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  1. I was already done with american politicians.

    Takes some longer’n others I ‘spose.

  2. fuck drumpf.

    fuck the poolice

    fuck the gubmint

  3. Hilary lost. The other woman won./ S//

  4. From over the Transom…

    Choking with laughter!

    Will the stupid white boy learn his lesson about niggers?



  5. What is the meaning of ‘Stop the REEF’?

  6. It could be funded with and built by volunteers.

  7. I’ve never understood the point of a wall. Why not spend the money on enforcing the law against hiring wetbacks? Change the laws that now allow them to be on the dole.

    No income? No subsidies? They’ll go home on their own.

  8. Nothing changes until you are “done with voting”.

  9. Like all rented mules, you beat it as long as it’s moving in the right direction.

    When it falls over dead, you carve it up for stew.

    • And after Trump, the base will not reset to the center. Anything but.
      It’s headed exactly the opposite direction at high speed.

      If he falters, the corporate GOP doesn’t want to imagine what will succeed him in 2020, or 2024.

      Wrecking ball wasn’t just a pop song.

  10. The primary culprit for the destruction of the American Republic and the rise of Marxism is our Public Education system. And it is too late to do anything about the coming hordes of semi-educated Neo-Marxists trained to hate their country and all white people.

    Prepare for what’s coming.

  11. I love God and I love my country, in that order. Trump is not my country. He is merely the current placeholder for a Crime Cartel. Up in the granite state this week they fined a guy $274 million for libel. No shit. His crime was calling out alleged drug dealers in government up there. The dealers in question all work for, wait for it…..the government. I’m not talking about small gov, he’s saying everyone is in on the game but the public. Including judges, lawyers, Senate and everyone in between. He put a billboard on his office building that showed their names and faces and called them out. Dude’s got balls. I watched his vids and my gut says there’s something to his story. Ponder it, every level of .gov bought and paid for by some group. Every single level. ‘Cause I suspect that’s the case. Sure there may be pockets of righteousness here and there but on the whole this thing is on fire from degeneracy in all it’s forms. There is no one coming to save us but us.

  12. He’s not gunna. Don’t know why everyone is still hopeful about it.

  13. Trump’s primary loyalty is to the billionaire class and humans are inherently tribal.

    In other breaking news, water is wet.

  14. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    The 82nd, 10th Mountain, 101st, and Marines should be doing rotations on the border.

    Right Now.

    Start Packing. I want them on their posts by Oct 7-14

  15. Cannibals gotta cannibalize. It’s what they do.Fucking idiots.

  16. Trump paid Hillary to attend his wedding. Trump and Hillary are both rich elites from NY…Who do YOU think is on your side?

    Trump, Hillary, or NONE of the above?

  17. Well, the “feminist” protester is certainly a well fed thing. Wonder if a white man raised all that corn she is downing??
    And Schumer should be disappeared.

  18. I am a racist, but most of the time I’m a motherfucker. I wake up every day thinking about motherfuckers that need killin’. Just remember, sweet heart, for every one of you loudmouth collectivist bitches out there, there are five or six guys like me, waiting for the ball to commence. And I ain’t kiddin’, etiher.

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  20. Your Daily Motivational Input: Tim Kennedy (see link below)

  21. Really….

    Did anyone expect anything other than “business as usual” from the denizens inhabiting Mordor on the Potomac..which definitely includes Chucky the reptilian and Nancy Thugosi.

    PJ O’Rourke was right,..”a parliament of whores”, with apologies to whores everywhere; they’re inherently more moral and honest and only trade with those who want to trade with them and only with what’s theirs to trade!

    As an anarchist/voluntarist I saw this coming from a mile off, it’s the only result that is acceptable to the parasite class.

    The Jones Plantation


    The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

    Ya Gotta Vote!

    Message to the Voting Cattle – Larken Rose

    After watching the above videos, if anyone STILL unquestioningly BELIEVES in the political paradigm/voting/legitimacy of “gov” and the myth of the rule of law/cunstitooshin, I’ve got a bridge to sell you in Lake Havasu City, Arizona!!

    slaves and citizens NEED an external “Master/Leader”
    Free men and women DON’T (They’re their OWN leader!)

    Free your mind!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  22. Off topic I hope no one minds.
    From Matt Bracken via Twitter

    My first Dan Kilmer novel Castigo Cay will be on a Kindle “free run” on Sunday October 1st through Monday the…

  23. Don’t need a wall, never did. End the welfare state, end the war on some drugs, and perp walk a couple of mid sized company (Tyson and Blue Diamond come to mind) CEO’s for hiring illegals and the rest of the illegals leave on their own. Of course that would mean recognition that government has failed. Maybe just one more gubment program and we’ll finally have that multicult, NWO, global, Tower of Babel utopia they keep promising is right around corner…if you would only submit.

    PS. Tax cuts don’t happen, he’s one and done.

  24. Matt,

    Trump is not going to build the wall. He will simply not get it done. There is not enough will in Washington. He will be held back by every tool in the deep state arsenal.

  25. We may indeed, friends, be done with Trump, but he, may not be done with us. We do not speak from a position of power even similar to his, so eyes open, ears listening, mouths shut. Our power comes from our numbers, our hearts, and our G*d. Our G*d first. One of you pointed out to me earlier how to spell G*d. I know how His name is spelled. I don’t write it completely as written, out of respect for HIs Name. It is an ancient custom among those who fear Him. You know, that beginning of wisdom thing. If you’re still not clear about it, read the Book of Proverbs. We are only seeing the beginning of the betrayal by Trump.

  26. it was a scam to begin with. Wall or no Wall, the wetbacks will keep coming until we deport or kill all those already here.

    meanwhile, 3,000,000 Blacks, Muslims, Asiatics, continue to invade legally, year after year.

  27. I can’t wait to attend one of these.
    Although white haired, I still punch through 4 inch cinderblocks.
    I would give them brain damage but unfortunately they are not so equipped.
    Anyway, the ringing in their ears will not stop for weeks.
    In the 70’s, 80’s 90’s I did breaking demo’s up and down the east coast.
    These would be much more fun.

  28. If I had a choice, and Trump did but one good thing, I would prefer abolishment of the income tax over anything else. Alas, it looks as though most of us will be getting a tax increase instead.
    Instead of the wall how about bouncing betty’s placed every 15 feet and 100 yards deep, staggered, so you’d have overlapping fields of fire.
    As long as I’m wishing (living in the delusional world of common sense) how about a complete halt to immigration for 100 years, with the exception of high IQ men and really good looking women.
    Finally, I’m done with Trump. I voted for him and he traitored out. As an old W.A.SP., that’s a death sentence. George Carlin was right.

  29. What will the wall do about the 42 million niggers who are already in the country and get to call themselves natural born citizens while having their housing, jobs, medicine, and food subsidized by the white taxpayers?

  30. Addendum: Somebody turn off the lights and lets get this party started.

  31. Matt Bracken is not aware TINVOWOOT?!??!???

  32. Alfred E. Neuman

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  33. Sounds like an attempt to get their white allies to start fighting the enemy whites. Then, the ‘people of color’ can finish off any whites left (all whites left) and take over the ruins. Dumb as a box of rocks.

  34. First ones eaten; if they understood anything at all they’d smash their heads against a mirror.