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How long can you sleep next to a mad dog, be it foreign or domestic?

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  1. Awesome. Kill it.

  2. “Let he who has no sword sell his cloak and buy one.”

    Jesus Christ

    So much for churchianity pussi-ism.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yeah, but that was before most churches switched over to Jesus Christ, the First Socialist and General Secretary of Heaven.

  3. The first quote on ABC News after Tiananmen Square had happened, with torrents of protesters fleeing in all directions for their very lives, (said quote expunged instantly and forever into network news oblivion) had the on-scene ABC-Beijing reporter asking one of the leaders of the Chinese student movement essentially “Now that the government has gone to wholesale massacre, what will you do now?”

    I remember the answer as if it were a minute ago:
    Now, the people need to get guns!

    • Great bit of ironic history, Aesop…
      Fortunately, WE already have more guns than “they” do.

  4. You can’t continue sleeping next to a pack of them either, especially when their pack is guided by the most rabid (let’s make that Rabbied) of all smelly, sneaky bitches!

  5. Close the doors. Period.

    Then send “them” ALL home. The number isn’t eleven million either.

  6. Doesn’t Myanmar/Burma treat their Christians as shitty as their Muslims?

    • GS:

      Yes,because the Myanmar Christians, unlike the Buddhists, resist the thugocracy.

    • Christianity is essentially outlawed, yes.

      But note that the international media / UN doesn’t care about that. I wonder why?

      • Because Christians are non persons nearly worldwide. Since most of the ills of the world can be ascribed to Evil Intent, by Evil people….

        I do not wonder why it is that Christianity is under assault.

  7. “Every man to his family and his possessions”

  8. Michael Dean Miller

    If Buddhist want to kill you, you can bet YOU did something wrong.

  9. Daniel K Day

    Thank you! Posted on FB with the caption, My kind of Buddhist, but he should keep his finger off the trigger.

  10. I can’t criticize people for recognizing an existential threat and acting to remove or nullify it.

  11. Oh, and is that a photo shop or is he really holding a serious sidearm?

  12. Let all resist what is evil and wrong. Christianity, as I know it, is not a suicide pact, nor a bunch of socialist palaver. Judgement of the current situation in the light of logic and reason, as well as self preservation and self defense, will tell you that we’re headed for a fight to the finish. Meek and mild won’t cut it.

  13. We were weak so our land has become Mexican. Oprimo numero dos por el Jefe Herberto Mountain Dew Camacho.

  14. Jimmy the Saint

    Sure you can – if the mad dog is as full of thorazine as you are of kindness and love.

  15. It is most instructive to do a search on the name Ashin Wirithu. As the results indicate he is not held in favorable view by the bbc, pri, npr, the “guardian”, huff n’ puff, and so on, one can easily see he must be on the right track, and effectively so.

    My understanding of the rohingya refuse is that they have attempted to live as if they were muslims in control of areas within Myanmar. And those peoples already there were unwilling to become dhimmis, so the natives are tossing the muslims out.

    Of course, the npr story is so much different.