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US Navy Plans to Cut Ticonderoga-Class Missile Cruisers by Half Amid Reports One Became Like a “Floating Prison”

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  1. Seraphim of Sarov

    Re: The Navy…Ticonderoga class have 30%+ more VLS than the Arleigh Burke and 2 5″ deck guns instead of 1.

    Re: The Masthead, I’ve got about 43 lbs of salt. Dunno how long that will last. Depends how much biltong I make, come shtf.

    Saltville isn’t that far away so there’s options for resupply.

  2. When the group has fucked up, it’s the military, and group punishment is in order.

    Step One: everyone in the chain of command up to the 7th fleet commander and down to 0-4 gets relieved and retired, for failing to measure up.
    Everyone from E-4 to 0-3 gets busted one rank or grade, and officially reprimanded.
    There is no shortage of people in the pipeline, from recruits to captains, eager and willing to step in and fill the breach, particularly command slots.

    Step Two: You start talking to admirals. Until you find one with the brains and balls to tell Congress, point blank, that you can’t squeeze ten pounds of shit out of a five-pound bag, and that if they want a navy, they need to recruit a navy, train a navy, and pay for a navy, AFTER shitcanning wholesale and in perpetuity every bit of the superfluous PC ass-kissing social experimentation and bullshit that has become bread and butter instead of a cute silly-ass idea, you fire every flag-grade sonofabitch that half-steps, evades, mealey-mouths and pussifies his answers.
    The first flag-grade sumbitch you find that tells Congress what it’ll take, and to they can respectfully get fucked if they think they can do this half-funded and half-assed, you promote two stars and drop into whatever slot is open at that grade.

    Step Three: Then you staff the ships to 100% of TO&E, fully fund their logistics and operations, and train them 6 1/2 days a week, 52 weeks a year, until they have their shit down cold, even in a storm at 4 bells on the mid watch. Like we did for the 40-50 years after WWII.

    Step Four: SecNav and CNO announce to all hands that anybody from O-9 down to E-1, who so much as audibly utters the words “diversity”, “inclusiveness”, “gender-neutral”, and any 57 other SJW bullshit words will be court-martialed under Article 134 of the UCMJ, reduced to the lowest enlisted rank, receive a flogging around the fleet, and any survivors of same to be transferred to snow-shoveling detail at McMurdo Sound, Antarctica, until such time as processing of their dishonorable discharge from the Navy is complete, which will, in every case, require the entire balance of any remaining service on enlistments, or the balance of 20 years’ service for all former officers. NROTC candidates and Annapolis midshipmen will be separated, marched out the gate in red high heels, and given the lowest possible re-enlistment code available, sufficient to bar them from any federal service wjatsoever, even down to janitorial maintenance at national parks, for the balance of their lives, and prevent their ever being drafted into any branch of service even if the Red Chinese Fleet was staging amphibious landings at the Anacostia Naval Station in Washington DC.

    Concurrently, you notify all commands that there will be zero-tolerance for zero-tolerance. People will, once again, be allowed to fuck up and be human, and that promotions and demotions will be distributed accordingly, as determined by documented real-world performance, based entirely in reality. Any command caught demanding or reporting zero defects will be keelhauled while underway, starting with the senior officer responsible, then separated from the service under the UCMJ articles dealing with fraud and filing false official reports. pending courts-martial, they will stand continuous watches bolted spread-eagle, with twice daily bathroom breaks, to the superstructure in the position where the ship’s “E” would normally be stenciled to the hull.

    We’d have a navy worth the name by next summer, and we could lose a substantial amount of deadweight, particularly about 100 no-load admirals and no small number of apple-polishing paper-pushers with more braid than brains, who could and should be used as substitute anchors on most ships of the line with equal utility as the current item.

    • Randolph Scott


    • Interesting, but of course none of that’s going to happen.

      As a southern nationalist, I want a weak US government military, as you’ve said, Aesop, stand back and let them roll on.

      The late, and much missed, David Hackworth, called the officers you’ve mentioned “perfumed, princes of the Pentagon”. They’ve been around for many decades. My father witnessed them showing up in the European theater during the last month or two of the war against Germany, getting their tickets punched for medals and ribbons. The kind you get just for being there.

      You don’t want to know what my father thought of the hoax of the negro fighter pilots, you know, the ones who never lost a bomber to enemy fighters.

      • factually, they didn’t. Because the bombers they escorted were never attacked by the Germans. The mere presence of niggers frightened them away.

      • No, you want a strong navy, and a weak standing army. (It isn’t like the navy’s going to blockade Charleston, Savannah, Mobile, and New Orleans again anytime soon.) Most of the international troublemakers are properly cowed by a strong navy, while leaving little opportunity to get into silly or longstanding wars (places like Afghanistan being helpfully landlocked).

        But you’re right that none of that will happen, because we’ve been raising dickless officers for a generation and more, and the early shitbirds from the 1990s are flag-grade now, and nobody culled them and kicked them bodily out the door with swift kick in the ass.

        Now the entire navy is paying for those mistakes, but like gravity working, soon the entire country will pay for those mistakes.

        As noted, fixing the problem would be an easy fix, but it would entail a SecNav and CNO with fire in their bellies for creating a navy worth the name, and the backbone to see it through, inclined to swing a meat axe to get rid of the rot, with zero fucks given to the SJWs’ agenda and crybabying, and until that happens starting at the top, the rest of the cow isn’t going to follow, nor pay attention.

        We have the exact same number of admirals as we had in the 1980s, and only 1/3 as many ships, which suggests we could fire 2/3rds of the admirals in grades O-7 through O-10, and the navy would function better, for less money, right off the bat. Ranking them by grade, and firing the bottom 66%, could have been done by the end of the first week after SecNav was sworn in, and set a welcome tone in the entire service: douchebags should pack theirs, and hit the road.

        But as long as feathering their nests and shoving social programs and experimentation surpasses seamanship and warfighting as Navy priorities at the Pentagon, until it finally and inevitably costs us a carrier, or an entire carrier battle group, no one’s going to pay attention.

  3. The Caine Mutiny – Captain Queeg Loses It

    Nuff said…

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  4. thesouthwasrght

    I predict the oceans will provide the first real example of the paper tiger getting it’s ass shredded. The ruskies (whom I truly believe really don’t want to be our enemy but aren’t left much of a choice) and the chinks are a pragmatic lot and will bide their time until they are certain of their position. Then it will be lights out. Meanwhile we continue to chest thump and preen while fucking tankers lumber into our frontline warships. But hey!, ‘Murica!

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The time isn’t going to get much righter for the Russians/Chinese. A lot of the fucked-upedness of the US military is starting to be addressed. Better to act now, while capabilities are diminished, than to wait until they have improved.

  5. Waahhhh, cry me a fucking river. Ooh, the CO is a hard ass and expects you to do your fucking job. Suck it up. If you’re not 10 minutes early you’re late.

    So don’t re-enlist. Go be a hobo.

    Glad I’m retired.

  6. We are running out of ponzi script if the mic is cutting back.

  7. The USA is not a real nation, why should we expect it to have a real Navy? It was able to get by well enough, thrive even, so long as it was an unquestionably White country and unashamed of that fact.

    But in the great Culture of Critique, the Long March Through the Institutions, everything — especially public entities — has been reduced to some absurd Clown World, funhouse mirror reflection of its former self.

    The USA is basically just a giant estate sale, attracting swarms who pick through the possessions and trappings of a once powerful and confident decedent. Crumbling fleets and port facilities, why not? It might as well be an episode of American Pickers marveling over the rusting hulk of a Ticonderoga cruiser found tucked away in some middle of nowhere barn. What a great find! Vintage stuff is always popular, and nothing is more vintage than the concept of a confident, competent America.

  8. What Aesop said, + 10.

    • what Aesop said, -10. Since, as Pat pointed out, none of this is going to happen. Typical of Aesop’s prescriptions and prognostications.

      All good, because…

      …the (((Empire))) must die.

      • When you see the country through such a jaundiced lens, the prognosis delivered is apt to be similarly meritless.

        Be careful what you wish for.


    It all started with Patsy Schroeder. It is not just the USN, but all branches. The feminization of the Amerikan military in the middle seventies has left us with this mess. I saw it when, after an 8-year break in service, I went back in the Army as an active reservist in 1979. I have posted about my nightmare on this site before.
    In T.R. Fehrenbach’s outstanding non-fiction work: THIS KIND OF WAR, he documents how the North Korean forces were almost able to push the US Army off of the Korean Peninsula. Yes, their equipment was old and spares were lacking. But, his one statement that: “…culture and chemistry killed the Americans.” was spot on. Now we all know that the Army rose from its ashes like the Phoenix and, with a decisive strategy by the egomaniac MacArthur, and the blood and sweat of the Marines at Inchon, the initiative was recaptured.
    Keep in mind the Amerikan military of today is not the same group as it was in previous encounters. If the Leviathan cannot convince young men and women to defend liberty, then it must bribe them. This is what has been done with all of the freebies, “leveled playing fields”, diversity training, and other syphilitic, degenerate policies. What we have now is a lot, but not all, uniform-wearing namby-pambys who throw tantrums when the going gets tough.
    I will apologize in advance to all those here who have children, grandchildren, family and other loved ones in the military. But, from my perspective as an Army veteran and a retired Peace Officer, I cannot get too upset over this for the simple reason which has been offered on this site numerous times: Never interrupt/bother your enemies when they are busy destroying one another. It is my firm belief that these youngsters under arms would have no problem kicking in my front door, slaughtering me and my family and helping themselves to the spoils if their precious Uncle Sugar told them to. I have more to fear from the Idaho National Guard and the local police and sheriffs than I do from Chinamen or Mr. Putin.

  10. This is permeating all of the branches –

    Anyone holding people to standards is being tasked for being too mean.

  11. Where do I begin.
    First. I agree with Ragnar. You think this captain is a monster? Because he expects you to show up to work on time and do your fuckin job. You follow orders or people die. Go be a fucking hobo.
    2nd: We’re trying to be the policemen of the entire world when we can’t and shouldn’t. The whole world expects us to be the worlds policemen, but they ain’t chipping in any money or men or ships. Our country is 100 trillion dollars in debt. We can’t afford to have hundreds of these tin cans steaming all over the world, PROTECTING EVERY BORDER IN THE WORLD BUT OURS. I have no problem reducing the size of our navy by half. And every home port of those ships should be a city with an American zip code. I’ll repeat the phrase from my last post.
    Our military is completely without value if we don’t secure our own borders.

    • A monster? No.
      Modern-day Captain Bligh? Certainly.
      A piss-poor example of naval leadership? Unquestionably.
      Saddled with the sorriest generation of excuses for sailors in living memory? Without a doubt.
      You don’t put people on bread and water for 3 days for petty offenses; that’s swatting a fly with a cluster bomb. The ship’s bilge always needs cleaning out, perhaps even with a sponge and a toothbrush, and a few days of that (let alone 7 or 14), on full rations, is far more than sufficient to redeem most dixie-cup miscreants. Ask any CPO worth his salt. If that doesn’t work, assigning him to work over the side while underway, and giving him every maintenance chore way up high on masts and stacks should give him a new appreciation for depending on his crewmates, and electing to rejoin the crew he signed up for.
      But somebody who’d rather hide while the ship is turned upside down has far bigger problems than being late to formation; he’s a shitbag who values himself more than his ship or shipmates, and should be sentenced to repeat boot camp until he figures that flaw out. Failing that, after six or seven complete recruit training cycles, shit-can him as unsuitable, and then fire his recruiter. It’s tough for Navy training to overcome an 18-year lack of preparation for adulthood in just six weeks, but that flaw should have been spotted before he was enlisted in the first place.

      But reducing the Navy by half? That’s raving lunacy.
      It’s now 1/3 the size in was in the 1980s. The last time it was this small was the 1930s. Tell the class how that turned out.

      So tell me, does the world look friendlier to American national interests now, or then?
      The seas safer now, or then?
      Our commerce, trade, and industry – the lifeblood of the nation – more assured now, or then?
      The navy, for just average commitments and national interests we’ve had since about 1800, should be double the size it is now, not half as big.

      Securing our borders is essentially a civilian task, not so much a military one.
      And if we’re wishing, the primary border that needs securing would benefit from a US mechanized infantry division far more than from a carrier battle group.

      The purpose of a navy is insuring that more serious problems are dealt with long before they get to our borders, and only a jackass wants to fight a war from an American zip code. If just fine with leaving holes in the water far beyond the horizon, so we aren’t building beach obstacles here someday.

      And it’s just a guess, but I’m pretty sure Guadalcanal, Tarawa, and Iwo Jima are a lot less fun when you’re doing it as the home team on Oahu, Key West, or Catalina Island. So If anyone longs to replay Normandy, this time as the Germans, looking out at an incoming fleet, then I think they’ve rather missed the entire historical point of the exercise.

  12. I have a hard time discerning here at times, if you guys are angry because some one came up with a solution or plan, or because you haven’t one yourselves. It’s usually the latter, or it’s the Jews fault, or somebody else. So what if a plan has little likelihood of success or even being used, at least it makes sense beyond the conspiracy theories and old time Jew-baiting. After TSHTF, a whole lot of local lords and such are going to have to institute control and command much the same way as Aesop lined out. If you ain’t got a solution beyond placing blame, all you got is froth.

  13. First, 3 days bread and water is a far cry from a dozen lashes so a modern day Captain Bligh he is NOT. Bread and water is still authorized as a form of punishment and fully within the Captains authority. IF the Shiloh was having a problem with tardiness then it’s possible the Captain was using that punishment to change behavior. Would 7-14 days restriction and extra duty make as big an impression… I think not. I suspect a significant part of the problem is the SJW millenial pussy mentality of the average sailor across the entire fleet. Every sailor I ever knew bitched about everything but liberty.

    Second, ship reputations come and go. Back in the early 90’s the USS Bunker Hill (Tico Class Cruiser) had the reputation as the USS Bunk With Me Bill… the meme being that the ship had a lot of gay sailors. A few years later and a few hard ass CO’s later the reputation was gone.

    The real problem across all services is the cost of manpower. It is more acute in the USAF and USN because of massive fuel costs to run the combat units of those services. Historically the USN has had manpower retention problems and shipboard “issues” when their authorized manning levels fall below what the original design manning document stated for a full crew. A fully and properly manned ship has enough people to conduct all watches at all times and still provide rest for continuous at sea operations.

    I find it interesting that the US Naval Academy has recently restarted classes on celestial navigation. It would not take too many GPS satellites to go out of service for any reason and we are back to real navigation skills for the Navy of which I believe them to be sorely lacking. Witness the rash of recent collisions at sea.

    You can always tell when an empire is in decline… the empire can’t afford to keep up their Navy. One only need look historically at Britain, Spain, and France and the subsequent decline of those empires.

    Grey Ghost

  14. The heck with the Navy – We’ll take them on our damned selves!!