City Journal: Trump & Tocqueville

A provocative article via Gab.

Much remains to be assessed about The Amphibian, this situation being just one of many.

What remains clear is that the Deep State abides.

And can be assumed to continue.

5 responses to “City Journal: Trump & Tocqueville

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. After Las Vegas we’re still wondering if the current administration isn’t doing what the previous two did? Looks like it’s business as usual: covering up jihad inside the USA while increasing surveillance of the citizens.

    Oh, wait, I’m supposed to be worried about losing my right to posses a flash hider and send some 501c3 another check so they can spend it on a RINO to take office in some supposedly key district later. Been hearing this for over 30 years. More taxed and less free since then.

  3. nothing “remains to be assessed” about Trumpenthal.

    * No Wall
    *More illegals than ever
    *Deporting illegals at HALF Obama’s rate
    *DOUBLED annual invasion of savage, Black Muslim “refugees” from Sudan/Somalia
    *Swamp undrained, deeper than ever.
    *Obamacare: still here.
    *NAFTA: still here.
    *”Climate Treaty”: still on.
    *real deficits: bigger than ever.
    * etc.


  4. Steve Mnuchin and Gary Cohn are so freakin deep they own the mineral rights on the swamp .
    Glad I didnt vote system is badly broken.