Hatespeech: Generation Zyklon Is Coming

And not a moment too soon.

Better a few over-inclusive errors in judgment than another generation of submission and collaboration.

Phrased alternatively:

The number of post-menopausal, mentally-ill, busybody, unsuited-for-anything-other-than-founts-of-personal-friction-for-Boomer-Gamesmen cat ladies can be expected to increase – as will their collective electoral power – until sometime in the 2040s, using 1964 as the max birthdate cutoff and 78 as a SWAG for US female life expectancy.

And that’s just the Boomer chicks, let alone the millions of younger proto-catladies coming out of the singles haunts and into the slough of middle-aged despair.

What are you doing today to improve the social-cleansing aim of Gen Z?

58 responses to “Hatespeech: Generation Zyklon Is Coming

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. My son knows how to shoot a rifle because I taught him. Because Fuck You That’s Why. Satcong bitchez.

  3. Big_Celebrant

    From contraception, to the push for female priests and clergy, to the rising tide of female politicians such as Demon Feinstein and Sheila Jackson Lee, their aim is always towards one, single objective – put Eve in control over Adam; and then get Eve to encumber Adam with a debt he can never repay. The same ‘Eve’ who, from the beginning of recorded history, has been the preeminent sucker for Satan to deceive.

    Now read it again. And THINK. Without patriarchal order, we have no connection to God, and thus our entire society, and ultimately all of humanity, would become a prey unto the Devil.

    The origin and foundation of patriarchy is plain and clear, from the fact that Adam was created first and foremost, and woman later for the purpose of being his “helpmate” – not an independent soul with a will of her own; to the very words or our primary prayer, which begins “Our FATHER who art in heaven…Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done…” – there is NO female presence of authority in Heaven. Go ahead, search for it; it’s not to be found because none such exists. On the contrary, the female is always to be subordinated to the husband, as in II Corinthians, “Women, obey your Husbands…”

    • They all revert to psychopaths in a pants suit the second they become “liberated”.

    • Amen Brother…

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        Double and Triple AMEN, Bros!

        A world controlled by the “Drama Queens” is doomed ab initio.

    • Good point, but consider the following:

      “Luke 2:36 And there was one Anna, a prophetess, the daughter of Phanuel, of the tribe of Aser: she was of a great age, and had lived with an husband seven years from her virginity; [3]
      There were other women who were also considered prophets:
      Acts 21:8 ¶ And the next [day] we that were of Paul’s company departed, and came unto Caesarea: and we entered into the house of Philip the evangelist, which was [one] of the seven; and abode with him. And the same man had four daughters, virgins, which did prophesy.
      Acts 2:14-17, 18 “But Peter, standing up with the eleven, lifted up his voice, and said unto them, Ye men of Judaea, and all [ye] that dwell at Jerusalem, be this known unto you, and hearken to my words:… And it shall come to pass in the last days, saith God, I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams: 18 And on my servants and on my handmaidens I will pour out in those days of my Spirit; and they shall prophesy:
      And this is where this was expressed in the Old Testament:
      Joel 2:28 ¶ And it shall come to pass afterward, [that] I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, your young men shall see visions:”

      More information to be found on this topic:

      “Every man to his family and his possessions”

      • Discernment of spirits, Paolo… God can and does use any one, man or woman, for his purposes.

        So does satan.

        Can you discern the Holy Spirit, the spirit of the flesh/world, and the demonic spirit?

        These may well be the Latter Days, in which the ability to distinguish Spiritual Truth from falsehood/temptation will be increasingly difficult and beyond crucial simultaneously.


        He who loves the world, the love of The Father is not in him.

  4. Braken, did you write that you F’n genius!?

  5. Time to recalibrate the down range CA. The largest demographic cohort is the Millennial with a median age of 26. They are a larger cohort than us Boomers by a small margin. They have one other characteristic than is going to change the electoral process for a while — they are amassing assets which tends to turn one more conservative over time.

    One other item to note — http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-10-10/home-depot-panicked-over-millennials-forced-host-tutorials-using-tape-measures-hamme — Home Depot is having to ‘train’ Millennials on how to use a tape measure! That is pathetic, but it is also an opportunity. It is much easier to teach a blank slate than it is to break bad habits. Millennials should be ripe for a message that teaches both skills and responsibility.

    We ought to try.

  6. Kinda makes you think, maybe some of the barren old hags that were burned at the stake really were witches.

  7. From link’s comments:

    Make Death Squads Great Again.”

    This needs to be on a patch.

  8. Once and a while for a few seconds I wonder if William Ayers wasn’t right about 25 million Americans need to be liquidated.

  9. “With this work, Kelly narrows her focus to the now infamous story of Pavel Morozov, a boy whose story achieved cult status in the Soviet Union. Thirteen years old at the time of his death in 1932, Pavlik epitomized the loyalty to the Communist regime that the Party may have hoped from all children. The legend goes that, upon discovering that his father was resisting collectivization, Pavlik turned his father into the local authorities. This act resulted in his (and his younger brother’s) brutal murder by relatives. In the Central Archives, Kelly gained access to the KGB file of Pavlik’s subsequent murder trial, and dedicates a large portion of the book to investigating this. More useful to this topic, however, how this case reflects the life of the child under Stalin, seen in how Pavlik was later glorified as a cult hero of the Young Pioneers and used as a propaganda tool.”

    Morozov’s monument in Sverdlovsk (destroyed). Pioneer deposing oath.

    Excerpt from here:

    “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  10. other than 4-Chan (and the commentariat at Heartiste), I don’t see a lot of evidence for “Generation Zyklon”. White kIds today get a brutal, K-12 communist/homosexual brainwash via the Jew-controlled TU’s and the fag-infested educrat bureaucracy. And 7/24 reinforcement from the (((MSM))) and (((universities))). Hard to believe that more than 1 in 10 would come out with a mind intact. Maybe that’ll be enough. We’ll soon know.

    • Young < 18 folks I have spoken with over time (15 or so; mostly young men, although a few young ladies; upscale suburban prison a la your description) suggest otherwise. They know things are fooked. What they don't know is

      (a) how to preserve themselves as the Boomer world goes to shit due to the postwar Western cultural murder/suicide,

      (b) how to punish those responsible, and

      (c) how to make sure the cycle doesn't repeat.

      If I could harness all of the experience and resources of those of us oldsters who understand, it would be aimed at precisely that cohort of young folks who know that hatred of whites (especially superior IQ bearers) is real, the egalitarian heresy is bullshit, and that on current course, the lives of Gen Z are completely fucked up beyond any repair.

      • The generation ahead of them thinks Bernie Sanders is God. This thing is very fooked.

      • Centurion_Cornelius

        A very good Rx, CA. But, it’s not what oldsters and wisdom perceive–it’s what THEY PERCEIVE. Gotta have reality slap them upside the head for openers. The survivors my listen–but it’s not ironclad. REALITY.

      • SOMEONE should write a book, or at least a manual…”How to Save Your Generation, and the Future!”

        Printed in the millions and widely distributed.

        I hereby donate all of my more relevant comments herein (shut the fuck up (((Klein))) ) and $100 to roll the ball.

        Don’t tell me to do it… I’m too old and I certainly don’t “relate” to any Gen past about T.

        I ain’t got the words. Kids today sound like they’re speaking Espercargo…

        • Working title is “You’re Fucked, And What To Do About It”.

          Talking to some folks in about ten days.

          Key is to have creative in hands/pens/keyboards of woke Gen Zeds. Old people raise money, handle legal and other horseshit, and figure how to make it sell. Creatives will say fuck that and post it on the freewebz (can’t be YT, as project will promotes facts and merit – both no-nos to the Googletarians).

          Thanks sincerely for priming the pump. We’ll be back to you.

          • Whatever I can do, just ask. Or tell!

            Tired, am I, the keyboard pounding of, not availing to.

            • Dunno ’bout that working title… getting fucked is about all that the younger gens since the fifties have ever cared about, and now they don’t seem even to consider the source.

          • “(shut the fuck up (((Klein))) )”

            Believe this…the day my actions are controlled by your orders is a day that will never be. Gee, sorta like so much else that you write.

            You publicly wrote that I was in the trucking business, but I was never involved with trucking.

            You publicly wrote that I had gone bankrupt, but I never have.

            You publicly wrote that I wrote religion is bullshit when I wrote that altruism is bullshit and that it was brought in by religion.

            And now this??? Okay, all that proves is that you’re a goddamn liar. Maybe if you hadn’t lost the Hypocrite Crown, you wouldn’t have reduced yourself to this. Don’t know, don’t care.

            I go with what I know, and what I know is that you can’t escape knowledge of who you are. I wouldn’t wish worse suffering on anyone.

            • Hahahahahaha!

              Poor widdle feelzzzz… awwww.

              • We both know how you came to your conclusions so long ago and we both know it’s all feelzzzz.

                Understandable…that’s what children do. Adults, not so much.

                Anyone else would’ve been happy to lose the Champion Hypocrite belt. You…you redouble your efforts to gain it back. Fascinating. Sounds like a sacrifice to me, but it’s your business exclusively.

          • Great Concept! My .02 Chapter =
            Feeling the Bern, Is kindly grandpa lying to you?

          • Threw this together real quick.
            You are gonna need a provocative cover for the manual and various alt-agitprop which speak to the imperatives. I’m no artist but if you need agitprop art I’ll make it. I think agitprop is very effective, and alt-agitprop more so because it speaks to the dissimulations fabrications and false narratives of the enemy. They can’t counter alt-agitprop, have no defense against it. We live in a visual medium culture.

      • ^^ This. They hear everything & don’t quite know how to sift chaff from grain, but they can be influenced. Even in presence of their 40-something parent. Histrionics & profanity just serve to send them home with “Dad was arguing with some crotchety old guy.” Versus, that older guy told Dad, “Frank, that might be an interesting point except that it’s not true, and here’s why & how to fix it.” (Tip: There is an explicit requirement for you to know some fact-based shit.)

        • Maybe I can shed some light on the premise of FUCKING WAKE UP NORMIE’S!
          I been strafing Gab for about 6 months with stuff we all understand here on WRSA, along with the agitprop I been making, links to pertinent intelligence and events etc.
          Point want to make is similar to what you pointed out with the caveat, lot of these Normie’s aren’t ready for what we want them to try & understand. Most of it goes Zoooom! right by them.
          I’m serious. Its like the timeless axiom about not so much showing them something exists, its they don’t even have any idea something they really need to understand even exists.

          I’m not saying this in a negative light, I’m saying is there’s got to be something, some style, or approach, that piques their interest in a fashion which impresses on them the priority we have just about run out of time & motivates these folks.
          Because I’ve endeavored to discover through my participation on Gab what does motivate them.
          What seems to hit the mark is money wasted such as the 4 billion cash obama shipped to the Iranian’s on pallets, the subject of America functioned just fine before the federal income tax & “federal reserve”, (which is neither, that itself got a lot of reactions on top of no income tax), George Soro’s fucking around with us & getting away with it continiously is a serious sore spot. Snarking about the cognitive idiocy of the left gets considerable attention. Pizza gate has a hardcore but small following.
          Yet the subject of actual history which proves the revisionists false hardly a notice, same with rightful property/arms as the same thing, as guns are 1st property. Subjects of preparations are stalled at canning recipes and having a couple of life straws as backup.
          Trolls, SJW’s, and shit stirrers infiltrate & try to start shit and get ate alive. They don’t last a few hours so many gang up on them. Gabbers understand with almost a vengeance Gab is their platform and woe to those who attempt to disrupt it with the usual tactics. Gab has definitely evolved into the White Christian Law Abiding Western Culture Pride & Principles platform.
          But at the same time there’s this almost: “we don’t talk about certain imperatives because if we ignore them we can pretend they don’t exist” mentality.
          I’ve garnered a following though in the last few weeks of people who make the effort of asking me to clarify or define the basic roots & foundations of things we all here understand and take for granted.

          Of course there’s always the “sophisticated” ones who know everything, talk a big story, have relatively large groupies/followers, they have this zone of comfort which shall not be infringed, they get real nasty if their world view is questioned or threatened. They generally absolutely refuse to part with their opinions even in the face of solid evidence to the contrary. I suspect a couple might be provocateurs leading sheep to slaughter so to speak.

          Essentially, for lack of a better term, its like trying to show kids in kindergarten how to think in Z when they haven’t even developed fully thinking in X because they just graduated from Y.
          A lot seem to not even be aware of a lot of stuff gone down or going on, like they live in a bubble and don’t even know it.

          Like we here on WRSA joke around and snark about TINVOWOOT, “If Your reading This You Are The Resistance”, throwing commies out of helicopters and the like, I’m saying these people aren’t ready to grasp those nuances of resistance, they don’t have the mental tools and or the life experience to think in those terms, yet. Seems like they just aren’t at that stage of “enlightenment” of the state of reality. Like “Because Fuck You Thats Why”, might as well be from another solar system.

          Its spoon feeding, a bib and a highchair time for people who don’t know they need to know this shit’s serious as a heart attack, and they need a crash course in it. For their own & all of us good.

          How do you go about changing the dialectic. If White Genocide on CNN is a nightly talk show, and doesn’t sink in, how do you breech Normie apathy?
          There’s got to be a track or method here. Because there’s a lot of them, and I’d hate to think it can’t be done. Over a million Tea Partiers showed up in DC, 65 Million voted for Trump, the reality is the left is a tiny minority in terms of territory.
          I made this & posted it on Gab, it was the first agitprop I put up that elicited marked response:

    • My boy is almost 15. Almost. He is half way through his freshman year in high school in Los Angeles.

      He is the one blonde dude in a hundred there. A sea of brown and then he pops out like a turd in a punch bowl. Easy to spot.

      This is Gen Z central. Innnn the matrix. The hive.

      You know what he and his friends do? Punch each other in the nuts and fantasize about girls and generally piss on everything the adults try to pull off with their BS.

      …brother, the kids are more savvy and redpilled than we see yet.

      • I’m seeing the same in WV. Its really interesting, they are this silent little plurality, they got zero use for Common Core, aren’t intimidated or brainwashed by political correctness, when you ask them what they think about the snowflakes and safety pin whiny red diaper babies they look at you like your not with it even asking them such a question, because they got zero use for that crap. But they never talk about it less you ask, and their reply’s are brief and succinct, so to me they have made their minds and self determinate at a high cognitive level.

        • Randolph Scott

          That description fits my 16 year old grandson to a ‘T’. Over the past two years I had a lot of unanswered questions about him and your post fills in a few of the blanks.

  11. Pinochet and communist are correctly spelled. That alone ought to be enough for at least a passing grade, these days.

    • Blue_Team, Sierra_1

      You question the commentariat, comrade?
      We accept your confession. You know what comes next.

  12. Cat ladies do not hang out at hackerspaces and don’t code. Electoral power, voting and snitching is militarily weak vs. the self-guided walking/flying/climbing missiles that are soon going to be buildable at cereal box toy prices. Even the US Navy admitted in 2002 with wargame Millennium Challenge that missile swarms beat a carrier group. Americans used to laugh at Japanese industrial products because ‘they could only copy like monkeys’ and ‘the copies had inferior materials and workmanship’. This was true at the moment they spoke it, the mistake was predicting it would stay true. Soon someone will be inspired by Breaking Bad to make Claymores for $10/each by the pallet, and a wheeled delivery vehicle to stick them under driver’s seats of cars.

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  14. “Better a few over-inclusive errors in judgment than another generation of submission and collaboration.”

    You requested that I keep doing what I do and so I do. at least for now. This is wrong, very very wrong. It’s the same snooker as forever, over and over again.

    Those two alternatives are synonymous…they refer to the same thing.

    Frankly I’m not sure what you think another generation of submission and collaboration might look like BESIDES over-inclusive errors in judgment…and the actions to which they lead. Simply put, there’s nothing else there.

    • Jim: the two categories are factually distinct.

      Category #1: Destroyers who, having rejected individual responsibility and all that flows from it, instead propagated and supported such fallacies as “the common good”, “private property is inherently unequal and thus unfair”, and “if the government does it in the name of the people, it is ok”. These stooges have earned a one way helicopter ride.

      Category #2: People who have said and acted upon such destructive beliefs (e.g., through voting, etc.) but sincerely thought they were acting properly.

      Cat#1 people have a hard road in front of them.

      Cat#2 folks do too, despite their less-culpable mental state.

      Cat#1 and Cat#2 people are distinct on the facts.

      • Pretty sure everyone has a tough road ahead of them, so that doesn’t distinguish anything. To the point, you just made mine with this phrase…”having rejected individual responsibility.”

        Right. Critically right; one could say it’s the whole thing. That doesn’t make everyone who does it equivalent and the sincere decent motivations of Cat #2 does make them different. When it comes to judgment anyway…you don’t see me trying to persuade full-out commies.

        Thing is, we’re talking socially and the differing judgments of the two sorts of people doesn’t amount to much when either is trying to enslave you, or blow your head off. Socially, we are what we do, not the so-called reasons that we do it.

        So yes, the two categories of peeps are different but if they both lead to the same place–and they do–then that difference isn’t all that meaningful. And this was the claim, that there is no distinction between the alternatives. I mean in reality.

        Sure, conceptually the rationalizations are different. But rationalizations are just that, rationalizations. Plays right into the hands of those who would enslave or kill you—“Proles don’t buy X; maybe they’ll buy Y.”

  15. Cat ladies ain’t nuthin’ to worry about, but swarms of negro youths, hungry, pissed off and carrying AKs are something to worry about. They want to play the Hutus slaughter the Tutsis thing again, and anybody not them gets to be the Tutsi. Or maybe that Isandlhwana routine. (Ref. go see movie: Zulu Dawn, or look it’s subtitle up, Dawn in East St. Louis.) Trouble for them is, a lot of us have 60 rds in a double mag setup, and there won’t be no runnin’ back to the quarter master for more ammo. Cat ladies can vote all they want, you can’t take the jungle out of the African, and that’s a demographic that needs attention paid to it. Ask the 24th Foot.

    • No kidding. I was in a local gunstore yesterday and there was a young Hutu with a cast on his wrist in there fondling the AK’s. Made my trigger finger itch, it did.

  16. Hmm…”feelin’ the Bern”?
    There is this…

    Or this one (sorry for the added text below it)

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III