Aesop: Gunshot Trauma And Your IFAK

Read it, learn it, practice it, and have others practice it on you.

Amazon links included along with the instruction, courtesy of Aesop.

Linked in left margin under “Practical Resources”.

There will be more attacks.

Things will get worse.

Powerful interests benefit from both.

15 responses to “Aesop: Gunshot Trauma And Your IFAK

  1. My everyday cary bag contains, a Trauma kit, blood stopper sponges, Israeli Bandage and CAT tourniquet.

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  3. It seems there’s a shelf life on most medical supplies. I know when I bought a quick clot for trips to the range I would be buying another one in a few years just to replace this one. I was wondering if anyone has ideas on what we do if we can no longer get supplies?

    • There’s a shelf life on canned food also. Troopies in VN opened C-rats that had Pall Mall Green cigs in them (a propaganda packaging form, from WW2.) A person shouldn’t wonder what they did with the food and the smokes.

      Although there is much truth and best wishes regarding expiration dates on items in general, those pesky Latin-ese always seem to rear their ugly heads, crying “Quo Bono?” Who, besides the consumer, benefits from expiration dates?

  4. robroysimmons

    Take a TC3 course it is a day well spent

  5. I agree with this idea, get some training too. Download the Ethicon wound closure manual, it’s free.

    I am a BSN, RN operating room nurse, both civilian and military with extensive training, and scrub-in time. I’ve had training in a live animal lab on surgical procedures. Not many will be able to experience that, but dead animals are the next best thing.

  6. I’m hearing that the police in a certain Jew-run gambling town allowed Paddock to blast away for a full hour before going up to his room and finding him already cold. SWAT snipers could/should have been putting fire through his room’s window w/in 20 minutes. That would have kept his head and the casualties down. Doesn’t seem to have happened though.


      Most patrol cars in this day and age have a semi-auto AR-15 carbine in addition to the shotgun. The video stills show uniforms deployed with those carbines while the shooting was happening. Was fire returned by the LEOS? Inquiring minds want to know.

  7. Concise How-To, Kudos to Aesop, keep that kind of stuff coming. I say that because this is more information than the Red Cross training I picked up.

  8. St.Maur1066

    Well, at this time 10-3-2017 7:45 pm eastern, the media is repeating “AR15”, “AR10”, “Full Auto”, “scopes”, “cache”, did I mention “AR15”?
    Logic would ask;
    * What are investigators claiming what type of weapon(s) were used?
    * What caliber?
    * How many rounds were fired?
    * With all the cameras on Vegas streets and in the hotel itself, what type of video evidence do we have? Do we have accomplices on video? Do we have the gunman shooting on video?
    * How did he get 15 or more weapons past hotel security?
    * Do we have the SWAT team with cams breaking into room?
    * Will an investigative report detail a timeline of the incident?
    * How did a person by a large amount of weapons in a short period of time without raising flags?

  9. ghostsniper

    The cuck in the pik is more concerned with emotions than saving his ho’s life.
    The entire world has turned into one big daycare center.
    Break out the lollipops and Pampers!


      Thank you! I have been witnessing that kind of mentality for many years. It is especially true in the public education system. As Yoda would say: a nation of sissies, we are.

  10. Alfred E. Neuman

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