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Not reassuring.

Thank heavens the Bad Colonels will be pre-empted:

Especially the Ringed Ones:

Exclusive: Former West Point professor’s letter exposes corruption, cheating and failing standards [Full letter]

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  1. I agree more with Mike and his light colonel friend, than with Tom Baugh. Even ordinary soldiers and Marines are not mere robots, despite all attempts to make them so. Also, Baugh tends to posit only one method of resistance to unconstitutional orders: direct opposition.

    What I experienced is something different. When the troops don’t agree with what is going on (and yes they DO talk about it), then the first response they have is to APPEAR to go along, but not to accomplish anything. Foot-dragging behavior. Intentional “incompetence”. When 3 or 4 troops are sent into a house to confiscate guns, what do you think they will find? Via active collusion with the home owners, maybe a broken down old .22 if they are lucky.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    History is replete with legions who knew who buttered
    their bread.

  3. “…has more to do with severely limited options and the belief that success is possible through violence…”

    Revolutions occur when the perceived harm and risk of staying within the current situation exceed the perceived risk of fighting a revolution. It’s not rocket science, is it?

    I for one am convinced we could fight and win, and do so rather handily. We have everything and they have nothing. As soon as we’d start shooting them earnestly they would all flee. They believe in nothing but their own magnificence and can’t imagine a world without them in it. Six figure incomes, great bennie’s…they can’t imagine fighting a revolution. They’d take their 401(k)’s and go to New Zealand. New Zealand would welcome them and their money, and we would be well rid of them. Easy peasey.

    That’s how it would go down. Not currently advocating it.

    • My belief is that logistics determine the outcome. Specifically the cities. They are high maintenance islands. If the Resistance can facilitate the withholding of power or water they must capitulate. High drama siege.

      • Notarealperson

        It will end up as a race war, if the cities lose power. The ethnics will go totally nuts within 24 hours or less. Once they finish looting their cities they will move out into the countryside and that’s when it gets real ugly.

        The thing is our cities are veritable powder kegs thanks to all the ethnics we’ve imported and put one the dole along with all the blacks. I remember the Rodney King riots – the streets filled with black and hispanics looting and burning everything they could find. At it’s peak, the cholos 70 miles out from the rioting were already to go on a rampage in the rural parts of LACO. You didn’t dare travel without packing at that point. We knew something was up when we only saw 4-5 shaved headed beaners in a car. That was clear they were cruising for trouble.

        • The cities a) host nearly all of our communist enemies and b) are filled with everything-hating violent force multipliers (made so by our enemies’ own policies) we can ‘deploy’ anytime we wish to. It’s a dream. And I’ve been able to think of nothing they can do about it.

          Fear is their only weapon, and money is their only tool.

          It would be very interesting to see what kind of foreign support the US Uniparty could garner under such circumstances. Blue helmets in FUSA? Think that would piss off the dirt people?


          Absolutely true. I saw it myself. And, most of the thugs and thugettes did not know Rodney King from Don King. Police intell assets had been picking up straws in the wind for months out of the jails and juvie hall that the dirt bags were just waiting for an excuse to loot and destroy. Then we had Katrina. Res Ipsa Loquitur.

  4. Shinmen Takezo

    “If I were a truly Machiavellian New Right strategist, I’d focus my fire on the state of California. Make it The Other. Attack it relentlessly. Threaten its culture and power. Cut off water that flows into it from outside the state, essential to its people and agriculture.”

    There is no more perfect tactical statement than the one presented above.
    When civil conflict flares up in this country—75% of the fighting will in fact take place on the West Coast of the USA. And California is the key to the whole shebang, the key to winning the conflict as a whole throughout the USA.

    What is this III% movement?
    What is 3% of 39 million (the population of California BTW).
    This sum exceeds the population of many red states I believe.

    Winning this war on the west coast (California, Oregon, Washington state) is key to crushing the globalist leftisting agenda once and for all.

    If you see SHTF hit the fan on these west coast states–and you elect to stay safe in you AO munching on your MRE’s in your man-cave, you will be a fucking coward and an idiot for not siezing upon this opportunity to seize back your freedoms.

    FYI–the conservative right will NOT BE the ones initiating the next civil war.
    Nope. Far from it.

    So far the conservative right has shown an incredible amount of restraint concerning the far lefts antics and main-stream propaganda

    But there is a breaking point at which all structures come apart.

    I would seach up the term, “November 4th” on Youtube to see what the militant ANTIFA communists are cooking up for the 10 major cities in the USA. The MSM (both left and right) has been strangely silent about this subject.

    Hopefully these planned ANTIFA events will reach some sort of violent critical mass, enough for the conservative masses (and hopefully the Jesus ninnies) to say ‘fuk it’ and start opening up their gun safes.

    • This ‘Jesus ninnie’ is just waiting for the opening bell. No delusions, there’s gonna be a lot of carcases from both sides littering the field, but as has been repetitiously stated – their islands are “resource deserts”, without water, food, or local sources of power – which means that the Blue Hives are at a distinct disadvantage.

      Fact First: we lack the manpower to ‘take’ the cities. Thankfully, we don’t have any need or desire to do so.

      Fact Second: they lack the manpower to take and hold the food and fuel-producing regions of the US. They do have the need to take and hold those regions, because without food and fuel the hives starve, freeze, and devolve into insanity.

      Corollary Third – they will call for international aid to send supplies and troops by ship as soon as they realize they are cordoned on land.

      Corollary Fourth – we cannot interdict such shipping without a naval force at least half the size of the US Navy, which we do not and will not have.

      Conclusion First: it will quickly become an information war, and whoever predominates in swaying international opinion (preeminently in England, France, Germany, Russia, and China) will be at substantial advantage.

      Conclusion Additional: The Blue Hives will be easier to portray as the aggressors, because they will be bringing the fight to rural producers, while we will be engaging only in ‘containment’ –

      ours must remain a defensive war for this reason!

      These facts must be leveraged to the maximum extent in the international sphere, as early in the conflict as possible, and clearly framed in the above-stated terms, so as to effect a ‘supply-side blockade’ in Europe, which minimizes support sent to the Blue Hives.

      Considerations outside our control:
      1) a strong, centralized authority seated in Brussels will unquestionably assist the Blue Hives on the east coast far more than a divided Europe concentrated on its own difficulties. Therefore, the best environment for an ‘American Parting’ is one concurrent with the dissolution of the EU experiment.
      Catalonia is a good first sign that we may receive good fortune in this regard, as are the rising Nationalist parties in England, France, Germany, Austria, and other European States.

      2) China, and the west coast are another can of worms all together. It would be foolish not to anticipate the possibility that China would send supplies and forces to “liberate” and fortify west-coast cities, and establish permanent occupying forces in same. China desires empire – as such, they can not resist such an opportunity.

      3) no one knows which side, if either, Russia might choose to support; but if Russia puts her chips on the table in favor of one side, that side will almost certainly see victory over the other. The Russians are not to be underestimated.

      Note the countries of greatest importance to our impending struggle. Four of the five are permanent members of the UN Security Council – England, France, Russia, and China. Just in case you wanted a clear indication of how well, and for how long the left has war-gamed a multitude of scenarios out, including this one.

      There are many things to ponder, given these times and circumstances. I hope you use these last moments of peaceful contemplation to plan accordingly.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        You’re thinking in old terms again.

        No foreign government will put boots on the ground here in the USA.
        Not going to happen.

        You are also thinking that “all” of THUGFOR’s people will show up and actually work for THUGFOR…. again, not going to happen.

        Some of these blue areas will in fact be a huge cake walk, while others not so easy (as in Los Angeles). Blue area like Portland and the Seattle bubbles will be rolled over in a matter of days.

        Forget about the UN council.
        Things will evolve so fast here that they could not react.
        And if they did, this III% figure bandied about (actually 5% to 8%) would grow to over 12% once the photos of foreign troops unloading hits the airwaves–count upon this.

        Resistant areas like Los Angeles are extremely vulnerable, they depend 80% on outside sources for their water and power which could easily be cut off. Also 1/2 dozen or so road choke points isolates the entire Los Angeles basin. Even less with the rail network.

        And you are also forgetting the III% types who live directly in these areas… of which there are more than the entire population of Idaho or Montana combined. California is a heavily, heavily armed state. There are more military style firearms and firearms of all types sold here in the shops and gunshpws than most of the western states combined.

        No, once SHTF, the leftistist and communists will find themselves under a barage similar to what was described in Matt Bracken’s short story, “What I Saw At The Coup” –and that’s the way it will end as well.

        The leftists and THUGFOR will suffer deaths from a billion cuts from millions of ragiing individuals.

        And thanks for being a Jesus Ninny who will actually do something.

        • Agree with Shinmen. No foreign troops will be here, are you guys crazy? You think they will inject their (mostly) little armies into this meat-grinder of a mess? With a civil war in America the ruling classes in other countries will have their hands full just keeping the lid on in their own country. This war will probably be accompanied by a world-wide economic crash. Nope, it’s just us against the local leftists.

    • Then it will be China to the Rescue of Mexifornia. Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank loans guaranteed by Chicom boots on the ground.

      Other recent articles posted today indicate that neither the Army or Navy will be able to do much about it in the coming decade.

      We need the Second Amendment more than ever before.

      • Forget that 2A part.
        We don’t need it.
        We need the next generation that are teenagers or younger to be able to shoot straight.

        My youngest step kids are 20 now.
        I live in a rural area that was 83% MAGA.
        Most of the young people around here in that age bracket are more than willing to shoot a Hive Dweller from Metro Atlanta due to personal experience in high school and from trips into town.

        I hope to be up to have a 200 yard firing lane cleared this Winter and a couple more plate racks and IPSC steel torsos up for the younger kids to use.
        Stepdaughter and future Son in Law and their cohorts like to shoot when they come over.

        They actually listen to me and soak up the information that the government schools never gave them.
        They see through the BS being shoveled in the media.

        They know that they are hated for being Dirt People and Hate Back.

        The girls more than some of the guys.
        Unwanted sexual advances can do that.

  5. Personally, as good as these guys are at their job, their view is effected by their military training, thinking, and yes I’ll say it, SOP/Dogma which was drilled into their thought patterns when they where first trained to be US Soldiers.
    Thats not to say any of these Americans are wrong, but I’ll say this too, they are military, and to many the world is a nail and they are the bigger hammer, again not that they are wrong.

    There is a factor here which overrides everything, wether .mil or political oligarchy, law enforcement or fed state county local gov employee:

    You all been running this ship a long time. As a simple dirt person, you all’s track records sucks. Really sucks.
    You all don’t get it.
    Us dirt people have just about had enough. You all can go on about this or that all you want. It doesn’t change you all’s track records sucks balls.

    Now let me tell you all something.
    One day here us dirt people are going to decide a paradigm shift the likes of you all can not imagine is going to take place.
    It will be like nothing you all thought imagined or predicted. It will be one of those 5000 year leap things which there is not a fucking thing any of you can do anything about till us dirt people are done.
    You will try.
    You wil fail.
    Its that simple.

    Quite frankly.
    You have had 235 years to get your acts together.
    Trillion of Quadrillions of our dirt people wealth has gone into trusting and believing in you all.
    You have totally failed.
    Thats the truth.

    As of now, us dirt people have had enough.
    We are trying to tell you all this.
    None of you are listening to us.
    Some of you are doing everything to quell and bury that message.
    Regardless you are being warned in the nicest most peaceful legal legitimate ways possible.

    What comes next is up to you all.

    Us dirt people know what needs doing.
    If you all don’t wake up to the reality of this everything you knew, everything you think is inviolate, all you have based your jobs income security way of life upon will be destroyed.
    And you will have nobody to blame but yourselves.
    All you all had to do was listen to us and treat us as equal partners in this experiment called America.

    Remember, no matter how low you all think of us. No matter how important you all believe you are. None of what you all got was possible, including this place we call America, without us dirt people working to pay the tab.
    Because not a one of you produce anything. You are takers 1st.
    Remember that. It is very important.

    We are not your slaves, your dogs to kick or your subjects to spit on.

    We made America with our bare hands. With our sweat. With our devotion and our loyalty. It is our equity.

    We are not the ones who have betrayed us.

    • <-this. Could not say it better.

    • Yeah, that. Every word true.

      Even covers the root cause and what will prove to be the root solution—“Because not a one of you produce anything.”

      Lucky break for all of us that the dirt people are the wisest ones going. Less figgerin’, more doing.

  6. One thing and one thing only will precipitate CWII: Economic collapse. The Welfare State/Perpetual War State cannot stand, collapse is inevitable. Once it comes, look out.

    • Notarealperson

      Quite true. The authorities in the best of times are hard pressed to maintain what order there is in our cities. A economic upset or hacker attack that freezes SNAP and EBT cards would set off urban riots across the U.S. in a matter of hours.

      The cops will bail when it does happen. Because they know the elites lack the guts to order them to shoot dead the vibrant ethnics. After that it gets real interesting.

  7. robroysimmons

    We want to whisper into the ears of the Left that they can win, it’s in the bag. We mean them no harm, we love them and welcome to Costco

  8. Alfred E. Neuman

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  9. Remember, US government serial murderer, Lon Horiuchi, is a West Point grad.

  10. The ‘middle’ is the most dangerous place of all, when civil war comes; and the irresolute are but grist for the mill. The marrow of their bones shall be a spoil, and their children a prize; to whomever wins the bit of dirt they die on. And surely, the irresolute and those without conviction shall die – for both sides shall call them “traitor”; and none shall trust them, who have not forged bonds of allegiance beforehand.

    Be not irresolute. Cling not to the ‘middle’ hoping this storm shall pass over you and yours without striking home.
    Be radical as Christ was radical, and remember His words of warning, “Be thee hot, or be thee cold; but be not lukewarm, or I shall spew thee out of my mouth.” Amen.

    • “The ‘middle’ is the most dangerous place of all, when civil war comes; and the irresolute are but grist for the mill.”

      Another truth. Only evil gains through compromise. It’s a scary thought for most people…”No compromise!” Handily explains what we’ve seen here lately—fear.

      “The marrow of their bones shall be a spoil,”

      Hmm, funny value system. Bit too “other-directed” for my tastes. ‘Course you’re the guy who thinks personal liberty and an industrial society are mutually exclusive, but doesn’t know why. So some leeway is granted.

      You left off speaking of adults, I think. Bone marrow as spoil doesn’t seem to quite go along, but you’re probably speaking metaphorically.

  11. Ass-gas from a retired military Fudd, likely still butt-hurt that his second- or third-rate skills saw him passed over and retired in his 40s.
    The is basement fap-bait for himself and the other PC weenies that gave us the likes of Spenser Rapone, rather than shitcanning the communist pig as a plebe, the minute his leanings received a whiff of scrutiny.

    The header shows currency, but there’s none in the article. Culper refers to an Obama White House, so is this even current, or was it obsolete and OBE (Overtaken By Events) about 11 months ago?

    But Col. Fudd’s piece de resistance was this bit of bong-fuelled jackassery:
    If I were a truly Machiavellian New Right strategist, I’d focus my fire on the state of California. Make it The Other. Attack it relentlessly. Threaten its culture and power. Cut off water that flows into it from outside the state, essential to its people and agriculture.*

    Yeah, because what you really want to do is take 10% of the country, where 52% of those in the state in question might oppose you, and convert that to where 100% of the state, including those previously in your own fifth column there, are willing to go to war with and overwhelm everyone to west of the Rocky Mountains, and probably gather a coalition of willing cohorts including Washington state, Oregon, Colorado, Nevada, and New Mexico by about Tuesday of that week, and willing to tell everyone and anyone in D.C. to self-fornicate. If the Hard Right wanted to facilitate kissing off the entire Western US, watching Idaho/Montana/Wyoming/the Dakotas form another independent nation (and the world’s third-ranking nuclear power, btw), seeing Texas reclaim its status as an independent republic in about an hour’s time, watching Hawaii declare itself a sovereign kingdom again, and witness the birth of the republic of Alaska, on live TV, that genius’ plan would be a sterling way for any jackass to go about balkanizing the country overnight.

    The last guy that smart was named Gorbachev.

    This genius should have been passed over for 1LT. If this is the best he can do, he was kept in the military for at least 18 1/2 years too long, and promoted way beyond his intelligence and capabilities.

    *(I’m deliberately overlooking his lunacy in suggesting this, since by dint of invasion by literal hordes of the toothless, banjo-playing welfare-sucking kinfolk from the other 49, and open borders sufficient to comprise 1/3 to 1/2 of all illegal aliens in the country, Califrutopia as it stands today is already The Other, already had its culture and power subsumed, and has already had its own water cut off to hydrate a bait minnow in the Sacramento Delta, which has devastated the richest and most productive agricultural region in the entire world, from the dawn of history to the present. Trying to do that “more, better, faster!” will work about as well as trying to bomb the Vietnamese back to the Stone Age did in the 1960s. Hint: It doesn’t turn out the way you envisioned, Col. Jackhole Fudd. But as outlined above, you’d unify the state against D.C. in a day, and likely D.C. would rue the day they listened to this sort of shabby “wargaming” from this sand-table Napoleon. Hopefully, in a blindfold-and-last-cigarette way that most such military geniuses achieve, historically.)

    Thanks for the comedy relief, CA.

    There isn’t going to be a Civil War the way things look in the near-term, but if the Leftards keep pushing, they’re going to do a splendid approximation of Pickett’s Charge, with the rest of the country hunkered comfortably down behind the wall at the Angle.

    That’ll be entertaining, at least.

    The response will not be Sherman’s March To The Sea; it’ll be People of the United States v. the Rosenburgs.

    And the “When Do We Shoot The Colonels” essay is logically bankrupt, owing to hubris on the part of some officer with a planetary rotation problem (he thinks the solar system revolves around himself), and a failure of both imagination, and historical precedent.

    Colonels don’t get shot; officers die after a surplus of fragmentation grenades roll under the bunks of those with a deficit of moral authority. Died Of Wounds during enemy assault is a lot easier to explain than mutiny. Because every fool above the rank of 1LT knows that sergeants run an army, and the wiser officers not only know that, but preach it.

    Just as in the navy, officers can bark orders all day long, but petty officers run the engine room (as they used to set the sails), and quartermasters turn the wheel that makes the rudder move.

    History is replete of accounts where, under the press of casualties, corporals ran companies, but the number of captains who could run fire teams and captains who could sail ships is glaring by its absence.

  12. Jimmy the Saint

    Seems like the Civil War author – the retired officer – would find solace in a group handholding and sing-along of “The Internationale” and “We Shall Overcome”

  13. “When the troops don’t agree with what is going on (and yes they DO talk about it), then the first response they have is to APPEAR to go along, but not to accomplish anything. Foot-dragging behavior. Intentional “incompetence”. When 3 or 4 troops are sent into a house to confiscate guns, what do you think they will find? Via active collusion with the home owners, maybe a broken down old .22 if they are lucky.”

    Spot on! They’re employing “The Good Soldier Schweik” strategy!
    The Good Soldier Schweik

    Heres a link to the movie below:
    The Good Soldier Schweik (courtesy of Daily Motion)

    (Download, convert to Mpeg/DVD format, burn to disc and enjoy/educate friends and family…)

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III