New Woodpile’s Here!


3 responses to “New Woodpile’s Here!

  1. It’s only a matter of time before the sell out NRA will advocate for limits on how much ammo can have, or go back to the days when you had to put your name on a list when buying a box of ammo.

    Fuck the fucking NRA, Wayne ‘sellout’ LaPierre and Chris Cox. I can’t wait till those bastards ring my phone begging for money. It’s gonna be epic!


      Do not even bother with those craven hypocrites. Continue to prep. Get ammo and other needful things. Time is indeed short.

      • Word!
        Today I ordered my CDS turret from Leupold for a sweet load of 25 grains of H335 behind a 55 grain Nosler Ballistic Tip Varmint at 3140 FPS at the muzzle. That shoots 1/2 MOA out of my Rem 700 VTR. I’m also cleaning a batch of brass to reload for same.
        My preps and acquisition of needful things has been in motion for years and I have no plans to slow it down.
        I believe the day is fast approaching that I will be very, very glad that I’ve done as much as I have.