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What is Distributed Security, Inc?

Distributed Security, Inc. is a private defense group. We train and mobilize individuals, businesses, churches and schools to defend life and property. We offer integrated on-lineon-site and on-range training packages for our members, students and tailored engagements for our clients. http://www.distributedsecurity.com

Who are the DSI instructors?

Ron Danielowski, Bill Tallen, Randy Bartlett and Chuck Gbur make up our corporate training cadre. They work with a growing number of independent instructors certified to teach our curricula. It’s one thing to have some firearms background and want to turn that into a side business. It’s quite another to have the expertise, knowledge AND ability to transfer that knowledge effectively. Our curriculum is designed by these same people and now encompasses 7 print manuals, 30+ on-range formats, 60+ on-line courses, 4 on-line training plans, and thousands of pages of on-line training resources. Check out their individual bios here. https://distributedsecurity.com/about-pulse-o2da/certified-training-instructors.html

Why did you start DSI?

Ron Danielowski and Mike Smock started DSI in 2010 to address a growing need for firearms training resulting from increasing polarization in the US and throughout the world. They saw two gaps they could fill in the firearms training industry:

1. Beyond the NRA. A need for reality based training solutions for individuals and teams that pick up where the standard NRA offerings leave off.

2. Distributed security. They saw a clear need for individuals to assume more control over the immediate defense of their home, businesses, churches and schools.

What types of training is offered by your team?

We offer on-line, on-range, on-site and instructor certification training. https://distributedsecurity.com/offerings/training-home.html#

1. On-line pre-course and post-course training supports all our on-range and on-site training courses, reducing the amount of classroom time in those courses, and providing guidance for sustaining and developing your skills through directed practice.

2. On-range training provides instruction in combative handgun, rifle, shotgun, individual tactics, team tactics, and unit tactics. Students can also benefit from various hands-on medical training and tactical communications courses that may be needed to save their own lives or those around them.

3. On-site training is conducted at your own venue and nearby training facilities that meet our requirements, tailoring our training packages to your specific needs and applications.

4. DSI Certified Firearms Instructor (CFI) certification is designed to teach qualified candidates on the same tactics and methodology we use for our own students. Once an instructor is DSI certified, they have access to all the training curriculum and tools needed to train their own students at their own location. DSI engages with CFI’s on an ongoing basis and supports them through continued training every year.

We use Reality Based Training (RBT) to teach individual, small team, and unit tactics in a force-on-force environment with live role players and non-lethal training firearms and ammunition. Whether in our own training areas or at your location, this method tests firearms, tactics, and decision-making skills in high-stress, realistic scenarios

We also offer vulnerability assessments for clients and partners worldwide. These engagements are tailored to fit the specific needs of enterprises and organizations confronted with threats to personnel and assets.

Where does DSI offer training?

Our combative handgun/rifle/shotgun courses are put on by our CFI’s at their locations. Currently, we have CFI’s in Iowa, Nebraska, Kansas, Ohio, Illinois and New York. Our reality-based training facilities are conducted at facilities in Mt Carrol, IL and Davenport IA. Tactical medicine and communications courses are integrated in those live courses, as well as stand-alone courses in Ohio.

What is the Defender 300 concept?

We’re using the new SEC crowdfunding regulations to build a cadre of 300 highly experienced gun owners who understand the importance of investing in advanced training that sharpens their existing skills while introducing new skill sets, tactics and techniques.

The reason we’re using a “Reg CF” offering is that it allows us to share potential financial returns or profits with those who invest and become Defender 300 members. Our Ref CF offering is not just an investment, but also a commitment to the security of your community.

The modest financial investment you make can return many times over, both financially, and in the peace of mind that comes with the confidence that your community is safe and secure. Accepted members receive:

1. SWAT caliber training – Individual/team training courses, plans, resources.

2. Advanced Training Plan – Online 12-month detailed level training plan.

3. Lifetime Membership – Advanced-Level Online Defense Academy

4. Training Discounts – Individual and team tactics courses.

5. Referral Commissions – Student or client referrals.

6. Resources – For creating a community distributed security network.

7. SWAG – Vinyl morale patch and window decal

Click here for more info: https://distributedsecurity.com/defender-300-program-details.html?a_id=388

How does DSI differ from other training organizations in the space?

Two things set us apart:

  1. Integrated training ladder – We have the on-line, on-range and on-site ability to move a new gun owner all the way up to SWAT-level proficiency in 12 months through integrated training approach.
  2. Private defense networks – We designed these private networks to support businesses, churches and schools in your community.

Walk us through how an awakened American might interact with DSI for his family’s safety?

Let us assume this awakened American is an experienced gun owner and decides to further their tactical training. This is how he/she would interact with us:

1. Start by getting an Advanced membership in our online Defense Academy – or – become an investor in the Defender300.

2. Next, invite in other family members, friends, and neighbors to start training via a Basic membership. (If you’re a Defender 300 member you get a share of our revenue and commissions on referrals).

3. Last, start training. Move up our training ladder from individual, to team, then unit tactics offerings.

What does DSI offer to that same awakened American for the organizations (schools, churches, businesses) to which he/she belongs?

Awakened Americans can establish their own on-line security cadres for their local businesses, churches or schools using our on-line Team memberships. Their local businesses, schools and churches can engage our on-site turnkey offerings or have us custom tailor a solution. All of our offerings have been designed to distribute security down to the private citizen.

What is the most important attribute that a DSI student can bring to a class?

The most important attribute a student, member or client can bring is a desire to train.

What is the most important skill that a DSI student learns?

How to win the fight of their life by integrating techniques – gun handling skills – with tactics and decision making appropriate to the actual conditions of modern life in America.

19 responses to “Q&A With The DSI Team

  1. A franchise

  2. “SWAT-level proficiency “?
    Not sure that would be a selling point.

    • not referring to (((LVPD))) SWAT. More like SWAT in Russia. Where the LV shooter would’ve been dead w/in minutes of firing his first bullet.

    • Itor, many teams train daily, are high end, operators.

      Do not underestimate your keepers, or their tactics.

      The wise individual ” learns” their enemies authority, tactics, and where those operators families live!

      I know it’s a shitty thing to say. Once you understand, ” there are no rules” for them.

      ” they” creep with nods, they shoot suppressed weapons, and are up armored like never before. We live in a world where, slow IS fast, Night IS Day.

      The tactics used continue to evolve. These men do it with fluid motion, almost lazily, to watch, but precise and efficient.

      My point is do not underestimate these people.


  3. I have no questions. Well, I do but I don’t trust answers from people who use such roundabout, buzzwordy explanations. It sounds like a pyramid scheme and the tactical stuff is already taught all over the place.

  4. I had a membership a few years ago, when they operated as O2DA. They had a lot of good quality material, but I simply wasn’t using it often enough. That was on me, rather than them. A couple of far more skilled “operators” that I know thought it was excellent material.

  5. Seraphim of Sarov

    I think it’s brilliant.

    Looks like they’ve found a way to create a massive highly trained r̶e̶s̶i̶s̶t̶a̶n̶c̶e̶ self-defense network and monetized the whole process for the cadre.

    Not for everyone…but of the 1 in a million people it’s a good fit for, probably half of them read this blog.

    Two thumbs up.

  6. I wish these folks the best.

    And I have some thoughts for the naysayers who chime in on just about everything, those who have somewhat recently found their beds to lie on here at this site. Almost-non-moderated comments here and all, it is a nice bed for some.

    There may be two people of the old group who came over here some 10+ yrs ago, plank owners of Appleseed, who may read this. I won’t call them by name, since their quiet reputations precede them. Both post here very occasionally. And then there’s our host, the old brains behind the front of Appleseed.

    This defensive concepts corporation, as interviewed by our host, seems to have much merit on its face. There’s always going to be doubters in the free-for-all of commenters: not my idea; pyramid scheme; don’t like the instructors’ weapons choices nor their patter; I don’t like PT; corporations and/or small businesses and/or churches would never allow this sort of thing to happen in their workspaces; again I don’t like PT and I’m too lazy to get in better shape and I therefore find it easier to criticize others than to work on my own shortcomings, etc. The beat goes on.

    Quietus aka Prairie Fire back in the olden times

    • Forgot to say: location=perspective. For people who post here their shitty outlooks on life, maybe a major change of scene would be of help. There’s the caveat for them, of dragging current values to the new scene. This is a bad thing to do. Locals do not like new shitty perspectives, for one thing. For another, the nice places just don’t have enough room to accept many more of unknown persuasions. Jackson Hole is a good example here of a good place turned bad.

      Cold here tonight. This is the last hurrah for camping on the Forest Service prior to elk season Saturday. The retirement pup is halfway down to the foot of the sleeping bag already, will likely be at its foot come piss time. He puts out a lot of BTUs. Life is fine.

      • Ditto, old friend.

        Kudos to the DSI folks for thinking outside the box. Skill at arms and capitalism aren’t mutually exclusive, if their product is good, and their model works, then they may do fine.

        As to me, I’ll look it over, but I ain’t much of a joiner these days. I do miss good training, though, since the passing of Louis Awerbuck, I’ve done far too little.

        Keep your powder dry,
        Atlas Shrug (still know as that to an handful, anyway)

      • DILLY DILLY! !!

      • lastmanstanding

        I am living in one of those places as well brother…”lots of shitty new perspectives” as well. Acres and acres and acres of the finest farmland on God’s green earth now covered with home after home after home. So sad.

        Cold here in western Montanistan as well. We’ll be hunting soon also… No matter what, we’ll be enjoying the day.

        But your right…life is fine. Live it… I’ll add.

  7. Wish them well. Fairly straightforward approach to a business model, and zero reason folks shouldn’t get paid. Have lost track of classes cancelled by good men travelling & teaching on their own dime due to lack of interest by one blog/forum commentariat or other. Fair winds folks.

  8. Vulnerable? If you give a rats ass about anyone you are vulnerable.Step up to the plate and do it for the tribe. Chip in..send your best and train the rest..Work hard and smart. Find your inner Franklin John Rock.

  9. Millions are going to wake up one day with a boot on their face and wish that they had taken half the pains to what this (and others) have to offer.

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