Lind: Nazism And Fascism Are Dead

Orientation towards reality.

The Reds are doing real well, though.

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  1. Linds right, the old models dead. Now let’s address the new model, the one on steroids!. Do people really belive the shit they shovel. Once again, these guys think that by changing the definition, the dialog is changed.

    A tool of the left, being used by this fucking tool on the right.


  2. “Actual Fascism was strongly modernist and future-focused”

    Yes it certainly was. Few alive today remember the heady days of the early 20th century, when societies were going to be forcefully reorganized according to modern principles and thinking.

    With emphasis on “forcefully”. The period is one of drunkenness with collectivist ideology, and we are still in the hangover period, with many still wanting their morning bloody mary.

  3. FDR is another one who should have been executed; he and LBJ

    • That list is too short, by orders of magnitude incalculable.

      So many psychopaths/narcissists, so little time.


    If you look at Mussolini’s definition of Fascism, it is also referred to as Corporatism. Under that theory, it has been alive and well in Amerika for many years. The post civil war monopolies and trusts of Carnegie, the Rockefeller family, et. al. are ample evidence of it. The MIC which President Eisenhower warned us about is part of it also. I believe this country is very much in the thrall of fascism.

  5. Hadenoughalready

    “Lind: Nazism And Fascism Are Dead”. Don’t count your chickens before they hatch (as my mother used to say). “Dead” they are not. Just dormant. Trump’s era will end, at some point, and who follows could very well be that asshole we dodged in 2016.’s election. Maybe even worse.
    We’re surrounded by leftists and anti-American morons. Unless and until they are vanquished in totality, their threat lives.

  6. Dead? Seems alive and well in economics.

    “The Nazi state is being financed by short-term [90 day] loans–up to 15 billion Reichmarks by the end of 1936….In short, Germany is going round and round. She can get nowhere until she returns to normal economic conditions, but she is afraid to try and get back to those, because she fears economic collapse and social upheaval if she does so.”

  7. Interesting article. I went to learn about Donitz, who is mentioned in it.

    Admiral Donitz was Hitler’s choice to become President of Germany after his suicide. He was the man who ordered the surrender of Germany to the Allies on 8 May 1945, ending WW2 in Europe.

    He was arrested and put on trial for war crimes at Nuremberg, and beat one of the three charges against him. He did not receive punishment for many other crimes he was judged guilty of because his lawyer was able to show the court that the Allies had engaged in the same behavior, for instance torpedoing civilian ships. From Wikipedia:

    Dönitz lived out the rest of his life in relative obscurity in Aumühle, occasionally corresponding with collectors of German naval history, and died there of a heart attack on 24 December 1980.(Age 89) As the last German officer with the rank of Großadmiral (grand admiral), he was honoured by many former servicemen and foreign naval officers who came to pay their respects at his funeral on 6 January 1981. He was buried in Waldfriedhof Cemetery in Aumühle without military honours, and soldiers were not allowed to wear uniforms to the funeral.[39] However, a number of German naval officers disobeyed this order and were joined by members of the Royal Navy, such as the senior chaplain, the Rev. Dr. John Cameron, in full dress uniform. Also in attendance were over 100 holders of the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross.

    It’s odd, if you had asked me in 1980 if the last President of the Third Reich was still alive I wold have said “of course not”. But I would have been wrong.

    I like the idea that a head of state can be put on trial for planning and waging a war of aggression. Can we start with Obama in Libya and work our way back?

    • “Can we start with Obama in Libya and work our way back?”

      Most unfortunately not… or, at least, not nearly far enough.

      Obama would be, as the saying goes, a good start! Like a thousand lawyers at the bottom of the ocean….

  8. the author’s entire rational to publish his piece was state that the (((holocaust))) was bad. don’t doubt it

  9. I believe there were a lot of estimations and statements that communism was dead, around 1992 or so………don’t count any of these old monsters out. Remember, communist ideology raised its ugly head first in 1789, 29 years before Marx was born. The poseurs and imitators are always nearby, waiting to be noticed. Holocaust deniers have been having their dicks out since 1970, so, same bullshit, different direction. Like their masters, they repeat a lie a million times until it becomes truth by attrition. (((holocaust))), that’s cute, where did you learn it, and was it by torchlight?

  10. One need only look at any “public-private partnership” to see fascism in play, as it is classically defined. The private entities may be for-profit, but are more typically non-profit. Consider the so-called “green lobby” – Governor KGB of Oregon teethed on that and is now fully surrounded with like-minded sycophants who, public record proves, are more concerned about the spread of dissenting opinion than they are public safety. IMO it is an eco-fascist regime, aided and abetted by a thoroughly co-opted and corrupted judiciary, and a classic case of fascism.

  11. We’re not “dead”, just waiting…..

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. “The Amphibian in DC continues to prove that there is no such thing as a RINO, Republicans have always been Marxist big government boosters since the Lincoln administration in the Offal Office.

    Ironic that the athletes whose jersey numbers may be IQ indicators take a knee because they want bigger government instead of less; it may be yet another bellwether of the absolute stupidity of both the players and spectators of professional sports.”

  14. America (circa 2017) is not hard to figure out. When citizens A (by the millions) vote for politicians to implement policies X,Y and Z and they do not, you have to ask, who is citizens B? In this case, it should be as obvious as the freckles on Lindsay Lohan’s behind – it’s the international conglomerates known as corporate “America” or, the Fascists. A simple limit of donations or expenditures (as free speech is recognized by the SCOTUS to have “limits”) by any entity will solve this particular problem post haste. #Article5convention

  15. Notarealperson

    I agree with Lind’s opinion. Both are dead and buried.

    Now the Left/cultural Marxism is alive and well. Thanks to massive infusions of funds from various sources including Soros, Silicon Valley globalists, various foundations run by liberals, etc. Though one should view the anti-fa types as fodder along with all the other lunatic social agitators. They are tools used by the lever pullers for their own ends. And those folks have no real ideology outside the acquisition of more power and wealth.

    I also think Lind is right is if the ruling class and cultural marxists push things too far,they will create another Hitler. Right now there is a well known leadership vacuum on the alt-right with no signs of it being filled anytime soon. All it will take is that Stock market/Real-estate bubble to burst to generate tens of millions of very angry white guys looking for someone to blame….