RUMINT, Nighttime Edition

Second Mandalay Bay employee on floor during shooting speaks

(H/t Bracken via Twitter)

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  1. The symbolism is deafening.

    • I suspect the Photoshop is deafening.

      McCarran International Airport is on the other side of the hotel (the blown out windows face the runways), and Nellis AFB (where AF1 would be far likelier to land) is up north of downtown a few miles.

      Unless you figure Air Force One was cruising lazy circles over Vegas at 300′ AGL.

  2. So basically the police were notified of an active shooter and which exact room he was in 6 minutes prior to the start of firing on the crowd.

    • then the (((LVPD))) arrives outside the Hotel c. 16 minutes later, stands around in the street and does nothing while the Massacre continues…

      then the (((LVPD) SWAT arrives on the 32nd floor at the 20 minute mark of the Massacre, and does nothing for another 50 minutes while the massacre continues…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        But they all went home safely at the end of their shift, so you know….all’s well that ends well.

    • Can’t believe any of it at this point. Not one shred of it.

      But hey, Trump is getting all over the NFL and that Weinstein guy is looking like a real putz and look at that shiny North Korean dude over there…

      Our government is fucking us, our wives, our sons and our daughters with a brutal horse cock, and Trump is tweeting something or another…

  3. Wow ya. Let’s just call this episode Bldg 7 revisited or the Grassy Knoll Chronicals. I don’t believe a word ANYONE is saying about this horse manure.

    Those of you who’ve obscured the truth of this situation should hang. Along with the people who brought us the FF of Sandy Hoax. Every one of you is complicit in the destruction of this once great nation. Read your Bracken dear media.

    • Don’t forget Ruby Ridge, Waco (1 & 2), 9/11, Gordon Kahl, Oklahoma City, Aurora CO, to name but a few…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Vegas is a turn point event. Somethings cooking. They pulled this stunt off on orders from a group of hi mucky muck oligarchy operators. They are either going to keep having these false flag operations because that faction behind this is said fuck it, lets go postal see what we can do admits the turmoil it creates or they are sneaking up on something larger.
      Remember, their isn’t a titular head of any of the permanent government regime factions occupying the Offal Office.

      Think about this, if they are willing to massacre American’s wholesale, at some stage of this very dangerous game they will put the hit on Trump.

      See, something doesn’t add up beyond the deliberate confusion of the truth of who what and why behind it.
      There is a reason why this happened. A very important reason. Its what we got to be thinking about.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Damn…

    Then that means that Smoking Man has Methuselah beat hands down!!

    But as ‘Sport’n Life’ observed in “It Ain’t Necessarily So…” (Porgy & Bess) that may NOT have been such a ‘blessing’..

    “Methuselah lived 900 years..
    Methuselah lived 900 years…
    But who calls that livin’…
    When no gal will give in…
    To NO man with 900 years!!”

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  6. Such as they have inflicted, so shall they also receive – Waco, Ruby Ridge, 9/11, Columbine, UVA, Sandy Hook, Las Vegas, etc. Let these be the models by which we repay them, when the time comes. What they have deemed “necessity for the greater good”, we shall turn upon them and call “justice” in the moment of repayment.

  7. Which now begs the question of how
    1) the maintenance worker knew the fire exit was stuck, since Campos “didn’t have a radio” to call and tell anyone
    2) how with two fat targets in a long narrow corridor at water balloon range, anybody but Stevie Wonder could loose off dozens of rounds at them, and only wing one guy slightly in the leg
    3) the LVMPD only reported finding wounded Campos in the hallway when they arrived 18 minutes after the first bursts of gunfire broke out, not Campos and Schuck
    4) none of the guests in the other 33 rooms and suites on the 32d

    let alone those in the 70 more one level immediately above or below, didn’t immediately call the hotel operator, or grab cellphones to call 911, and say “Hey, who the fuck is shooting a machinegun down the hall of the 30-somethingth floor at the Mandalay Bay Hotel at 10PM ?”
    5) how LVMPD didn’t get the word or respond for 19 minutes, since Stephen Schuck was uninjured and could presumably phone, radio, or ride the freaking elevators straight to the hotel security offices in about 60 seconds
    6) LVMPD and the FBI could manage to fustercluck the timeline, twice now, and yet still can’t get their stories to jibe with the now two only reported ear-witnesses to the initial bursts of gunfire.
    One fustercluck is happenstance, twice is coincidence, three times is enemy action.
    7) It also doesn’t explain the lack of pics of all those bulletholes, because all those bullets went somewhere on the 32d floor, and all those somewheres are other people’s rooms.
    WTF, over?

    This isn’t an investigation; it’s using a ski-resort snow blower to spread bullshit.

  8. Jimmy the Saint

    The Clusterfuck is in danger of going Mongolian

  9. Circumsucker V2.0 - President Cuck Edition

    Anyone frequent /pol/? There WAS no license in the database for the security guard, no game permit, nothing. Site goes down, comes back, suddenly an entry for Jesus Campos dated 10/10/17.

    • Saw an article on Drudge this morning says he is NOT a licensed security guard in Nevada.

  10. 28 Y/O Las Vegas Mass Shooting Survivor “dies suddenly”
    ( Be sure to read the entire article. )

  11. One of the things that encourages me is how this is being handled in conservative media.
    Last night Tucker Carlson made a point of acknowledging that at this point we still do not know if there was a second shooter.
    Thats huge in my opinion.
    I feel like this is a leading indicator.
    If we suppose that many right wing media people are in support of Trump and are being advised by the upper echelons of his administration off the record, then what we could be seeing here is evidence that the top levels of Trumps inner circle do not trust the information that is being presented to them by the intel/ LEO community. Which is a good thing.
    This was a deep state operation and I think that the Trump inner circle are aware of that but dont know what to do about it yet.