RUMINT For The Overnight

LATimes: New revelations – Las Vegas gunman shot security guard before opening fire on concert-goers, police say

Holy Cow – The Official Mandalay Bay Massacre Narrative Just Completely Changed – Latest Presser Video…

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  1. There should be pitchforks and torches….

    • There were already torches at Charlottesville,..what did that accomplish except show that us dirt people/’deplorables’ could be lied to by the parasite class and then sacrificed by the same to their useless idiot foot soldiers/antifags,commies as the badged orcs and orcettes followed their orders to ‘stand down’…

      In a related theme Patriot Nurse is DONE with the rampant and recurring betrayal by “The Lairds of Fairfax/nra” and the fookin shitweasel Fudd’s that rally behind them…don’t expect anything different from Stewart Roadshow and his “Oathtwerkers” either!

      NRA betrays us for gungrabbers and Fudds!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Charlottesville was a joke and anyone who fell for that set-up got what they had coming. Men should be smarter than that.

        I’m only commenting that the Sheriff and that FBI goon should be drug in the street and given the justice they deserve. We are surrounded by idiots who are entertained by Trump’s twitter and Sean Hannity.

        Those with any capabilities of rational thought are left to wait, and watch.

        That said, there should be pitchforks and torches. Sad.

        • Yeah I guess it’s best to limit ourselves to angry, frustrated posting on the Internet rather than risk the possibility of “traps” in the real world.

          Btw – the best way to spring a trap is to step into it. A lot of people who refused to believe the Thin Blue Line could do such a thing were shown otherwise by Charlottesville. There is always something to gain from real world activism, setup or not.

          • That is certainly what most do. Others make a lot of noise and attract attention and do stupid things like go to a ‘rally’ like Charlottesville. The next ‘rally’ will be worse.

            Some, don’t broadcast what they are doing, because they’re not that fucking stupid.

      • Californians learned that back in 1989 with the Roos/Roberti Assault Rifle , which brought us the 1993 national restriction. Written by the NRA, way to go NRA.


          Interesting. When I lived and worked in SoCal, I bought a lower receiver for a KAR-15 upper. I registered it on a 4473 but refused to fill out the form to send to the DOJ MARXISTS in Sacto. To this day, 26 years later, the Stasi of the Kalifornia Soviet Republik have not made any attempt to contact me about my legal faux pas. Go figure.

  2. A View to A Kill……as we dance into the fire.

    10) So now, we have LVMPD sitting on a quiet room, with no gunfire, for over an hour, (after taking 18 minutes to get to a real shooting, five minutes before the festival shooting started?!?) for no reason. After all shooting has stopped. The only ear-witness the LVMPD has is now Campos, the guy miraculously wounded from less than 40 feet; officers outside never heard a single shot from the floor, including (pretty f**king suspiciously) the pop when Paddock is supposed to have given himself the coup de grace.
    11) Absent video of him doing the actual deed, there is no longer any reason whatsoever to think Paddock shot anyone, including himself, and plenty of reasonable suspicion to think it very possible that person or persons unknown did this, and left the corpse there to take the rap. And we’ll never know from Paddock, Campos, or the LVMPD, because none of them were around or in a position to testify to anything, until after it was all over.

    The guard was looking for an alarm on another door, not Paddock’s.
    Paddock wasn’t doing anything, and he hadn’t shot anyone yet.

    So why start the ball at all, by shooting up the security guard, when you can just wait five or ten minutes until he goes away?
    Or if he is coming to Paddock’s door (why, BTW?) you answer the door, and tell him to f**k off.
    Or even let him in, and give him a Tony Soprano pop in the back of the head at 0′.
    Big suite like that, stairwell on one side, your own adjoining suite on the other, and likely no one even hears the single pop.
    Either way, Paddock’s clean as snow, and no one the wiser until his first string of fire downrange.
    Which took six minutes, and would have left him 10-15 unmolested minutes to split, after the shooting, if he intended escape, or 10-15 minutes more time to notch up a much higher body count, if his plan was to die in place.

    Think of Die Hard: you don’t shoot Sgt. Al Powell in the lobby, that just brings back-up and complications. You let him look around, decide everything’s fine, and wander off, none the wiser.

    Release the video of him manhandling bundles up to 32 for 2-5 days, and show us his final going-straight-to-hell selfie of Paddock shooting all those auto-fire strings, and this is a slam dunk.

    Omit that, and there’s no reason to believe he was ever alive in the room when the rounds were going downrange, and the new timeline means I could have exfiltrated the USC Trojan Marching Band playing Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk before the floor was locked down by the LVMPD, and no one would have seen so much as one piccolo or tuba.

    Yet again:
    Nothing about this incident, from A to Z, makes any sense whatsoever.

    Which is why I think they’re making it up as they go along.

    • Spot on. I had the exact thoughts last night when I heard the revised timeline of events. Why would you shoot the guard and allow him to get away?
      You have all that firepower. You have all the intent to unleash it on the crowd, but you cant manage to gun down the guard thats standing right at bad breath distance?
      Thats all wrong.
      At this point the complete intel machine of the US should be looking at Paddock as well as Jesus the guard to see if there were any connections because its looking more and more clear that he was probably involved.
      But that assumes that intel machine is a legit thing and not involved themselves….

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    Translation: they are not finished ‘making up’ a motive fit for public and political consumption.

  5. There were four major narrative changes that I caught:

    (1) the story is now that the sg entered the room because he heard “drilling” and the suspect helpfully left “door ajar” while in the middle of prepping for a major act of terror

    (2) an unnamed maintenance mechanic makes his first appearance on the 32nd floor for the first time in today’s revised narrative, and the unarmed sg saves him from injury (between 11 – 12 min mark at today’s presser)

    (3) sg interrupts suspect BEFORE shooting, putting to rest the previous narrative that his heroic intervention of shooter in the act “saved lives”
    Sheriff makes linguistic slip, refers to Campos (sg) as suspect then corrects himself (around the 12 min mark).

    (4)check in date as reported by Laura Loomer over 1 week ago confirmed by Sheriff as the 25th, not the 28th.

    Still looking for the 200 pieces of brass from the original version from the volley that the suspect shot through the door at the heroic sg. Or are we supposed to forget that, because that was so 6 days ago?

    So, there are alot of former LEO/Prosecutor/Investigator types who frequent here. How would you feel about the quality of information from a material witness who significantly changed their version of events multiple times? Would not the multiple revisions speak to a witness that had repeatedly impeached themselves? These are not “minor” revisions to the narrative when compared to the first version released after the shooting.

    Is this the narrative that your PAO would send members of your force on national teevee to sell, only to essentially retract key elements the next day?

    This is fine.

    • I don’t see Campos as “changing his story”. I see the Sheriff as concocting new bullshit, and trying, in futility, to get it all into one neat bag.

      At this point, Campos, as the only schmuck purportedly on the floor during the entire shooting rampage, is the Guy Most Likely To Die Tomorrow In A Sudden Tragic Accident.

      • Big_Celebrant

        This is always how it goes when they’re trying to stuff a long ton of bullshit into a five pound bag. Ruby Ridge, Waco, and the countless “events” since bear witness to their willingness to murder, lie, and concoct obscene narratives to “justify” the annulment of the 2nd Amendment with the ‘Murikan sheeple, because they know that until they take away the majority of the modern combat-capable rifles, they cannot consummate their plans to implement their glorious New World Order.
        YMMV, but no matter how you measure it, the tank of tolerance that they count on to get away with such gross assaults upon our Nation and our way of life is running dry. This war is 25 years old…it’s time we started shooting back.

  6. We have three options here. They were lying to us the first time. They are lying to us this time. They lie to us every time. I’ll take door number three Monty.

  7. “door was ajar”

    • Sure, cause you know when you are about to commit mass murder you have to go outside your room an leave the door open, I mean everyone knows this.
      It is possible, since Paddock was setting up the cameras on the service cart outside of the adjacent room, that he was going in and out of his suite to complete that set up. The guard just happened to come along and catch Paddock in the middle of that.
      He may have found the door open and thought there was a robbery being committed. So he starts to enter the room and Paddock then shoots him.
      Thats plausible, but I am far less likely to see Campos coming out of that encounter with just a flesh wound to the leg. I would have no problem accepting that chain of events if they found the guard face down in the room with Paddock.

  8. Daniel K Day

    Apologies if this has been posted already…

    • Re-posted over at my blog. Very informative. Thanks!

      • That video is a load of horseshit.

        • Specific objections/issues?

          • His use of a ‘mass spectrometer’ in his analysis. He is throwing out click bait with made up BS. We need less of his type muddying waters.

            • I was concerned about the source of his sound samples.

              • See my comment below. I think I am right about the 750 yard distance for the second shooter.

                I am pretty damn sure the second shooter was at the Roman Catholic Shrine.

            • Truth Lives Here

              You are correct sir. He is assuming the bullets are all hitting the same place, which they are not, they are being swept across the field of fire which is what changes the so called lag time. He is a click-bait poster trying to capitalize on this conspiracy hysteria.

            • I think he was referring to the mass spec as evidence that his lab is equipped with a lot of analytical equipment and that he has experience analyzing and teasing out patterns from a background reference. The MS print out is essentially a signal map and it does take some experience, training and skill to interpret those results properly.

              MS is not an oscilloscope. I didn’t take it to mean that he was claiming to use a mass spec to analyze sound. I grokked where he went with it.

            • This is the problem with you dumb-shits. You don’t fucking pay attention and you don’t listen and YOU HEAR what you WANT to hear. Not once did he say he used a mass spectrometer. Did he say he was also using isotopic spread ratio analysis? Did he also say he used organic chemistry in his analysis?? Did he also say he used Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry in his analysis? What a bunch of fuck-heads.

              RockStar22: I have a lot of veterans in my family and by extension our friends. Not one would disagree with you or me.

              Now, where were we? Right. Ripples.

        • Bullets do in fact travel faster than sound.

          And the Driver of the taxi parked in front of the Mandalay clearly states “Ok That one is far away, these ones are closer now”(Rough quoted from the beginning of the video) and then you can clearly hear that there are in fact two different firing positions distanced about, I would guess, 750 yards away from the Mandalay.

          I did 12 months in Baghdad and listened to gun shots and mortars all day.

          This was clearly a complex ambush with multiple shooters in the best “L” shape they could manage.

          This is simple acoustical counter battery.

          A basic white dude in a private school can handle this type of math by the time they are 14 years old.

          get with the program dummy.

          Your mind is you primary weapon

          • Unless the one dude got into two shootings.

            We need the honest timeline and not the scrubbed one.

            They must have really fouled up the response, or a 64 year old dude actually did beat the clock from one shooting position to another.

          • Do you understand what a mass spectrometer does?

            • Nothing to do with sound.

              • But he used one!
                And he caught the frapulations spooling at 4 gigahertz per framitz.
                And made the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs!

                And he used the Illudium q-36 Explosive Space Modulator!

                And a flux capacitor!

                When he gets his YouTube account up to 88MPH, you’re going to see some serious shit!

          • So mid 500s for wounded. Right?

            Almost 60 killed.

            Take the timeline for shooting. Like 17 mins or so? 15?

            How many seconds is the shooting time? Times it by hit ratio from a distance of what? Over 500 yards or so?

            And ONE GUY DID IT??

            ….ahh no.

    • So they cleaned up the brass?

      I did not know that.

      Do you know why you clean up brass?

      Because we could do a round count.

      The round count would not add up so they swept up the brass.

  9. He didn’t say whether Campos notified casino security after he was shot.

    I’m sure he told no one, because staff was chasing the record on the break room sign reading “XXX days since lost-time spree killer”

    • You just won the internet for the day!

      I was thinking that the last thing you’d want to do after you limped off shot would be to, y’know, tell anyone, preferring instead to just bleed quietly by the elevator stack for 20 minutes or so until the LVMPD helpfully shows up 10 minutes after all the shooting ends.

      This happens every day. Nothing to see here.

  10. All that money in Vegas, but the LEO couldn’t afford a C4PO robot to breech the door and look around inside without risking LEO lives. Let’s send them Lincoln from Disney’s animatronic attraction, he’s a war of aggression dictator.

  11. I want tissue samples from his nasal cavities, esophagus, trachea, and lungs and blood samples tested for the presence of gunpowder residue.

    Sure it is probably on him, but is it IN him?

    The burned cat piss smell always scorches my nose hairs after a magazine of XM193.

    Probably did him too, if he was breathing when all the gunfire occurred.

  12. Security gets blasted with approximately 200 rounds into the hallway, catches one, and hotel security doesn’t carry comms. Oh yeah, and it is now 16 minutes of shooting between the initial shots fired on the security, to the end of shooting on the concert. And rather than being 1 hour and 12 minutes from the time of the shooting on the concert to breach, you can add that 6 minutes making it from the shots fired into the hallway to the breach, making it 1 hour and 18 minutes from initial shots fired to breach. And security doesn’t carry comms.

  13. By implication, some of the potential attack force could have been in the crowd doing recon work and joined in the shooting at random, thus explaining the reports of multiple gunmen.

  14. Im forming a new protest group “Dads against hooker raping valium eating video poker milluonaires.”

  15. Cassandra (of Troy)

    As the official Paddock ‘lone wolf/nutcase/not a terrorist’ narrative continues to collapse, the anti-2A/pro-dictatorship cultists & their allies are desperately trying to shift the public’s notice of the mounting inconsistencies by increasingly hysterical attacks on the 2A/its supporters & progressively vehement demands for enactment of their anti-2A agenda. One very successful counter to said agenda’s been a question that’s causing the anti-2A cult no end of consternation & driving them to reveal their actual confiscationist intent, to wit,: “Since what you’ve been implying/claiming would be SO effective at preventing such incidents failed, what law can be passed that WILL?”
    (See also:,,,

    The reaction of the anti-2A cult/its allies to this simple & VERY ‘inconvenient’ inquiry shows that a logical approach, when calmly but relentlessly pursued, can be QUITE effective against the evasionary, deceitful, & almosty entirely emotional tactics favored by the anti-2A cult/its allies. W/ that in mind, the following items will also be as delightfully (& revealingly) confounding when used against arguments of the anti-2A cult/its allies.:

    1. If it’s true that more guns = more gun violence & that according to numerous govtl/private statements there are around 300 million guns in private hands in America, then why aren’t the gun involved suicide/robbery/murder rates at least 2-3 times higher than they have been & are currently?
    In addtn to govt stats see also:
    (In the comments there’s some interesting info about suicide in the U.K. & Australia)

    2. How can the claim be true that registration of guns & licensing of gun purchasers/owners will be an effective method for reducing/preventing gun involved crime when the Supreme Court’s Haynes ruling says that criminals can’t be prosecuted/convicted for not complying w/ such requirements?
    See also:

    3. If the claim is true that the National Guard is equivalent to the militia written about in the 2A, then why does the Supreme Court’s Perpich ruling say the opposite?

    4. If the claim is true that the Founders never could have foreseen the kind of weapons now available, then what is the purpose of the U.S. Patent Office?
    See also:

    5. If the claim is true that the semi-automatic rifles used in recent mass shootings are “weapons of war”, then can you name at least 5 countries whose militaries issue/use semi-automatic rifles for combat?

    6. If the claim is true that restrictions on abortion are a “slippery slope” that will eventually lead to a total ban of it then why isn’t also true about guns?

    7. If it’s morally wrong & bigoted to hold ALL African-Americans & Muslims responsible for the violent acts committed by a few of them, then why shouldn’t that same standard apply gun owners?

    8. If it’s morally wrong & bigoted for govt & LE to single out ALL African-Americans & Muslims for special scrutiny because some of them commit violent acts, then why shouldn’t that same standard apply to gun owners?

    9. If it’s morally wrong & bigoted to restrict the rights of ALL African-Americans & Muslims because of the violent acts committed by some of them, then why shouldn’t that same standard apply to gun owners?

    10. If it’s ‘reasonable’ to prohibit people who have concealed weapons licenses from going where they want because of the potential for accidents/criminal acts, then why shouldn’t the same standard apply to people who have driver’s licenses?

    That should be enough for those who desire to give the uninformed something to ponder & cause the dedicated anti-2A cultists/their allies more than a bit of trouble. I know that for some using the above in the aforementioned manner won’t be nearly as emotionally satisfying as going Awchi Bunkah & telling the opposition where to go/what to do when they get there, but it’s been my/others experience that being simultaneously ‘nice’ & ruthless goes a LONG way toward successfully getting YOUR points across while denigrating the opposition’s &, if you’re skillful/lucky, goad the opposition into self-discrediting behavior.

    As the Isley Bros famously said,: “It’s your thing, do what ya wanna do”.

  16. Nobody saw that coming…

  17. The Media is just glossing over this. The NFL kneelers is a bigger story. The FBI, the “Intelligence Community,” are corrupt from top to bottom. Silicon Valley is running things. America is only a 2A repeal from becoming the old Soviet Union.

    A gargantuan, corrupt, incompetent, lawless bureaucratic husk of itself with a population of government dependent old people and Third World illiterates.

    And like the old Soviet Union, this house of cards is going to collapse.

    • Repealing the 2A doesn’t get you to the Soviet Union.
      The pre-existing natural-law right to self defense still exists, and is beyond repeal.

      Revoking the 2A just means the right has to be defended by active means.

      And will be.

  18. Let’s not lose sight of the following:

    The dead guy in the room had a shaved head as per the muslim shahid martyrdom “fi sabil allah” tradition (used in the Philippines.)

    No security footage released from the hotel. Btw, how long was it before we saw video/still frames of McVeigh at McDonalds? Are we to assume that Las Vegas has fewer cameras compared to back then? If you want to see how timelines, suspects, and official narratives change to suit the final version, look no further than the OKC bombing. Calling John Doe #2….

    For at least the past year the FBI had a secret ongoing investigation of an Islamic plot to attack crowded concerts inside the US. This was not made known until this past Friday after the Las Vegas shooting. (One of the named people in that plot was also revealed to be from the Philippines. BTW, want another interesting rabbit hole? The Philippines and the OKC bombing.)

    Concert attacks are not new. The Manchester bombing happened earlier this year. The Paris concert attack happened in November 2015. Concerts are soft targets. Add that to the long list of other soft targets (where law abiding citizens are also typically disarmed under legal exceptions to their own CPLs).

    The government denying Muslim terrorist involvement is nothing new. Despite ISIS claiming Las Vegas the so-called authorities have repeatedly denied this while they stuck to the “no known motive” meme. This approach has also been taken by the authorities in the Philippines who have now resorted to calling some terrorist attacks personal grudges rather than terrorism (despite Muslim terrorists taking over an entire city at one point earlier this year, maybe they now want to deny they have a jihad/muslim insurgency problem). Also, recall the Fort Hood attack being labeled “work place violence” by the US government despite the rest of the planet seeing the obvious: muslim jihad.

    Here’s a metaphor to consider:

    Under American law when a guy wants to claim a bastard baby by signing the birth certificate and taking financial responsibility for it from that point forward, the lawyers LET him. Isn’t that what ISIS has been trying to do with Paddock? Why not let them in his case? Whose baby is it?

    • Down that same OKC rabbit hole in Manila you might find some wreckage of TWA 800 as well.

      • Big_Celebrant

        And the Philippines is where Lon Horiuchi and his family ‘hid out’ for a decade after he disappeared from CONUS in the aftermath of Ruby Ridge and Waco. Of course, Lon was still employed by Uncle.Fuckus during that time, as a “trainer and consultant” – training both US and foreign military and police elements in sniping and other ‘special tactics’.

        Also, the monkeys which turned up with the now-forgotten Ebola-Reston virus were first “quarantined” at a facility in the Philippines before being delivered to the secret US-AMRIID facility in Reston, VA – then just a residential suburb of the nascent Mordor on the Potomac.

        Inquiring minds want to know, whats the Philippine connection?

  19. No one should underestimate the economic impact of these attacks. For example, EU terrorist attacks are all against cities, which all are massive soft targets. Everyone knows that money spent on security does not enhance the bottom line: it is overhead. This attack was also against a class of people, but was carried out in a city. Hotels and large public venues will be forced to implement massive and costly new security measures which will add nothing to their profitability. The cities are not safe, and they cannot be made so.

    These massive new security measures will involve systems which will produce data in digital form. This data will be available for subpoena by LE. In other words, this event can be seen as a method for the surveillance state to leverage private money to build out more surveillance infrastructure.

    Cui bono?

  20. Everyone of has an NSA algorithm. Everyone of us. So does Paddock. And they don’t know where he was before the attack? There are license plate scanners all over the place. Almost every repo company tow truck is equipped with a license scanning camera. That info goes directly to the fusion centers. Major crime task forces all over have access to that info. The “Authorities” are hiding something.

  21. And then, majickly, a maintenance man appears like from nowhere, SAVED by the injured & still unarmed guard. Does this “maintenance man” have a name?

    Continual revisions of conflicting & contradictory event sequences have the (intended) effect of producing event fatigue.

    • “Maintenance guy”?
      His name is Barney.

      The panel van was downstairs.
      If his picture didn’t jog some memories, maybe this will:

      • There’s also Lado’s landscaping crew from “Savages” and the cleaner from “Point of No Return”.

        By now the FBI has followed up with every worker and guest in the hotel. Surely no one slipped away during the confusion…that only happens in Hollywood movies –or on private Saudi jets on 9-13-01.

        Despite still being called “False” on the fake fact Snopes website (last updated in 2005), the US-Saudi secret 9-13-01 flights broke all over the news last year:

        “…the FBI evacuated dozens of Saudi officials from multiple cities, including at least one Osama bin Laden family member on the terror watch list. Instead of interrogating the Saudis, FBI agents acted as security escorts for them…”

        “The explosive information was locked up in a top-secret, highly secured room in the basement of the US Capitol for the past 15 years, ostensibly to protect the Kingdom from embarrassment…. That means for 15 years, 9/11 victims and their families have been denied by their own government critical evidence…. It also means Washington has misled the American people about foreign sponsorship of 9/11”

        “…the Bush and Obama administrations had both failed to pressure the Saudi government to cut its ties to a fanatical, violent branch of Islam known as Wahhabism. This is going to be a matter for the next president.”

        How’s that next POTUS doing so far?

        Right, we now have the “no known motive” mantra.

  22. We may never understand what motivated this hooker raping, valium eating, mother loving, average joe, million dollar a day video poker player to commit this heinous crime.

  23. Evil requires no Motive. That fact is clear in Christianity by the representation of the Snake in Genesis.

    • If you think there was no motive there, you’re a little hazy on the concept of original sin.


    • Paddock’s motive:

      (((Casino moguls)))’ enforcers: “You have 3 choices:

      …pay what you owe us. All of it. Now.

      …or you get what Roy Radin and every other non-paying high-roller got.

      …or you can do us a service.”

      Paddock: “OK, #3”

  24. And the Sheriff still hasn’t elaborated on his statement that something happened to the shooter in Oct. 2016. A talking head on CNN last night also referred to the incident, but did not elaborate.

  25. Eurasia has always been at war with Eastasia.

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