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    Res ipsa loquitur.

  2. thesouthwasrght

    Nigger please. 30-40% my ass. I guarantee it’s over 50% when you tack on everything you pay out to them in a year. Guaranteed. And I live in FL with no state income tax.

    • N word, triggered ! Where is my safe space ? Oh, that’s right, I’m a white christian conservative male, I don’t get one.

    • I believe the proper spelling from the New Abridged Mer I Am and Websta Dictionary of Stole Our Dialect from the Appalachian Scots Ebonics is Nigga or in some regions Niggah.
      In the latter case, in fact the “H” do be silent.

    • This is something that has stuck in my head ever since I read it a couple of years ago. It was one of the taxpayer advocacy organizations – and they added up ALL of the taxes that the typical middle class taxpayer ends up being on the hook for – and the number they came up with was in the 65-69% range.

      I’ve floated this by people since I read it – and they typically get pissed. But it’s also a very good way to draw out how much of a moron somebody is by using the following example.

      For every cost in the world – there is somebody who is ultimately on the hook for it. They are the ultimate payer of that cost. If you go buy a car and pay say $10k for it – you might use it for a few years and then sell it. You may or may not recover that $10k cost. Let’s say you recover $5k. That means you were on the hook for $5k – but not the entirety of the initial $10k.

      But – if you go out and get a meal. YOU are the final bearer of all the costs contained in delivering that meal to your mouth. All the food costs , all the labor costs, all of the taxes AT EVERY STEP OF THE WAY – are ultimately paid by YOU. Why? Because unless you can sell your own shit the value of that meal after you’re done with it – is zero.

      Repeat: All the taxation that was passed on in the cost of that meal falls on you ultimately.

      It’s a good test of how economically ignorant somebody is. The typical response I get is: ” I don’t pay the taxes – the restaurant company does!”


      Who the hell pays the restaurant dummy?

  3. But, but, but representation…

  4. Well, I’m not sure if this counts – construction of several prototypes started earlier this week:

    I’d have to say it’s a step in the right direction.

    • wealthy farmer

      Exactly. Thank you. Anne needs to chill slightly. Slightly. Hadrian’s Wall took 6 years to build. The Great Wall of China took centuries and was updated/reconstructed several times. Trump and his team are shoveling out an Augean Stable that is epic in magnitude.

    • and all sorts of of prototype wetbacks will be thus repelled.

      see also: Potemkin Village

      apparently you weren’t paying attention. According to Trump himself, the “actual Wall” will consist of “repairs and refurbishment to already existing walls and fences”.

      LOL. But keep on voting.


  5. Yes, situation report is FUBAR, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition, and quite a situation we have here, huh, Upham? So we’ve been set up for invasion, CQC, and at short, medium, and long range. Famine, Pestilence, War, and Death. No wonder people are so touchy and jumpy these days. I think of that little girl picture on this site, with the words “What was freedom like?” and wonder about such a child not having clean water to drink. We need to keep our heads while all about us are losing theirs, because T-5 Upham, the fucked up situation is also out of our hands as well as out of control, so being prepared to deal with it is going to be the real deal, with a plan for withdrawal and flexibility being the overall strategy. Situations like ours always LOOK hopeless. Experience has taught me that hopeless is just bullshit spewed by losers who enjoy helplessness. Trading space for time is what Napoleon and many others have done to achieve their ends. Don’t be surprised when the boogey-man turns out to be toothless.

  6. But but but I’m free! Greenwood and those guys in the NRA said so.

  7. Thanks for that comparison of taxes under king George and today, I was needing a reason to drink this weekend.

  8. Update: DACA Amnesty – referred to the Committee on the Judiciary.
    “Solution for Undocumented Children through Careers, Employment, Education, and Defending our Nation Act” or the “SUCCEED Act”.

  9. Now now… Rome wasn’t burned in a day.

  10. Who cares about a wall? We already have 44 million Africans and the deep state still flies in 1500 more per week.

    Planes easily fly over a wall.

    The deep state controls whether an African comes in and gets papers and whether you can get a loan.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      There are other sources for loans, they just have higher interest rates and potentially broken knees.

  11. Trump, like all Boomers, does not want to fix the system. The only way to fix it now would be to hit the reset button. That would wipe out all the Boomer pensions, stocks and real estate assets. They “worked hard” for all that fake money, just ask them, and they’d rather sell their grandchildren into slavery than be penniless and too old to “work hard.”

    • Maybe three years until rising Medicare costs hit the reset button. What are you going to do in the six months prior to the dollar hyperinflation, where the sheep see the oncoming train and start panicing? What are you going to do during the dollar hyperinflation?

  12. Is it that time yet?

  13. Its not hard
    Build a wall
    They have to go back

    Its going to be real fucking hard if it ain’t done.

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  15. Alfred E. Neuman

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  16. First you plug the holes.
    Then you start bailing out the boat.

    It doesn’t work the other way around, and you can’t skip the first step.
    At least 100M Americans get this, and so do 20-30M illegal aliens.

    If Trump wants to be a one-termer (or less; the signup list for his impeachment is bi-partisan) he can try what’s failed every other time, yet again.

  17. I frankly cannot look at my pay stubs because I get pissed. It’s a financial ass raping every 2 weeks.

    I’ve always said that king George has nothing on the tyrants of today.