Bracken On AJ Yesterday

There will be more attacks.

Things will get worse.

Powerful interests benefit from both.

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  1. Paddock wasn’t even a sociable type person – he was considered
    aggressively unfriendly by others so can’t see him laughing at a
    anti-Trump protest. His brother stated he was not political.

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  3. We gun owners talk about guns all the time, we’re not afraid to do so.

    That said, we’re not going to talk about gun confiscation or disarmament. We decided against that over 200 years ago and haven’t changed our minds.

  4. We, the conservatives in America, HAVE spoken. You will NOT disarm us. You’re just choosing to NOT listen.

  5. “There will be more attacks.” Cool. I got plenty of partagas cigars and weihenstephaner beer at the ready to watch the decline.
    more seriously though, given the weekly muslim attacks in Europe and they still move along as if it’s going to get better by itself; we’re still a long and hairy way from when enough people have had enough in the usa; if we still have enough of those types of people left.

  6. Thanks you, Kurt.

  7. that’s right, Kurt. (((Brian Stelter))) and the rest of the shabbatz goy, anti-White political class can pass all the bogus “gun laws” they want. At this point and beyond, it no longer matters.

  8. Al E. Gator

    Geez, Alex. Shut up and let Matt speak.

    • Amen.
      Matt was getting redder as his blood pressure got higher.

      Matt doesn’t need AJ to get his message out.

  9. Paul Ryan just spiked the SHARE Act. It’s dead.

  10. I wish he’d let Bracken finish his points.

  11. I appreciate Alex having Matt Bracken on and giving him another platform,that said,Alex,stop interrupting the man,stop drinking so much damn coffee!

  12. Lots wrong with this narrative. Look at the shell casings. Why is there no blood or goop on em? Anybody? Beuller? Nothing to see here now move along. We have plenty of photos of the wounded and dead at the concert. Right? 20k people and I’ve not seen one single vid with someone topped. And no I’m not a morbid freak I’m someone that cares enough to ask WTF is going on in my country.

    I do believe that we’ve been doing false flags for a long time. I also believe that if a real event transpires the narrative can be hijacked by the deep staters.

    Again, the official story smells awful. Full of fucking holes. Does each prez get to run their own FFs? Obamao got the gay bar shootup and Trumpty Dumpty gets an attack on MAGA fan base?


    • So was the guy shot before or after the massacre?
      Look for powder residue in his lungs or nasal passages.

      He may be covered in dust, but if he didn’t breath any in, he wasn’t nose to charging handle.

      • Good point. The only guy I’ve seen that topped himself did it with a 357 standing at a podium. There was a huge amount of blood which released down the front of his body. I don’t see that here which makes me question the angle of the shot or rather the position of the body at the time of shooting. Also the shooter I saw collapsed immediately, if this was similar why is the pistol (which has blood on the cylinder) significantly up and behind him?

        This morning we are being asked by a sheriff via drudge whether this guy was radicalized by ISIS. AJ is spouting stuff about a combo of ISIS and Antifa. The battle for the narrative is in full swing. The only thing I’m sure of is that the official version has a lot of holes.

        Again, why no blood on those casings?

        For ANY asswipes contemplating gun grabs off of this, please rethink.

    • He’s been dead for some time when this picture was taken. Any know why?

      • And he didn’t die instantly. Curious about the stains on his shirt.

        And… this is a “patriot” shot/release.

      • I think he was dead for a while too, what would explain the soaked in blood and then the fresh blood on top of it? The casings could have been on the ground and the blood seeped around them, I dont think thats a specific indication of something, but that soaked in stain with the fresh congealed blood on TOP of it just looks weird. Maybe some of our resident first responders could chime in and tell us if they have seen similar at crime or accident scenes? I have seen accident scenes with blood but its always been right after the injury so it looked nothing like this.

        • Northgunner

          “I think he was dead for a while too, what would explain the soaked in blood and then the fresh blood on top of it?”

          He was shot, dropped and bled and then moved; that accounts for the soaked in blood and then fresh blood in a different place.

          He didn’t shoot himself, fall and then decide to change position – someone else moved/tampered with his body after he was shot. Also the gun laying above his head WOULD NOT have landed there and there’d be ALOT more blood on it from such a ‘self-delivered’ shot.

          The scene was staged, and very poorly so!

          I’d say he’d been “Oswalded/VF’ed” and that someone/’s else ‘helped’ him ‘suicide’…actual shooters perhaps?

          This is looking more fake by the moment…JDLR doesn’t begin to cover it!!

          Definitely don’t expect “forensically bungling idiots” to arrive at anything approximately near the truth here either..they already have “a narrative” to play out to the sheeple, especially from ‘Lurch Mueller’ and his suggamamma Hiligula the sascrotch.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

    • Northgunner

      Scene of death JDLR!

      Handgun in pic depicted as headshot weapon WOULD NOT be laying where it is seen in pic.

      My take is that Paddock was (VF’d – Vincent Foster’d) by the actual shooters and left to be used as a patsy by the parasite class and their wetwork team/s.

      Not buying the “official narrative” for one second and neither should Matt Bracken..this is absolutely a FF setup!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  13. regardless of motive or facts, they will mount a massive gun grab for the ar’s.
    they want you disarmed and helpless at any cost
    join the nra (i know, i know!) today; this organization is the only reason you can still bear arms.

  14. European American

    Riveting Audio Details From Vegas Crime Scene MSM Isn’t Reporting!!

  15. You are all probably aware of the original “strobe light” video taken from a parking lot.


    There is a second video of the “strobe light” captured by a taxi driver as she is driving down the street taping as this is all going on from a different angle. Watch the whole thing. Listen, and pay attention, and note thereafter at the 4:47 mark:

    Those familiar with gun fire will notice what they are seeing and also note the sound delay. It’s hard to see (after initial burst) because obstruction (tree/pole) as she is driving, but there is a pause in the gun fire (flash), then picks up again.

    You will also here some police chatter.

    • Northgunner

      Here’s another video:


      There are definitely muzzle flashes coming from the 4th floor; my take is that Paddock was “Oswalded” and that there were multiple pros doing the shooting. Add to that that people were warned 45 minutes before the attack started.

      This is an even more obvious false flag than both the Aurora and Sandyhook events (and they were definitely FF’s!).

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • No broken window on the lower floors. That stobe light was filmed well after the shooting and also well before the shooting. Its some kind of reflection or malfunctioning light or possibly a gaming machine at that window.

        • Northgunner

          It isn’t “swamp gas, the planet Venus, or the Moon’s reflection off clouds” either.

          Audible full auto weapons report coincides with the flashes seen. There were definitely multiple shooters involved.

          Believe the “official narrative” if you want, I’M NOT!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

  16. I sure wish AJ would let Matt B finish a statement before he interrupts him. That would be a pleasant change.

    All civil wars are racial. Check.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “All civil wars are racial.”

      How now?
      – House of York and House of Lancaster

  17. St.Maur1066

    UTT Assesses Las Vegas Attack As A Jihadi Operation

  18. ghostsniper

    Well, when the topic of guns comes up the conversation always goes the same way.

    One side always wants to take guns away from people that have broken no laws and have harmed no one while avoiding dealing with the criminals that violate all laws, especially gun laws.

    The other side always says they did nothing wrong and just want to be left alone.

    Then in 30 seconds everyone’s minds drift back to their 4″ screens and everything goes back to the way it was.

    Til next time……

    Life in these United States.

    • Funny how Ryan said a couple weeks ago that the ‘timing wasn’t right’ to push it through…

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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  20. Look at the names of the authors of these New York Times’ Op-Eds. One would have to be blind and very stupid to not understand (((who))) wants us disarmed.

    I want to know if Stephen Paddock was under the care of a physician and taking any mind-altering drugs. You know, the kind that can produce homicidal ideation.

  21. I feel like we are living in one of Matts novels,,,
    Next, gun confiscation, you can bet the demrepubs are working it up, they know we hate em….

  22. /pol’s latest theory via supposed LVPD insider; its FnF part 2, botched FBI undercover arms deal

  23. This just keeps getting interestinger and interestinger. I wonder what the chewy chocolate center will be like, after this sweet candy shelling we got here?

  24. link to matt’s story on your site 14jan11 re: Professor Raoul X

    good reading. seven year old story. hmmmm.

  25. There is no “gun control debate”, it’s merely an echo chamber run by the (((owners))) of the Gun Confiscation Lobby.