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Wired UK: Big data meets Big Brother as China moves to rate its citizens

Thank Greenwood such a thing couldn’t happen here.


Food For Thought

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Herschel: Flight Records Indicate A Covert Helicopter Rooftop EXFIL May Have Taken Place Just Minutes After Las Vegas Massacre

Totally legit.

New Woodpile’s Here!




Badthink: Missile Defense Variant

You can’t be suggesting that the MIC and White House personnel for more than thirty years might have been less than fully forthcoming, are you?


Go and do ten Americas, right now:

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USA Today: 20,000 DACA teachers at risk — and your kids could feel the fallout, too

Happy Halloween!

From the Rightly-Guided One.

Not responsible for nightmares.

Or loss of appetite.


Or any other side effects.

Quote Of The Month

From the K Blog:

… In the US the South remains a distinctive sub-nation, but I think that any serious neo-Confederate revival is, alas, a pipedream. Karlin speculates that the US could break up along ethnocultural and economic lines, like those proposed by Joel Garreau (9 nations) or Colin Woodard (11 nations). Michael H Hart proposed dividing the US into two nations along county lines, to be determined by voting patterns. Basically a red ocean full of blue islands.

I don’t think those scenarios are realistic either. But a return to the Articles of Confederation period (1781-1788) just might be. Before the United States became a unitary nation it was an alliance of sovereign states. The modern template for how this would work is the European Union. Yes, the EU has a terrible reputation in our circles, but the EU is a toothless tiger compared to the all-powerful federal government in the US, and the much-maligned Brussels bureaucracy is positively microscopic compared to the behemoth in DC.

This way the 50 states would become fully sovereign nations, with all the powers that Germany or France or any other countries in the EU enjoy, while still keeping an attachment to the United States, which would transform itself from an independent nation to a transnational organization. The globalists and multiculturalists could have their own nations (e.g. California & New York), and the nationalists and patriots could have theirs (e.g. Texas & Kentucky)…


Related: Fred On The Virtues Of Disunity And Freedom Of Association

TL Davis: The Second Amendment Is A Test

The Feds freed privately-held slaves by the War of Northern Aggression and enslaved everyone (including the emancipated) in the country at the very same time.

Now the Deep State believes that the remaining pretense can be abandoned.

HRC was planned to preside over that dissolution.

But traditional Americans had a different plan.

The test continues.

As does the push for ever-greater centralized power in DC.

Realpolitik, FUSA Fall 2017

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Tonight’s Commie For Mommy

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Cue The Internationale:

SLL: The Rout Is On

Whether defined as reputation-destroying humiliation and possible prison sentences, or “merely” the further autodelegitimization of the American socialist omnigovernment, the swirl is accelerating.

We are at the beginning, not the middle or the end of the excitement.

Vanderboegh Tapes, Part Two

Watch it here.

Sultan Knish: The Global Failure Of Globalism

Might be counting the chickens a wee bit early, but the world has changed in the past decade.

Press on.

Some Local Color

WaPo: Can this Confederate monument be redeemed?

SBPDL: Success Used to Live Here – What the Fall of Gwinnett County Means for White America

How I Learned To Love Bitcoin

H/t to SLL for this primer, with caveats.

I like especially the five tests of good money.

There will be a post-debtbux era.

Planning now for that time is wisdom.

K Blog: Breakin’ Up Is Hard To Do

At the request of a plankholder in these parts, I am not using the Sedaka song as a multimedia adjunct to Porter’s latest.

May the Basques follow the Catalonians.

Herschel: How Did Jesus Get Connected To Guns?


Self-protection is not a sin.

And sadly, that core concept is the starting point for instruction aimed at today’s lost youth.