Brushbeater: So You Want A New AR, Huh?

Common sense.

Which isn’t common.

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    Keep in mind that the current POTUS could be taken out or neutralized as early as the 2018 mid-term elections. The creeping creature of gun control is cunning enough not to worry about firearm confiscation. I predict it will be the ammunition. I remember after the Sandy Hook False Flag, it was almost impossible to find 9MM, 5.56MM and .308. All of the imports from Silver Bear, Brown Bear, Tula, Prvi Partizan, etc. would be stopped cold.
    My caliber choices are the same as the US military. I am looking at what would be available. And, you cannot have too much .22 long rifle cartridges. This will be especially true if you are relegated, for security reasons, to sub-caliber practice. Bleib ubrig.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    The old keep it simple stupid rule raises it’s head again.
    In a word logistics.
    For those in Rio Linda, there ain’t no resupply bird coming.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Cocaine, heroin, and methamphetamine are all illegal. All are readily obtainable, and at fairly cheap price. Where there is a market, someone will supply it, and the Mexican cartels already have pretty good logistics set up throughout the country.

      So while there may be no resupply bird coming; there very likely will be a resupply lo-rider coming.

    • Got it, Rush.

      At least he recommended my favorites for 7.62 NATO. FN FAL, M-14 S/A.
      Mags were cheap at one point, not so much now.

    • CMP E Store now sells Eley Standard in bulk bricks for $355 per case of 5000.
      Limit 2 per year. 1090 fps 40 grain
      Best deal going for Appleseed or Rimfire Sporter or similar training.

      Norma Tac 22 is good stuff.
      I also bought some Tac 223 just for the brass to reload with heavy 75 HPBT and was very impressed with the 55 grain accuracy.

      Ammo is still cheap.
      Stock up.

      • Right now I have a Geissele G2S in my Colt 6700 and a Tubb Spring. Need to put a muzzle device on it or change away from the factory 1/9 target crown.
        I have another lower with a Geissele National Match.
        About to go ahead and build another lower and am open to suggestions for a parts kit for it.
        It will be purely for defensive use with a Trijicon or Aimpoint in 16 or 18″ barrel. My Colt is a 20″ and the match lower has a 26″ barreled upper on it.

  3. Excellent analysis and advice based on that analysis.

    Yes, I have a 6.5 Grendel in an AR-15 rifle, but not as my primary carry weapon. My primary AR-15 is technically a pistol, it has a 11.5 inch barrel, in 5.56×45 (5.56NATO). You can pick up ammo and spare parts on the field of battle, or from a friendly sheriff’s deputy.

  4. thesouthwasrght

    As one of the commenters stated, people only think in terms of fmj. Guaranteed a vmax, BT, or varmint grenade coming out of a 16″ bbl will be an attention getter.

    My only concern with the 556 is it’s lack of penetration on hard targets.

  5. Commonality among your rifles for daily use is something that is a hidden bonus. You can cannibalize other, damaged rifles, and know that those parts will work as long as you integrate carefully. Test firing and checking afterwards will be a must. Also, is it good to branch out to those .308’s and 7.62 X 39 and 30.06, even 30-30, and .22 LR, the idea being FLEXIBILITY. You will need lots of .22 to train the uninitiated, and while orphan cartridges may sit a while, sooner or later, like those tools at the bottom of your tool box you’re going to need them. Like Burt Gummer, when I don’t like how one gun is doing, I reach for a better or heavier caliber. Stay out of my rec room. Damned underground monsters………

  6. Yeah, last month I finally broke down and ordered four Lowers. Frankly, I’m a single shot, turret press kinda guy, and I’d gotten tired of lugging that black rifle around while in the service. But with all the weird news and goings on in the country, and since Trump came in the AR stuff has gotten really cheap, so I figured maybe it was time.

    I did go for 5.56 NATO chamber, and all but one of the rifles will be built for reliability and pretty much stock, other than adding some lower powered optics.

    Responding to DWEEZIL THE WEASEL, I don’t stock .22 LR, since I can load 9mm for the circa the same price, so I don’t see a point to that. Also, you can’t consider Trump ‘our guy’. Reagan was also ‘our guy’ and he signed the Mulford Act, and supported the Assault Weapons Ban in 1994, among other things. Really, it’s more dangerous when a guy on ‘our side’ goes over, then when the enemy is clearly on the other side.

  7. 5.56, .22LR and 9mm. Maybe .308 in bolt guns. Don’t fuck around with anything else, unless you have lots of time and money to waste.

  8. A 308 Bolt gun with some good glass is a priceless tool for the precision application of violence.

    A 10 year old could shoot a 500 yard target with a .308

  9. I like the .308 cartridge for it’s power, reload, been shooting about 20 years. I realize the problems with logistics, of course; the answer is to be… more judicious with the expenditure of ammo. But carrying a 14# M1A (fully dressed out, sling, scope, all the goodies), I realized that this needed one more accessory: wheels. So while it’s a 1.3 MOA rifle, I decided to let it go, and get an AR-308. Did quite a bit of research, went with a DPMS platform that comes in naked at 8# 4 oz. With the goodies I’ve got, it should be <10# and have FAR better ergonomics. 18" match barrel versus the 22" barrel, adjustable length-of-pull (hard to get in an M1A platform, VERY expensive and heavy as well)… better scope mounting, BUIS, etc. It was a no-brainer. Don't get me wrong, I LIKE the M1A platform… if I'm going to the range. It's fun, though not nearly as good as my Remmy 308 for accuracy. But the truth is, I'm NOT looking for a range-gun or a safe-queen. I need something I (as a small-statured guy) can field with some efficiency. The old-school thing has its place… for those who want to indulge in nostalgic play. But we're not in the 1950's anymore, and I needed a platform I can more effectively field, carries a massive punch, and will deliver a lot of firepower when needed. The AR-308 (DPMS style) is the best choice, IMHO.