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Key Witness in Las Vegas Shooting Kills Self and Daughter Following FBI Raid

(H/t Herschel)

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  1. Did I read that correctly? He shot himself and his daughter in the BACK of the head. It was highlighted as maybe the author thought – WTF.

  2. A charger that charges non re-chargeable batteries…..

    • This is neither as impossible, nor as ironic as it sounds at first read. There are a number of ‘primary battery’ chemistries which had, since their invention, been presumed as non-rechargeable, but which it turns out can be recharged or “rejuvenated” using new technology and/or novel methods.
      Lithium-ion batteries were in that category, as little as 18 years ago — but now they’re powering every friggin iGadget on earth.

      OK, enough with the battery rat-hole, and back to the topic of acute Foster syndrome – who wants to get in the pool to pick the next lucky stiff?

  3. Consider the fact they they executed the guys little disabled girl before his eyes and then he got it . Tells you what kind of Michael Collins thing they are forcing upon us . Being Irish I have always been interested in insurrection and deep continual war . The State is a poor master . I choose Yahweh !

    • The daughter was 27 y/o, but still totally dependent upon her parents. Retts patients confined to a wheelchair are 99.9% nonverbal, so she wasn’t killed for what she knew. It was both a mitzveh and a warning to the wife – “take the insurance money and go enjoy yourself, you’ve earned it. But if you say a peep, you’re definitely next.”

      Remember the progressive mindset: children are a burden. Particularly handicapped children. Men are a burden to women, most particularly successful white men. So in their eyes they’ve released her from a miserable and tedious life with a disabled child and an oppressive husband.

      And if anything might buy silence, it’s gratitude. They’re always trying to tell themselves that they’re the ‘good guys’, and “releasing her from her misery” fits that needed self-image perfectly.

  4. thesouthwasrght

    Sooooo….he shot himself in the back of the tater? Did i read that correctly?

  5. Sure, back of the head, happens a lot in Arkansas.

  6. Fred Fredburger

    I read before that the cloud people, illuminati whatever you want to call them have a rule they follow that when they do anything they have to tell the world what they are doing. They have no problem doing the act as long as they let the populace in on the joke.

    The “shooter” is Paddock right? I looked in the dictionary for Paddock. The first entry that came up reads- a small, usually enclosed field near a stable or barn for pasturing or exercising animals. A lot of animals out exercising that night in the field don’t ya think.

    I have read that the concert field was closed off with limited points of entry/exit. Sounds like a paddock to me. Funny how the animals barn(Mandaly Bay hotel) was close by.

    Looking further for the meaning of Paddock an Archaic definition for Paddock is a toad. So I look up toad and one definition for toad- a person or thing as an object of disgust or aversion.

    This whole thing is a mess. They can’t keep up with the lies. We will never know the truth. Are they going to tear Mandaly Bay down like they did the school in Sandy Hook. I’m surprised they have not already passed laws where we can’t talk about all of this.

    Back to my bloody marry.

    • So, we now have our first confirmed case of Vegas-Variant Foster syndrome… apparently Beilman knew way too much. Probably could/would have been called as an expert witness.

      The question for all of us is – what takes a battery, and is important enough to the Vegas Shooter case that it could get material witnesses Fostered?

      Remember: Sandy Hook is only the most recent place they’ve demolished, immediately after they commit their atrocities in plain sight. Heck, it goes back at least to Waco, which was bulldozed only 2 months after the Branch Davidians were murdered on national teevee.

  7. Slimey,depraved,soulless cocksuckers. Average guy thinks,”How the fuck can they do that?” Easy. No conscience,hence no remorse or guilt. Anyone relying upon the power and might of karma: “what goes round comes around”, better pull their head out of their ass.
    We are surrounded by Satan and Lilith.Many people do not believe in pure evil. Time to wake the fuck up or die.

    • And you expect WHAT ‘morals/ethics’ from the parasite class and it’s enablers and enforcers?

      They’ve been doing this shit for centuries if not longer via ‘false flags’ and divide and conquer, both church and state are nothing more than violence brokers and blood dancers in the same moment.

      As for casting satan’s stink on Lilith, I wouldn’t go there if I were you as she’s the primary Goddess that I worship as a Neo-Pagan Witch, a Neo-Pagan Witch that packs daily and is one with his Fn-fal Battle Rifle and other freedom tools. She was grafted onto the bullshit in the torah by the jewish parasite class/levitic priesthood of the time that were no different from ‘team mohammeds’ violent brain dead bullshit. I have no patience with such and will call it out asap. For those who’re clueless enough to spew out, “Northgunner you’re a devil worshipper!” as a response to what I’ve said, the only response that I feel dignified in giving such ignoramuses is the same voiced by late actor Michael Ansara who played Commander Kang (a Klingon) in the original Star Trek episode “Day of the Dove”:
      Kirk: “Go to the devil!”
      Kang: “We have no ‘devil’ Kirk, but we do understand the habits of YOURS.”

      When things go spicy, as the parasite class seems to delight in pushing for, keep in mind that I’m not the only armed Neo-Pagan who will rise and stand beside fellow patriots to defend tribe/clan and community just as other patriots will be Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus and others.

      You will need us more than you know.

      Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Nortgunner read you five by five and got your six. And I am deeply encouraged to know of kindred like me seeing and acting so clearly. Thank you for speaking up. I agree.

  8. Matthew Wilbanks

    Uh, ya’ll might want to actually read these articles before commenting on some sensationalist headline. I’m all for conspiracy theories, but the website link looks like nonsense and provides no facts whatsoever linking Beilman to the Vegas shooting investigation. No other site is reporting they were both shot “in the back of the head”. FBI raid? Yes. Both dead? Yes. Secret spy shit involving Beilman, Paddock, the CIA and high tech communication devices? Show me some evidence or they are just full of shit. People are seriously grasping at straws.

  9. That “report” is from Sorcha Faal. Enough said.

  10. Linked article was authored by Sorcha Faal – believe it at your own risk.

  11. Quote:

    “…shot her and then himself in the back of the head with a 12-gauge shotgun.”

    So, he was Arkancided…?

  12. It is easier for a civilized man to act like a savage, than it is for a savage to act civilized.

    • They’re not savages… they’re SOCIOPATHS. Because of this, they can *act* like they are either civilized or savage, but in truth they are neither. They are pure, condensed, industrial-strength EVIL, and must be dealt with as such.

  13. Somewhere in hell Bill Casey is grinning like a college kid at his first beer fest.