Buppert: RINO! The Grand Old Politburo and the Leviathan State


Shrub’s speech as ref’d.


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  1. As the saying goes, how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The same goes with gun control laws. We have been in constant retreat, one bite at a time, while they take more and more of our liberties away. Republicans, Democrats, Whigs, whatever, it makes no difference. That is why I get so mad at faux conservatives like Hewitt, who think a bit of compromise is no big deal. The problem is that we are always the ones compromising and backing up, never the other side. Not.One.Inch.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Why eat it? Just shoot it, take the ivory to sell, and leave the rest for the scavengers. It’s a well-established business model.

  2. I told people for years that Bush was Globalist. They insisted he was a conservative. They always sent me pics of Bush posing with injured troops. Now he has removed all doubt for those who wouldn’t believe. He attacked Nationalists. McCain attacked Nationalists. Fuck him.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      For a long time now, the term “conservative” has largely been used to describe Christian Socialists. By that metric, Bush was absolutely a conservative.

  3. POd American

    To be truly effective, the plastic bag needs to be securely fastened over the breathing holes until the hypocritical speeches cease.

  4. Elephants are one of the most dangerous animals in the African bush. Rem these guys brought us Bldg 7. Wait til they order the .mil to kill us all after a FF.

  5. I am all the things the left accuses us of being. 1. It will make them madder to hear it. 2. i don’t give fuck. 3 It don’t fucking matter. 4. Watch what happens, commies, when you make your move. You ain’t see nothn’ yet. 5. What these klowns of kommunism speak about doesn’t matter either, victims of resting bitchy face they may be. 6. I’m going to have me some fun.

  6. When Obama and Bush are together, who gets to be on top? Michelle?

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Seraphim of Sarov

    Erwin is a crazy town. If you drive through there, you can quickly see how they thought hanging an elephant from a crane was a good idea.


    • Thanks for posting that. I take that story as more of a tale of the ignorance of people – instead of the unpredictability of animals. So Eldridge kicked her in an infected tooth? I’m pretty sure that would have caused me to beat the shit out of somebody too.

      Reminds me of a story I read a number of years back – about a retired race horse ranch down in some southern state (might have been Tennessee – I don’t really remember) . It was a long story about how the ranch was established to take care of these race horses who were past their prime – and how some of them were quite a handful. There was one section about a particular horse (a male) that was very high strung – and would not really respond to the trainers. Apparently one trainer had resorted to beating the horse out of frustration – and the horse in the presence of other people – responded to the beating.

      Until one day when said trainer was leading the horse across an open area going from one stable to another. At one point the horse pulled back on it’s reign – refused to go any further – the trainer pulled on the reign , but the horse apparently looked around – saw nobody else in viewing distance – and quickly bent down and bit the guys nutsack off…….. Of course the trainer fell on the ground in agony – and released the reigns. The horse apparently never left – he just stood over the guy horse laughing at him.

      How do you like me now fucker!

      I see the tale of Mary the elephant – and this race horse – as good real world examples of what happens when you piss people (or animals) – off. Maybe then they’re more appropriately better tales to tell to the children about how sooner or later the cloud people will hang from ropes after they finally piss people off badly enough.

  9. I always thought of GWB as a well intention nice guy. I am sure he still is, but it sounds like he has a new job paving roadways to the underdark.

    • He was a drunken coked up frat boy. He was the facade while Cheney ran things. Poppy Bush was a globalist to the core and a big part of their New World Order. Georgie was installed as he was a compliant tool. And he still is. Eight years of Obummer and not a peep. Less than a year of Trump and he has to speak out?


        Dubya was a very stupid, self-absorbed man surrounded by very intelligent, devious, cunning, and evil people. And here we are.

    • He comes from a long line of Bonesmen . His Grandpa was a bagman for Hitler http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2003/oct/17/20031017-110534-8149r/ and his real Grandpa was almost certainly Aleister Crowley (‘Great Beast’) http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/11/aleister-crowley-and-the-bush-connection/ Man , some of you guys are still like lambs . These freaks are the most evil trash the universe ever vomited up but keep looking at ‘commies’ , muslimes , the thug Putin and other shiny objects.

    • thesouthwasrght

      Dude is a skull. I used to think he meant well also. Took awhile to come to the conclusion he is a dedicated globalist who callously sent a lot of good people to an early grave or a very altered existence. All for corporate enrichment and the house of Saud.

  10. Mueller has managed to dredge up a big fat zero.
    They are changing tactics to try and impeach or worse President Trump.
    Its not hard to figure the permanent government isn’t feeling very permanent, they are dragging out Mr. Patriot Act himself to denounce Trump.
    Soon they will dust off the commie peanut farmer and have him scold us deplorable & dirt people for being white national terrorists or some hive bullshit.
    MAGA is really getting to them too. All of them. Sticks in their craw.

    I think Trump has been outflanking them all along, working up the corrupto-crat food chain with close to 4000 pedophile/sex crime busts.
    Its too many to put a hit on to keep them quiet, by starting at the bottom and working their way up, they are getting close to the level of connected crims in the whole Pizzagate sex for blackmail ring who will cop a plea or go states evidence.
    My bet is there’s a lot of worried motherfuckers. A cascade effect is in the wind. It won’t take but one mid level rat to rat everyone out and all the rats will go into desperate cover my ass mode trying to be the first to rat. All sorts of corruption not sex crime is related and connected.

    Trump is no dummy. Neither knows where the bodies are byroad or has association with those who do.
    If you think about it, its really the only way short of pitchforks and 13 knot neckties to drain the swamp. Nobody can afford to be found out part of the sex/bribery system. The media can not discuss it or spin it. The actors themselves have no out once they are unmasked. Trump doesn’t need any .gov agency, just loyal cops to bust these scumbags, no judge can put a stop order to it, no narrative possible can hide truths. Its the elitist bastards soft underbelly. They have no regime to keep it under wraps.
    I’m saying the pedophilia/child sex slave thing is going to bring them down. Its the key to draining that sawp.

    • LOLz and smiley faces.

      10 months of betrayal by Trumpenthal and he still believes.

      Trump is the swamp.

      • Dude, Weapons Man booted you off his blog because your obnoxious, because your mind gets stuck like a record on certain things, not because you have bad ideas.
        Come on man, use your head. Try a little critical thinking, venture outside your comfort zone. Try being grateful It’s Donald Trump and not mini-me-Mao genocidal menopause psychopath in a pants suit sitting in the offal office.
        We are never getting a President who is perfect. You me all of us will never be 100% satisfied. Its the most powerful chair on Earth. You got to be some kind of psychopath to begin with, even a good psycho, to breast stroke across that decomposing sewer called the swamp.

        When are you going to finish your Military History blog?
        It looks like it will be a great reference site.
        I keep checking.

  11. Shinmen Takezo

    Thank you Jesus for putting Trump over the top of all the other usual suspects in the GOP presidential race… mainly Jebbo-the-hutt-Bush, the idiot brother of the idiot president we had, the do-nothing president, the open borders president, the RINO jack-off which we all thought was a “conservative.”

    Boy were we fooled by this fool.

    Two completely unecessary wars and 4 trillion dollars later… fuck, what were we thinking?!

    • and then you voted for Trump.

      more LOLz and smiley faces.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Okay… who the fuk else was there to vote for?

        The Jesus Weinnie… Ted Cruz (babbling in tongues et al).
        Another Jesus Weinnie… Huckabee? (yeah right).
        John Kashich (the fuk-nut?)

        Just who?
        Riddle me this will ya’?


          Had the Hildabeest won, for better or for worse, millions of sheeple would have been forced to make a serious, life-changing choice about their fundamental, God-given liberties. And, the choice would have been made by now. We would be in a do-or-die civil war for our survival just as many countries have throughout human history. Would you rather go through life constantly feeling nauseous or would you rather just throw up and get it over with? (h/t/ to Boston T. Party).
          Review the speeches by Patrick Henry and Samuel Adams(“…if ye love wealth greater than liberty…”). We are still being bitten to death on so many fronts: Taxes, firearm confiscation, immigration, public school indoctrination, etc. The water has reached the boiling point and the frog is still sitting in it. Do not be the frog. Bleib ubrig.

  12. Must be entering senility, dementia and/or Alzheimer’s.
    Another data point in the assertion that Libtardism is a mental disease.

  13. “w” (small letter intended) stands for WEASEL. he has demoted himself from CHIMP.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Hey, we’re cute, and we control rodent populations. Don’t lump us in with that no-talent ass clown.
      – International Brotherhood of Mustelids, Local 703.


      beau: Not all of us are amoral predators.

  14. I still believe, above and beyond buying us all a little time, the most important thing Trump has accomplished is getting these corrupt shitbags to drop their masks and expose their true nature and allegiances…. Lists ARE being made.

  15. Parasitic,lying,evil cocksuckers.Skull and bones,freemasons,Kennedy assasination,CIA nasty shit,failed banks,9-11.Quite a legacy.Managed to keep his fucking mouth shut for eight years of the moose-limb. Now,the gravy train is threatened.What a piece of shit.