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  1. De Facto secession would work far better than declared. Let’s say the dollar tanks while the economy does the same. In the confusion, and fear, just walking their own way would work better for the states than coming out as opponents of a floundering FedGov. You just stop doing business with the Feds, and if they try to muscle their way back in, THEN you get with other independence minded states, and shove them back out the door. All along, you thought something like this would bring shit to a head, so your state, along with the others, were preparing for just such an eventuality. Doing it without the emotion and shrieking and ballyhoo, makes it easier on the populace, economy, and institutions. And it shows the subtle and sophisticated side of a state gov. actually interested in the condition of its citizens. They in turn, will have to be closely watched and regarded as always dangerous by the citizens. You’ll never get perfection, but it can be a whale of a lot better than what we have now. And this could actually be done without a lot of bloodshed, or at least, less.

  2. I’ll take a Tyrant that is a mile away and whose name is known to me vs. one I can only guess at in the bowels of Washington, DC- that far off and mystical kingdom. So whether the battle is one to their advantage or not, I prefer THAT battle because the result of winning is superior to other alternatives.

    • Appealing logic, but here’s the problem. Once you take a Tyrant, you already lost. Yes, that means nearly everyone has lost, but we already knew that.

      Things can change though. Nothing changes until the loss is turned into a win and it’s not turned into a win until the Tyrant isn’t willingly taken. It’s why there can be no resolution except the power contained in, “No!” Even worse, or maybe better, it’s also why a win will require no compromise. Only evil benefits through compromise.

      On the brighter side, the odds for collectivists killing themselves off have improved yet again, to 9,000-1.

  3. “Give them that fight and you secure their tyranny for generations to come.”

    Give them a different fight and you secure nothing. Nothing at all. Thereby securing their tyranny for generations to come.

    Unless, of course, we’re discussing total annihilation. An ideological, rather than religious, Pogrom. A holocaust. A genocide — but of ideology rather than race. A Terror.

    Lead on, Robespierre. I’m gonna book a one-way flight to Tahiti.

    Good luck with all that.

  4. The updated White Lives Matter poster.

  5. YES! So sit on your ass ,drink beer , and bitch on the internet. Be careful to flame every one who isn’t part of your circle jerk, and always tell your internet chat group your super secret plan. MORONS

  6. Careful, CA.
    You go posting common sense, and you’re turn on the porchlight for all the moonbats on this side of the fence.

    O…too late!

  7. Secession can take many forms…

    Abandoning the use of FRN’s might be a good start.

  8. Honesty and Respectability have been the Achilles heel of Conservatives for decades.

    Time to fight dirty.

  9. I used to live in Texas, have never felt more free than when I lived in Texas, and despite its shortcomings, I would gladly load up my family and all our vital possessions and head back to Texas the day they declared their independence. I would sacrifice my life and my sacred honor to defend the reborn Republic of Texas, knowing without a doubt I at least died on my feet instead of living on my knees. I believe Texas is the only state with a legitimate shot at legally seceeding, based on the unique way in which it entered the union. God bless Texas and the Lone Star Republic.

    • Tejas is already a white-minority state. It will not be seceding. Recently I investigated the possibility of moving from central Mexifornia to north Texas. Checked out the racial situation in Amarillo:

      60% mex
      25% blacks and mystery meat
      15% white


      • Our “Mexicans” here in Texas aren’t like the “Mexicans” in Mexifornia. I lived in Ventura County for 20 years and never saw such radical shit the meskins pulled there. Here in Texas many of the people born and raised here are truer Texans than they are anything else. And that includes the people with Mexican heritage. I am in my 70’s, was born and raised here. South Texas is my Heaven. The ones I can’t stand are the wetbacks who come here for the dole, won’t learn English, don’t want to work and look down on the rest of us. Their blood will be spilled.
        Something else you need to learn. There are at least five major areas of Texas that are different in important ways. The Panhandle is different than West Texas just south. South Texas is different than North Texas where the Dallas metroplex is. East Texas is a lot different than all of us others. Gotta live here to learn it. Put away the Stats on whites vs Mexicans, they are mostly white too.

      • How many of them are pre-Alamo Tejanos?

        It matters. Maybe not to you.

    • Legality and secession are two orthogonal concepts. Any actual secession is legal by definition, since the rules of the former host country no longer apply within the seceded state. It is also illegal almost by definition, since no host country would let a piece of itself leave. It depends what point of view you are looking at it from.

      Texas’ historical position confers no strategic advantage, since the Feds would conveniently ignore any historical precedents.

      The one area where it might help is in the minds of the people. If they believe they can leave, then you might have something.

  10. thesouthwasrght

    How’d that sesesh thingy werk for tejas in 18and60 again?