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SLL: Dereliction Of Duty

Part I

Part II

Extra credit: Consider this reader comment closely and ask yourself honestly:

Are Americans more free or better off in any meaningful way than they were in 1965?

Vietnam or AFPAK.

The song remains the same.

Generation Zyklon Outreach, Deutschland Edition

Fascinating, via Gab.

Z Blog: Making A Record Of The Debacle


Calling out the collapse is not the only thing that can be done, however.

There is very much in this article to consider on the intergenerational transfer of Civilization.

Including the skills needed to build and defend it.

And, as the author notes, one is never too old to have a Dangerous Childhood.

Molyneux: On Sunday’s Mass Shooting In Tennessee

Bracken Sends

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GOA Podcast With TL Davis

Thanks to Larry Pratt for this opportunity.

Go to this link and click on the September 23rd link.


Robb: The Long Night Ahead

Tyranny, networked and omnipresent.

Day By Day

From Chris Muir.

K Blog: The Gibs Singularity

Zuckerbot, the 2020 national voter auction, and you.

Hint: you aren’t going to like it.

At all.

Brushbeater: Doing Instead Of Talking


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Herschel: Are You Prepared For Survival?

Puerto Rico, your people, the future, and you.

Tempus fugit.

Molyneux: Re The DREAM Act

Robb: Facebook And You


In multiple senses of the word.


“All human societies need order, otherwise they look like the Mad Max hellscape of places like Somalia. Order requires authority and that comes when the people being ruled over accept the people and system that provides order. The king is not going to be king very long if no one accept his right to rule. Similarly, people will not tolerate a ruling class that is populated by madmen denying reality. This is, in effect, what brought down the Soviet Empire. Even the beneficiaries of the system could no longer pretend it made any sense…”

Read the rest from Z-Man’s latest.

Bumpy road ahead.

Buppert: On Death, Fear, & Resisting Tyranny

Bill’s latest.

Tempus fugit.

New Woodpile’s Here!


Two From The Z Man

The Racial Cliff

Cheering For My Team