At Least The Norks Aren’t Pushing Fake News

Via Twitter.

7 responses to “At Least The Norks Aren’t Pushing Fake News

  1. DPRK is still full of shit.

    If Pres. Trump were demonstrating “grabbing ’em by the pussy”, he’d have both his hands clenched around Kissinger’s throat, and be shaking him until the twitching stopped.

  2. Kissinger sleeping and smiling. Dreaming of little boys? How in the Hell was he ever in charge of the State Dept.?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Say what you will about Kissinger, but the dude banged Jill St. John back when that meant something. He’s probably not overly into pederasty.

  3. While enduring the burning of Northern California all week, this is some pretty funny shit!

  4. I don’t think the Norks have much to fear from Trumpenthal and ‘Murka’s SJW-infested military. Whether he/it attacks, or not.

  5. Secret squirrel

    Any man says he hasnt had locker room talk is a liar or still lives with his mommy .