Less courtly gentleman, more knife-wielder.

16 responses to “Banzai!

  1. I swear this guy reminds me of benny hill.

  2. Quite the Southron Genteelman.

    Sessions had strong rhetoric, but obviously doesn’t have the killer instinct for this line of work.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “but obviously doesn’t have the killer instinct for this line of work.”

      He was a GOP politician – a group not exactly known for its toughness.

  3. Daniel K Day

    Pete, were you just reading this?


    this said, Sessions takes his orders from Trumpenthal. Since an actual rectification of Sodom-on-the-Potomac would involve the impeachment, conviction, and removal of Trumpenthal – who accompanied the Clintons on at least 4 of their visits to (((Jeffrey Epstein)))’s Pedophile Island – the Washington Swamp will continue to be undrained and, indeed. deepen by the day.

  5. Big_Celebrant

    “Drain the Swamp”?

    Nope. Burn it down. All of it. Barr the doors while congress is in joint session, and nuke it. let all the beltway drones die of radiation poisoning. They deserve it.

    Hunt every member of CP/USA, ISNA/Muslim Brotherhood, and every other political entity that has attacked our Nation. Hunt them to the ends of the earth and hang their gutted corpses in public view.

    I’m past being apologetic, and I stand in very good company on that point. It’s about 30 years past time to get this party started, but it’s not quite too late.

    • I’ll stand with that. Burn it all to ash, and then salt the ashen ground where it stood.

      Also, you sort of implied the extent of the needed fire, but why not say it plainly – wherever even one member of a house is guilty of such treason, eliminate the entire household. Leave no young to rise up for vengeance of their parents. Burn it all to ash, allowing no book or memoir, not even the slightest memento to later be enshrined. BURN IT ALL
      In short, do not make them martyrs – erase them and their entire mark upon history.

      Further, those who protest are but volunteers to join them in the ash-heap of oblivion. See to it that they do. If you’re gonna scrub, keep scrubbing until it’s totally, utterly clean. Period.

      Your conscience should have no trouble with this, because this was their plain intention to destroy and erase you and yours.

    • I have been wanting this since the 70’s. I’m in total agreement. Only problem now is I’m a bit too old to have any active participation. Damn!


    A fraud. A mountebank. A poltroon. And, I can think of other adjectives more vulgar. However, you all get my point.

  7. Funny…I thought mitch mc’connjob was the only one ‘turtle enough’ to wear the turtle shell…

    And speaking of ‘the swamp’…

    Hmmm is it time for “Turtle Soup” ala sessions and mc’connjob yet?….

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III