NYT: Navy Returns to Compasses and Pencils to Help Avoid Collisions at Sea

Is it effective deterrence when your enemies are coughing and gasping from laughter?


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  1. “Pentagon’s overall Pacific Command, which would oversee any military operations against North Korea.”
    Maybe we can control the seas by ramming NorK vessels. Do they use compasses and pencils also?

  2. Submariner proposes to his boyfriend on dock as submarine returns to Conn. from deployment

  3. Actually yes – grease pencils at night. Rig for red

    MoBoard. Any other Navy guys out there?

    It’s not hard, but you/we can see what happens when standards are lowered.

    Math? Geometry? Range? Bearing? Distance? Speed? Intercept? Avoid? Close approach?

    Basic seamanship.

    So glad I’m retired.

  4. Does the Navy require its officers to use compasses and maps in the field to pass officer basic (like the Army does)?

  5. Seraphim of Sarov

    Pssst! Boatswain’s Mate here. The quartermaster of the watch already uses pencils and compass.

    What’s going on is a lack of skill (the ability to correctly do ‘mo boards’ and applying it to Rules of the Road navigational rubrics) and a lack of conscientiousness among millennial lookouts and junior officers.

    But they can tell you every jot and tittle of the transgender shower policy though.

  6. ““Successful mission accomplishment cannot be our sole measure of effectiveness,” Admiral Rowden said in his directive.”

    Newsflash Admiral: If you “successfully” drove around the block but hit a schoolbus you cannot call that mission accomplishment. So you don’t even have that.

    “…certification pillars that collectively foster success.” Mili-kratic metric-babble. Sailors are screwed.

  7. This is the logical outcome when you hire someone for top jobs based on SJW credentials, instead of hiring someone who really wants and knows how to go after Somali pirates.

  8. ” …certification pillars …” The collective needs something to worship. Any pillar in a storm.

  9. Airedale, navy, EP-3E.

    Our Nav, shot the sun every mission. Standard issue was a sexton. our missions navigation was critical, we were often right on the border of other countries, a breach of their air space was an international incident.

    The Chinese have in the recent past forced a couple EP3s down. No idea if navigation was the reason why.

    Like Boats says, plot charts are still used by the QM division.

    Although I’ve got no tangable evidence, I have a hard time believing two incidents occurred in the South China Sea, without outside influence.


    • of course. It was the Russians. Not the squirmy mass of faggots, lezzies, trannies, and pervs they haven’t invented names for yet that infest the ‘Murkan military.
      and every other institution in this completely Jew’d abortion of a country.

    • Care to revise those comments, when something as loathsome as a Spenser Rapone can attend and graduate the USMA?
      Think Annapolis hasn’t been worse, and for decades??

      The Navy is fucking up by the numbers at basic seamanship, because they’ve spent over 25 years focused on SJW bullshit, and haven’t given a damn about training for nor fighting an actual sea war, since at least 1992.

      In short, there virtually isn’t a single sumbitch in the entire active-duty fleet that’s ever served on a by-god man o’ war with the mindset to be on one, unless it’s second-hand.

      I listened to whiny hospital corpsmen (male and female) who I was training in gunshot trauma in early 2002 telling me how “they didn’t sign up to go to no war”. It took all my self control not to puke, or have a Marine Corps flashback on their stupid asses. When that’s what you start with then, holes in ships is what you end up with now.

      The clown show in 7th Fleet is the inevitable result of putting people in positions they have no aptitude, training, or inclination for, for going on seven generations of newbs, while rewarding and promoting people that think ship operations are management on a moving office, instead of leading a fighting ship into harm’s way. Including, if not highlighted by, making combat ships coed dorms. Find me a female BM who can horse 4x4s and mattresses around, and lug fire hose up three ladders and then pry open hatches, or force them shut against a wall of seawater, and we can talk. If not, throw them overboard, or put them ashore where they belong.

      The navy is pussified because pussification is an institutional core value; everything after that is gravity, working.


  10. there have been “rules of the road” for driving your boat around since before columbus sailed the ocean blue. made a little easier once they started hanging those little red and green lights on the side. their failure appears in their statement that they cannot train while deployed. which amounts to you can’t learn how to drive a car while you’re driving a car. even if they are playing computer games, those big cargo ships are on cruise control and have transponders, and unless it’s war time, they have the right of way. you can see where they are, and where they’ve been, at:

  11. There’s clearly more to this story. I knew a commercial captain and spent time listening to his stories, while he wasn’t piloting v’s he was on some large vessels and spent a lot of time on v’s. This shit didn’t happen as advertised. Doesn’t come close to passing the sniff test.

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