Herschel: Banning Fire-Rate-Increasing Devices

Go and watch.

And yes, the Greenwoods are down with the program — the whole program.

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    While some fool is doing the spray-and-pray thing with his way cool “bump stock”, a savvy teenager with a .243 about 150 yards away will pop him in the head with one, well-aimed shot. Ignore this bull***t. We’ve discussed the craven cowards at the NRA and that Judas Iscariot Alan Gottlieb ad nauseam. Drill and practice with what you have. Channel the Afghans and their Enfield rifles. Train and get ready.

    • Seraphim of Sarov

      Match your tactics to the weapons you have; match your weapons with the tactics you want.

  2. H.R. 3999 This bill is being fast tracked, with no grandfather clause.
    Very dangerous bill. Contact your congress person, stop it now while we can. Spread the word.

    • Considering the NRA was the first to promote this, they can lead their members to the gun parts surrender stations to maintain that sacred “law abiding citizen” status.

      Expect their magazines to feature a section on proper confiscation etiquette and liberal appeasement.

  3. Came by an old Enfield some years ago for a pittance . Got tons of surplus Egyptian ammo with it that is so hot it splits half the cases and makes for quite a time cleaning up afterwards . But dang ! When they hit they start plowing the damn field for ten yards or so . Cuts the back end off of the hogs when it hits right . Wish I still had it but it got lost in the boating accident .

  4. Here’s a fellow who thinks RKBA depends on what people in Congress do. If they pass a confiscation bill, I guess he will turn his guns in and hope the Supreme Court takes care of the problem.

    “What’s the true source of the right to bear arms?”

    If the ruling class gets it in their heads that they want to try, there is nothing but the resort to war. No writing your congresscritter is going to help.

    Some people need to figure out that not all laws need to be obeyed.

  5. So, they’re going to ban trigger fingers??

  6. Centurion_Cornelius

    mtnforge on this site said it best: “It’s always been about THE GUNS.” Agreed! Always has been and always will be their goal: making you totally defenseless.

    Ask yourself: “WHY?” Really. Ponder that goal.

    Probe the deepest recesses of your mind to imagine the sheer horror these monsters would inflict upon you and yours. Not so much for their thieving material gain, but to take exquisite pleasure in seeing you and your loved ones suffer at their domination over ever fiber of your being.

    Monsters need to be slain. This is why I am at the rifle range constantly.

    The storm is upon us, men. Coming to aid you in your defense, I will help you; if you are defenseless, may God help you.

  7. The problem we’re up against is that hoplophobes couldn’t care less about all this technical detail. Their eyes glaze over after thirty seconds. And even if they do realize the absurdity and unfairness of the proposed legislation, they DON’T CARE. There is no integrity over there. They are more than happy to screw gun owners any way they can, because they opportunistic and they literally hate us. There is no middle ground, just like there is no compromise in a tug-of-war.

  8. Per usual, the cuckholders in the Dead Elephants Society are all for gun control-on us. We are truly sliding down the steep descent of the chute to civil war. I’m giving up on saving the FUSA, and simply preparing to survive the inevitable. And no, I will not comply.