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  1. Maybe “the accountant” shows up for “threesome” with his Filip or maybe Indo? squeeze of the moment and instead meets “jihad johnnie” and his five raghead friends. He’s tied up to a chair for a day or so while they finish the setup on the platforms and bringing in the guns. Report yesterday says her card was used to book the room and she’s conveniently out of the country on boom day. (btw that casino is right next to McCarran). Anyway, at go time Homer Dufus gets zapped and the boys punch the windows and begin to spray. They exfil after 20 to 30 minutes in the full panic which has now enveloped Mandalay. BTW the 2nd room was needed why for one guy? Clearly two shooter positions/platforms.

    So why the narrative? It’s all about the narrative. Wouldn’t want anyone to think we are this vulnerable would we? Picture a zillion jihad johnnies getting ready to go to work. Oh and the bump fire thing, not buying that shit either. Somebody was swapping belts up there. Definitely not Homer the bank robbers son. Fortunately the mafia has been out of the casino business for decades and it’s all cleaned up now. We should be seeing video of homer from all angles at this point ya?

    This thing smells incredibly bad on all levels. I’m shocked more weren’t killed if any were in fact killed. I’m not ruling out FF either. I wasn’t there. I’ve read my Bracken so nothing surprises me any more. I keep prepping and trying to improve every day. The learning curve on food is just as steep as the one on weapons. Practice makes perfect. Good luck learning that when people are shooting at you.

  2. The layout. Paddock, who had made millions in real estate, rented one of the more expensive suites in the hotel. It has floor to ceiling windows and wraps around the end of the leg of the three legged building that faced the venue for the concert.

    This whole attack took months of planning, there was no “he must have snapped” involved.

    Image courtesy the Daily Mail.

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  4. Viewed this video which seems to be from a cab (uber?) driver at the Mandalay Bay. It’s 18+minutes of her recording but if you advance to the approximate 4:56 minute mark, she records what looks to be muzzle flashes in sync with the sound of gunfire. I cannot determine what floor this is on but it does seem to correlate another video circulating from the perspective of the arena area, that captured flashes from that perspective.

    And, for what it’s worth, it doesn’t look like it’s coming from the 32nd floor, instead further down and away from the photos showing 2 broken windows.

    • A shorter clip of the cabbie video showing the “strobe lights reflection from police cruisers on scene” which is what this light source from a lower floor is being explained as. It’s just very convenient that the police strobe lights on their cruiser are timed to synchronize with the audible gun bursts.

      • Yes, I’m leaning towards “bullshit” on that also…funny how what we see, isn’t what we see, that it takes a someone to correct our perception.

    • The two dramatically broken windows on the 32nd Floor are nice eye candy, aren’t they?
      Squirrel 1 and Squirrel 2.

    • Northgunner

      It’s the 4th floor..saw same vid from different site that talks about it.

      Definitely multiple shooters; Howard dufus is being made the Oswald patsy here.

      Definitely false flag!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  5. One of the shooter’s rifles, EoTech sight and 100 round Surefire magazine

    Another of the shooter’s rifle with what appears to be a telescopic sight and bipod. I can’t tell if this is an AR-308 or not.

    • Amazing to me how Boston 25 news received the 1st ever pictures of the shooters guns (only 2?), provided exclusively to the reporter from “her sources in Las Vegas”…

      • You aren’t suggesting that there’s a pre-planned media campaign associated with this totally legit shooting, are you?

        • Absolutely not, CA!!! Me thinks she’s got really-super-awesome-anonymous-top-source-pipelines throughout the land of Greenwoodistan. Bitch got peeps!

      • This summer I had to complete the last of a move out all by my lonesome when my husband had to fly out at the last minute to be with his father during the last days of life. This included hauling the remainder of ammo that didn’t get packed in the main truckload of stuff and moving it in our POV. The amount I moved in small batches was nowhere close to the amount that would have been expended in just the identified hits and it was exhausting. I find it interesting that a 64 yo man who didn’t look like he was really friendly with the gym could haul all that up to his “sniper nest” without attracting attention and complete everything that needed to be accomplished on the timeline provided.

        • Northgunner

          “find it interesting that a 64 yo man who didn’t look like he was really friendly with the gym could haul all that up to his “sniper nest” without attracting attention and complete everything that needed to be accomplished on the timeline provided.”

          He didn’t, but you and me and everyone else is expected to believe a bullshit narrative that says he did.

          Don’t think for one minute that the parasite class DOESN’T have black ops wetwork teams capable of being used for whay we see here.

          Shooter – Old Man Scene (Mr. Rate’s Advice)

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

    • Called the Surefire in comments on my blog, talking to feral Irishman.
      I could hear 40-50 round strings, so he had to have a drum, Beta-mag, or, as it turns out, a Surefire extended cap.

      Next question is how many of them, and similar, in the room.

      Still does nothing to explain the utterly missing motive.

      And if he made multiple trips to tote all that, there’ll be shittons of security video from the hotel.

      • Northgunner

        Unless the multiple shooters were disguised as either police/hotel security (with provided/purloined access cards to allow surreptitious movement through the casino not available to the public).

        Just my .02

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Probably doesn’t directly apply in this case, but crazy is motive.

  6. I saw the interview with the brother- it seemed very interesting that he made the comment that “need to find the people who sold him these rifles” (something like that).

    There was posted somewhere a transcript of LVPD radio that seemed to indicate they thought there was multiple shooters from different locations. But that could just be confusion under high stress event.

    Lots of things don’t add up to make this easy to say why. One thing I’m sure is one of the “deplorables” did not open fire on a crowd of people that the large majority of shared values with him.

  7. Aesop always gives spot on analysis; FWIW, I linked him in a Faceberg post. The whole thing stinks to high heaven. This was planned at a zero-fail level, with way too much cash be able to be floated around for guns, ammo, hotel rooms, etc. And why is the GF being given a pass? Oh yeah, Moslem.

  8. Okay, this just hit me.
    This guy is lily white like I said in a previous post.
    He does not fit the mold of what a mass killer is supposed to be. That mold is either religious terrorist or mental patient.
    Hes white, hes wealthy and while he has some quirks he is by all accounts a normal white guy.
    Like all of us other gun owners.
    For the last year or so I have been seeing a meme on social media. Its always in association with anti-gun dweebs. They are pushing the phrase “everyone is a good guy, until they aren’t”. They push this to counter when gun owners say “law abiding citizen”.
    This guy was the definition of a law abiding citizen. Except now he isn’t.
    He just “turned” into a mass killer.
    I still think there is an occult significance as to why this was done at this specific location, but I have to say that I believe that this was a 3 letter operation. This is the deep state at work.

    One thing to add to Aesop.
    Compromise: We do not have a way to know if he was compromised. If this is a Deep state operation, they have the ability to manipulate this man into doing something. They could have told him “you do this , or we kill your entire family”. he has no way of knowing the reach these people have. He could not go to the “police”…they are the “police”. That sounds like a movie plot, but then again so does this whole thing.

  9. Mike Bishop

    I’m generally conspiracy-averse having been on the other side of one, and the tbeories were flat the fuck out wrong; that said, I listened to two hours of scanner feed…

    Dude shoots a hotel security guard in the hallway, but turns around and suck starts a shotgun when SWAT arrives?

    The math on that alone makes zero sense.

    Scanner feed also indicated another unidentified individual wearing a backpack carrying a long gun, and wearing a drop-leg holster.

    Shit ain’t adding up.

    • It never adds up when you leave the official narrative.

      Next thing you’ll start asking how a bullet can go through Kennedy’s neck, hit and leave fragments in governor Connally, yet still show up as a pristine bullet on a gurney at Dallas hospital.

    • Agreed on that point.
      Shoot-out with security, but decides screw it when SWAT arrives?!?

      Sh’yeah, as if.

      BTW, the door to the suite sits at the end of a long, straight hall. SWAT would have been his meat to bag and tag approaching for 40-50 yards, all the way to the central tower.
      With a .308?
      He’d have pwned them.

      It would have looked like Leon taking on NYPD ESU at the end of The Professional.

  10. How was thus guy able to reserve a room in a great location right near a concert venue? Wouldn’t this have been sold out weeks or months in advance?

    • He was a whale, a High roller in the casino. They would not ask him questions and they would give him what ever room he wanted.

      There is a photo from the crime scene that shows a suitcase FILLED with mags, and a stack of the Surefires next to one of the shooting positions.
      He could have rolled in a bag filled with anything and no one would ask him anything about it.

      • I was getting at room availability and how far in advance this would have to be planned. Maybe that hotel just never sells out in advance of events with 20k people next door. The Telegraph reported he checked into his room with his girlfriend’s ID card.

  11. Since the FBI and other alphabet agencies can spy on us constantly and at will, they can uncover anything and cover anything in someones’ history. So this is already a done deal as for information or the truth, or whatever. Once the agency given the assignment had completed both history changing and the cover-up, the deed was done. This thing WAS planned, and pre-packed and front loaded, BEFORE it was carried out, so there were no traces of the truth left to follow afterwards. All truly pro organizations do this going in to any ops of consequence. This was all designed, and none of us will ever know how it went down, unless a squealer appears and squeals. But we also know what happens to squealers, ja? Odds are 100-1 we ever see anything of the truth.

  12. The feds say “Don’t jump to any conclusions”. But announce an hour after the shooting, ” not terrorist related”.
    One part of Bracken’s scenarios I wasn’t sure about was the ‘false flag’ attack. Bracken may be right.
    This whole thing stinks to high heaven. The govts line is that ‘ Leave it to Beaver goes crazy’ just doesn’t add up ( I actually played a round of golf with Jerry Mathers. Kind of a jerk).
    And this dude Paddock disappeared for months at a time. Where did he go.
    Fact: He is a registered Demoncrat.
    This looks like an attack on Trump voters and on the 2nd amendment.
    Great work by Raconteur.

  13. I think one of the key components to validating this whole situation will be security camera releases showing Paddock’s checking in, luggage(s), movement, and any other relevant video evidence putting him in place as not only being there, but relevant evidence of equipment movement (via luggage) in quantities related to the claims of what he had as an arsenal at Mandalay Bay.

    In this day and age, as well as the speed of being able to show ANY perp prior to committing any crime through security camera footage…it becomes highly suspect not only “IF” video evidence is produced, but (just as relevant), the amount of time that elapses when said video evidence is finally presented to the public.

    I’m finding it hard to accept no one strip of video evidence has be released to at least “validate” Paddock’s presence. We need to see it all…including the team that breeched his door.

  14. I wonder if there’s any video footage of anything at the casino? Nah, no cameras there. After all, Mandalay is owned my MGM Mirage. No irony there huh?

  15. The shooter has 2 airplanes. He moved 27 times. Supposedly was just an accountant at a defense contractor. Has more money than God. Wires tens of thousands of dollars out of the country every month. No known military training. Let’s see, money, planes, defense industry cover story. He was flying drugs and money for the CIA.

    • Flightaware confirms one plane reg’d to Paddock belongs to VA-area LLC w/ “Defense/Intelligence” ties.

      I have three friends Paddock’s age, all defense contractor employees. Two of them (like me) also attended the same university he did.

      None of them have three homes.
      None of them have huge cash reserves.
      None of them have instrument licenses.
      None of them have two airplanes.
      None of them disappear for months at a time.
      None of them have 40 weapons.

      Everything about this guys is wrong, and it screams Christians In Action to me.

      Agency guy, maybe gone rogue? Or a planned op, and he’s the fall guy?
      Both far more plausible than “retired accountant with no affiliations decides to shoot 600 people one Sunday night”.

      • I am seeing some rumors that he might have been involved with an FBI sting dealing with some ISIS types. Could have been one of those “lets help you conduct a terrorist attack that we then arrest you for” deals.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “None of them have three homes.
        None of them have huge cash reserves.
        None of them have instrument licenses.
        None of them have two airplanes.
        None of them disappear for months at a time.
        None of them have 40 weapons.”

        Other than “disappearing for months at time,” there’s a pretty obvious gig that would allow for multiple homes and huge cash reserves; would require airplanes and instrument licenses; and for which having a lot of guns might be helpful. It could also explain frequent casino trips and large cash transfers while on said trips.

  16. Josey Wales

    that sure is a clean muzzle brake for having fired a shit ton of rounds…

  17. St.Maur1066

    Riveting Audio Details From Vegas Crime Scene MSM Isn’t Reporting!!


    Five things that don’t add up about the Vegas shooting

    UNREAL & Unseen footage Vegas Mandalay bay…. wait for it

  18. Notarealperson

    Nothing is adding up in this case. Fox News interviewed a former Spec Ops guy(The Outnumbered show) and he was very impressed at the level of planning and deployment that went into the attack. He said the man was either trained in this or had help.

    The really odd thing about the guy is that his neighbors said he had no real personality and that his homes were sparsely furnished – just some tables and chairs. It was like he had developed some very odd habits that only generally come from being on lots “jobs” where you’re only in country for a bit and learn not to be noticed.

  19. Does anyone even REMOTELY believe that we are going to get an honest accounting from the LVMPD, the FBI, and BATFE???

  20. St.Maur1066

    North Korea has suspended missile launches until we figure this Las Vegas shooting out. Once this investigation has finished they will resume missile launches again.

  21. A hotel staff member or 3 could get the gear up to the rooms unnoticed, in a freight elevator, maybe at oh-dark-thirty when the tourist activity is low…..

  22. lostinIllinois

    Why hasn’t anyone mentioned the photo at the top? Cops armed and ready for action, looking in all directions, and the 2 dudes just standing around – with their cell phones? Very odd photo, almost staged like. No one seems interested in the Mandalay.

    • So what if this was planned, paid for and set up months ago? Shriliery was supposed to be a shoe in. Perhaps this was supposed to happen on her watch so she could use her phone and pen to make many things illegal? So she loses, but hey it was already paid for so WTF run amuck right? Guaranteed the commie/libs are going to run with the ball as far as they can.

  23. For those speculating about shooters from lower floors, all of which have fixed, floor to ceiling windows, you must explain how they managed that with no broken glass.

    • That’s the Magic Bullet Theory, Pat.

      Presumably, at some point, everyone but the dead and injured un-assed the concert grounds. So, for the last 30-40 minutes, seeing as he had a camera on the peephole, and cameras (plural) in the hall watching the 40yd or so straight corridor all the way to the elevators, including on a food service cart outside, WHY IN HELL hadn’t he set up barricades and firing point to blow the ever-loving shit out of the first 10 or 20 SWAT guys who tiptoed up the hall??
      (Oh, and his adjoining room? That door faces the emergency stairwell across the hall, 10′ away, DIRECTLY across from that door’s peephole. How…convenient.)

      Because shooting down the Special Snowflake Only Ones would’ve pissed off the PD, and TPTB didn’t want to rock that boat.
      In short, because shooting the po-po wasn’t part of the op.

      No other reason fits the evidence.

    • tripadvisor

      17. Re: windows opening- do any strip hotels have windows that open?
      06 March 2008, 11:49

      Mandalay Bay also has those little “ventilation strips” that you can slide open if it’s the phobia about air circulating…???

  24. Filipino GF who was in Dubai does not mean shit. It is a non fact to connect terrorism dots.

    Hell I have been to Dubai so many times I got like 20 pages of stamps from there. I also been to the Philippines, and that chick is no way in hell a Moslem. Just a typical pop culture obsessed Filipina.

    Dubai is the place where the rich Moslem’s go to escape Sharia, get laid by Russian or Ukranian, or Chinese or American hookers, blow cash, drive fast cars and generally pretend they are not Moslem.

    Barking up the wrong tree as far as a westerner going to the Middle East and converting. I have met so very few whom after working in the Gulf Arab states did not have a deep hatred for the dirt worshippers. Sure we take their money, but we sure as hell do not try to become like them.

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