Good Commie

The color pic lets you have fun, too:

11 responses to “Good Commie

  1. Centurion_Cornelius

    HA! That’s the best pic of Che I’ve seen–I call it “Swiss Cheese Che.”

    Best thing goin’ for that murderous MF.

  2. The best ones ARE room temperature. Give him time.

  3. wildernesswino

    I’ll see that…
    and raise you one (well, two actually) of these commie dictators…

  4. Oughta be on a tee shirt… prolly sell a few hundred at alt lite rallies.

    Photo shop the beret.

  5. wildernesswino

    Ceausescu’s were executed at Tugovista, Romania which is one of Vlad Tepes’, (Dracula’s) old haunts…
    he impaled MANY souls there…

    and …
    the Ceausescu’s starved there population to death, just like Stalin and the Holodomor…

    why doesn’t the usA or even the fUSA have a grain reserve these days?

    One final thing that I have been trying to get confirmation of for about the past ten years…

    I heard that toward the end of the uprising against the Ceausescu Regime, people started turning their TVs around with the screens facing out the window towards the street… saying; WE are NOT listening to your BS any more!

    Is there anyone out there that can confirm this?

    I dream of a drive through the McMansion filled suburbs, with all of the Megalithic sized “big-screens” on display in yuge picture windows…

    and now, each one
    tuned to the NFL/MSM/or just a big middle finger

  6. Inspired by the People’s Republic of Ireland, the country of Bolivia has chosen this photo to be on it’s newest postage stamp offering to commemorate the life, and, well, death, of the Communist Rockstar Che’ “Stinky” Guevara!

  7. Funny how much Che looks like a pre-detonated muslim, isn’t it?

  8. Actually, the best part is that he was executed by two bursts from an M-2 .30 Carbine.
    Because after the first one, he was still writhing around in agony, the best way for a communist pig to go, IMHO.

    Pity they didn’t go for semi-auto, and just walk rounds up each leg.
    And so on.

  9. Audio forensics of Vegas shooting.

  10. He became a good Commie.