A look ahead, electorally.

Moore was just the beginning:

Roy Moore’s victory and the Republican feedback loop of crazy

Elections are not going to change all that must change.

But they are an opportunity to punish your enemies.

Look around and see if you can help “deplatform” some traitorous bastard.

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  1. Are you paying attention Arizona??????

  2. I have been through this loop of despair / hope before, with Tea Party. The early days were very hopeful. It always leads to “Embrace, Extend, Extinguish”. Part of me has believed that the system knew that CW would start if Hillary had been elected so they gave us “hope”, an outsider who said the things we actually wanted to hear said publicly about DC, corruption, the swamp, illegal immigration, etc.

    I also recall that very early Obama wanted us out of Afghanistan etc. but that was quickly changed.


  3. WTF? We got into this mess by The Ballot Box. We can’t vote our ways out of this mess. A corrupt institution is incapable of reforming itself. Said reform can only come from the outside

    • Voting is a tactic to punish one’s enemies. Just as flame weapons have their place, so does rational use of other existing tactics.

      Tell me more about this ‘outside’ of which you speak.

      • When “rational” use of irrational tactics goes wrong… Every. Fucking. Time.
        I personally recall the “TINVOWOOT” masthead appearing more than once.
        Hope is NOT a tactic…
        Until we vote the money masters and dual-citizen scumbags up on lampposts, nothing changes. (((outside voice)))

        He’s gonna ride into Mordor on the Potomac and fix ’em good this time!
        Great optics.
        Same result.
        Every. Fucking. Time.

      • “Voting is a tactic to punish one’s enemies.” Thank you, CA, for this push in the correct direction. I needed a reason to keep looking for the most in-your-face candidates that I can find. This tactic gives me hope and joy in the coming elections.

      • “Tell me more about this ‘outside’ of which you speak.”

        That’s what throws everyone off—it’s inside.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We can’t vote our ways out of this mess.”
      Depends on who votes.
      – Zombie John Wilkes Booth


    Heather Digby Parton?! What kind of a crazy f***ing moniker is that? After taking a gander at the photograph of that creepy cat-lady, I can understand her angst over the ghostly patter of distant patriot drums. These effete Marxist elitists who write for Salon and other cosmic white collectivist “journalistic” organizations are whistling past the graveyard.
    They should bow to the logic of the ballot box. To try to nullify that peaceful process will only lead to the cartridge box, the gallows(h/t to Mr. Bracken) or, the National Razor. Their Antifa rabble will not protect them. Roy Moore is just the beginning.

  5. 173d Viet Vet

    And the hunting season is just getting started…

  6. Damn, we have sunk pretty low if we are depending on Salon as a source.

  7. Over 100 Antifa arrested in Moscow? Face over 50 years in a real prison. Most were Americans from California. Stick it to ’em Vlad!

  8. Dweezel the Weasel, spot on, just what I would have said. I believe we’ll have to resort to the cartridge box, because the collectivists can’t restrain themselves( they’re SO CLOSE) and the Repubs/Dead Elephants can’t stop being traitors to their own. Throw that combo in with the illegals, the fucking moslems, and the drug cartels, and you’ve got a witches brew fit for the Four Horsemen. Don’t even get me started with the dollar and the debts.


      Cseanz: Thank you for the compliment. I keep harping on the dollar and the debts because THAT will be the big leveler. It is frustrating that no one can give a rational, coherent answer concerning when this will happen. But when it does, the Dead Elephants, the other inhabitants of Mordor-On-The-Potomac, the Orcs and Orcettes with badges and/or camo, and even down to the local .gov remoras will have very bad time of it as they will be the most visible targets.

      • Denniger claimed rising Medicare costs would disrupt the status quo of the federal budget in four something years, and he said this about a year ago. On the other hand, you and a million similar-minded could stop obeying all the bad laws tomorrow. Why put up with this for several more years?

    • “…because the collectivists can’t restrain themselves( they’re SO CLOSE) and the Repubs/Dead Elephants can’t stop being traitors to their own.”

      That was funny cuz of the hint that they were ever different in the first place. Or that maybe Buckley wasn’t a collectivist.

      Same goals, same means. Socially that means “the same.”

      Debt? Debt only matters to the guy who pays it back.

  9. I went back, just to have a look at Parton. She ain’t just creepy, she’s a cunt. Thing is, these useful idiots pushing the collectivist agenda are going to harvest a lot more than they bargained for.


      True that. I doubt if she is practicing weekly at an indoor range with a tricked-out Glock 19. And, being a white lady in an obvious Blue Hive filled with “tax termites of color”, gangstas, vato locos, and other assorted orcs and trolls, she will inherit the whirlwind.

  10. “Look around and see if you can help “deplatform” some traitorous bastard.”

    Mae Beavers for Tennessee Governor. She ain’t perfect but she’s genuinely for liberty and she’s a real Christian like Moore. She’s running against (among others) the current (TN) Speaker of the House Beth Harwell, who doesn’t really care about constitutional carry and couldn’t be bothered to allow it out of committee for years and years now. I spoke with the Speaker last week about this and in a one on one conversation, up close, to my face she told me that she doesn’t care about my right to bear arms.

    Mrs. Beavers is up against several candidates and big out of state money (sounds familiar lately) but she has the grass roots, at least in East TN. Mae Beavers gave me, personally, a ration of shit for not helping her enough to get gun laws repealed. I have my problems voting for an old woman (End the matriarchal tyranny!) but Mae is the best candidate. Period.


    The war is coming anyway and this won’t stop it but it’s worth it, for our souls, to try everything else while we prepare.

    Pro Gun Fred
    An actual 2A activist

    • With Fred on this one, but on a different track. OK, so voting won’t get us back, I’ll buy that. But why give them a pass? Vote for simple satisfaction of making the bastards sweat. If we trip one of them up like we did with Moore, so much the better.

      • “Vote for simple satisfaction of making the bastards sweat.”

        Close consideration will yield that this doesn’t produce the benefit–for the actor, which is the only standard that counts–one would hope for. Probably because inside we do more judging of ourselves than others. It was always the problem with the Tu Quoque fallacy of like-for-like…who wants to be like the bad guy?

        There is the dissonance that the bastards simply aren’t worth it, and they’re an absurd motivator in any event. Besides, it’s very tough for Bad Guys to last more than a generation or two. Hell, a few days may be lucky the way things are going.

        Unassailable logic—either this shit gets stopped, or it doesn’t. That’s all. If it does, we live. If it doesn’t, we die as we choose. Win, win.

    • I agree on Mae Beavers looking like the best candidate for governor. Now what about the replacement for Corker. It seems like every RINO in Tennessee is lining up for a shot at that.

  11. Fuck Heather Digby Parton and fuck Salon.

  12. No, electing crazies is the only possibility of getting anything changed. We are left with crazies as the only choice because only crazies run against incumbents who everyone knows are supported by the full power of the establishment. Provide some Constitutional Conservatives as primary candidates, I bet they would be elected also.

  13. I read the second linked article, took a deep breath, and dove into the comments section. It was only another confirmation that things are likely not to end well. It seems to me that someone soon will pull the trigger, both metaphorically and literally, at which point many triggers will get pulled.

    • Is that why my right index finger is itchy?

      I thought it was all the stainless and galvanized I’ve been slinging around…

    • Perspective, perspective. Comments here show the bad places that people live, both in geography and in the bummerlands in their heads.

      Relocation, relocation. If your head no longer supports an optimistic lifestyle, that’s a clue to move out of your current bad place.

      Be advised that better locales than the current bummerland, do not support well, the old thoughts. Old habits are hard to break. It’s best to just move out of the place that makes you a pessimist, then to keep your mouth shut for the next year or so after moving.

  14. That second link is full of disinformation at best or just plain wrong conclusions. Whoever wrote that piece has not a clue who Donald Trump is and how and why he won that election.

  15. Our nation was founded after ten years of growing dissatisfaction with The King and his brutal clamp-down on the colonists.

    It evolved eventually to muskets and gallows because fed-up colonial patriots didn’t have any other alternative: A ballot box. Thus their only solution was the ammo box.

    In 2017, we have a better “shot” at throwing off a repressive government these 241 years later through our ballot box.

    Let’s hope it doesn’t have to get to the ammo box.

  16. “To kill with your bare hands”………..No weapons, just insane berserk-er rage. To be so full of rage for the traitors selling your Nation and your children’s birth right to the highest bidder. The sound of a crushing windpipe within your furious grip. Truly to kill any other way would be injustice!

  17. Jimmy the Saint

    Someone should tell Ryan to lose the beard. He looks like the sommelier or maitre d’ at a mediocre Lebanese restaurant.

  18. 2018 elections, eh? What, is it National Optimists Day?

    • No, scrot, it’s Individual Rational Tactics Day, otherwise known as do whatever you can to discomfit your enemies and oppose your own destruction.

      After all, there is nothing but individuals, their weak opportunities and singular powers, “out there,” where ever that is.

  19. C’mon scrot!

    Nothing says “deplatforming” like a hangman opening the trap door at the gallows!

    That’s change yo ass can BELEEEEE IN!!!

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