • I see your Blue and Gray. B Co. 2/115 here, (before the switch) got out in 2005 after Edgewood.

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  6. That west point queer needs to be strung up. I’m assuming prior enlisted, what with the cib and other devices. Damn, I’m glad I quit the military shit show when I did, and that neither of my two sons decided to take part in it after listening to the old man’s sage advice.

  7. Shinmen Takezo

    • I saw that too. I can’t imagine him getting away with wearing, at West Point, a CIB that he did not earn as a prior enlisted soldier.

  8. That cadet graduated in 2016 and is a currently serving 2LT. He’s set up for a courts marshal, soon. It’s likely that he things he can get out of his service obligation by getting the boot. What he doesn’t apparently know is that the US government will collect huge money for his formerly “free education”. His tax returns will be garnished, his wages such as they might be will be garnished, all the while there will be interest accruing on his debt.

    His plan, which is pretty obvious, will not work out for him.

    • Randall Flagg

      ” He’s set up for a courts marshal, soon.”

      Link? Or just speculation?

    • I hope you are correct in this. But I doubt it.

    • One hopes you’re right but I suspect an attempt to get this into a civilian court, sponsored by the ACLU and/or National Lawyer’s Guild. They’re still around, and still commie to the core.

      Someone ordered him to come out. No commie at that level, or any other, is allowed initiative. He’s out to force a court confrontation, and protect those still in.

    • He’s committed no less than 22 specific, chargeable, black-letter violations of the UCMJ.
      His command is investigating, and I’d expect he’ll be relieved, arrested, charged, and under confinement within 48 hours or so.
      His security clearance will be revoked immediately, which makes him unable to exercise the duties of any officer; and owing to his service obligation for attending West Point, it could take some good number of years under confinement (ideally, at hard labor) after reduction to the lowest enlisted grade before a separation discharge under dishonorable conditions is granted.
      Which also saddles him with a federal felony rapsheet for life.
      Hope he enjoyed voting or legally owning a gun before, because from here on out, those two, as well as anything requiring bonding or licensure will be closed off to him.
      And even odds West Point will retroactively strip his degree, and refer to him as a revoked non-grad.
      But he’ll still owe the costs, including room, board, etc.

      He’s so far from screwed he won’t be able to see it with binoculars.

      What he deserves is flogging around the Army, followed by drawing and quartering, but crucifying him will have to suffice.

  9. From Gab the other day … I don’t know how to post images directly so I’ll post a link CA can post the image, cover form my ineptness.

    This kneeling thing seems to be being pushed pretty hard by the msm, and that makes me nervous. They are just looking to create an incident … who better to torment than “sportsball fans” … seems they start fighting over stoopid face paint for Gods sake.

    • Bingo!!!!!!

    • I don’t give a flying fuck what it takes, we need an incident. We need hundreds of them to wake people up to the fact that these assholes exist in our country. They are so deluded and/or ignorant that they think Communism is the answer. Lt. Buttfuk up there should be given some hemp therapy by his compatriots to help him understand. I wonder how they feel about it?

    • Agree. Control freaks are sadomasochists, and so are their
      useful idiots. They like to stir the pot as it boils without
      getting their hands dirty.
      “Lo here, Lo there!”

      “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  10. We should all be extremely happy that this has come to light, forcing the DOD bureaucracy to address his political agenda.

    However it should also be pointed out that this communist is currently in Ranger school. Even with his leanings and stated beliefs he seized on oppourrunities for training ( branching infantry and with the nearly mandatory ranger school after). Our side needs to get very serious about getting training through available channels. Join your national guard. Go to schools. Get training. Focus on improving yourself so that you can help your community.

    • Unless he’s back as cadre, he already passed Ranger School and earned his scroll some years back as an enlisted man prior to attending the USMA.

  11. Article 134 can be a beautiful thing if applied properly. Unfortunately, I don’t think any of the leadership has the cojones to do a damn thing about it.

  12. It’s only a matter of time before the Prophet Bracken is proved prescient again and NFL stadiums start getting blown/shot up on game day. And when it does, you couldn’t dare me to care. If assholes want to spend their filthy lucre on a SJW proto-bolshevik love in, don’t expect me to get all broken up when one of their “refugees” decides to try and score some points with Allah.

    Quick question for the class: Am I the only one who’s noticed over the past few months that the tone of lefties has changed from they need to get control of the government to undo Trumps “damage” to getting control of the government so they can start taking revenge on Trump supporters? I don’t here that from all of them, to be sure, but it’s a lot of them. And I have yet to hear any of their comrades suggest that that kind of talk is going too far. Besides, it’s just a bunch of deplorables, so it’s okay to beat and/or kill them.

    • It isn’t just you.
      What you’re noticing loud and clear is the desperation notching up, and them trying ever more ridiculous over-the-top scrap to try and suddenly “win”.

      Like most baboons, it never works out the way they think:

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “NFL stadiums start getting blown/shot up on game day.”

      The way the NFL is going, that could result in literally dozens of casualties.

    • Why do Commies call it “Red October”?

  13. Another round of deflategate for the sheep.

  14. He looks like the spawn of John Kerry. Kerry, who hid his Jewish ancestry, so he could run as an Irishman in Massachusetts.

  15. Mr. Knapp, that was truly inspired. Don’t know if this will be the “trigger”, but something will, big things have small beginnings. Once the pocket books are touched, anything goes. Blood bath will beget bloodbath. We didn’t go to war with Germany in WW1 because of the Lusitania, or submarine warfare, or any other of a number of provocations, but lest Germany suggest coming in on their side to Mexico, in return for the American Southwest after a successful war, the shouts for war in Congress could be heard outside the building. The “trigger” will involve illegal aliens. Those who say “meh” after the ball commences will do so from a state of exhaustion. Confucious say: Man who sit down for National Anthem, stands for nothing.

  16. And the rot just keeps going deeper……….

  17. The Lieutenant rates a General Court, as he’s demonstrated he has given aid/ and or comfort to an avowed idelogical enemy of the US while in active service. Also witnessed by many more than the two required….

    He needs to fry….

  18. Lt Rape-one needs to be fragged under “friendly fire”……which isn’t.

  19. Domestic enemy identified.

  20. @CA , ‘ heated , cooled and hammered’ – this is called forging and hardening. Hammer away assholes, you are now awakening Boobus Americanus – think of cross between a Panzer division and a full-grown down-syndrome. Popcorn time.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “think of cross between a Panzer division and a full-grown down-syndrome.”

      Pzkpfw-VI(c) Short Tiger and pizza party after invading Poland?

  21. Beats me how you can be a member of a Standing Army and NOT be a Collectivist.

  22. We hold these truths to be self evident?
    That we shall consent to be governed by the Internal Revenue Service by the infernal income tax withheld, 20 trillion + Debt+ lie abilities of the blood thirsty Treasury and the FEDERAL Reserve for which we sit on our hands! That all men are created equal, or perhaps not by their appenditures, but perhaps their expenditures, the balance sheet, EXEL. Women and minorities get child support, free medical care, a 50” flat screen TV and equality of voter fraud. Fooled by politicians into believing them are human and have a clue as to what to do, I mean other than war of weeble wooblers marching in line to big WalMart stock of marketing to the less fortunate chattel and tax them too, that leads to a comfy retirement plan in the Wheel of fortunes we call The Democrazy Peoples Republic of the Communist United States of Merica, A? And you thought speech was free, didn’t you? This is going to cost me. We the People demand free entertainment with NO advertising!!!!!!! And to the TACO stands for which we stand in line, demand free burritos and speak the language of Spain!!!!!!! We demand credit for doing nothing earned! And deducted by moist learned of the great bill for rights the rights for religious free dummies of MS 13 to replace cops. That is the REDS, whites privileged supremacist and Blues of it. You got me singing the Blues, cuze I never thought we would ever lose to the Damn Communist. Reality Check, well the stock markets are doing pretty well, if you can afford the price of poker?
    Are you now, or have you ever been a Communist?
    Now, I suppose I have to define what a communist is, do I not? Communist)))>>:((( The Dick Tater tots of central planning on proper placement of boot on the faces of those that may not agree with the collective group grope state of welfare for the well to do and reeducation of those in the proper procedure of boot licking. Spit Shine? And I might add the three kinds of lies, Lies, Damn Lies and Damn lying Communist Pop lusty Politicians funded by of course the IRS approved CHARITY of the NON-Profit Foundation funding them, the nogo NGO’s. Need I say the Party, political?
    But seriously, I find it very difficult to be serious about much these last days before the fall because we are a seriously troubled people with our leadership of fools and the fool of laws. Even if the truth were evident, we refuse to believe it, seriously. That is the blame game is the only game in tinsel towns across the lands. The other side did it and it’s all their fault regardless of the side you happen to pick for some sort of grasp on the supposed new normal which is reality to most of the oblivious.
    Now you may ask, oblivious to what? The short answer is, Funding Government! My question is, why should we consent to be governed by a grossly overpaid and underperforming government at all? LOOKY here, for my entire life, I heard this crap spewed out by politicians over and over again and again and never, I mean never fix anything except their retirement plan! The latest example is 30 million spent by REPUB-Lie-CANt’s to defeat the Ten Commandments. Perhaps the south should rise again?
    Another day in paradox that is our pair of dice the game of chance, perhaps Abilene paradoxically speaking of the games we play? Well it seemed like a good idea at the time, did it not and not surprisingly it was not, for some odd reason. I think we have lost the ability to reason, I think the reason. I could be wrong, however, I AM not.
    The government can fail haft the people all of the time, but can’t fail to fool by law all the time. Times up for the greatest Chuck Ponzi scheme of governmental fool’s law, Entitlements, for the rich and foolish, Corporate welfare! Take stock market buy fools gold.
    The Iran Contra diction is this. ((WP))Personal income is an individual’s total earnings from wages, investment interest, and other sources. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a median personal income of $865 per week for all full-time workers in 2017 ((865 X 52 weeks =$44,304.00)).[3] The U.S Bureau of the Census has the annual real median personal income at $31,099 in 2016.[4] Inflation-adjusted (“real”) per-capita disposable personal income rose steadily in the U.S. from 1945 to 2008, but has since remained generally level.
    You may also recall that is when the great god of the feeble minded came to usurper and thief Berry Stiletto aka O bomb US mooch much in tow, or is that drag, I am not sure of gender specificity of neither. Directly after the financial planning well planned to the next best thing since the Great Depression that benefactor our boy George Sorry ass had absolutely nothing to do with, however billions made by not just bailing our PRIVATE bankers and insurance companies, to our distress Freddie and Fanny pack ass full of cash, to the sublime sub prime the pump of the communists pimps. Well played?
    That also says the stock market is doing so well that only slightly more than half of Americans can participate in the great wealth generation of money printing presses. The news would have you believe that everyone has a 401 K or some sort of money laundering financial device, but not. And if the median is 30 grand half of them make half of that and of the other half, them make half again as much, which ain’t much, near 50 % have not stock at all, ya know? Yet the FEDs task is full unemployment. While the icing on the let them eat cake was the 32 hour work week, rage wage minimum sans benefit of healthy care benefit and taxed too, for not having The truth may be 20 % do pretty darn well for themselves, the other 80%, well, do less well. I suspect the majority of the 20 % is old money, the entertainment, including all sports, TV, radio, movies, music, writers, producers, news, weather and sports fans paraphernalia providers, industry (if you can call it that), Fast Food owners, Government in general and Administrators of this and that regulatory, Public Utility, Hedge fund or marketing and or advertising agency, not to mention, da bankers, the Internetics DOT com, org, biz, gov, ed, dot ect. ((All Inclusive, programmers, data gatherers, Al Gore rhythms, I got, and gamers)) has well your full time political party worker bee’s. However the police fire and public union heavily invested in the markets too, however underfunded they may be to retire at age 50 and keep on working. Then a separate cat Al Gory for your religious needs in environmental activism an unconventional truth, drug cartels, da mafia, criminal in general and politicians in particular. Don’t take the planet for granite, ya know? Time to change some climate, I think.
    The entirety from here to eternity, HEATH INSURANCE, man date with fate, the cradle is your grave but don’t ask why you need insurance. Because something might happen to you, ya know? Yet the simple answer is it is really expensive to buy medical services, that’s why! So, don’t even ask why it’s so expensive. If you do you will get the pig Pharma or administrative technical assistance of the actuary to provide you the dope so them can surgically remove you from you money if you had any, buy of course the Corporate Welfare entitled, if not the insurance company pays for you in a sick kind of way. And then of course, all the new technology to poke and prod you into not suing the doctor for malpractice which is the extension of the medical insurance complex do legalities, and of course drug and equipment salesmen and girls too for boob enhancement(read insured here), in a gender non-specific kind of way, of course. We would not want to offend anyone, now would we? Oh, and I might add, adds absolutely no value to any product! However, all add cost to almost all products, the services, how entertaining?
    Like the guy said in the movies, you can’t handle the truth! The simple economics of the single payer is off course and oxymoronic millions will pay for it! The only bit of truth was when Jonny Grubber stated the obvious, the American people are stupid, if you can’t baffle them with bull excrement, you lie to them! And keep on repeating it and repeating it and repeating it, whatever it may be still BS, or perhaps a BE in entertainment? Then on the MBA in bullshit management the skinned sheep’s for wealth collusion. How entertaining?
    The social welfare state is unsustainable! We hold these truths to be self evident? It would seem the diploma from some prestigious college or university of tolerance and higher income, which them don’t, is to master the art in theft from the 80% by buy my stuff or vote this way and you get free stuff and of course work, miles, points credits, premiums, cash back, not so much Green Stamp anymore for overprices stuff, how to not, the other them, question the authority on why them should do either. However you do get free chipping and there is shortage of truck driver if you are interested in road rage management and traffic calming circle jerks!!!!!!! Obviously in a round a bout way of which is more expensive a stop sign in the twilight zone or a round a bout to fires of hell?
    And them not surprisingly, the education of Rita and MoHamid and Le Roy and all the little kiddies, which is the funding formula which has nothing to do with education, which is about income, benefits and off course the incoming immigrants to be educated in our system of geopolitical prostitution posturing for payments, per pupil, which is da funding formula. Do da math. Well we’re big rock singer, we got toes and finger and we’re loved everywhere we go, at 10,000.00 per pupil showing up, obviously for benefit of the teachers Unions and the ever important militant army of assistant administrator prince paly and under secretary of joint smokers, however cigarettes will get you detention and kicked off the foot ball team, Picture them the Rolling Stoned for sale and off course you bought it.
    So, now the weekend comes and you cannot even get away from them that protest a song the political football! One for the Gipper, or perhaps not so much anymore, the game we play when we are playing games not even immune from the poly tick that tick me off and so turned it off! It has become fools ball as I have recently seen printed elsewhere, however truthful it may be. Bread and fools ball games? Hail stones on to chef of cooked book hale Caesar salad king and queen of the Burritos, black eyes peas, and off course jumble Lie a, Billy, Al Gory rhythms John Kerry’s meddling with nukes Berry Stiletto, the Billary, and the week enders game of the committed communist Bernie Slanders America. The blame game, yet all IRS foundationally approved for fundamental transformations with voo doo dolls. Damn Communists!
    The truth that hurts, everybody throws around terms that are confusing as hell, the examples being, conservative as in being conservative of what, the progressive and being progress to what, this wing and that wing, the left the right military left Capitalism and Communism, the socialists, the fascists the neo-NAZI the white supremacists the black lives don’t matter as much in Chicago Power, or any other big city sanctuary of illegal’s, mi-grunts, with diversity and multi-cultured herd of cow crap, cock fights mostly for political position with a side dish criminal conspiracy, the ever popular collusion, yes Virginia there is massive voter fraud, as Joey pointed out, it is who counts the votes, obviously dead or just barely alive. And every time you think you have a definition that fits the sub human group grope of dopes, them come with a new one. The uneducated in political deceptions will never know what any of them are, probably don’t care or what them stand for. So for the most part, conservatives are for conserving their incomes regardless of being left or right on any matter. And of course Communism is the natural progression from Crap it all ism!
    But seriously, how can you be? Janet Reno started the war back before Billy C started his and hers foundational extortions, the then team thugs of the ATF and FBI in joint efforts with local police and National Guard to take out some religious fanatics because they had guns, 51 days in Waco. The Weaver standoff and abducted a Cuban kid for deportation at gun point, just to name a few. Then the first WTC bombing, the blind shaker and mover of the towers incident of IS Lamo Gee Had. The then bag daddy, daddies bushwhacker # 1 should have finished, then! However, she did try Microsoft for antitrust and you see how that worked out. The war started back in 92. Not to mention Billary CAIR, so I won’t say she started IS, or was that Billy IS Plan.
    So, here is the problem and solution if you would care to consider it. Let’s pick a term like Ferderalism and go from there, shall we? From my favor right Wiki Pee:
    The terms ‘federalism’ and ‘confederalism’ both have a root in the Latin word foedus, meaning “treaty, pact or covenant.” Their common meaning until the late eighteenth century was a simple league or inter-governmental relationship among sovereign states based upon a treaty. They were therefore initially synonyms. It was in this sense that James Madison in Federalist 39 had referred to the new United States as ‘neither a national nor a federal Constitution, but a composition of both’ (i.e. neither a single large unitary state nor a league/confederation among several small states, but a hybrid of the two).[7] In the course of the nineteenth century the meaning of federalism would come to shift, strengthening to refer uniquely to the novel compound political form, while the meaning of confederalism would remain at a league of states.[8] Thus, this article relates to the modern usage of the word ‘federalism’.
    Modern federalism is a system based upon democratic rules and institutions in which the power to govern is shared between national and provincial/state governments. The term federalist describes several political beliefs around the world depending on context.
    The questions are two, first the consent of the governed and of course We the People no longer have much or any say in what has been federalized and instead are dictated to by the Federation. Hint here, the federalist is not the Federal Reserve and was never intended to be, the Federal means ownership and today it means ownership of your DNA! Huge difference from where we the people started. However the idea of a Constitutional Republic only applies in form of document not function with regard to the people supposedly consenting or being governed. Some say it is a oligarchy meaning to rule or command the consent is assumed and of course the vote is joke. If you don’t vote, it is the same as consent if you do vote you got at best a 50 / 50 shot, depending how big the pile of money is supporting any particular cause of r candidate, at best, Consent of the mob rule perhaps at best ruled by mob leaders by the few.
    In other words, there is absolutely nothing in the US Constitution other than those enumerated items that gives the Federal the right to institutionalize all things and everything other than the implied consent they got from you not standing up to it, whatever it may be, such as the example of Health Insurance, or human trafficking we now call immigration and then moving said immigrants to select voting districts, as well as school districts within any state it pleases, obligated votes for now and future. Well anyhow you get the idea, I hope. It has more to do with the Federal paycheck protection program and anything else and obviously the states want a piece of the action. That said, there will never be enough money, hence the 20 trillion in debt, not to mention the unfunded liabilities, off book that they don’t want to talk about. Let’s talk about the, it is your retirement plan which I have witnessed vanishes into thin air as it was created, in other words, you ain’t going to get, get it? Yet the shock market is at an all time high on funny money. So I ask you, when all the producers (by that I mean those that actually know how to make something of value, perhaps like a shovel to shovel the load of crap that is our politics) are gone, what will we have, entertainment?
    However entertaining government can be, it should not be that way. We have it backwards, of by and for, which part of people did you not Understand? The wall needs to build around the federal and state houses, the politicians need be to herded like cattle and only fed when they do something useful. Truth be known, most often people do pretty well with any government intervention or invention of issues. The problems with governments are they do nothing and are overpaid for doing so and if there were not government handouts there would be no need of them, for the most part and could be done at the so-called minimum wage. The apolitical being, free trade among people and no war on this or that governmental control issue, or even picking the mostly losers. The example maybe, who would invite the known criminal into your house, knowing the criminal, is a criminal, except for maybe the state house. Yet it seems we invite the criminal in to people’s house all the time and then expect them to be honest! It doesn’t work that way, they are criminals, ya know? Here is a clue. Government did not build the United States of America, the people did, however the government will be the destruction of it, the United States of America!
    Wanna be Conservative about something, how’s about a US Constitution, The Bill of Rights, as it was intended? So, I have a question. Is it possible to have an “A” political Government? The simple answer is, yes it is possible. The more difficult question is, how do you do that? There are two answers. First, let communism take its course and which ended in revolution, or secondly, a revolution, to remove the communists, your choice, however, they are both the same answer. The question is, will there be blood?
    You can argue all you want about this and that war, if it were the good war or the bad war and who got US into it and all of that but, there were no better words ever written about US, the United States of America than what Lincoln had written after the Civil, war of northern aggression, or between the states and we rapidly went downhill after that, due mostly to the progressives, which is another name for Communism.
    Four score and seven years ago our fathers brought forth on this continent, a new nation, conceived in Liberty, and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal.
    Now we are engaged in a great civil war, testing whether that nation, or any nation so conceived and so dedicated, can long endure. We are met on a great battle-field of that war. We have come to dedicate a portion of that field, as a final resting place for those who here gave their lives that that nation might live. It is altogether fitting and proper that we should do this.
    But, in a larger sense, we can not dedicate — we can not consecrate — we can not hallow — this ground. The brave men, living and dead, who struggled here, have consecrated it, far above our poor power to add or detract. The world will little note, nor long remember what we say here, but it can never forget what they did here. It is for us the living, rather, to be dedicated here to the unfinished work which they who fought here have thus far so nobly advanced. It is rather for us to be here dedicated to the great task remaining before us — that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion — that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain — that this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.
    Abraham Lincoln
    November 19, 1863
    Never mind. Let US get back protesting fools ball, removing Statues and health care benefits. However, if some ya all had the balls, we could get back to being somewhat United by ending this foolishness of politicians.
    Ps Gee Had man, I hope I have not offended anybody, or did I leave somebody out, for that I apologies for not being inclusive.
    Oh, almost forgot, special oil tankers to the Navy in avoiding collusion, perhaps that was thanks and collision and almost sinking a battle ship, best practice on a cargo ship, I suppose and in particular instructing the NFL on how to properly take a knee, it should be both knees, ya know. Still not to be outdone WZipper has a pic of the latest batch of west pointers infiltrators with a Chia Pet T-shit on under his UN informed. Viva da evolution, I suppose? Still the gender reassignment the name Dick no longer means much, Bradley? Who, who, who needs a GI Joe or even Jane when we have gender non specifity. The only thing I can add, is what ever happened to Bay O Net training, to kill kill kill with cold cold steel? O Bay o nets, castrated. r

  23. Back in the day, commies weren’t allowed in the military. Has this changed officially, or is this another rule that is being ignored?

  24. I cannot wait to start killing– once I start I know that I will never stop, until I myself am killed, but I will relish and rejoice in the Smashing of certain faces, setting certain individuals on fire, killing their families completely — to make sure the bloodline is cut off — I might only get one but I shall rejoice and embrace it like it is the beginning of a new day it’s time to let the blood flow

  25. Why isn’t this (((guy))) denied a Security clearance? He clearly has divided loyalties as well as violating his oath.

    What is going on?

  26. wealthy farmer

    Spencer is one kreepy looking young man. Looking at his face I can age him forward to, say, 50-and it’s not pretty. Spencer should really really read up on the track record of collectivism. He can start with “Mao-The Unknown Story” by Jung Chang. A real page turner.
    The genius of President Trump in the NFL controversy is he has pulled an additional 20-30 million american men’s heads out of the sand (and out of their asses). The white guys living in Dream Time who really really do not want to wake up.
    The NFL is/was the perfect venue for lots of white guy social engineering programming. All they need is a few minutes of your undivided attention and they can plant the tiny seeds.. Think Super Bowl halftime shows: Miley Cyrus masturbating and re-enacting a black mass. Endless preachy public service announcements. Filth and leftist sanctimony served up by professionals to the most ‘resistant’ segment of the population.


    I remember when I was a candidate at Benning’s School for Boys in 1970. Part of the lexicon of MI training included the term: “terminate with extreme prejudice.” This red-diaper-doper-baby better watch his six.

  28. You don’t get it. This guy will be MI, very soon. Maybe SF, he just came thru a very inside the box military education.

    His demonstration of thinking outside the box, WILL make him a desirable candidate for special warefare. We have not heard the last of this kid. He’s upwardly mobile.

    Mark my words. His actions are actually Brilliant.

    Truth of the matter,,,, sure the big army needs cannon fodder. However little army needs achievers, people who think differently, who exit the academy with the understanding of the war of the flea.

    A rare breed.


    • 1) He’s already branched INF, and already passed Ranger School and Airborne School as an enlisted man, prior to entering the USMA.
      It’s where he earned his CIB.

      2) The inevitable court martial will unravel all that in about a minute.
      He’s the flea the elephant is about to step on. He’ll be the best-trained confinee on D-Block at Leavenworth next summer.

      3) Big Green’s sense of humor about his documented contemptuous public statements about POTUS, the VP, and SecDef will be demonstrated in the sentencing awarded. It will not go well for former soon-to-be-former Lt. Disloyal Fuck. Mattis is not swishy-pants Ass Carter.

  29. Something is not right about this story his congressman who nominated him said he was a well rounded high school kid but in his West Point photos he is seen wearing a miniature CIB, which means he was in combat before he went to West Point which means unless he had to be prior service so not a high school kid. The military is full of communist especially in the support and intelligence more nazis in combat arms. This whole story is screams setup.

  30. I understand your concern this guy is a commie. However, I can’t get past why West Point lets him wear a mop on his head.

  31. Communism has had 100 years to get it right and to “win”: It never has and continues to be an epic fail around the globe. Also, if this little skinny creep is so confident communism will win, why does he have to hide it under his shirt and under his cap these 100 years later? Obviously, this is an orchestrated scam to get out of his 7 years of service he owes to the Govt. for his West Point education. Nothing else to see here.

  32. The Traitor West Point Asshat should be court martialed for 20 years hard labor. Oh, I want my GD tax money back. SofRep is all over this.

  33. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  34. Once again, I’m amused at all if you. The majority of US, we’re liberal left leaning in our informative years.

    We didn’t get to our positions in life by blind obedience. We got her via life, the school of hard knocks. People don’t see the world like most here do, without alot of research, and personal growth.

    The majority are public ducted, the same flaws in my education, are the same flaws in your education.

    This kids going places, he fucking gets it, at a very young age, after a very regimented anti communist education.

    Don’t under estimate the enemy, your a ducking fool if you do.



      Speak for yourself, Dirk. I was born into a lower middle-class, hard-working white family. My brother and I were raised as true, free-enterprise conservatives from out first paper routes. We watched as (((They))) took over the LA Unified School District and LA County politics.
      The day JFK was murdered, I got roughed up by my classmates at Catholic school because I had spoken out against his hypocritical “civil rights” stance(work with viga, get replaced by a nigga). I have never drank the cosmic white liberal purple kool-aid, sir!

      • Dweasel, your an interesting study. That you even understood the politics of the day, at that age, is, well interesting. I was to busy riding my bike my motorcycle, my horse, fishing hunting, all after I fed and cared for the family live stock. Horses and a couple milk cows. O I also got stuck churning the milk, for butter.

        We didn’t buy milk, butter, buttermilk, or meat. We butchered once a month, and purchased drop calves, to grain raise for beef.

        I didn’t milk the cows by hand, but knew how in case the hired hands were not back.

        Lived in Northern California, and had not a clue about politics. I wish it were that simple now.


  35. Someone on twatter analysed his posts over the years. His first 2 years were non political BS, nothing stands out.

    Something happened in 2014 to make him snap commie. Someone at WP converted him. Student or staff. I bet staff, long march and all that.

    Weed out the staff too, assuming you want to fix WP. I doubt anyone has the nards to do that and nothing will happen.

    • It’s not 2009; rump doesn’t run Congress, but he sure as hell runs the DoD, and Mattis is his pet pit bull.

      The CID is going to be giving 7 years’ of cadets, and every cadre officer during Disloyal Fuck’s time there, a thorough proctological examination.

      If you listened last night in the clear night air, you could probably hear the sphincters at the Point snapping shut.

      We saw Tailhook.
      This is going to be Operation Shithook.

      Get your popcorn ready. Lt. Disloyal Fuck is only the first career that’s going to end over this mess.

  36. fuck the pooLice

    fuck the gubmint

  37. The guy is right … Communism will win, most likely.

    Show me a significant Nation that is not in the grip of Central Planning.

    It will take a Miracle to de-rail that train.

  38. Check the date of this article, and who exactly was the instructor.

  39. Not long ago I came into possession of a relative’s USMA class of ’58 class ring. He was killed in an F-100 while learning how to lob a little nuke over his shoulder on a one-way mission, nap-of-earth level.

    I was wondering what best to do with his ring. Contacted a few of his still-living classmates, a couple of whom had talked to my relative shortly before he crashed. It was recommended that I donate the ring to West Point’s remelt program, where old rings are melted and used to make rings for current cadets.

    I am glad now that I’ve sat on that project. This guy’s classmates KNEW about his leanings. And his roommates? It would have been pearls before swine. Nope.