Obama, Hillary, And Uranium One

Totally legit.

Whatchoo lookin’at, white boy?

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  1. I’m not bullshitting.

    If these scum of the Obama/Clinton crime regime are not tried and incarcerated, if they walk out free, even Matt Bracken will find it difficult to depict the dystopian future of America as a result of not finding closure for this wickedness.
    What I’m saying is if these criminals, because this is exactly what they are, blood soaked murdering thieving organized crime syndicate leaders, are not tried and punished there is no way this country can ever get past the stain of betrayal and treason, and will forever and a day be a bloody stain on everything, every aspect and concept of all government within the borders of the United States.
    We might as well have ourselves a total revolution of secession, abolish, tear down, every symbol edifice and reminder of that former Republic and let the chips fall where they land.
    It is the only other way, (You never heal such wounds, these are the things which require an appropriate punishment or they are never resolved. Even time won’t lessen their crimes.) Not for the sake of destruction but the rebirth of self determination & individualism beginning with the humblest plurality. The dirt people. For it is always and ever has been the purview of the dirt people who have effected positive change in this world. Nobody else. It is always us who are ultimately dropped in the pot to correct such evil.

    I truly believe we are going to have to start over. The damage these sonofabitches have wrought infects every facet of the sphere of our activity. They left nothing alone, their greasy bloody meathooks have tainted everything, infected all things, meddled in our most intimate and private affairs searching to squeeze the last buck out of us with glee and smugness they laughed and rubbed their hubris in our faces.

    Really what needs to be done is a dirt people posse, where we round up these scum, to the last one that includes all who colluded, basically the entire congress and most of the executive and state houses, dig a 20 foot deep trench with a D-11 Dozer as long as required to fit them all in it together so they all arrive in Hell together, push them into it, push the dirt back in and bury them alive. Plant maple trees over this unmarked grave.

    Its the only kind of ethnic cleansing worth a damn. The cleansing of America of the ethnic of corruption & treason.

    Horrible as it sounds, the dissolution of America is guaranteed if any are left to nourish this total corruption into the beast it has become.

    Truthfully how does a people remain whole and become wholesome, how does it get past such betrayal and malice?

    These are crimes of a millennium. There are no parallels to the scale and scope. Only the mass genocide of the 20th century compares in enormity.

    When do us dirt people win?
    What does it take to realize our natural prosperity & Liberty?
    If we are like always left with the job of cleaning up after such bastards, we should do a rightful and proper job of it.
    Hunt down everyone of the fuckers and bury them so deep nobody will dare fuck with us for century’s.

    • “when do us dirt people win”?

      answer: when the ((dollar))) dies. And then only maybe.

      • When we become a body of people who realize we are a plurality. The combined might of our withdrawal of consent becomes solidarity. Remember this is a war of Hearts & Minds 1st our its nothing and we remain slaves.
        I respect you don’t like Trump. I understand. But that means nothing, because Trump means nothing. Trump was created as our weapon, the great fuck you. 65 Million people voted for Trump, 65 Million people, Deplorable’s became a hell of a lot more deplorable because we had ourselves a color revolution on 11-8-16.
        Its not Trump they hate & fear, it is us who defied the sonofabitches fear like nothing else. 65 million people turned their backs on the diktat of installation of the next regime leader.
        We gave them all the finger.
        And anything Trump accomplishes which denies the bastards their entitlements to tyrannical fiat, weakens them and empowers us dirt people. Trumps a wrecking ball. But he is something else: Prudence. Something anathema to everything the actors of the state are.

    • McCain, Bush I & II, Billy Jeff, Barry Obama, and Hillary are all fronts for the (((Rothschilds))) and their (((puppets))) in the Federal reserve. Let’s not leave that Jew prince, Soros, out of the picture. Soros just dumped $18 billion into his foundation to force communism on all of North America.

      It’s all of a piece. No, none of them will be arrested, much less see trials.

      What everyone should see, what we southern nationalist saw over two decades ago, is the rottenness that is the United States government and those that ride it.

      Secession is the only answer.

      • Well Pat, thats spot on. There is more than one way to secede, the path to abolition of the State is ripe with methods and action towards those ends. Secession of the heart & mind, essentially turning our backs on those you mention, withdrawal of consent, is the most powerful weapon imaginable for it individually and collectively denies wholesale a crucial aspect of power to tyrants. The power to control peoples hearts & minds, leaving them only nuclear options. It robs them of the impetus of their power, and they then must become overtly tyrannical, its denying them their cunning and covert use of force as their power, because force as power is all they have.
        Secession, Nationalism, Primordial Right To Arms. These are the 3 most feared and dangerous natural rights.
        We win when we stick to them, revere them, talk about them, freely, between ourselves. We deny those tyrants their power to indenture and enslave our minds and our will.
        Its an important thing to discuss these openly not only without fear but with reverence and acuity.
        See those you mention & their associates, are actors who do not deal well, nor have the wherewithal to literally keep a rational head about us dirt people talking and thinking about the abolition of The State they have created to enslave us, enslavement of our individual and more so our plural sense of ourselves.
        In many ways this is far more powerful than our physical weapons we shake in their faces.
        Really, except for the War of Northern Aggression, and the myriad of smaller but no less dastardly evil acts of violence through time, like LeVoy Finnicum’s execution, or 911, they have not dared to use kinetic power wholesale, while we Deplorable’s all along have been learning to deal effectively with the application of the threat & use of force they ultimately fall back on in order to retain their grips on the levers of power.

        I’m saying, we are having not only a “dangerous” conversation here, we are expressing our refusal to submit, to comply with the non violent & violent application of illegitimate power the actors of the State threaten us with.
        We are laughing in their face. We can not be swayed by either words, thinking, or use of force. That is our weapon. It is so powerful, that when a plurality realizes it is a plurality of that power of withdrawal of concent, the only choice the actors of The State have are to go home or wage kinetic war against us.

        See what happens?
        Without the use of our weapons we hold in our hands, the weapon between our ears has denied the enemy their cloak of legitimacy, which is their power that lords over us. They are stripped naked.
        It is then, that secession becomes possible.
        That is what is so dangerous to them.

    • this subject came up recently on FB amongst some “friends” of mine, mostly from California. everyone of them said this was fake news, and provided a laundry list of “their” news outlets, including Snopes that thoroughly debunked the story. I don’t even engage in telling them otherwise, it’s a waste of time.

      • Daniel K Day

        We can’t agree on what the facts are any more, most of the time. The pace of this really picked up during the Clinton administration, as far as I can tell. Just another harbinger of the coming conflict.

      • If it was an ineffective waste of time to engage in the truth, there would be no Snopes, no Faceborg, no fake media.

    • Take a good long look at the pic.

      Realize this: parasite class is parasite class is parasite class..there is no differentation

      The marks/shills/pigeons/patsies continue to play the ‘Vote!’ shell game trotted out regularly by the parasite class in order to re-validate the parasite class’s false legitimacy/authority..the rubes fall for it EVERY time!

      “…What I’m saying is if these criminals, because this is exactly what they are, blood soaked murdering thieving organized crime syndicate leaders, are not tried and punished there is no way this country can ever get past the stain of betrayal and treason, and will forever and a day be a bloody stain on everything, every aspect and concept of all government within the borders of the United States…”

      government by it’s very NATURE is inherently violent, lying, thieving and henceforth EVIL!! It can’t be made not so and still be called “government” Washington said, “Government is force” (he needn’t have gone farther with the thought). He proved the truth of that by attempting to re-enslave the West Pennsylvania farmers and others that wanted nothing to do with Hamilton’s bogus authority/tax on whiskey. If Albert Gallatin HADN’T have talked those farmers and others out of more direct action, both Washington and Hamilton and their cronies would have been marched to the nearest wall and shot or hung from the nearest trees for betraying the Revolution!

      I don’t live by robbing/defrauding or threatening others, nor do I command others to do so in my behalf as my proxies yet that is EXACTLY what VOTERS do when they cast their ‘ballots’ and in essence they say, “Oh parasite class we are unworthy to live our lives responsibly or independenly! We accept you as our Masters!”.

      The ONLY ‘gov’ I respect is self-government energized by both reason/logic and my conscience as my guide.

      Other than addressing that contradiction in logic, your thoughts are spot on as always!
      I’d be honored to stand beside you with my FAL and Glock if the need arose!

      slaves and taxcattle/citizens NEED a gov/Master/Leader.
      Free men and women DON’T!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Well as you say, thats the question. Its always been the question. It is THE question. What is government?
        Its force.

        Isn’t it obvious, we have come to the ultimate crossroads. Its come down to it with a vengeance.
        We have a truly profound choice to make.
        No form of government but no government has worked.
        They all have failed because of physical size.
        They all got to big for the people to control directly.
        Too many people, in an inordinately proportional small territory have too much power over a far larger territory of proportionally smaller population.
        Countryside verses city.
        That imbalance is what provides the state with its opportunity to tyrannical power.
        The electoral voting maps of the US is a vast sea of red with a smattering of islands of blue.


        So whats stopping us from Liberty?

    • WORD squared!

    • “I truly believe we are going to have to start over.”
      That is what I also believe. As hard as it is to wrap our heads around this, every single acorn from the poisonous tree needs destroyed. Only then, will we have killed the traitorous roots of evil.

      • Yeah man, exactly: But is it really so hard, or is it ignoring the truth the really hard part?

        At the least, you have to cut that ugly characteristic of human nature down to size. I think you can never rid the world of evil, its part of the species, but you can reduce the worst representatives of it.
        Then vigilance & prudence must be maintained, by any means necessary, as long as they are prudent & of necessity to keep that evil at a manageable level.

        What we got here is the beast got out of its cage, its run wild for 300 years. We are witnesses to the final consequences of not putting the beast back in its cage.
        And put it back we must or we will perish.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      I like the bulldozer and pit idea… except the pit should be filled with burning truck tires. A blaze of molten rubber. And each of these scum-bags should be tossed into the flames, one by one–live on television for all to see.

      They should be dragged towards the flames, kicking and screaming, begging for mercy–and then none should be given.

      Please Jesus, pretty please.

    • “When do us dirt people win?”

      When us dirt people start injecting accountability into the process. When there is the expectation that elected/appointed servants will be held to account for misdeeds. Like you, I am quite prepared to skip the formalities of charging, trying, convicting and sentencing, and get straight to the consequences.

      I agree as well, that there is no “reset” possible until those consequences have been imposed.

      • Yes, its generational. Accountability & prudence have to become guiding principles again. The pendulum swings.
        Sometimes war, especially 4th generation war for total liberty forges the precepts of principles in dirt people.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “When do us dirt people win?”

      Based on history, never. Whoever comes out on top will simply re-stratify, and new elites will arise to lord it over their presumed lessers.

      • This.

        Toward the end, there will be a global state with a single monstrous leader at it’s head. This leader will go so far as to require worship as a god.

        Followed by the thousand year long peaceable kingdom reigned over by the One, the Name, the Trinity.

        Followed by a brief period, the details of which have not been shared…evil let loose once again upon the world…

        Followed by the end of time and space as we know it.

      • What is having Liberty but fighting every day to protect it?

  2. This is a fairly long, extraordinarily detailed article, which names name’s, and does a respectable job of establishing the timeline of one of the most clearly proven cases of systemic corruption ever recorded. What is made abundantly clear is that this corruption has its genesis at the very top, crossing all sectors at the top, of the executive branch of government.

    It is worth one’s time to commit the details to memory. Once one has an unclouded understanding of the details, one should consider making those phone calls…to one’s local, state, and national elected representatives, regardless of one’s opinion regarding the effectiveness of such communications. These representatives’ responses to this clearly demonstrated corruption should be recorded. Letters to editors of every news publication in one’s area should then be submitted, detailing both one’s opinion regarding the level of corruption noted in this article, and those responses of elected officials contacted.

    It is a good exercise and should go a long way in helping fill in the details of those local files we are constantly reminded here, to maintain.

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Seraphim of Sarov

    It’s a trap. Mostly already known or assumed. The fascination (why now?!) is to facilitate the firing of Mueller because the commies calculate–literally calculate–that framing the debate that Trump = Hitler will be easier if Mueller is axed.

  5. Mueller will not be axed

    Sessions will do nothing

    the Senate Republiscams will hold their usual “hearings”

    and, thanks to Trump, Hiligula will skate

    as usual.

    • Seraphim of Sarov

      He *might* not be axed, because Trump suspects a trap.

      But in the meanwhile the threefold mission will continue: 1) opposition research to politically hurt GOP operatives to handicap 2018 and 2020 (leveraging them to handicap the party infrastructure) 2) the search for an indictment-worthy offense and 3) acting unprofessionally to trigger getting fired because of calculated political fallout of firing the man investigating you.

      Yuri Andropov would approve. After all…while he didn’t train them, it was his trainees that recruited them: Red Diaper Doper Babies.

  6. Business as usual.
    There will be investigations, committees, committees within committees, special counsels, discovery boards ad nauseam.
    It will still be getting “investigated” years from now.
    Nothing changes. Adapt.

  7. The Usual Suspect

    If anyone still believes in the Rule of Law, this should
    abolish that notion.


    I need to bring this up, vis-a-vis this article. The Fast&Furious scandal may not rise to the level of the financial corruption on Uranium One, but Brain Terry and a large number of INNOCENT MEXICAN CITIZENS, occupying a sovereign country, were murder victims courtesy of Holder and his minions in the BATFE. I have yet to see any real investigation and follow-up prosecution regarding this monstrous injustice. Tragic and unbelievable.

    • Yup!

      And neither ovomit, cup holder, Vagina jackal jarret (sitting behind him/ovomit as his handler in the pic), or anyone else involved have had anything near justice fall upon their degenerate heads!!

      Unintended Consequences/Neither Predator Nor Prey indeed!!….

      We dirt people/deplorables have a great deal of work to do…and helicopters are expensive..hemp rope by comparison is very affordable and reusable.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Matthew Bracken

      I think that getting away with mass murder in OFAF emboldened the Obama-Clinton gang into believing they could get away with anything. And they did.
      “Gangster Government and Sakharov’s Immunity”

      • It has gotten incrementally worse (more brazen) over decades. I agree with a commenter above that it noticeably accelerated during the Clinton administration. Also unforgettable and worth mentioning is the slaughter of noncombatants, after an unjustified attack at Waco, after which all the government participants were promoted and/or photographed standing over burning rubble. Now they do whatever they want in full view, because they know there’s nothing short of killing them that we can do about it. They control all the levers of power. Try “electing” the “right” people. Try “suing” them in courts they control. Ballot box (nullified), jury box (nullified), cartridge box? Spoiling for a fight, they are.

  9. These type of people ( traitors), will not stop until WE stop them!

  10. His name was Levoy Finnicum and he was assassinated on the orders of a sexual pervert placed as Gov of the state of Oregon by Obama. The hit was carried out by members of the OSP all to cover-up Hillary’s jack-boot tactics of jailing innocent ranchers in an attempt to drive them off their land, seize it and sell it to Russia, the judge in the case, another female pervert, was again appointed by Obama

  11. Nothing will change.
    These people understand one thing.
    Which we don’t use because they have 40-50 year old tough guy goons dressed in black uniforms who will kill you as quick as bubba shoots any deer.
    We “think” we are winning.
    But the reality is we have been losing for 100 years.
    We are far past saving this.
    And regardless of the outcome, our women don’t want children, and our men are worthless cucks and super fags.

    • The fact that Harvey Weinstein fled to Europe, but anyone else would be in handcuffs and posing for a mugshot facing charges is all you need to know.

      Thanks Boomers.

  12. semper vivium

  13. Traitor+lampost+rope……………………some assembly required.

  14. Justpassingthru

    @ all of you here:

    ” Again, the devil took Him up on an exceedingly high mountain, and showed Him all the kingdoms of the world and their glory. 9 And he said to Him, “All these things I will give You if You will fall down and worship me.” (Matthew 4 verse 8&9).

    Havne’t you figured it out …yet? The truth is plain to see in those verses quoted above; SATAN is the god of this world. He could not have made that offer to Jesus otherwise.

  15. And would you take great pleasure in this, the destruction of the wicked?
    Would God, Jesus, Yahusha, take great pleasure in this?
    Ezekiel 18:23
    The Soul who Sins will Die
    …22″All his transgressions which he has committed will not be remembered against him; because of his righteousness which he has practiced, he will live. 23″Do I have any pleasure in the death of the wicked,” declares the Lord GOD, “rather than that he should turn from his ways and live? 24″But when a righteous man turns away from his righteousness, commits iniquity and does according to all the abominations that a wicked man does, will he live? All his righteous deeds which he has done will not be remembered for his treachery which he has committed and his sin which he has committed; for them he will die.…
    New American Standard Bible

    Did you know the letter J does not exist in the Hebrew language?

  16. Some good, decent peaceful family men are going to have to have to do some cruel and brutal things for their children to have any king of future.