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  1. That’s a good one. I liked the Florida chapters best. The day to day life of just getting around was haunting. Just bought the trilogy too so now I think I have it all.

  2. All of Bracken’s books are required reading for FREEFOR.

    But it is a little creepy how certain parts of a couple of them seem to suggest that he is a prophet, or has access to time travel… 🙂

    True story: I was reading a thread on ARFcom, and Matt was posting in it. Someone started to flame him, and someone else posted “…dude, do you know who you’re talking to?”. Hilarious.

  3. cowboysurfer

    Thanks Big guy!

  4. I own (and enjoyed reading) a hard copy, but it will be nice to have a digital version on my laptop as well. Great book, just like the others. His description of Miami in the near future, under even greater tyranny than now, was impressive.

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    Thanks Matt, can’t wait to read.

  6. Matt Bracken: If I send you my copies of your novels with return postage will you autograph them for me?

    • Atlas Shrug

      A suggestion: keep your originals, buy a signed set from Matt, and now you have loaner copies and your own signed set.

      Cheaper and more efficient in the long run, as we who appreciate them should help get others on board, and not all loaned books come back…

      Keep your powder dry,
      Atlas Shrug

  7. Meme: to go Castigo. Example: I’m going to go Castigo and get the fuck out of here.

    Reasons to go Castigo, see Kevin Shipp’s video on shadow gov

  8. I just read Zerhoun last month. Hadn’t read this one yet, thanks!!

  9. kay_de_leon

    Nice! Been wanting to read this.

    Thanks guys!

  10. I paid for this one but got the trilogy as a free down load. Whether you pay or take advantage of this offer, get them. Good reading. Thanks, Matt, for making these available. As soon as Dan gets rested up I look forward to his next adventure.

  11. Jumpin' Jack

    Castigo Cay was so damned exciting, my wife and I visited the areas mentioned in the book while on vacation in the Bahamas.

    Grisham… a liberal’s best friend. Nicholas Sparks… yuck and f%#k! His books make me feel like my skin is trying to crawl off my body while trying to escape from a bath tub full of Blue Water crabs.

    Matt Bracken… sheer genius and counting. I’m hoping to learn to write like this guy. I can’t fricking put his books down!

    The best of his four and I’m reading Matt’s fifth novel now.

    Jack L’Acier

  12. Great thriller. It sets the stage for Matt’s Dan Kilmer II, “Red Cliffs of Zerhoun” and is a totally awesome tale of never quitting.
    If you liked Phil Carson & the Viking in Enemies Foreign & Domestic you will really dig Castigo and Red Cliffs.

    Way to go Matt!

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