You Know, Like Every 64-Year-Old White Guy…

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See also this comment from earlier this evening:

I have been posting this anywhere and everywhere; major news site to any blog I can find. This not a joke or a scam. Paddock was tasked by the Bureau to facilitate an undercover weapons buy to suspected IS operatives at the hotel. The IS members were tipped off and killed Paddock. They then commenced the Vegas shooting as a, “target of opportunity”, as it were. This is being covered up at the highest level. Paddock’s handler has been threatened and silenced as well. Operational documents as proof of this are forthcoming (hopefully)

From over the transom earlier today:

I told you they’d claim it was AR15s in Vegas. Look at the photos. Pure tripe — specifically going after Daniels Defense, after DD had the -nerve- to seek an advertising segment during half-time at the slobberbowl. Revenge as a secondary purpose, right there.

This OP has *every* hallmark of a FF/setup at this point – the “full monte” of lies and manipulation is on grotesque display.

And if you’ve been surfing at all, you’ll also notice that lots of veterans are saying that 1) there are definitely multiple shooters and multiple firing positions involved, and 2) that at least one of the guns was an M240/SAW. Both of which we concur with.

Here’s one other telling bit for you: if the lone shooter was on the 32nd floor, how were people safe behind a ~30 to 36 inch high wall less than 800 feet away? (estimated wall height from published photos, lateral distance of 780 feet via google-maps, see images)

Trigonometry doesn’t lie – if the shots were coming from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay (or the roof directly above the now-infamous Room 135), then the protected area behind such low cover as that wall provides would not have saved them. The protected area in ref to the 32nd floor (12 feet per floor X 32 floors is 384 feet height; lateral distance to the wall is about 780 feet from the MB hotel [at ground level – see annotated photo] to the base of the wall, so the hypotenuse angle is about 40 degrees at the low wall…. meaning that the protection would only have extended – at most – 42 or 44 inches out from the base of the wall. Not nearly enough of a safe space for roughly 35 feet of wall to have sheltered almost a hundred people from the entire attack, as stated by many witnesses, including several police officers who were ‘pinned down’ at that exact location throughout much of the shooting.

But if the gun shooting at them was on the 4th floor, or the apron-roof at 4th floor level [as shown by the taxi driver’s video], then this makes *perfect* sense, because the protected area would have
extended out from that wall almost 10 feet for a typical adult laying flat on the ground. (4th floor X 12 feet/floor = 48 feet height; lateral distance remains as ~780 feet, then the angle of fire would
only be on the order of 10~13 degrees downward) So, if a human laying flat is only 12″ high, then the protected area would have extended at least 8 feet, and possibly as far as 11 feet away from the wall (allowing for the multiple estimated factors). The area protected by the low wall would be almost as good if the main gun were much farther away, say 1500~1800 feet [i.e. on top of the Delano Hotel], even while 30+ floors in height, because the depression-angle of the gun from a more-distant rooftop [not a prepared firing position in a comfy suite] would have been excessive for the operator. This becomes relevant, below.

Further, the photos of the ‘shooters nest’ on the 32nd floor are all wrong – First, there should have been spent brass *everywhere* after such a fracas, but there’s almost none in the photos I’ve seen. I’d
love to see the final count on spent brass from the ‘Room 135’, because I believe it’s way too low to account for the carnage that was accomplished. I’ll bet its at least an order of magnitude low, compared to the following calculations:

We’ve got ~600 victims, right? Many were hit by multiple rounds. So lets say 750 hits as a *minimum*. Reality is probably closer to 900 hits, but that’s just another riff on the same theme, once you seehow to do the math.

Even in a packed venue like this, when firing full-auto the ratio of hits to rounds discharged would be low, most likely between 1:6 and 1:12 – especially once people started fleeing every which way. Let’s
say the “reasonable” range is between 1:5 and 1:12 hits-per-rounds-fired, just to be safe at the lower bound – Then 750 X 5 = 3750 minimum rounds fired. This is an extremely low bounding value; and 750 X 12 = 9000 probable rounds fired. Not the upper bound value, by any reasonable sense of events, but a very likely value.

So in total we *must* have at least 3,750 rounds fired, probably 9,000 rounds, and quite possibly more. So where in hell is all that spent brass? Not in Room 135, apparently.

I’ve been in situations where we [~ a dozen guys, ten M4s and two MGs] spent 10K rounds of ammo in well under 5 minutes. Ammo goes amazingly fast, when you’re engaging numerous targets at short to medium range! [And yes, 500 meters is ‘only’ medium range for any real machine gun] After such an event, the brass is so thick on the ground that its a real hazard to guys getting up from their fighting positions slipping and falling on the ‘rolling carpet’ of brass around them. I’ve shaken a dozen or more pieces of brass out of my shirt and webgear after such an engagement, and had no recollection of how it could possibly have gotten there. Brass goes *everywhere* wildly – it bounces and rolls around a lot.

So, either these photos of ‘Room 135’ are seriously sanitized, and therefore worthless, or there is another firing position (or multiple other firing positions) and again, these photos are the ‘horse and
pony’ show, just a distraction from the truth instead of an admission of it. Both assertions are very likely to be the case here – there’s the sanitized [or unused] ‘nest’ on the 32nd floor that they’re showing us, *plus* the other firing positions which we will never hear about, let alone see photos of.

Honestly, I don’t believe that they -had to- sanitize the room on the 32nd floor, because I don’t believe that many -if any- rounds came from there.

Just examining the site plan from above, the best firing positions are on top of the Delano hotel. That position has the clearest, most commanding view of the entire venue, by far. If I were going to do such a thing, that’s where I’d go to do it.

Second best positions are A) on the roof of the Mandalay Bay or B) a high window facing East in that building, as Room 135 has. The position on the 4th floor [or on the lower, apron-roof at about 3.5 stories in height] of the Mandalay Bay would really only have been useful for engaging targets backstage, or in the VIP area of the venue, as the rest of the area is too obscured by ground clutter at that lower elevation. The lower position does, however, command the Boulevard via which the anticipated police and EMS response will come, and command it very well. Or, in other words, this could have gone much worse for the First-Responders.

The only viable alternative is the roof of the Excalibur, another block away, but that doesn’t match any of the witness reports or collected video of the event. The Luxor pyramid and the building just north of the pyramid aren’t suitable [look at the upper fascia – above the roofline – of the building north of the Luxor, the building with the Chris Angle/MindFreak sign on it] is unsuitable because there is no gap between the roof and the fascia from which to deploy a firing position; whereas on Mandalay Bay and the Delano the above-roof fascia has a substantial gap through which a fire-team could easily be deployed.

This can all be seen on google-maps using satellite view and 3D – look for the signature strip of light on the roof, right at the base of the fascia – that proves theres a gap — and it’s usually about 2 feet high. You can’t see that gap from the ground, but it’s almost always there. It makes for a perfectly hidden firing position. Guys who work from a highrise roof with any regularity will know exactly what I’m talking about.

Anyways, the above are a significant subset of the reasons why I’m certain we’re being feed a colossal line of BS here, and that this is indeed a false flag operation to enrage the Right, to bait us into a fight that will -regardless of who “wins” – finish off our nation in terms of ever recovering a legitimate government, or even just stopping the political and racial violence. It’s an end-game play by monsters who don’t count the cost, only their ‘victories’.

UK Daily Mail: Stephen Paddock was brilliant, had an intimate knowledge of the Second Amendment and had a huge ‘gun room’, says friend, as it’s revealed he had made to order weapons that cost thousands of dollars

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  1. Old blue eyes

    Per my note earlier today via the more secure channel, CA, a connected person of my acquaintance told me F2F that he knew the guy professionally – SF / counter-terror.

    • Wonder if the surveillance tapes from that floor of the hotel still exist. Would tell the story about who was in the room at what time. Might ID the killer of the deceased. Would certainly blow open the entire investigation. And make a lot of important people look very bad.

      • Lets get it right.
        FBI clowns blow a sting operation against ISIS operatives.

        ISIS goes to plan be and open up from their current location.

        60 dead, 700 wounded.

        FBI had 72 minutes to arrange the hotel suite to cover their arses & dust their tracks to make crime scene look like a white male lone wolfe with ASSault weapons killed & maimed all those Americans.

        To add insult to injury:
        Commie Media runs with the official story, instant anti gun narrative is created.

        How all convenient.

        I’m from the Federal Total Assclown Government and we are here to save you.

  2. Jumping Jack Jehoshaphat, great balls of fire, holy shitstain Batman! Sounds plausible. That would explain why he had so many weapons.Very interesting.

    • Big_Celebrant

      Keep pimpin for the man, Kenny. I hope those 30 pieces of silver feel good in your pocket, while they last…

  3. Makes more sense than the official story does.

  4. Islamic State did claim responsibility and yet it was given no credence in the MSM… therefore there must be some truth to it. I doubt any evidence will ever surface to prove it. The FBI is as good as any other three letter agency in covering up any hard evidence of their malfeasance in any operation.

    Grey Ghost

    • MSM was trying to disregard Islamic state taking credit just because the shooter was white.

      • We are now in the all-important “management of the narrative” phase of this horrific event. Watch while the MSM and the pols, in real time, leak info and modify the official story to account for and blunt the impact of uncontrolled leaks of info they didn’t want us to know.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      And ISIS had issued a warning a few days beforehand for muslims to avoid big events in the US.

  5. I detect a few possible points of tangency with what/why. One thing for sure: Famous-But- Incompetent will smother the truth, Whatever it is.

    • None of this crap from Ruby Ridge to Nevada would be happening if it wasn’t for the fuckers in our government.
      All of it, 911, Waco, Oklahoma City, Fast & Furious, and lord knows how many murdered we don’t hear about because the dirty stinking commies of the 5th column having a monopoly on the press, all of it is only possible because there’s a group of motherfuckers who need their necks stretched from a lamp post.

      • This.
        And the only reason it’s been going on for at least 50 years, unabated. No lamposts. Just hearings, then promotions or posh university / lecture circuit gigs.

        Also, dogma slingers of long lost scribes-
        If it is not your nature to defend you and yours, you were fucked to begin with.

        To the rest,

  6. And where’s all the powder residue in the room? Thousands of rounds allegedly fired from a small, well enclosed area, and not a hint of powder residue anywhere to be seen?
    Look at the damn photos – the suicide note and the table it’s sitting on… effin pristine, not a hint of the sooty grit which, like the brass, should be everywhere in that room. WTF, over? The drapes, which ought to be caked with it after such a fracas, are clean and crisp. Even the carpet looks freshly shampooed, except for the blood stains around the corpse. As someone already said on another blog – this looks like a movie set, not a crime scene.

    • Smokeless powder combust completely……there should not be powder residue unless he was shooting black powder rifles or a cannon.

      • Gee Linda wish I had known this earlier in life, I could have saved a lot of time and effort not cleaning my guns!

        • You can expect residue to foul the barrel of the weapon. You won’t see residue on that carpet though. You should continue to maintain your weapon as you have always have.


            I do not know who you are or what your level of expertise is. As a Peace Officer for over thirty years I saw plenty of powder residue on the ground after my colleagues and I participated in shooting training. Years after I retired, I worked part-time at an indoor shooting range where one of my jobs was to vacuum the concrete floors of the ranges. I sucked up a great deal of residue with my industrial vacuum. Please explain yourself.

      • There is plenty of powder on the floor of the range when I sweep it after shooting. I have commented to others how it surprised me how much powder was on the floor. This is shooting at a pistol range.

  7. no doubt perp’d by former SF types.

    keep waving that rag and thanking vets for their service…

    • You mean agents from the farm, right? Because the only ‘former SF types’ I know who would do such a thing all went to work for the Criminal Intelligence Agency after their tours in uniform.

    • Does the term “go fuck yourself” mean anything?

      • you are a FOOL.

        of course, it was a former operator. it always is, then they pin it on a fall guy.

        damn the murkins are fucking dumb.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          “of course, it was a former operator. it always is”

          Not necessarily – they’ve used organized crime guys (as has the FBI) before, too.

  8. something just aint right.
    as someone who has fired automatic weapons trying to hit targets of just 300 yards away thanks to the us military, this guy was pretty dam accurate for someone who just went wacko a month ago for distances over 300 yards and apparently was so good at handling guns that jams and misfires do not happen to him when he’s putting out round after round.
    yeah, just one guy that lost it this year; right.

    • Shooter was firing at 400m into a brightly-lit crowd of 22,000 in an area the size of a few football fields. He hit less than 600.
      That’s not “pretty damn accurate”, it’s pretty damn average.
      The real mystery is how he managed to miss the other 21,400.

      And tell me what a jam or misfire sounds like from 400m away: by what evidence do you assume no such happened? There were multiple pauses in firing. Unless someone was in the room, or there is a video of the goings on, no one knows whether or how many times the shooter(s?) had to clear a stoppage in those firing strings.

      In a famous radio-era blooper, one of the players in a Lone Ranger show episode was given the idiotic line “Hey Pete, I hear a white horse coming!”

      You have just committed the White Horse Fallacy.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        And in terms of kills, he didn’t do much better than the Orlando nightclub shooter. Which is fortunate, in the “it’s better to be wounded than dead” sense, I suppose.

  9. thanks for the info

  10. TheyCallMeRockStar22

    You can absolutely, without a doubt, say that we KNOW there were two different types of gunshot sounds coming from two different areas. You can clearly hear it on the video of the cab driver.

  11. I’m so sick of these bastards getting away with fooling so many people in this country into believing that these attacks happened the way the lying, lowlife media tells us they happened. I want the lid to be blown off of this one so bad!

  12. Shinmen Takezo

    I posted the same comments in another thread of this subject…

    At some point, President is going to get “the briefing” in what really occured Sunday night. At some point he is going to learn that possibly this was another FBI “deep state” operation (ongoing without his knowledge or approval, left over from the Obama era) that has been ongoing.

    If this is all true. If this is the case. President Trump should immediately lay all the cards face up on the table for the American public to see and comprehend.

    He will with one stroke destroy the deep state aparachiks with the finality of an Atomic Bomb. He would reveal to the American public the outragous malfeasence of the alpahbet agencies which are destroying this country—and immediately afterwards, he should unleash 1000 US Marshals to round up and imprison the culprits behind this fiasco.

    The deep state cockroaches need to be stomped upon and crushed.

    Doing this would immediately secure his presidency and virtually ensure relelection in 2020. Damn the legal liability to the US government.

    He should move swiftly and boldly on this matter.

    • Ya but problematically they have his balls in a jar at Langley or some other spookshop. God it would be so freeing to have what you describe happen. It won’t but I love the idea.

  13. Look. The original Taxi Lady video I posted on my blog was removed from YouTube for whatever reason. Luckily, I had downloaded it earlier. I reposted it on youtube

    Lets just start at the beginning of the video and you’ll hear gun shots from various distances. THEN at the 46 second mark, you will hear feint gunfire from a distance and then it dissipates. Quite. THEN note at the 1:07 mark and the shots at CLOSE proximity.

    There is more than ONE shooter here. Is there some “echo” in the video? Yes. But it is EASY to discern the echo from the actually gunfire as NOTED between 47 seconds and 1:07.

    Put on headphones.

    There is more one shooter here. And more than one caliper. I sure as hell hear an AK and AR/M4.

    • I saw that too, and came to the same conclusions.

    • you’ll hear gun shots from various distances

      From a moving monoaural recording of strings of rapid-fire shots fired from potentially two different spots, and any of 23 different weapons, towards a concrete lot, from a two-walls-of-glass building with differing reflective angles, 400m away? With all of them picked up by the open mikes in a still-live concert sound system and walls of speakers and amps??

      Maybe physics isn’t your game, Ike. I know, let’s have a spelling contest.

      What you hear is both direct and reflected sounds arriving at moving poor-quality monaural recording source(s), while it/they are being rotated in three axes every which way at the speed of panic, coupled with muffling and handling noise, and you have no way to tell which ones are which, from where, what, or when. Nor could an army of physicists with a county of Cray supercomputers, working for a hundred years.

      You’re telling us a blind man can tell where the individual ripples in the middle of the Pacific are originating from, at night, in a typhoon, after a tsunami.

      You would have better luck juggling flaming kittens blindfolded while kneeling in a pool of gasoline. And it would be more entertaining (except perhaps for the kittens, followed by you).

      Here’s an easier one for you:
      With one AB line, show us in the drawing below which way is “up”.

      I’ll wait.

      • Save it Sop. All that and individual ripples in the middle of the pacific. Did ya look all that up and mash it together all by your lonesome? I won’t speak for others, but you are, and always have been, a waste of time… mine anyhow.

        By the way, I took my crappy cell-phone and took a video last of a flashing red strobe, from my roof, at night, using light in the immediate foreground, approximately 21/2 miles away. It didn’t turn white, and it didn’t turn blue.

      • 5′ tall! And 15′ from the window! No! Really! Just look at Paddock’s room! And it’s all echo I tell you! Why, just look at the lack of spent shell casings in Paddocks room! No! Really! Because most of it was ECHO! LMAO! High speed! Low drag!

        • You can pound that campfire charcoal with your forehead all you like Curtis, but you’re not going to make diamonds, no matter what that comic book ad said.

          You keep telling us all about it though, because of your extensive knowledge of the physics and mechanics of sound.

          I always go straight to people who know as much about basic physics as they know about nuclear reactor engineering to explain things on the internet. Especially the ones to whom a sheet of graph paper and a plastic protractor are objects of witchcraft and gobsmacking wonderment, like watching monkeys who’ve found a book.

          The beauty of our difference of opinion is that somebody with any doubts can take a program like GoogleEarth and high school geometry and work out the angles involved, or a ruler and a sheet of graph paper, and then tell the class what a -15 degree angle works out to to be in a space like a hotel room with floor to ceiling glass windows, and see who knows what.

          Or they can ignore their lying eyes, skip all that sort of pointy-nosed witchcraft, and just trust you.

          You go, man.
          I love someone who can only gainsay his own demonstrated thick-headed stupidity, after pulling his own pants down, and slapping his own ass, and then doubles down on it with the dreaded “Oh yeah?” Defense.

          Priceless, man. Just priceless.

          This is news to you, obviously, but Monty Python’s Quest For The Holy Grail wasn’t an instruction manual for doing science on the internet.

          Let me get your horse, Sir Bedevere.

          • And of course, from your extensive repertoire of crime scene forensics, and having already been to the Mandalay Bay scene yourself, you can now explain to the class how those photos were taken before anyone had removed anything, and how many cartridge cases were actually found at the crime scene.
            Just tell us the total number of them, right now.
            That number would be_________________?

            Bill Engvall called. Here’s your sign:

          • Oh hell AeSnopes. I stop reading you crap long ago. With that massive narcissism/ego and Snopes quality intel briefings. Go count some… Pacific Ocean ripples.

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  15. Hitting “a target” at 300 yards is much more challenging that hosing down an area which looked to be a square city block in size. I’d consider the possibility that the shooter (or shooters) saw no “Hollywood” reaction in the crowd and decided to end it. There didn’t seem to be any tracers involved, so (an) amateur(s) might not have been able to judge the effect of their shots.

  16. 500 injured… Not necessarily by gunshots. Likely 475 were scraped knees, trampling victims, sprained ankles, etc. I listened to some audio. I did not here more than one shooter. It sounded like the shooter was using two different windows and the rest were echos.

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  18. St.Maur1066

    Multiple shooters , multiple targets at Vegas……

  19. St.Maur1066


  20. With all of the steps Paddock took, it is clear he had some ‘spook experience’ for planning a killing field. Maybe even a professional hit man. I doubt that law enforcement will allow that information from them from being stated.

  21. This whole incident is about one thing and one thing only:
    To abridge the Right To Keep And Bear Arms.
    That’s what this guy’s “motive” was whether he thought it up himself or whether he was inspired and/or led by others.
    The “conversation” on Mass Media today will be awash with ignorance, Orwellian demagoguery, and self-righteousness.
    If you haven’t purchased an semi-auto rifle or pistol by now you are late. Very, very late.

  22. “He had a secret life…..”

    We will likely not know or understand fully these events now or ever. I don’t buy the official version for a second. Uncle Sugar has become narrative protective and once the deep state decides to shut the flow down well this is what you get. Same as 9/11, Sandy Hook and a few others.

    What we do know is that this tyranny can’t’/won’t continue. Regardless of who perpetrated this stuff and why (i’m reasonably convinced that the official narrative is complete shite) we do know who is blood dancing and screaming for our guns. We do know who is inflation raping our children’s futures. We do know that the MSM and most of it’s “outlets” are full of shit most of the time. We do know that no one went to jail during “the financial crisis”. We do know that Goldman Sachs spends as much time in .gov high positions as they do thinking of ways to cheat people out of their money. We do know that our borders are NOT CLOSED and a wall hasn’t been built. We do know that “dreamers” are still here illegally establishing the Reconquista beach head. We do know that the majority of CONgress critters become multi millionaires and that most of them are fully compromised individuals. We do know that every alphabet soup org tracks our every fart all the time 24 7. We do know that Soros and others are funding Commies to attempt to harm us. We do know that 13 times more people were murdered in Chiraq than at this Vegas concert last year yet no one gives a fuck. We do know that the hives are collapsing at an accelerated rate……………..

    We do know that we are being pushed toward a war that we don’t want because most of us don’t enjoy hurting others.

    There is no voting our way out of this. Ever.

    • agree completely.

      we will NEVER know the complete/real truth of this incident.

      on the other hand, we DO KNOW exactly what you have listed and, consequently, we DO KNOW who the real enemies are and their MODUS OPERANDI.

      it is better to know than be ignorant. knowledge and information allow those who possess such to be prepared.

  23. Reblogged this on Deplorables Seeking Justice-DSJ and commented:
    This version/scenario warrants SERIOUS consideration…

  24. “We’ve got ~600 victims, right? Many were hit by multiple rounds.”

    You’re also going to have multiple victims hit by single rounds, ricochets, and fragments. Any of which count as an injury, but can be caused by a single bullet. However, unlike Kennedy and Connolly these bullets will end up less than pristine. Any of us who’ve dug out fragments from small arms know this. A tiny piece can cause bleeding and not even be close to life threatening, but it’s recorded as a GSW.

    As far as this requiring supposedly trained shooters, not necessarily. This was a venue with over 20k people packed into a small location. This isn’t just shooting fish in a barrel, more like sardines in a can. One or two guys can do mag dumps and just walk off in a couple minutes. Note on the videos how people literally stood there for a minute and did nothing on the ground. If you’re not next to people dropping, you can’t even see what’s going on. Statistically if you pump enough rounds into such a tightly packed location, you get a high death/injury count. The death count could’ve been increased with one variable change, but I’m not going into that here.


  26. 1.Ruby Ridge
    3.Fast & Furious
    4.Las Vegas
    5.Lots of weapons, lots of dead people, blame the white guy.
    ALL a gun control setup.
    Did I mention blame the white guy?
    Communist 100th Red Revolution Anniversary
    Communists and Islamists working together with a Philippine (our next “theater of operations”) connection….
    Communists and Islamists have ZERO REGARD for the sanctity of life. We have the 20th Century to prove it.

    • Randolph Scott

      Our has no respect nor sanctity of life either.

      Pray that the the evil bastards who committed this atrocity are exposed no matter who they are and that they are brought to immediate justice.

  27. Priceless. Another Fast & Furious gun running op fucked up by fed Ass Clowns. It doesn’t get anymore screwed the pooch than 59 dead & 600 wounded.
    Way To Go FBI! ASS CLOWNS of the decade!

    Oh ya, almost forgot. You Ass Clowns keep on looking in every crack nook & cranny for the illusive evil known as White Christian Radical Extremists Militia Racist Domestic Terrorists OK.
    One day maybe we can show you how to deal correctly with the real enemies of America.
    Lord knows you all haven’t figured that one out yet.


    “sheriff says it’s ‘hard to believe’ he planned attack alone”

    (somebody is going off script, initiate countermeasures)

    “who is said to have spent decades acquiring weapons”

    (the guy who really wasn’t into guns)

    “The shooter also sprayed 200 rounds of gunfire into the hallway when an unarmed security guard, identified as Jesus Campos, approached his hotel room”

    (surely that couldn’t be a second person watching the door)

    “Paddock planned to survive and escape from the hotel, but he didn’t say how.”

    (maybe someone already did. Where’s that hotel security footage?)

    “hard to believe that the arsenal of weapons, ammunition and explosives recovered by police in their investigation could have been assembled by Paddock completely on his own.”

    (welcome to the club)

    “set up cameras inside and out to watch for police closing in… none of the cameras was recording.”


    “She was pushed through the airport in a wheelchair by FBI agents”

    (like Hannibal Lector?)

    “may have intended to target a bigger Las Vegas outdoor music festival”

    “there may have been an additional person in his room”

    (no kidding. Cue the crack whore for an appearance. Overdose in a year or two to follow)

    “taking the anti-anxiety drug Valium”

    (this opens all sorts of doors to explore)

    “Andrew McCabe, FBI Deputy Director, said he was surprised at the lack of an apparent motive”

    (especially when you wilfully ignore who already took responsibility)

  29. Cilla Mitchell

    Out of all the information coming from mainstream media, this is the best rational analysis I read. The math can not be disputed.

    • Big_Celebrant

      Not surprising, as it was written by a retired .mil sniper whose spent a lot of time on rooftops in urban environments.

  30. John Guandolo – Slaughter on the Strip was Jihadist Attack on The Hagmann Report

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  31. 3500 to 9000 rounds fired from hotel room and the sprinkler system didn’t respond? It would have been heavy smoke.

    • Sprinklers are triggered by heat. Not smoke.

    • Smoke alarms respond to smoke.
      Sprinklers respond to heat (typically around 160F. You couldn’t get a room that hot with gunfire unless you were using tracers and shooting through gasoline-soaked draperies.)

      It doesn’t work like Hollywood movies in real life.

      A room smoke alarm did go off from the firing, causing Mandalay Bay hotel security to send an unarmed security guard to check it out.

      And get shot in the leg for the effort.

      And with two gaping holes blown in floor-to-ceiling windows in adjoining rooms, the wind blowing through (in or out) on the 32nd floor would have been substantial. So the alarms were likely triggered by the initial burst(s) through the windows. But once they go on, they don’t shut off, until they’re investigated, called in, and reset at the central control panel.
      32 floors away.

    • I’m not a fire suppression expert but I believe the way most sprinkler systems work IRL is heat melts a wax-like plug in the sprinkler head to let the water out. That way the water is only spraying in the places the fire is actually at, instead of all over the place.

      It’s not like in the movies where sprinklers all just start spraying on command. I mean, I suppose a system like that could exist but it doesn’t seem like a good idea.

  32. wildernesswino

    as a former Gunner’s Mate TECH in your U S Navy…

    I concur (adamantly) with the multiple shooter/multiple weapons scenario…

    I hear a small caliber .223(on auto/NOT an f’n bump stock/what bs) and a belt fed .30 cal (probable 248 SAW) by the cycling…

    I am leaning heavily toward the FBI gun running sting gone “BAD”, and Paddock was the intermediary…

    The rat bastards that “blew the sting up” so that ISIS/ANITFA/COMMIES could kill Paddock and get on with the “festivities” will include Zionists that control ISIS in ME…

    and “skelator” (Chertoff), he’s gonna sell, sell, sell those metal detectors and security services at an even MORE “fast and furious” pace now…
    or so he figures…

    Adelson, the owner of the Mandalay Bay, and of course many of the usual TREASONOUS suspects…

    Accomplices will be everyone who made monetary investments into “police state” apparatus…

    I include most of the “immune from insider trading” U S Congress…
    and definitely every one of those traitors now ready to pass the “it’s a felony to criticize Israel” scum…

    and since I haven’t posted this (or anything) for many moons…

    the wildernesswino

    Back to the Ghost dance
    remembering Patrick Daniel Tillman and Russell Means…

    I think I’ll add Jack Yantis and LeVoy Finucum this time around

  33. article says he hit the fuel storage tanks 2000 yards off. even with the m118lr 308 bullet there’s only around 200 ft/lbs left after a 125 ft hold over. untrained, at night, without a spotter. kind of wishful thinking. almost sounds like a fake news diversion. and since they’ve reportedly repaired it already, you’ll never know.

    and that smoke detector in his room did reportedly go off. probably not the sprinklers.

    anticipate more questions than answers for a very long time.

    • wildernesswino

      “article says”…

      I hardly believe half the sh@t I see with my own eyes…

      but thanks for that (not being ferocious there)

      There just WAS NOT a .50 BMG or otherwise being fire that I can tell…

      so if he was making an arms sale to IS…
      If I was IS I would want “automatics”…
      as well as a few .338 and .408’s just for the fun of it…
      nothing says “F” “U” like a femur shot from 1,700 out!!!

  34. wildernesswino

    I think I meant a .30 cal M240 (7.62) and not the 5.56 SAW…
    It certainly sounds .30 cal….
    and you CAN hear both weapons being fired at the same time…
    it appears to be a strobe light that the taxi cab driver caught on camera on the 4th floor…
    but there is footage from a hotel facing the Mandalay Bay, and there IS muzzle flash from about the 10th(?) floor…
    DEFINITELY NOT the 32nd floor!

    Back to the Ghost Dance
    Tillman and Maeans

    • do you mind pointing to the video that sounds like an m240 or more than one person? So far nothing I’ve seen has sounded anything like that

    • And the real miracle was getting all those rounds from the 4th floor downrange through the palm trees in the way, after they got them out through the glass windows without leaving any holes in the glass anywhere but the ones on the 32nd floor.

      That’s some serious bad-ass magical shit, man!

    • wildernesswino

      Mt Forge…

      I believe that you are very close to my AO…
      (NE Oregon for me)

      I am glad to know that YOU are out “THERE”…

      your comments are ALWAYS the things I would like to say myself…
      but in a much more concise and “eloquent” manner…

      brother in arms
      Back to the Ghost Dance

      Patrick Daniel Tillman and Russell Means

      for now

      • Wish we where close. I’m in WV. We all need as many allies as we can have. But at least we are allies in spirit & thought. That matters a lot.

        Well thank you for the kind compliment. It’s nothing really, ya have to simply speak straight, say whats on your mind & have courage of your convictions.

        10-4 on the remembrance. We got to add all the souls in Vagas to the list. Along with LeVoy Finnicum, Ruby Ridge, Waco, Twin Towers, Oklahoma City, and all the other souls who have been murdered for an agenda so evil & not our own.

  35. Then there is this:

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  36. The Sheriff stated ‘well over 200 rounds were shot through the door and into the hall at the security guard, only wounding him in the leg. It is a miracle he was not further injured or killed.’

    In the photos presented of the door that was forced open, I see not one bullet hole, nor the first shell casing. Not one visible anywhere.

    • LEO’s are human too and they will get caught up
      In the excitement and drama like anyone else. Besides, he was getting second or third info from a rent-a-cop.

  37. FBI should have released a picture of a Glock from the room. Then the commies could be screaming to ban all handguns.

  38. everlastingphelps

    We’ve got ~600 victims, right? Many were hit by multiple rounds. So lets say 750 hits as a *minimum*.

    This math is off. Most of the casualties were trampling. Less than 200 had GSW (assuming all the dead were shot plus 128 treated for GSW.)

    • You are a liar. As anyone who knows anything about modern wounded to killed ratios will attest.

  39. Yes, it appears the shooter had an agenda that was to attack gun ownership and access. No, there weren’t multiple shooters on multiple floors, unless they had projectiles that could pass through glass without breaking it.

  40. Of course there were “security camera’s” set up. But not by Braddock. There were security camera’s put up by FBI/Intel because it was sting operation… gone wrong, and out of hand.

    Or, maybe not out of hand… but “political” targets of opportunity. They just let it play out.

    What are they going to do? “Yeah, we were doing a sting, and it went wrong… and unfortunately, out of our control.”

  41. Seraphim of Sarov

    The question, gentlemen, is who is Abdul?

    His putative ISIS name is Abu Abdul bar al-Amriki.

    Traditional Arab naming conventions are such that it means “Father of Abdul, son of the American.” Father here can be literal or figurative. Abu Nidal the terrorist means Father of Struggle.

    He has no biological children, so who is his “spiritual child” Abdul that he mentored?

    [Abdul means The Worshipper, so translating it instead of a proper noun doesn’t work here like it does for the Abu Nidal example.]

    Whether he was legit ISIS or FBI stinging ISIS, the question is still valid.

  42. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.


    Listen to this caller on the Savage Nation.
    – 2 caliber rifles
    – 2nd location, coming from south

    any confirmation to this one? caller did not ‘sound’ like a larper, who knows.

  44. St.Maur1066


    • Seraphim of Sarov


      Someone should get the premium subscription at ($49.99 for a month of Business level), and look at all flights in the last year for both his planes.

      Heck, $3.99 and you can go back 180 days…

      …just sayin’…

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  46. Of course Braddock’s handler told him he was participating in an “FBI sting operation” – that’s exactly the kind of shit-bait they would use to get a normal guy to walk into a patsy death-trap of a situation. It’s always something that they’re OK with being leaked out, something that leads away from the truth.

    They probably told Ambassador Stevens something similar when they sent him to Libya – “Go, set up shop, make as many contacts as possible. Find out who wants the guns, where they’re getting the money to buy them, and where they want to use them. We’ll take it from there…so don’t blow your cover.”

    Why do I ties Las Vegas and Benghazi together like this? Because, five years later, there’s still no explanation as to why Stevens was doing what he was, or any follow up on “the investigation” as to what happened. We’ve not even heard the names of the survivors, let alone their explanation of what they were doing there, and how the badness actually went down in their own words. Nada, bichez.

    Five years later and – NOTHING. And 99.9% of the inhabitants of FuSA are perfectly OK with that. In fact, most probably cant remember exactly what they were told happened in Benghazi, other than that “it was started by some movie that offended muslims”. It’s a primary feature of propaganda, that it makes it very difficult to discern the truth… and even harder to remember it.

    That’s how you know there’s a secret agenda – when the rabbit hole has no bottom, and things just keep going down, down, down…

  47. Keep in mind that this was also the largest mass murder of WHITE People in memory. The possibility that this was the opening salvo in the American White Genocide