Buppert: Kill The Second Amendment – Let’s Get This Party Started

A modest proposal, designed to make explicit that which throbs just below the surface of every government stooge and their allies across FUSA.

Of course, there will be unintended consequences.

But there will be Progress.

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118 responses to “Buppert: Kill The Second Amendment – Let’s Get This Party Started

  1. Pretty much wins the distinction to having his picture beside the noun form of “Cuck” in the Merriam-Webster dictionary. It is interesting to note that cuck in M-W presently as a verb describing the public punishment and humiliation of being on the cucking stool dunked in water. Let’s bring back the cucking stool for Mr. Will and his cadre!.

    • Given our current situation, “government supremacists” should immediately replace “anti-self-defense lobby” as the preferred term of art in all our related communications and planning.

  2. What John Mosby said defines everything:

    • John Mosby actually said “get right with the Lord?” That doesn’t sound like him.

      • Believe it. I saved that direct quote, copy and pasted onto a thumb drive, along with some other valuable quotes and writings from a few years back.
        Made that piece of agitprop with what John said exactly word for word.

        • lastmanstanding

          Mosby doesn’t believe in God…no problem, to each his own.

          • Aren’t you something. You must think your something special determining another man’s faith. Maybe you don’t realize it but that thinly disguised hate you display for another man’s beliefs is why we are all in the pickle we are in to begin with.
            And it is purposefully disruptive. Its no accident or innocent thought you display here. It is intended to cast doubt & discontent on John Mosby.
            Frankly it is despicable.

    • St.Maur1066

      Perfect!……….. Nothing else needs to be said.

      • Exactly how I see it too. One of the best quotes there is.
        TL Davis and Andrew Breitbart wrote a few just as good, just different.

  3. They can repeal anything they want, getting a few million to go along is a different story altogether, i agree, let em repeal the 2A, then let em come for the guns,,, how many casualties can they sustain?

    • The NRA worships the “law abiding” label. Surely they’ll go along with any scheme presented to ensure they are always seem as the good guys in the eyes of the tyrants.

      • You hit the nail on the head!

      • Already:

        “The NRA believes that devices designed to allow semi-automatic rifles to function like fully-automatic rifles should be subject to additional regulations.”


        Not a penny more to them.

        • The NRA are doing what they did in 1934, 1968, 1994 etc. We’ll give up a little bit of our rights to keep them happy and they well see that we’re the good guys and stop coming after our guns. When’s the next vote for nra board of directors there’s going to be some new names up. Never, Never,Never give up ANY rights for ANY reason, I’m in the UK this I know first hand.
          Benjamin Franklin had it right “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” (In a letter widely presumed to be written by Franklin in 1755 on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor.)

        • Jimmy the Saint

          The NRA’s motto should be a Bing Crosby song: I Surrender, Dear

          • Northgunner

            And you expected exactly what from Wayne “I zurrender because I’m a cheezze eating zurrender monkey” LaPierre and the rest of the “Lairds of Fairfax”?

            The nra is one of the oldest victim disarmament organizations in America, don’t expect anything but capitulation and betrayal from the organization (and the useful “Fudd’s” that don’t understand the historic reasons for owning battle rifles and barrel carbines, let alone ANY damn gun you want and need).

            This is really starting to mirror what Matt Bracken wrote about in EFAD…

            Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
            Northgunner III

        • Randolph Scott

          I have never given them a fucking dime nor will I ever give them anything.

      • Randolph Scott

        FUCK the NRA. They are in bed with .gov. FUCK the NRA

    • As terrible the prospect of what a nation wide disarmament act would bring, there is also a refreshing prospect to it.
      I can only speak for myself. At this point I welcome what Bill argues for. I have been around long enough to know when to call a cat a cat. I relish the opportunity to slug it out with this monstrosity we call government. I’m fed up, had enough of its bullshit. Its time to fight, have it out. I wish it would stop beating around the bush also and get on with it. The whole construct needs to burn to the ground and the earth it occupied everywhere salted with radioactive cobalt so it can never again grow roots and sprout forth.
      Call me a crazy provincial, but provincial is what is required. Provincial as in its the dirt people who “Inherit the Earth”. What needs to be done with, can only be remedied by it being done with in total.
      Personally, I need the leviathan to go postal on the roots of my God given primal rights, because if I’m going to fight total resistance, I want there to be absolutely no question my fight is as legitimate as legitimate can be, because I want to fight with no doubts, no reservations, to fight with total disregard, no mercy, no quarter, for the state and in particular its actors.
      I hope it is reading these words. I want it to know, yes, you agent provocateurs and sycophants also lurking around, you have gone too far, you deserve total war on your arses, you have richly earned the rage and comeuppance for your treason and high crimes unparalleled in all of history, for here I am, the enemy you have so tirelessly and recklessly labored to create to justify your crimes.
      Careful what you wish for, for I am not a singular threat to your power and ill gotten riches, I am Legion, though I can not speak for any but myself, that too I have been around long enough to know I am not alone, that thousands, probably millions like me share many aspects of Liberty in common.
      We are a plurality that once started, we will never stop till WE do. We can not be argued with, we can not be bargained with, we will not back down, we know no fear to stop us, once we are unleashed.
      The greatest mistake you all have made was all of us could have it all. We could have had everything, prosperity and happiness, intrinsic real wealth beyond imagination, productivity and invention unequaled, the sky was literally the limit, and we went there too.
      But you all squandered it all for your pieces of silver and the fantasy you have power over me. Thats where you made your gravest mistake: power over me, Paaa! I spit in your face. Your nothing but crooks liars cons and thieves. Scum! You got nothing on men like me.
      And you will loose. Loose everything. Because that is how these things roll. Remember that and what I’m saying to you.


      • European American

        Don’t hold your breath, that’s their plan “to beat around the bush” incrementally, methodically, one little step at a time. Look what they’ve done with that agenda, so far. And still, the “molon labe” tribe sits and waits.
        Rather than tell us all about it, just go “DO IT”…really. I’m sure you mean well. Inspire the rest of us on or behind the fence to follow you.

        • Dude, in light of everything going down that is just foul & disgusting. A cheap nasty shot.
          Aren’t you ashamed for saying such a thing?
          Just reading your hatefulness makes me feel like I’m somehow soiled, infected by it.
          Worst part, is you most likely don’t even realize how much aid & comfort your decisive thinking aids our enemies.

          And thanks but no thanks. I don’t require your permission or opinion to “mean well” or anything else. Please keep your cheap defeatist opinions to yourself thank you.

      • I’d share a fighting hole with you, Forge. Anytime, anywhere.

      • Wow, that was amazing…more powerful than a locomotive. Let that go viral and things change. “I wouldn’t want to be employed by the state on that day.”

  4. George Will is the poster child for the pencil-necked geek, who became a neocon while not being a Jew. A shabbats goy if there ever was one.

    He’s well and truly passed his use by date.

    The Second Amendment has never been more important than it is today.


      Will is just another east-coast, Ivy League, bloviating RINO who, from the looks of him, has never held a combat arms MOS, served in the military in any capacity, or ever had to get his hands dirty. He has prissy mama’s boy written all over him. And, I would bet you he has his hideout in Jackson Hole, Sandpoint, or New Zealand all picked out for when the meltdown comes. Shun him and his ilk.

    • …and is also a Novus Ordo “Catholic” who supports the post-Vatican 2 heresies.

    • He wears a bow tie unironically. What else does anyone need to know?

      • the NRA is and has always been a lobby for big gun manufacturers w jew.gov contracts. Nothing more.

        what else? George Will is a cuck for his Jew wife.

        (((Gloria Steinem)))…

        Nancy Sinatra?? Still living on royalties from

      • Northgunner

        Dr. Bill Warner, one of the most important counter jihadists, chooses to wear a bow tie too. What’s that prove!?

        Nadda, zip, zilch.

        Focus on words backed up by deeds, not the external ‘packaging’.

        Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • What does that prove? That a lot of you still don’t get that image matters. Aesthetic matters. Memetics matter. Don’t look like a goober in a bow tie FFS.

          Thank God the Alt-Right came on the scene. Maybe this youthful movement will make the first meaningful cultural impact from the Right in, what, forever?

    • Pat,

      You getting right with the Jewish Jesus yet? Remember Him? The son of God who sacrificed himself for your Christian soul?

  5. Fucking bow-tie prick Georgie Will. 

    No surprise he would jump in full-bore with the gun grabbers.

    Damn, I hate even seeing that cocksucker’s face…

    In other news, that fat commie bastard Michael Moore is now calling for a 28th Amendment repealing the 2nd. Put on my Gomer face:


    • Amazed that nobody’s put a vent-hole in that fat, bloviate hog yet. Will celebrate the day.
      As an old friend used to say, “Pigs get fat, hogs get slaughtered. Would you have it any other way?”
      Honestly, no. I would not.

  6. robroysimmons

    It might get more of the conservative Gomers to actually want freedom instead of rigged game of negotiating about your shit with the left.

  7. “Those who have read my work in the past know that I am not only a Constitutional skeptic but believe it is the machine to create and expand big government.”

    Got this far ^^. That load of horse shit relieves me of any further reading.

    • How firm is the grip that they have upon your mind.

      When you don’t need to expose yourself to new ideas … because you already know everything.

    • Bill Bupert is dead on the money. The US constitution was awful in that it was violated before the ink was dry and that there’s no method within it to prevent those violations. The US constitution permits and encourages the government created by it to expand its own powers.

      See Marbury vs. Madison. (1803)

      See, also, McCulloch vs. Maryland (1819)

      Those who think otherwise are either ignorant suckers or pro-state shills, or both.

      • The Constitution itself was a coup.

        Gary North has covered this in detail in the past. Good luck getting the indoctrinated to read and understand


        This book is the history of a deception. I regard this deception as
        the greatest deception in American history. So successful was this
        deception that, as far as I know, this book is the first stand-alone
        volume to discuss it. The first version of this book appeared as Part
        3 of Political Polytheism (1989), 201 years after the deception was
        ratified by representatives of the states, who created a new covenant
        and a new nation by their collective act of ratification-incorporation.
        This new covenant meant a new god. The ratification of the United
        States Constitution in 1787–88 was not an act of covenant renewal.
        It was an act of covenant-breaking: the substitution of a new covenant
        in the name of a new god. This was not understood at the time, but it
        has been understood by the humanists who have written the story of
        the Constitution. Nevertheless, they have not presented the history of
        the Constitutional Convention as a deception that was produced by a
        conspiracy. The spiritual heirs of the original victims of this decep-
        tion remain unaware of the deception’s origins. Most of the heirs go
        about their business as if nothing unique had happened, just as the
        original victims did after 1788. But a few of the heirs rail against the
        humanistic historians who have told the story of the new American
        nation: a “grand experiment” in which the God of the Bible was first
        formally and publicly abandoned by any Western nation. They have
        argued that there was no deception, that America is still a Christian
        nation, that the Constitution “in principle” was and remains a Chris-
        tian document, and it is only the nefarious work of the U.S. Supreme
        Court and the American Civil Liberties Union that has stripped the
        Constitution of its original Christian character. There is no greater
        deception than one which continues to deceive the victims, over two
        centuries after the deed was done.
        Political conservatives call for a return to the “original intent” of
        the Framers of the Constitution. If only, they say, we could just get
        back to original intent, things would be good once again. America
        would be restored. Christian conservatives follow close behind,
        affirming this recommendation. Problem: political conservatives are
        deceived theologically because they do not recognize the implications
        of the intellectual shift from the deistic unitarian god of Sir Isaac
        Newton to the purposeless universe of Charles Darwin. They do not
        comprehend that the Darwinian god of man-controlled organic evolu-
        tion (Lester Frank Ward)
        has replaced Newton’s god of the balanced
        machine. Process philosophy has replaced natural law theory. The
        conservatives’ allies, the Christian conservatives, also do not see this.
        This book is my attempt to teach a Christian remnant the true and
        long-ignored story of how this nation was hijacked politically in 1788
        by the spiritual heirs of the self-conscious spiritual disciples of Isaac
        Newton. Then, in 1789, a social revolution organized by the victors’
        spiritual cousins began in France.


        The U.S. Constitution is a covenantal document that was drawn up
        by delegates to an historic Convention. This Convention had been
        authorized by Congress, operating under the Articles of Confedera-
        tion, in February of 1787, “for the sole and express purpose of revis-
        ing the Articles of Confederation, and reporting to Congress and the
        several legislatures such alterations and provisions therein as shall
        when agreed to in Congress, and confirmed by the states, render the
        federal Constitution adequate to the exigencies of government and the
        reservation of the Union.”

        It was on this explicit legal basis alone that three of the state legislatures sent delegates to Philadelphia: Massachusetts, Connecticut, and New York.

        Madison cites these provisions in Federalist 40, claiming that the Convention honored the first provision – suggesting alterations truly necessary to create a national government – while it legitimately violated the second: bypassing the legislatures. Clinton Rossiter called this the “short-range bet” of the Framers: that they could get away with a four-step transgression of the rules under which the Convention had been authorized.

        This is why men such as Rufus King and Sam Adams believed that the
        Convention had been unconstitutional and dangerous.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Marbury and McCullough were extra-constitutional, not promoted by it. They were simply a power grab by the Supreme Court that neither the President, nor Congress, did anything about.

    • Northgunner

      If you want to keep your superstition in the ‘cuntstitution’ you can keep your superstition to the ‘cunstitooshin’.

      Though I’d recommend both Lysander Spooner and Ken Royce’s “Hologram of Liberty”.

      Your choice…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  8. Bill’s right. It was all coming down to guns all along. It’s inevitable we are going to end up using our weapons against tyranny.
    It wasn’t going to happen another way. Because things have gone past the point of no return by those imposing their tyranny upon us. It is them, always has been, who have pushed & pushed, relentlessly. While us dirt people, us Deplorable’s, us “White Christian Domestic Terrorists”, have been used as scapegoats in the narrative.

    They say payback is a bitch.
    So’s BFYTW

  9. My natural rights are non-negotiable. Don’t care how many laws you pass, or Amendments you repeal.

    • Yes. Wish more people believed, and lived this.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Wish more people believed, and lived this.”

        Plenty of people believe it, but there are fewer who will actually live it – at least not when it counts. It’s very easy to say you’ll defy all comers when no one is coming. It’s much harder when they are coming, in significant numbers, and clearly mean to bury you (and potentially your family) if you don’t get with the program AMFO. History notes the people who’ve gone down swinging precisely because it is such a rare event as to be notable.

        • And that is commonly the case… The Few, the clear, the fearless, the loving……. those willing themselves to the Liberty of their fellows and their progeny: their “Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor.”

          The problem is that “Sacred Honor” is held sacred no longer.

          Which of you would die, nay, even risk your life for a such amere ‘concept’??

        • And that is commonly the case… The Few, the clear, the fearless, the loving……. those willing themselves to the Liberty of their fellows and their progeny: their “Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor.

          The problem is that “Sacred Honor” is held sacred no longer.

          Which of you would die, nay, even risk your life for a such amere ‘concept’??

  10. I don’t understand. Gloria Steinem wants men who buy guns to be treated the same as women who seek an abortion…… Does that mean we’re going to have massive marches on Washington D.C. protecting that right to buy guns and the government is going to fund money thru a private organization to help us buy guns? Does that mean that anybody who tries to infringe on our right to buy guns is attacking our “basic right as a man” ??

    Maybe I’m confused…………………

  11. POd American

    Nothing wrong with G. Will that a high hard one to the temple wouldn’t cure.

    • Cure, sure. But don’t expect any pain. His brain was pickled by the DC cocktail circuit long ago.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        But his bow tie establishes both his conservative cred AND his “I’m a rebel!” cred.

  12. Hadenoughalready

    Kill the second and expect the second…….revolution!

    Just because of the few sociopaths, should we all suffer? I don’t think so! Law abiding folks follow the laws. Criminals, by nature, don’t. Focus on THEM!

    If you want to control evil, legislate it out of existence. Ban “hands”. After all, aren’t THEY required to handle all weapons?

    • There are a lot more than “a few” sociopaths… you just don’t have contact with most of them, because they all live in DC, NYC, and a few other free-range mental wards of their own making. Birds of a feather, crap together; then they blame the people in ‘fly-over land’ for the stink in their own coop.
      When the time comes, cut off the food and power to their precious cities… Let them see how insane their fantasy is, that ‘man has evolved beyond the need for violence’.

      And shoot the ones who make it out alive. Even if they come out screaming “we’ve learned our lesson, we’ve changed.”
      Because, “At this point, what difference does it really make” if they learn anything at all, or just die ignorant? … so long as they all die.

  13. Unless some crisis is initiated, I think that you guys are on track to lose your guns … not to say that it’s imminent, but that it’s probably inevitable.

    It’s popular to think of gun-control as being an edict, supported by police action. That is, your door gets kicked in, and your weapons confiscated at gun-point.

    But, I don’t think that this will ever happen. Most other Western nations are effectively disarmed; and they haven’t had to kick down any doors. Nor has there been, afaik, a single instance of resistance. Not a one, that I know of.

    That’s because resistance is a function of mind … and gun-control is a psychological operation. There’s a deal of mis-direction. While you are fortifying your home, and declaring that they’ll “get the bullets first” … the real thrust of their assault continues, largely unopposed. And largely unseen.

    They don’t have to convince YOU to give up your weapons. In fact, they’re not much interested in trying to convince YOU. The task is much easier than that. They only have to convince the people around you, that you should not be armed. The rest is done by social pressure; a force so powerful that very, very few can resist it for long.

    Relentless propaganda aimed at the “weaker” members of your community, whose number is legion. The aim is always to associate the firearm, and the owner, with evil, with low intellect and other undesirable qualities. It’s not dis-similar from what has happened to smokers or drivers who take a drink. How effective has been the label “racist”?

    Maybe it’s your son, your daughter, your wife, your friend, your workmate … who begins to give you the subtle signals of disapproval and disgust. I’ll be very surprised if you have not experienced some of this already. There may even be a degree of ostracism involved.

    Anyway, this is my interpretation of gun-control, based upon my own experiences in England. I see no reason to believe that the same techniques will not work on Americans; given time. It’s just about impossible to express a favourable opinion towards firearms, in England, without receiving immediate social censure.

    Very often, the propaganda is blatant ; problem, reaction, solution. Just 3 or 4 serious firearms incidents were enough to destroy the English. So, you guys are holding up very well. But, I think that you will just get tired of it, and capitulate. It’s hard for the individual to spend his whole life in opposition to State’ Agencies which are working towards his downfall. (And you are paying them to do this to you. It’s a delicious scheme, really.)

    You can see the pattern repeat. A shooting, followed by an intense reaction, then a reversion to a sort of truce. Again, and again, and again. Forever, until you either quit, or die.

    It’s never going to stop as long as those fuckers draw breath.

    I do not know how you can combat this. Where do you find the time and the resources? In Europe, everyone else has failed to a lesser or greater degree.

    My prediction is that they will win this war of attrition, PROVIDED that they don’t over-play their hand. Who will pick up the baton when you guys pass over?

    Flame away. I expect I’ve heard it all before.

    • Centurion_Cornelius

      Heck no, I ain’t gonna flame you, Brother bogbeagle! (Yours truly has been hunting with my own Beagle packs for lo these 55+ years.)

      Your point is well-taken. Sure–the unsuspecting frog meets his gradual (and well-deserved) end in the boiling pot of water, which is an option here. Let others subtly do the dirty work.

      BUT–and here’s the diff–the “Visiting Team” is running out of precious commodities, which we have plenty of–TIME and SPACE! They feel they are ‘this close’ to pulling off their tyranny. They can taste it in their mouths–they are assured and over confident. THAT will be their undoing–THEY CANNOT WAIT.

      WE CAN.

      Those old nemesis, TIME and SPACE, keep ticking and clicking away from them and their grip. The “Visiting Team” knows they can’t win a direct, confrontational assault on us; no way! So what’s their battle plan? Immediate attrition? Nope. Breakthrough? Encirclement? Envelopment? Nope. Annihilation? Nope. So what’s left?

      Yep–back to their old battle plan of “encounter.” A meeting engagement of two adverse parties: either knock down your door and take your guns, OR publicize and media hype horrible. terrible public massacres, hoping “the low IQ masses” will cave to their demands. Notice how these tyrants reply on collective actions.

      WE DON’T.

      Even in my old age, I still have a few molecules of iron in the backbone and testosterone in the blood. I ain’t collectivist Europe; I go individual, man-to-man, one on one. Who is the better individual shot? Who knows my acreage better than me? Who knows how to escape/evade/strike better than me? Who will fight to the death for family and friends better than me? I suspect there’s a few more like me out there as well.

      WE WILL WIN!


    • kay_de_leon

      Not worth the flame, euro fags just dont get it. Real shame, if you ask me. Lots of friends in England.

      What can be taken from you with a scolding never really belonged to you anyway…

    • Bogbeagle said, “It’s popular to think of gun-control as being an edict, supported by police action. That is, your door gets kicked in, and your weapons confiscated at gun-point.”

      Tell that to the folks that had their guns confiscated after Katrina. Hundreds if not thousands were taken.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Also, it’s easier to target the kids, rather than the older foiks. Get enough kids to think guns are evil, and that’s it – they wont buy them, will raise kids who won’t buy them, etc.

    • You say ” … It’s hard for an individual to spend his whole life in opposition to State Agencies which are working towards his downfall. …”

      No. Hell no. Opposition to the Other People gives more purpose to living. Makes me want to be a resister until the end of time.

    • Northgunner

      “Unless some crisis is initiated, I think that you guys are on track to lose your guns … not to say that it’s imminent, but that it’s probably inevitable.”

      It already has been in the form of the false flag attack in Las Vegas. It’s being used to peddle tyranny from above just as Matt laid it out in his first EFAD novel.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • “Unless some crisis is initiated, …”

      What? You don’t watch the BBCBSCNNFAUXSNOOZE?

      We BE Crisis ‘n Shit!!!


  14. The Second Amendment matters not.

    The rifle, in my hands. The rifle, in your hands.
    Those count. MAKE them count when you have to.

    Eyes on the prize, boys.

  15. The Usual Suspect

    Do It you gelded turds ad see what happens !
    Amerika as a free fire zone !
    Dawn of the Walking Dead , Indeed !

  16. So send teams door to door and confiscate all weapons. Also bring x-ray equipment to look into walls/attics/floors/land for stored caches. Also must do this across the nation simultaneously so I can’t hide my guns at your house while mine is searched. Also must inspect 100% of all shipments/crates/cars/trucks coming across the border.

    We can do this! At any cost! If it saves just one life! Think of the children! Yes we can! Si, se puede!

    • ghostsniper

      They will make a law that stipulates that before you can renew any license, drivers, hunting, etc., or enter your child in any school, or receive any medical care, before you can accept any employment, or collect any gov’t payment, you must sign a document stating that you possess no firearms and if you are found in possession of any firearms you will be imprisoned for a period of no less than 10 years.

      You might find it alarming how many people will fold instantly.

      • Never, Never,Never give up ANY rights for ANY reason, I’m in the UK this I know first hand.
        Benjamin Franklin had it right “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” (In a letter widely presumed to be written by Franklin in 1755 on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor.)

      • lastmanstanding

        Not a fucking chance brother…locals in gub my AO don’t have the balls.

        One can only dream of them try to enforce that.

        No disrespect to you sir…always appreciate your comments.

  17. In the immortal words of Wyatt Earp (in the movie Tombstone), “go ahead, skin that smoke wagon and see what it gets you”.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      That would be the same Wyatt Earp who shortly thereafter went, along with his brothers and Doc Holliday, to enforce a give-up-your-guns city ordinance on the Clantons and McLaurys.

      • Wyatt Earp, like George Will, was ruined by his Jew wife.

        you don’t believe Wyatt’s wife was a Jewess? S’truth. Look it up.

        • Yes, she was a common law with, that is, she was a Jew wife.


          • Pat and Haxo: That the best you got?

            Petty kvetching based on a cinematic “ADAPTATION!!!!”/script, “based” upon biased and sketchy romantic ‘history?’

            Yes, she was a jew. Do you seriously propose that her jewishness influenced the Earps toward ‘gun comtrol’??????????????????

            Out of all the possible and likely political and personal enmities between the various factions in Tombstone of that day, don’t you think it just a mite of a stretch to assign the sole blame to one little jewish actress?

            You guys really showed yer ruddy arses this time… not that I disagree entirely with your general bias. There are entirely too many jews in positions of power and influence, out of all proportions to their % of population, to excuse them from suspicion for the destruction of West

        • Jimmy the Saint

          The second one was, the first (common law) wasn’t.

      • Clantons and McLaurys… thugs, murderers, rustlers, thieves, drunkards… who had threatened the Earps with extermination??

        Those honest, gun toting, G-d fearing, traditional Americans???

        Too facile, Jimmy.

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. If the 2nd Amendment is no loner important, then why are the ruling elite class, wealthy celebs and such surrounded by guns? Why don’t they disarm and LEAD BY EXAMPLE? Hey, George! Tell THEM to disarm first and be an example for us!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The modern elites hate guns for the same reason Medieval nobles hated crossbows. It gives any filthy peasant the means of dispatching one of his betters.

      • Northgunner


        And don’t forget that the Medieval church under the pope at the time issued a command that forbade commoners/peasants from posessing and using them.

        That says all that needs to be said on the subject.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  20. Seldom in mans’ efforts to achieve peace and tranquility, are the goals seen, or achieved. TPTB will wind up doing just as they please, and things will commence, for good or ill. I have no faith at all that a govt. like we have, at every level, will accomplish anything like their stated aims. The only thing that corrupt govt. will produce is more corruption. The dogs will lap up Michael Moores blood from the streets one day. Not any kind of threat, just a prediction. This whole ride is getting very disturbing.

  21. If anyone can 3D print up a saturday night special gun even if ‘outlawed’ won’t be controlled. That I suspect that a lot of arms are going to be lost in boating accidents…..

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Not to mention that, just as booze found its way in during Prohibition, and just as cocaine, heroin, and all manner of other stuff finds its way in now, guns will be heavily trafficked as soon as it becomes profitable to do so. The only real impact of a firearms ban will be to cut off people’s ability to practice with their guns.

      As they said in the 20s: “Here’s to crime.”

      • The Provos soundproofed rooms in built up areas to use for gunnery practice.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          That works to a point, as does going out to the sticks.

          • Sound carries a long way up here. I generally know who is shooting by the direction of the sound. God bless my neighbors who are mostly locked and loaded.

      • You really don’t want to be living like that … hiding weapons.

        In England, there’s effectively a total prohibition on pistols.

        Let’s suppose that you acquired a revolver and some ammunition. You would have to conceal it from everyone… including your family and friends. You could not afford to be seen in public with it. Any one of those people is likely to bring down an armed response upon your head. You will either be shot to death, or spend your life incarcerated.

        You might think, “Oh, there’s a few people I would trust with the knowledge.”

        But, every one of those people whom you trust, now has the power to destroy your life. They might do it deliberately, as the result of some perceived slight; or, it might be accidental, a tongue loosened by drink.

        Now, I’m going to upset a few people.

        Whenever I hear someone say, “Well, I’ll hide weapons.”, I hear someone who is creating yet another excuse for inaction. You have millions of armed men, and tons of good equipment. I can think of no worse strategy than to give up those advantages, and resort to clunkers, hidden beneath the floor-boards. The battle-space won’t be more favourable to you, in ten years’ time; because the enemy consolidates every little gain that he makes.

        From time to time, the English Press runs a story about some lonely old guy dying, and a cache of old weapons being found bricked-up in his home. That’ll be your future if you choose this path.

  22. If you think about it you can bump fire any SA long arm as long as you thumb is not wrapped around the grip to stop recoil so the easiest type of AR15 to do it with are the California Compliant ones with out a pistol grip.

  23. The left wants nothing less and they along with the cuckskum that inhabit the Rhino sanctuaries should vote to ban all weapons not just guns. Handguns, shotguns, shitgums, knives and blunt instruments as well. Do it. Do it today you commie shit stains. Iron Mike T was a lunatic but he had one thing right, everyone has a fcking plan and these assholes are no different….

    I was listening to National Pogrom Radio today and they were interviewing some Goobermint official from down under about how super awesome their “weapons regulation” had been and how well it’s worked. He was blathering on and on about how violent the US is. I thought to myself what a lying scumbag, if you take out the major blue hives this land is incredibly peaceful for the number of citizens we have.


  24. It would be physically impossible to confiscate even half the guns in this country if you think about it for one second.
    We know it and they know it.

    Any attempt to repeal the 2nd amendment will be your sign that the gig is up and it’s time to abolish the government as that is the true purpose of the 2nd amendment in the first place.

    • Yes, but you know they WILL try. They can’t help it, it’s in their nature, the control mindset. And because you know they will try, all of you have to be ready to do what must be done BEFORE they make their move.

  25. Our rights pre exist the Constitution. The Constitution declares what our pre existing God given rights are. That all men are born with.

  26. During his press conference, the Sheriff said the shooter had at least two rifles that jammed. And the Sheriff also said that something took place in Oct. 2016 in the shooters life that may have put him on this path. Trump? Who knows. As for taking our guns, can the Feds afford a Waco every day? Forever?

  27. St.Maur1066

    George Will, you are a worthless piece of shit! Nothing more than an errand boy for your banker masters…………..
    You’re an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks, to collect a bill.” — Colonel Kurtz

    • The NRA are doing what they did in 1934, 1968, 1994 etc. We’ll give up a little bit of our rights to keep them happy and they well see that we’re the good guys and stop coming after our guns. When’s the next vote for nra board of directors there’s going to be some new names up. Never, Never,Never give up ANY rights for ANY reason, I’m in the UK this I know first hand.
      Benjamin Franklin had it right “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” (In a letter widely presumed to be written by Franklin in 1755 on behalf of the Pennsylvania Assembly to the colonial governor.)

  28. Notarealperson

    George Will isn’t even relevant and hasn’t been for decades. Hell Fox News fired the SOB he was so obnoxious and irrelevant. IOW ignore him.

    Keep your eyes on Ryan and what legislation he proposes. Same with McConnell.

    And yeah bump stocks are going away.

  29. Tannerite will go too. They made sure to mention multiple times last night and the day before that they found “tannerite” and ANFO materials in his trunk. I was unaware that Tannerite could be used as a detonator for ANFO but i’m certain they want it all to go away.

    Personally instead of constantly conceding ground through regulatory creep, we need all of it repealed.

  30. The Usual Suspect

    Fucking NRA !
    Been a member all my life, but no more !
    They think the bump stock a throw away to the left,
    it is a piece of shit plastic junk accessory , but that
    is not the point.
    The NRA thinks conceding to this will make them
    cease their perditions against firearms ownership.
    It never does !
    It just whets their appetite because they sense weakness.
    And they are right.
    Fuck the NRA !

  31. Talk about a CXnt; Nancy Sinatra has some nuts, considering dad was bolstered by and part of the Mob. Yes, I met the man several times in my growin’ years. Polite, friendly, had a lot of “security” surrounding him-and the family. He’d also make it real tough on TheseBootsAreMadeForWalkin’ for that remark. Frank Sinatra was a real dude.
    The Elites will try to take guns away, try to regulate this and that, but I can guaran-damn-tee that their security will still be firing at The Deplorables. So, I guess that there should be a massive run on private security licenses, etc. We need to start making it hard on them. It has been way too easy for way to long. Repeal “regulation”, vote to get rid of people-if for no other reason than to put a fresh bleach cube in the wash-and start thinking like a Revolutionary. Quit being the pious, want to get along, be legal and in compliance, asshat of a legal citizen. We are now Unwanted in our own country, so let’s act like it. And then OWN your territory!


      SS: Don’t know that much about Sacramento area, but I doubt very seriously that all of the VATO LOCOS, Gangsta Rappers, and Asian thugs I ran into when I was a Peace Officer in SoCal, will voluntarily comply with any efforts of the Leviathan to confiscate firearms. Things are going to get very sporty in the Golden State very soon. Bleib ubrig.

  32. nancy sinatra (small letters intended) wants all guns taken away, yet wants guns used in firing squad fashion against the NRA. WTF?

    no one seems to have called this ignoramus on such an incredibly asinine statement. is she brain dead, stupid, or so filled with hate she is unable to mumble a cogent statement?

    these people need help. they have very deep seated abnormalities.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “nancy sinatra (small letters intended) wants all guns taken away, yet wants guns used in firing squad fashion against the NRA. WTF? ”

      Just wants them out of the hands of the peasantry. Having a bunch of aparatchciks Katyn a bunch of us peasants? That’s a totally acceptable use of firearms and is to be encouraged to the fullest degree possible.

    • Northgunner

      As Larken Rose says to such people:

      “You’re not ‘anti-gun’; you’re ‘pro-gun’. You’re pro-gun in that you want OTHER people in the form of “gov” to have guns so that they can come to people who AREN’T “gov” and take their guns away. You’re actually ‘pro-gun’; you just don’t want me and other people to have them!”

      Nuff said!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  33. John Denney

    Russia and China slaughtered 100 million of their own defenseless people. Those advocating for gun control in the U.S. are their ideological descendants.
    Hillary wants you disarmed. Do you trust her?
    If you support gun control, you may just be a useful idiot.

  34. When a person is enough of a fucking idiot to own guns with paper,you get what an idiot deserves.Skip right through the bullshit,put up a billboard in front of your house with a description of your weapons plus a map showing where you keep them.Anyone owning weapons with paper that keeps them on their property is a moron.

  35. Bill , this is a party I’m not eager to get start, before its time. As sure as the sun rises and sets, this ” Party, is written” ! While I continue to prepare for this eventual event, I just want to maintain my life. ” I worked fucking hard, invested right, to achieve what I have.”

    while some here are shaking with excitement, with anticipation, Im not one of them.

    I’ve had the sad duty to engage, and to pick up the pieces, neither was macho, neither was cool. I did what I had to do.

    Bill you and others who have served in combat have in deed seen the ugliness, the contempt for fellow Humans, who just see our world differently.

    Not sure that’s worth killing over. It’s dam sure not worth being killed for.

    God bless.

    Dirk Williams

  36. Just for the record, I gave up on the NRA when they supported the Lautenberg amendment to the domestic violence bill. I figured any group so short sighted would always be rolled.

    • Northgunner

      I’d rather let some Montana lead and Arizona copper “meet them halfway”…
      They can ‘confiscate that’ if they wish.

      They want to play by ‘Waco Rules’, so be it…
      I do not look forward to the looming potential for armed conflict/AmRev Ver. 3.0 but the ‘fookin heathens’* think they can get away with it and are accelerating towards it hell bent for leather!
      Very well then, the board’s set and the pieces are now in play…I’ve already been blooded so that bridge has already been crossed.
      As a free man I WILL NOT shirk from defending my and my clans freedom!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III
      *heathens in this usage denotes those of the parasite class and their enablers/enforcers that believe in nothing more than their own power/authority; they are spiritually a void if not a negative element)

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