The Decline Of The Western Male

Part I

Part II

They want you extinguished.

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  1. Lavoy who?

  2. An excellent article CA, thanks for linking it here.

    Much ‘meat on the bone’ to digest with this..and even the ‘bone’ has its nutritious purposes..will save it to re-read and mull over snd share.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  3. Had to comment on the current masthead…

    “It’s not about surviving the storm. It’s about learning how to dance in the rain.” – Some Hippie Bumpersticker”

    “It’s not about learning how to dance in the rain. It’s about learning how to adroitly explain the scorched remains of one’s shit encrusted soggy bellbottoms after regaining consciousness from a lightning bolt striking one on the ass while dancing like a fookin retard in a thunderstorm!”
    –Some hippie bumfuck that escaped “the Darwin award” and now infects others mentally as a ‘prof’ in the name of ‘diversity/multiculti’ at your local college/university.

    That’s a threat to the West right there!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III


      Word. After seeing the latest VW commercial extolling the whole Woodstock thing with an old minivan, I just about threw my drink at the TV. These fools never stop. Then my wife commented how afterwards, they cleaned up, went to law school and went to work for the Clintons. True that. And here we are.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Then my wife commented how afterwards, they cleaned up, went to law school and went to work for the Clintons. ”

        And myriad “non profits”. While there are some that do decent work, many of them are dedicated Collectivists.

  4. 20 minutes I’ll never get back. He almost had it with

    “Las Vegas, where such total disregard for history and geography is taken to its logical extreme”

    That would be: (((Las Vegas))). Like (((NY))) and (((Hollywood))), a universalist Tikkun Olam tumor.

    and all the first gen radical, man-hating, White-repro-attacking “feminists” were Jewesses. Each and every one. Cf.


  5. Amazing, the lengths to which people will go to obfuscate and deny the true fundamental division – most succinctly: Who, Whom?

  6. I still can’t help but notice how the male is portrayed in a large percentage of commercials these days…

    Feminine, stupid, weak, happily unemployed, disgusting, you name it.


  7. He started out okay by writing of the desire to control our world to be more comfortable, and subjecitivism is a huge problem as well. I repeatedly attempt to address moral relativism in my comments. But he goes completely off the rails in his efforts to make this “masculine vs. feminine,” pointing out that he is another little boy who does not know how to be a man, and seeks to blame women.

    He sounds like so many of the “new men’s movement, ” a group filled with guys who, rather than BECOME men, seek to manipulate women, to blame women for their problems and insecurities.

    Just like Haxo must have his (((windmills))) to blame and tilt at, I lose hope when I see “patriots” (or whatever this dissident population is now called) who keep BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE! Get a clue people, the truth is out there! God created this world, man rebelled, and we live in a fallen world. He has given us His Word which tells us all we need in terms of causes and solutions (and it certainly didn’t need a thousand years of silly myths added, such as a woman who never sinned and was “taken up;” such foolishness was NEVER mentioned for the first few hundred years of the church; nor “priestly celibacy” as Peter himself had a wife, as Paul mentions).

    The problem is US, you and I. We have a fallen nature and rebel against our Creator. This leads to worshipping the created world rather than the Creator. Read Romans 1, it is a nice synopsis.

    As Jesus told Nicodemus we must be born again. THEN we can be free: free from the ultimate penalty of our sin, gradually freed from the effects of our sin nature, and free to obey God’s moral law. This includes fighting AGAINST evil. Evil is real, it is objectively evil. So by His strength we might stand in the evil day. It is upon us. What is YOUR response?

  8. ApoloDoc, My reply is Deus Vult. The feminazis do not get me down. I just tell them to eat shit and die.

  9. A conclusion in search of a rationale.

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