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Obama, Hillary, And Uranium One

Totally legit.

Whatchoo lookin’at, white boy?

JFK Files To Be Opened

H/t Kenny for the news:

NBC: Trump Tweets JFK Files To Be Opened

Think any pulses are elevated?

GoV: A Bang, Followed By Whimpering And Silence

DoD defunds EMP Commission.

Sexual Harrassment And Rape Prevention training funds unaffected.

Alas, brave new Babylon.

Ditch Mitch

Thanks be unto Earl.

The Decline Of The Western Male

Part I

Part II

They want you extinguished.


Via Twitter.

Jordan Peterson On The Red Sleight-of-Hand

H/t GVDL; follow the other links there as well.

There Is No Possible Crime Greater Than Contradicting The Narrative

Whether you are Richard Spencer above or this woke black activist below:

Denninger: Our Nation Deserves To Fail

Hard to argue against a reckoning.

But…but…Dow 23000!

A Reminder From Over The Transom

And I don’t need no big $$$$ Accuracy International boomstick to do it, either.

(Urban Varmint Rifle)

See also Guerrilla Sniper Rifle Project

Buppert: RINO! The Grand Old Politburo and the Leviathan State


Shrub’s speech as ref’d.


CHS: GDP Is Bogus

Don’t believe the hype.

And those who believe ClownWorld will continue ad infinitum are wrong.

Stilton: Toe The Lyin’

His latest.

FUSA is beyond parody most days, I fear.

Z Blog: Narcissistic Altruism

Or, failure to think of consequences.


But at least the civilization-traitors feel good about themselves.


Via Gab.


Via Twitter.

How long can you sleep next to a mad dog, be it foreign or domestic?

TL Davis: Jeff Sessions & The Remnants Of The Republic

Read this:

Team Obama’s Stunning Cover-Up Of Russian (And American) Crimes

Now read TL’s take..

Investigations, my ass.


Saker: Is Communism Really Dead?

Not in FUSA it isn’t.


SLL: Europe’s Lost Testicles

The Elites have likely won in Europe.

North America?

TBD, but don’t bet the farm on freedom.

K Blog: The Joy Of Desolation

Every civilizational collapse has its upside.


Less courtly gentleman, more knife-wielder.

Revolutionary Communist Group Seeks Funds To Expand “Self Defense” Training

Via the Culper shop, with style points awarded for candor.

UPDATE 1425E 18OCT2017: Have asked the Culper shop to lift the paywall on this piece.

UPDATE 1430E 18OCT2017: Via Sam and team:

St. Louis People’s Revolutionary Defense Coalition starts a Fundrazer (Capabilities/Initiative)

The St. Louis area chapter of the People’s Revolutionary Defense Coalition (PRDC) is raising funds for a self-defense program. The St. Louis PRDC describes themselves as “a radical leftist organization offering self defense classes, basic firearms training and other community outreach programs in order to serve and defend our communities from reactionary and capitalist forces.” As of Monday afternoon, they’d raised $300 out of their $1,000 goal.

Maybe these guys can help:

Soros Transfers $18B to Open Source Society

Las Vegas Still Makes No Sense

Aesop does a recap.


In service of more government.

Which means…?

UPDATE 1433E 18OCT2017: I know, I know….

ZH: Mandalay Security Guard Re-Appears On “Ellen”

“We Want Monitoring Of Ammunition Stockpiles”

Cucks gotta cuck.

Prepare for more silliness.

Free men and women are hated by most humans.

One More Time: Fascism Is Left-Wing

To the extent that “wings” are even relevant, keep it straight.

Commies still get free transport, though.

Z Man: The Proposition

Can anyone become “an American”?

Especially with no consideration given to what “an American” is.

New Woodpile’s Here!


ZH: “I’m Concerned… It’s Highly Unusual” – Vegas Massacre Security Guard Remains Missing

Totally legit..

GOA: 10 Reasons to Oppose “Bump-Fire Stock” Ban Bills

Gun Owners of America explains.

Cede nothing to the banners.

Bovard: Fearmongering & Servitude