SLL: Humor Is Where You Find It

Robert looks at “the one indispensable nation”.

And chuckles.

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    Here’s a telling little statement which was actually in the WAPO during the reign of Clintonia: “…If we have to use force, it is because we are America. We are the indispensable nation. We stand tall. We see farther into the future.” This prideful, stupid, sinful statement was uttered by Madeline Albright while she was Billary’s Secretary of State.
    Our dance card is all filled up. Yesterday(09/30) I re-watched TORA! TORA! TORA! on TCM. The arrogance, foolishness, and outright incompetence of the .mil and .gov at that time was just treasonous. Of course, after reading DAY OF DECEIT, I know now there was a lot more to that whole effort by that rat bastard Churchill and his brother Mason, Frank the Cripple, to drag us into another war.
    Stay alert and frosty, my friends. We did not get rain so I will be out rucking this morning and organizing the in garage this afternoon. Tomorrow is a range day, as all of the deer and elk hunters will be there today zeroing and prepping for the upcoming season. Keep up your preps & Intell. Bleib ubrig.

  2. Paranoid Schizophrenia in Politicians, the psychosis not withholding, or even standing = with WTP no longer consent to be governed by the delusional?
    My favor right Pee Wee Wiki Pee sez = what WTP thinks of politicians in general and the entertainment industry (if you can call it that) in particular, the cheerleaders of the pol LIE Ticks that tick me off, as follows.

    One criterion for separating paranoid schizophrenia from other types is delusion (I inject, particularly in politicians). A delusion is a belief that is held strong even when the evidence shows otherwise (in almost all cases of political paranoia). Some common delusions associated with paranoid schizophrenia include, “believing that the government is monitoring every move you make, or that a co-worker is poisoning your lunch (which them are).”[4] In all but rare cases, these beliefs are irrational, and can cause the person holding them to behave abnormally (which them do). Another frequent type of delusion is a delusion of grandeur,(<<< yup, that too) or the “fixed, false belief that one possesses superior qualities such as genius, fame, omnipotence, or wealth(how descriptive of them politicians) ."[7] Common ones include, “the belief that you can fly (for free), that you're famous (infamous and notorious perhaps too), or that you have a relationship with a famous person (and I might add lifestyle of the bitch is famous (obviously the bitch is is non gender specific in all cases of Paranoid Schizophrenia in Politicians, some are man boys))."

    Da TAX Plan not withholding. Eliminate all deductions, all of them and in particular the pay role deduction known as withholdings! Then fund the government with ever continuing resolution and just print the amount required of funny funding government. Now that would be an AX Plan with chainsaws, would it not? Started in earnest the withholding to fund the war (WWII became the W 2), did anyone care to ask when the war was over when the withholding would stop, I suppose not. But no, it was soon to include the Social insecurity tax, then add any state tax to the Medicarekess tax we know call FICA. FICA U!The Federal Insurance Contribution Act which is another name for Federalized Theft and them the states got a piece of the action has well to deduct their supposedly unfair share of a pound of flesh. Then too include any 401 K contribution to more highly compensated employee’s shares more and off course health insurance withheld but not your co-pay HSA. How nice of them to be so considerate and helping hand out to themselves, supposedly to support the ongoing and never ending war efforts all over the world. And now they want to put you tax plan on a post card because them already have all, and I do mean all your personal information for sale. I propose a postage stamp to promote the war effort. Obviously on a post card, or perhaps electronically for the cost of not even the cost of a stamp forever! Let them eat Toast! (Toast is this case is what them are when withholding gone.) Game over!

    When you care enough to do the very least, send them a post card. A TAX plan post card for withholdings happy check returns, mostly for those that never paid any TAX. Yes, for the cost of a US postal service stamp forever priced, that you no longer have to lick, it is self adhesive and the card itself address cost mere pennies. The simple message need not be more than two words <:)) SCREW YOU! Exclamation point optional, a simple PERIOD will do.

    The ax man cometh, and taketh away for your funding governmental displeasures. Perhaps I left out the T? Withheld so you don’t notice it, as much wages deducted from your labor and you consent to it, don’t you? 0.0 ((:< 1040 that! A simple post card to do away with H&R Block heads. So, when you don’t care enough) ) ) to send all the rest, put it on a post card, or electronically the preferred method of getting back some of the withholdings that were stolen from your paycheck! Theft by the IRS is still theft.

    Now the reason for withholding is to limit TAX evasion, we are sold and told. Yet take off the RUSE colored glasses and you will see more clearly the art of TAX evasion with teams of TAX lawyers and schemes to avoid the tax and most earnings on higher wage earner are not withheld, they estimate for themselves according to the TAX code, how nice for them! I just wish someone would explain to me the billion and billions and billions of dollars that avoid being taxed by your all IRS approved NON-Profits and the NOT so charitable Foundations, has well your off shore not withheld.

    On second thought, perhaps a picture, no words, would do. Consider the screwed, let me count the way of being mean and nasty dirty. Hmmmmmmm, that is something to consider, is it not? Ways and means I think the abortion of a wood screw screwed. The board has nasty knots that have a tendency to split when screwed and hard as rock the knot. The board a little more flimsy, yet structurally unsound for any practical structural usage, still could be filler in hidden areas, behind much more aesthetically appealing to the eyes behind walls, I suppose? Augered out the drive slot and X, torque and twisted bent head beyond any useful purpose, hence the invention of VICE grips to remove said screwed. Them done screwed the knot and fucked up the screwed, ya know? Excuse my French? Pretty please with a transgender cherry on top, screwed the screw driver slipped. The, them the hand on the screw driver ripped a gash on the heel of his, perhaps it, hand, spewing blood from torn flesh. Some remaining on the screwed, flesh that is, if you were wondering, blood all over the screw screwed, which split knot, blood oozes however the knot did shatter and cracked up, except where the disfigured screw was stuck, hence the need for Vice grips, ya know? Get the picture? Let’s do the math, shall we? Knot hard, pussy little screw made in China, abortion beyond recognition that it was a screwed, intend for bonding now good for knotthing more than a trip to the emergency room for any of the trans offenders. A real man would get some duct tape and fix up his own boo boo, slap leather draw quicker than Speedy Gonzales and pump a magazine full of 40 S&W into said knot and screwed screw, ya know? A post card, a simple post card. However more elegant, just the picture of the VICE Grips would do, don’t you think? I suppose KNOT.

    I feel a sales pitch coming on and it could be a big one, one never knows, ya know? Political Correction VICE GRIP ACTION on a post card, perhaps. Or the real thing direct from X, that would be me. The original Politician Pincher, GRIPS VICE and can be used and was specifically designed to pinch politicians and of course remove said screwed from knot. I envision somewhere in the genital region, or perhaps the nose, you never knows, ya know? On a post card, by the billions, perhaps twenty trillion, might get their attention, ya think? I suppose knot. I envision a penny per post card should be enough. And for a limited time you get the real deal, the X Gripe VICE for only twelve easy payments of 3.5 billion, its affordable if you know what is good for ya, ya know? I suppose not. And that is just for mental image, if you want blood it cost you more, I guarantee it for the life of you. A little negative sell there always helps in pinch. Yet, the warranty does not sound all that durable.

    Come on now, I know you were calculating the twelve times 3.5 big ones, were you not? A mere 42 billion seems such a small price to pay the cost Knots and screwed screws. Just about enough to cover the cost of co-pay at the emergency roomz. And just think how many 40 S&W’s that would be. Or buy perhaps, one F-35, or part of one. I suspect a quantity discount would be in order on hollow points and possibly a kick back on the bill of lading, delivered. However we were discussing post cards and pinchers for politicians providing screwed knots Political Corrective the picture of pinchers action on politicians as you may recall? But we do knot have to tell them the purpose of said political action is to grip vice with compound action, multiplied force and quickly unscrew them, perhaps slowly and painfully grips the screwed and twist it out of the knot and thrown in the bio hazard medical waste heap of history because it still had torn tissue attached to it the screwed, to the bin, or as we like to say here in the US is garbage is big business for political bio hazard waste product we call politicians, hence need for Vice Grips.

    The PPCPA, or as I like to say, the politician pincher for corrected political action, de Vice. But you should know that by now, shouldn’t you? On a post card the letters PPCPA should do it.

    And so, the end of Gross Domestic Profits for Politicians, or GDPP, withheld from them. Wouldn’t that be funds not for them? Yes, friends and relatives the IRS wood be screwed. Then if you work for a paycheck you get all of it with no deduction and if you want to contribute the Gross Domestic Deceptions of Politicians (GDDP), fine go right ahead with your own damn money, not mine! You want to fund government, do it on your own damn dime, or perhaps trillions. Let me say this one one more on two timer, theft by the IRS is still theft! However legal it may be in the great deception it is confiscation and you thought it was just about guns, didn’t you?

    The Wealth of Nations in Summation=An important theme that persists throughout the work is the idea that the economic system is automatic, and, when left with substantial freedom, able to regulate itself. This is often referred to as the “invisible hand.” The ability to self-regulate and to ensure maximum efficiency, however, is limited by externalities, monopolies, tax preferences, lobbying groups, and other “privileges” extended to certain members of the economy at the expense of others. Pee Wee Wiki again.

    I take Liberty in suggesting all the really smart people ruining things today are not all that smart. By means of the Great Deception (read government), manipulation of the legalities, monetary regulatory agency and psycho babble are nothing more than snot nose little adult brats and spoiled children never matured that never pass up an opportunity to pilfer from the less fortunate for personal gains, stock and market the wealthy low class that support the clowns of the politic for profit. Was that means of production? The Collectivists of government goodies would do well to consider their options as one may be the high capacity gallows, stretched necks! Did that sound like a threat? I certainly hope so for your change! Perhaps them should make an appointment with their psycho-babble est to have them heads examines and ask them witch doctors if an existential treatment of esoterically banal brain disease a metaphysical left brain lobotomy id est right for them, perhaps there is a pill for that, that is for the terminally Dummy Crat?

    If it were possible to start anew and reorganize the institutional welfare state still keeping some semblance of order while doing so the change has to start at the top. You have seen what happens the other way around that is the welfare state of both ends of the spectrum. The Administrative state has to end, to include education, medical service, the ridiculously priced drugs and service that benefit, as you may have guessed the Administrative state Corporate welfare and not much else. The government subsidies of private industry must end and along with the entity of the TAX CODE, foundational nonprofit and bogus charities.

    It is possible if certain things were to change. So the question of the day is: How exactly are you going to convince multi-generational dependents on government payoffs that self-sufficiency and personal responsibility are a superior way of life. A good question and short answer is to make it payoff. Out of 320 million people in the US assume only those truly needy are served by any charity program either too old or too young to work and those really disability, however even Steven Hawking seems to be able to find work. Which means the real work force is give or take, around 200 million. A good portion of those are well above the minimum wage. That said, the cost of all welfare programs are around one trillion to include health care for mostly paying people not to work. Just a simple question here, but what if we paid people to work, wouldn’t that be a novel idea? At best we are talking perhaps around 30 million that could, but don’t, mostly because it pays more to do nothing than work for less and get less, the incentive is to work and get more, it is that simple. And another thing, for a lot of years one wage earner in a family was able to support a family and not need day care and all the other cost that go along with that multi cultural diversity BS, caused mainly by the socialist, with is another name for communism.

    Back to the top down which means for every welfare and training program that does not work and I wonder if the total cost includes Administrative cost, and unintended consequences I think not. Yet the issue is not payment for work. It is the cost to live and make enough to have some of that disposable income as well for health issue and housing and food and cloths and the like, retirement. What that says is, there is a trillion dollars paid for no work probably not including the consequences of the welfare state like police and social workers and a good part of the legal system, as well. However, the migrant issue has to stop and first in line for any job has to be Americans; we need to put an end to this cheap labor crap and now! The incentive for people to work is to climb the proverbial economic ladder, if that ain’t there, the incentive it don’t work. So, how do you change the mind set? The simple answer is one kid at a time.

    The larger issue is government cannot be the means to all things, rich or poor and all in between and rare few things are actually political once the social ills are cured by offering opportunity to build a future. The example of Social Security is unsustainable because there are not enough people working to pay for the Ponzi scheme. Fact of the matter is if you are a million heir why do you insist on getting your SS? But that is not the real problem and I absolutely have no problem with those that paid into the system, the problem is those that didn’t, which appears to be more than did.
    Assume that an average person pays in something like 300K in their lifetime, in Social Security if they live that long get back 300K. do da math, 300K @ 5% for 50 years, where did the money go? WE have a theft and thrift problem. If that were the so called lock box as some politician said it was, a person could live to be 150 years old and still have money left over! And speaking of pensions in general few are fully funded and there will be some very unhappy people when they find out, they been screwed.

    Let me give you a couple of clues here. First off we need to start thinking like Capitalist to include small “c” capitalist the family instead of communist collective. Secondly, everything we do, bar none is for, as you may have guessed PEOPLE! That means all the people, all inclusive legal Americans, except for illegal are because they are not legal! That means, stop this silly race war and all the other wars on this and that social issues! And that means property rights, there is no better way to get people to take ownership than to have ownership, period!

    All that said, yes it is possible to change. However, we need some pretty dramatic changes and if not we have all the making of a financial meltdown that will lead to a societal breakdown and then you can kiss your assets goodbye because when that happens all of our just in time distribution and logistics falls apart, not to mention the antiquated ever so important GRID, as well as any other infrastructure, like clean drinking water and sewer system and highway and yes too, the internet…

    As I may have indicated, there is no political solution that is what got us here. More importantly, at some point we will run out of real estate and it will be time to find a new rock to call home, ET. The sooner we get to that the better for all. That should be a world wide effort, to go where no man has gone before. Because we may have to at some point.

    For those of you that do not believe in anything imagine this, of all the universe we know, we know of nowhere else we could go, that takes a little faith to even consider it, ya know? Consider this, the earth was made for people, yet the better question is why do we have all the elements somewhat revealed to us and we learn more and more about how our little garden works in the vast galaxies of seemingly nothingness. However, our basic instincts are survival tampered with by the basic curiosity to find new ways of doing things better. Yet, we still boil water to make electricity even when the basic commodity of water is two thirds hydrogen, which is fuel and you can make electricity with it too. Point here is, if you never think about it, it never gets done, ya know?

    The unfortunate truth is, there are those so entrenched in the current system, they will do whatever they can to preserve it, even if it does not work and they know it. And believe me they know it.

    • Randolph Scott

      WTF are you on? Noting you wrote makes any sense at all. You go on and on and on and on and oh yeah fucking on and on. If you are ever in a battle where words are the weapons you will definitely bore the enemy to death.

      You really need help in composition.

  3. Triple J, we’re all enthralled by your wit, and I’m sure in there somewhere is your undoubted wisdom. What you lack, however; is brevity – the soul of wit.
    So, from now on, could you descend from Olympus and nutshell all this?
    You make my eyes and my brain hurt. And keep reminding yourself that we are not the voices in your head; so sharing your inside jokes with us is a “fail”.