Holiday Insensitivity

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WH: POTUS Declares 9 OCT 2017 As Columbus Day

VDARE: Battle For Columbus Day Part Of The War On Whites

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  1. Asians aren’t “indigenous people” on the North American continent. The claim that they are is and always has been a hoax that has cost white’s billions of dollars.

    There is a lot more proof that Europeans were on the North American continent over 10,000 years before the Asians arrived.

    • Cassandra (of Troy)

      Re: Asian as first American colonizers

      The Kennewick, Lefkowitz, & Clovis Point sh**storms are more than a bit enlightening not so much for the merits of the ‘debates’ but for the attitudes displayed/tactics used by the ‘establishment’ toward the ‘upstarts’, kinda like the anti-/pro-2A & ‘global warming’/’climate change’ kerfuffles in intensity & vitriol. Rush was closer than they likely knew w/ their 2112 Syrinx priests. Btw, have you read Across Atlantic Ice &/or Settlement of the Americas? I haven’t yet but both sound fascinating.

    • The entire “out of Africa” narrative is falling apart, and the “first nations” mythology will go right behind it. I know I disagree with a lot of things with you Pat, but on this matter you are spot on and I have no doubt that the scientific community has actively been restrained from reporting information that promoted a European presence in North America prior to the Asian migrations. Now they are being forced to admit that, as the evidence is out of their control. Now maybe they will address the presence of the extremely tall skeletons that the red man described as belonging to men that were pale skinned with red hair.

  2. That crying Indian is Iron Eyes Cody born Espera DiCorti. He was Italian. As fake as the Official Stories from the feds.

    • Interesting. Canada had a First Nations fabulist as well, “Grey Owl”, born Archibald Belaney. He predated Rachel Dolezal in the “I identify, there I am” genre.

      “Grey Owl was the name British-born Archibald Belaney (September 18, 1888 – April 13, 1938) chose for himself when he took on a fraudulent First Nations identity for himself as an adult. While he achieved fame as a conservationist during his life, after his death the revelation of his non-Native origins and other autobiographical fabrications negatively affected his reputation.”

    • Correct. Charlie Hill, an American Native comedian, uses that in his skits. “Hey, mom. I’m in a Hollywood movie as an Indian. I’m next to the Italian guy with the feathers.”

    • Cassandra (of Troy)


      And if you’ve seen Nevada Smith you know he was the daddy (Taka-Ta) of a noys Inyin goyl (Neesa) played by the quite yummy Janet Margolin, some skva dat vas, & dat Cajun goddess from Brooklyn Heights Suzanne Pleshette? Yowzah!

      Joanna Moore weren’t atall bad either……for a shiksa.


      • I didn’t know who Janet Margolin was so I had to look her up and you are right she was very yummy. As was Suzanne Pleshette. Moore was a blond so she doesn’t do much for me. I have always preferred brunettes.

    • You know what he is crying about in that commercial? He sees an empty Jack Daniels bottle…

    • Yeah that’s rich irony. Iron Eyes Cody and Christopher Columbus: both Italians!

  3. I wonder how many people know that the crying Indian pictured (Iron Eyes Cody) is actually an Italian-American actor? (

    • Northgunner

      I’ve known that for sometime,…no surprise here.

      As for the mexicans in the first pic, I wonder how many of them were involved with drafting of “El Plan de Santa Barbara” in 1969 at the university of Santa Barbara, California?
      The rest as they say, is a Mexican re-write of the communist manifesto that gave rise to la raza, MeCHA and the rest of the ‘azatlan nation’ myth/bullshit. (Those shitweasels couldn’t even be creative enough to come up with something on their own..fucking spic plagarists..but why ‘re-invent the wheel’..just steal it and use it for you’ll see below)

      “The 155-page document outlines proposals for a curriculum in Chicano Studies, the role of community control in Chicano education, and the necessity of Chicano political independence. The document retains visibility as the founding document of the Chicano student group MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztlán).”

      Matt Bracken and others have spoken out about the threat posed by MeChA and other ‘azatlan/mexican/communist’ front groups.

      Who/What is MeChA?

      The True History of the Southwest – by Matthew Bracken, 2014

      “The fallacies surrounding the history of the Southwest are staggering, chief among them the “Aztlan” fairy tales. What is the truth? How did the Spanish Europeans conquer the Southwest? The “conquistadores” (that means “conquerors”) did it with the lance, and the lash….At what point in history did Indians and Mestizos from Zacatecas or Durango stake a claim on the American Southwest? (2014 update: Add the citizens of Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and any other nation who can reach our unguarded border.) Neither they nor their ancestors ever lived for one single day in the American Southwest. The Spanish living in the Southwest in 1846 stayed there, and became Americans by the treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. There were no Spanish inhabitants of the Southwest who were marched to the border and driven into Mexico. It didn’t happen. The Spanish in the Southwest welcomed American citizenship, which brought stability, protection from Indian raids, and a vast increase in their standard of living with the increase in trade with America.
      In summary, no current inhabitants of Mexico (or Guatemala, etc.) have a claim on even one single inch of the American Southwest. Not one single citizen of Mexico is sneaking into the United States to reclaim property their ancestors were deprived of. Not one…”

      You go Matt, sic ’em!!

      As I live in Arizona we are VERY familiar with this bunch of odious collectivists but don’t think that you folks on the other side of the Mississippi aren’t free of them..any community college/university most likely has a “chicano studies/MeChA branch there, especially if you’ve got a large unassimilated mexican population locally (you’ll know by the mex flags openly displayed and other factors, like NOT speaking English).

      Everything I need to know about border jumping shitheads I learned back in ’05 when my Dodge Ram 1500 was stolen from my apartment parking area in Phoenix, Az. It was recovered damaged just this side of the border, packed full of wetbacks in and out and they fled on foot after running off the road into the desert..the only one INS ‘caught’ was “godo” because he was too fat to run off.

      Interesting but not surprising that MeChA and others are coordinating with the moslems too…

      Sat MeCha/La Raza and their moslem friends!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Cassandra (of Troy)

        The funny part about all this black & brown against the white man in CA’s the steady (& extremely NOT to be spoken of publicly outside SoCal) ethnic cleansing of blacks from their ‘traditional’ neighborhoods by their Latino hermanos/hermanas as in,: Vaya, pinche mayate, ANDALE!/NO pinche mayates AQUI, ARRIBA! It’s hilarious to see all those from the area around Florence & Normandie who pahtayd during the Rodney King ‘uprising’ now up in the north Bay whining about how bereft & downtrodden they are w/ seldom a discouragin’ word about what made them relocate. One wonders just wtf is in their heads that makes them back the very people who dispossed them on pain of death. Consecutive decades of smoke & hooch during pregnancy perhaps?

        It’s also quite humorous that said pobrecitos negros get zero sympathy/support from the other ‘communities’ w/ the sole exception of colleges/univs & even then it evaporates when the media goes away. Wanaful wanaful ittiz ittiz.

  4. Great visuals:
    “Iron Eyes Cody”, aka Espera Oscar de Corti, Italian-American from Louisiana, and proud member of the Hollywood “Schmoe-hawk” tribe of cigar-store Indians. Also about as Indian as “Fauxcohontas” Warren.

    And Chicanos, whose non-European ancestral halfs are composed entirely of earlier foreign invaders from the Asian continent, who crossed the land bridge across the current Bering Strait, and whose descendants millenia later virtually wiped out the prior inhabitants of N. and S. America long before Columbus, Cortez, et al, wiped out much of the stone-aged animists found here after 1492, and interbred with some survivors. (Now you know why both Alaskan Inuit and Mexican mestizos look more Asian than anything else: because they are.)

    By all archaeological accounts, there haven’t been any “native” Americans on either continent in the Western Hemisphere since 60,000 years ago or more. The mongoloid Asian invasion from 12,000 years ago has already been pre-dated by an earlier migration from Africa, Australia, and the South pacific peoples 60K years ago.

    Recent discoveries also note that Vikings were present here briefly and sporadically long before Columbus, but they never made anything of coming here, such that the continent’s very existence was out of common knowledge by anyone in Europe by the end of the Middle Ages.

    Spain won, mongoloids lost. Possession is nine tenths of the law, and exactly as the post’s masthead advises, the latter-day whiners should get over it.

    And the difference between how Spain’s colonization fared, versus the Dutch-English efforts, pretty well shows why the “we were here firsters” are just a bunch of similarly helpless and hopeless losers.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Spain won, mongoloids lost. Possession is nine tenths of the law, and exactly as the post’s masthead advises, the latter-day whiners should get over it. ”

      They figured out that those who conquer, keep – but only for so long as they can. They have assessed – with at least some degree of accuracy – that the European conquerors (or more accurately, their scions) either cannot, or will not, hold it, so now they are reconquering it.

      • ‘s okay.
        If they want to re-enact how that went in the 1800s, I’ll be happy to oblige.
        People have decried the loss of the frontier since 1900.

        {Hint: It doesn’t end well for their side.}

  5. The “natives” of America migrated here and formed tribes.They had a defined warrior class who both defended and expanded the tribes interests.The entire existence was based upon extreme violence and superior warriors.The Europeans, when first exposed to the native Americans noticed they did not have the use of the wheel.The fucking wheel.They were primitive and no match for advanced technology and tactics. Seems to be the way all current countries came to exist. Kick the ever loving shit out of another group,take their stuff,live until someone more powerful than you does the same to you.It is what we do. The end.

  6. I don’t give a F**K about “Solutreans”, Pat.

    White Men, and not a few women, displaced and slaughtered a congeries of savage Asiatic tribes who were running around naked, shooting arrows at each other, and living in holes in the ground covered with animal skins.

    THERE WAS NO AMERICA until invasive white colonists hacked it out of a howling wilderness.

    And a good thing too.

    Never mind who was here “first”. Maybe the Asiatics were. Maybe the shitskins were. We were better than them, and we won.

    And if we ever get out from under the current Jewish smother, we will win again. Only this time:

    no prisoners.

    • lastmanstanding

      Word Haxo…fucking WORD.

      “THERE WAS NO AMERICA until invasive white colonists hacked it out of a howling wilderness.”…that is kinda how wifey and I live our life.

      Mast Head boss…definitely Mast Head.

    • Fuck’n A

    • I have no problem with your statements above, they’re correct.

      My rationale for making the Solutrean connection to North America well known is to take the wind out of the sails of Asian nonsense about being “first occupants” of North America.

      The same (((tribe))) that pushes and funds the Asian nonsense is the same one that pushes open borders and interracial marriage today.

      The European settlements 20,000 years ago is just another weapon to use against that (((tribe))).

  7. I am visiting/currently situated in a LaRaza hive. I had to go out and about outside the perimeter today and didn’t see any revanchist activism and there are several targets of opportunity/ire here. I was actually concerned because one of their agitation gathering points that has escalated into violence in the past is about 1 block from where I had to conduct business. Nothing. Nada.

    Perhaps the unspoken threat of ICE now being let off the hook to do their thing dampened enthusiasm.

    • You may be onto something there.

      Most Monday nights are the busiest night of the week in the ER.
      Mine was a couple of miles from el barrio, which is why my Spanish is fluent, and better than that of most of the CA-born hispanic staff.
      One Monday night, Border Patrol had caught an illegal who had been injured, and they brought him, and the big white “La Migra!” dog-catcher van and parked it in front of the ER.

      That was the quietest slowest Monday night in the ER we had in years.

      Before they left, we asked them if they had a broke-down Migra truck they could leave parked in the parking lot every night, but sadly they turned us down.

  8. I was fortunate enough to attend a lecture by Dr Jessie Halligan,the speaker in the above video.If you ever get the opportunity to hear her speak definitely do so.She’s informative, funny,and extremely enthusiastic.Referring to whoever killed the above mammoth ,she said “Hold my beer and watch me kill this elephant!”

  9. Big_Celebrant

    Europeans explored, “conquered”, and civilized the entire world (to the extent the peoples they conquered could be civilized), with the exception of China and Japan — which had their own civilization, but never went beyond their own immediate sphere.
    East cost of the Americas? Check
    West coast of the Americas? Check
    Arctic American coast/Northwest passage? Check
    The Caribbean? Check
    The South Pacific? Check
    Australia? Check
    India and the central-Asian kush? Check
    Persia(Iran), Saudi Arabia, and the horn of Africa? Check
    Madgascar? Check
    South Africa? Check
    West Africa? Check
    Inland Africa? Dr. Livingston, I presume?
    Canary Islands? Check
    North Africa? Check
    Antarctica? Check
    Iceland and Greenland? Check

    Did I miss anything?

    It’s instructive that, in almost every instance, the “conquering” Europeans did not destroy or enslave the indigenous savages, but tried to civilize them and treat them as fellow humans – bringing medicine, education, religion, culture, and the opportunity to take their place in the larger world.

    Such is the burden of “white privilege” that we are constantly trying to assist others to discover and achieve their potential…

    God created all the races by His knowledge, purpose, and forethought; and while we do not know, let alone understand His purpose for giving us such differences as may exist between various groups, we do know that His declaration that “It is good” speaks over us all equally, for He made no exceptions or ranking of preference in that declaration of goodness.
    But he also scattered the various races and ethnic groups to the ends of the Earth (the tower of Babel) and “confounded their speech”.

    So God himself set up the conditions of competition and conflict. We also know that He choose winners and losers – “for many are called, but few are chosen”.

    Therefore those who whine and kvetch about their personal and/or racial place in the scheme of things either 1) lack faith/don’t believe that God is good, and doesn’t judge what we start with (the gifts and challenges He gives us), but He does Judge us for what we do with those gifts and challenges, or 2) they believe, but are in outright rebellion, hating God and His plans as a general premise, exactly as the evil one does.

  10. Speaking of ancient beer, the Sumerians had a lot of beer recipes, 6,000 years ago. Take that Hipster craft beer man bois.

  11. Guess what?! My lineage of 92,233 persons, going back to the time before Christ, from the Iberian Peninsula, Western Europe, Ireland, Great Britain, to America’s colonial Virginia, Tennessee, Arkansas, Texas, Massachusetts, Vermont, and New Hamshire, and some Native American to boot… I have a LOT of being conquered and conquering in my blood.

    It’s history, and it just happens. And guess what, there isn’t a soul on this planet that doesn’t have that being conquered, and conquering, in their blood.

    Because thinking is hard.

    • And just a reminder, you Americans are being conquered. What are you doing/going to do about it? LMAO.

      And at that… just by migration. Meanwhile, your sons and daughters, your grandchildren, are assimilating into the mixture. The Babelism of America marches on.

      But it must not be as bad as some of you let on.

  12. Alfred E. Neuman

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  13. So-called “Native Americans” tend to get upset, if one reminds them, that if not for the Ice Age, they would still be in Mongolia.

    • Northgunner

      Even better, when they start bitch’n about the evil ‘white man’, tell them if they feel thst strongly about it to turn off all their electricity, move out of their house, strip down to a loincloth and chase after their next meal of rabbit or deer WITHOUT any firearms or currently manufactured ‘cold steel’ let alone grow and raise their own crops and livestock, dig a hole in the ground and erect a shelter that THEY have to make totally on their own, and that any transport they need is provided by their own two feet because the automobile is an evil creation of the ‘white man’ along with medicine/medical knowledge, etc.


      Hmmm..looks like there isn’t too many indians lining up for that option..they’re all down at the welfare office and then heading over to the local indian run casinos…

      Ask me HOW I know that,..Living here in Arizona and one has to understand that I’m part indian via my mother, my father was a post WW II Hungarian immigrant who came in the right way! I LOVE the ‘White World’!!

      The TRUTH About the Native American Genocides

      The Myth of the Noble Savage

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  14. nonametoday

    Most probable, Kennewick man was among the first here.

    • Northgunner

      The Mastodon’s, Sabertooth Cats, Cave Bears and Dire Wolves DEMAND their reparations and respect from the ‘American Indians’!!!

      Oh wait,..they’re All dead now…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  15. Now can we start shooting? It’s my country, not theirs. Go back or adapt to my white lifestyle.


      SS: Have a care, young lady. I would wager that in your A/O you are outnumbered. Monkeywrenching the white politicians who created this problem would probably be a better tactic.

  16. Cassandra (of Troy)

    From what I’ve been seeing/hearing, if the SJW keep up w/ their BS they’ll eventually get to experience a real world version of the barfight scene in A Bronx Tale & discover to their horror that the nobody saw nuttin’ stuff ain’t no joke. Who knows, Vito & Tony might even get make a deal with some Brighton Beach gyz & have them visit the SJW leaders &, ya know, tawk about tingz. Some might even go on a poymanent vacashin, nohm sayin?

    Yep, this is sure gonna be fun to watch & who knows, the Italians/Sicilians might even start flying the Stars & Bars! Is the world (& The SOUTH!®) ready for Beauregard Antonelli from Brooklyn?

  17. That was then and this is now: Europeans/whites are no longer conquering, but instead are ceding power to those previously conquered–and we’re over-supplied with Quislings.