Bracken: Is The NFL Ready For A Stadium Attack On A Las Vegas Scale?

Is the NFL ready for a stadium attack on a Las Vegas scale?
By Matthew Bracken

My first novel, Enemies Foreign and Domestic, published in 2003, begins with a sniper shooting into a packed football stadium. Ninety bullets are fired from long range into an upper deck, precipitating a stadium-wide panic stampede that results in over a thousand deaths. In the book, a combat veteran holding a semi-automatic rifle is quickly located by a SWAT counter-sniper in a helicopter, after a citizen’s tip is phoned to the police. However, the veteran is just a patsy, and the true perpetrators of the massacre are a pair of mid-level federal law enforcement agents who are seeking to increase their departmental budgets and overall bureaucratic power. The liberal mainstream media accept the false narrative without close examination. Right-leaning military veteran “gun nuts” are universally tarred as potential mass murderers. Within a week, semi-automatic so-called “assault rifles” are banned. The first chapter can be read here.

My goal with the plot of Enemies Foreign and Domestic was to encourage news consumers not to blindly accept convenient official explanations after traumatic national events. Since the release of this novel, we have, in fact, seen federal agents and bureaucrats at a much higher level than my two fictional villains conspire to commit mass murder with the intention of spinning a false news narrative. We know this intentional mass murder plot as “Operation Fast and Furious”, whereby thousands of semi-automatic rifles from Southwestern gun dealers were deliberately sold to criminals with the expectation that they would be transported to violent cartels in Mexico. This resulted in mass carnage which would then be blamed on the Second Amendment and lax American gun laws. Honest gun dealers were coerced by the ATF into making otherwise illegal straw purchases to criminals in bulk quantities. No attempt was made to track the guns once they left ATF observation at the point of sale. The Mexican government was never informed of the murderous gun-running plan. Operation Fast and Furious was not a legitimate law enforcement operation gone wrong. It was a covert murder plan from start to finish, conceived and carried out for political purposes.

Before the evil scheme was exposed after the shooting death of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in 2010, President Obama, Attorney General Holder, and Secretary of State Clinton were regularly touting as fact the lie that 90% of the guns found at Mexican murder scenes had originated in the USA. Eric Holder was found in contempt of Congress after stonewalling their attempts to investigate Operation Fast and Furious, when the half-hearted investigation was leading directly to his office. None of the principals behind this murderous plan have ever been held accountable. I revisit Fast and Furious in case any readers of this article learn the premise of my first novel and declare that federal law enforcement officials would never be involved in a mass murder scheme concocted for political ends.

That Rubicon was already crossed with Operation Fast and Furious.

Since then, we have witnessed other scandals which involved selling the American public a false narrative. One example is the lie that the deadly attacks on our nearly undefended diplomatic missions in Benghazi were the result of an angry local response to an obscure video about the life of Mohammed. My point in recounting this history is to encourage Americans to always search beyond the “official narrative,” which, as we have seen, can sometimes be manufactured from whole cloth for public consumption. If the false narrative coincides with the liberal mainstream media’s underlying biases and preconceptions, you can be certain that very little honest journalism will be done to expose the lies and reveal the truth to the public.

This brings me to Las Vegas, with its ever-changing timelines and other dark mysteries, such as the motive of Stephen Paddock, the presumed shooter. Columnist Mark Steyn proposes a theory of the case that, in the absence of any declared motive or connections to international terrorism, “the medium is the message.” In Las Vegas, then, the message would be that the ready availability of semi-automatic firearms constitutes a menace to American society, and the Second Amendment must be curtailed to prevent future massacres. Limiting the right of Americans to keep and bear arms has been a long-standing goal of the Left. So-called progressives well understand that their dream of imposing a “socialist utopia” cannot be achieved while Americans possess sufficiently effective weapons to mount a furious armed resistance. If Paddock had left a note declaring this end to be his true motive, he would have discredited his own purpose.

Of course, Paddock might have simply been a deranged psychopath, bent, for his own twisted reasons, upon topping the record books as America’s most successful mass shooter. We’ll never know because he’s conveniently dead and, apparently, he left no departing message. The lack of a declared motive, the ever-shifting timeline, and the fact that it took more than an hour after the shooting had ceased for the police to enter Paddock’s suite means that mystery may cloud the Las Vegas Massacre for years or decades to come.

One outcome is certain: millions of Americans are unlikely to accept any “official narrative” released after the investigation has concluded, and with good reason. The FBI and other federal law enforcement and intelligence agencies have squandered their reputations for honesty and integrity in recent years, and we can no longer assume that politics and corruption have not trumped even-handed truth telling.

This brings me to the NFL. In 2017, we are in a season of national discord, with American politics more radically polarized than since the 1960s, or perhaps even the years before the Civil War. The Las Vegas Massacre has shown us that billion-dollar corporations like MGM, as well as the Las Vegas police, were woefully unprepared to deal with a sniper standing in the window of a hotel overlooking an open-air concert.

Should we assume that the NFL is any better prepared to deal with a stadium sniper similar to the one described in the first chapter of my first novel?

Bear in mind that my fictional sniper was not perched high up in a stadium light tower, or hidden in the stands, but was located in a separate building three-quarters of a mile away. His rifle was aimed just over the near side of the stadium, dropping plunging fire into the opposite upper deck. Perimeter security measures taken to prevent firearms from being smuggled into a stadium will do nothing to hinder a distant sniper using this area-fire tactic. In my novel, a SWAT counter-sniper in a helicopter is able to kill the patsy left holding the rifle, but only after the shooting had ceased. But do NFL stadiums have police helicopters with counter-snipers standing by, ready to protect the fans who are packed in like sardines? And not only at the Super Bowl, but at each of the dozen or so weekly NFL games played in uncovered stadiums, or the hundreds of college games?

Greatly increasing the likelihood of a long-range sniper attack on a stadium is the fact that the distant sniper will have a good chance of getting clean away. In my first novel, three rifle magazines, ninety rounds, are enough to precipitate a panic stampede that kills over a thousand fans. If the distant shooter escapes, he can easily leave false clues at the scene, blaming his ideological enemies for the massacre. The Left can blame the Right, or black can blame white, or vice versa. Current events demonstrate that many, if not most, purported “hate crimes,” such as painted swastikas and nooses left at colleges, have been false-flag operations done to discredit the political enemies of the left-wing hoaxers.

Imagine the national outrage after a stadium massacre if overtly racist anti-black hate literature is found among the expended brass shells in the sniper’s lair, calling the mostly-white victims “race-traitors” for attending the NFL game in the wake of ongoing anthem-kneeling protests. The resulting social explosion would make the aftermath of the Las Vegas Massacre seem like a church picnic by comparison. This prospect must certainly be tempting to malefactors bent upon driving the United States toward civil war and anarchy. And, of course, an Islamic terrorist would need no reason beyond spreading terror among the infidels.

At an absolute minimum, large open air concerts and stadium events need a police helicopter with counter-snipers ready to launch on a moment’s notice. Acoustic gunshot detection systems must be installed around these venues to immediately locate a distant sniper’s location. Vectored to the area by the acoustic system, the helicopter’s onboard FLIR can rapidly find the sniper, and the airborne police counter-snipers can finish the job. Stopping a sniper after just a few minutes is a far better outcome than allowing him ten or more minutes of uninterrupted carnage, as in Las Vegas. Bear in mind that Paddock ceased shooting for his own reasons. The police did not stop him.

All the necessary elements (SWAT, counter-snipers, and police choppers) are typically already located in close proximity to these outdoor events. These elements need to be staged together, ready to fly, and able to detect gunshot locations as well as the FLIR signatures of open or broken-out windows in line-of-sight buildings, muzzle flashes, and humans hiding in unoccupied structures. The fatal fiasco of Desert One in 1980 largely resulted from a lack of coordination and practice between the disparate elements of the ad-hoc Iranian hostage rescue mission. In the aftermath, the U.S. military created the Joint Special Operations Command. Similarly, American law enforcement needs to rethink and revamp its approach to providing security for large outdoor events before a predictable tragedy occurs.

In addition, fans attending stadium and other large outdoor public events must be repetitively instructed to avoid blindly attempting to flee in the event of an emergency. Airline pre-flight safety instructions can be used as a model. In Las Vegas, most of the non-fatal injuries resulted from trampling, not from bullets.

A final note: in this article I chose a method of attack (indirect plunging fire from long range) that is simple, but would not be easy to pull off without considerable thought, planning, and practice. There are other tactics that I chose not to describe that would be equally as devastating, but would be much easier for an average maniac to employ. Law enforcement needs to think out of the box, and anticipate novel forms of attack.

They failed in Las Vegas.

Let’s hope they will not fail in the event of a stadium attack.


Matthew Bracken was born in Baltimore, Maryland in 1957, and attended the University of Virginia, where he received a BA in Russian Studies and was commissioned as a naval officer in 1979. Later that year, he graduated from Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL training and in 1983 he led a Naval Special Warfare detachment to Beirut, Lebanon. His latest novel is titled “Red Cliffs Of Zerhoun”. Links to his five novels, short stories, and essays may be found at and at Matt’s Amazon page.

102 responses to “Bracken: Is The NFL Ready For A Stadium Attack On A Las Vegas Scale?

  1. First, let me state that I admire Mr . Bracken’s writing and agree with his prescient thinking regarding our present state of society and the likely outcome.

    However, for one who has so clearly perceived and portrayed the cause and the effect, here he is, advocating for an ever greater tyrannical/statist solution to what are most likely to be statist/false flag events in furtherance of ‘The Agenda,’ as he has so correctly chronicled and analyzed, viz a vie F&F, Vegas, Sandy Hook, many others.

    So, the answer is for “law enforcement” to neutralize the fed/cutout shooter by increased electronic surveillance and aerial assault? “Law enforcement” needs to be ever more prepared to defeat… whatever… including, one must assume, every kind of citizen resistance to tyranny such as that portrayed in the EFAD Trilogy?

    It should not require this many words to point to the contradiction.

    • and Bracken: the LVPD/SWAT were not “woefully unprepared”.

      they had everything they needed to kill Paddock w/in 10-20 minutes of the beginning of the massacre.


      here is why:

      (((Las Vegas))).

      same, incidentally, as the (((NFL))). Jew team owners, ghetto bunnies on the field, White sheeple in the stands…waiting to be shorn.

  2. LIMP(s)
    Leftist Islamic Marxist Progressive(s) are now the true Axis Of Evil and boy are they pissed. As the planet’s largest collection of Messianic Narcissistic Sociopaths their reaction can be depended upon to be an attempt to imitate Hitler’s MO, i.e.. immolate the nation if not the planet

    • You’ve been duped. They’re evil alright, clear as day and right in front of your face. That’s the snooker…you’re gonna get it on the flanks.

  3. In the Las Vegas shooting, only 197 were hit by gun fire of which 58 perished. The rest of the 550 total injured were from trampling injuries. that’s out of 22,000 at the concert which was all on one level, had it been in a stadium, many more injuries would be expected.

    • Matthew Bracken

      And my primary concern in that event is that “alt right white nationalists” will be blamed for the carnage. My primary goal is to encourage people after the fact not to blindly accept the false “official narrative.” That’s why I wrote EFAD, and that’s why I wrote this column. A long-range area-fire sniper attack is perfect for a false-flag operation.

      • Let’s add: “Columnist Mark Steyn proposes a theory of the case that, in the absence of any declared motive or connections to international terrorism…”

        Come on, Matt, don’t just regurgitate Steyn. Paddock had a shaheed style shaved head when he did the shooting (a photo even shows that head surrounded by blood on the hotel room floor) and ISIS claimed him 3 friggin times.

        But, sure, denying the international terrorism connection to Las Vegas still serves the current gun control agenda and also keeps domestic Muslims safe from what would be mostly white domestic American wrath –for the time being. Does anyone here doubt there wouldn’t have been some mosques on fire in the USA had the truth really come out?

        Whipping up more of that racial strife is still to come and those “alt right white nationalists” will help by playing their part. Take that timeline further down the road and the usual scapegoat for many factions (white, black, etc) will be there: the joooos. In a full civil war, though, it’s likely churches, mosques, and temples will all see some razing.

        Far right, alt right, far left, commies, antifa, jihadis, zionists, blah blah. All useful idiots. Satan laughs.

        • Matthew Bracken

          The missing hard drive from his laptop sure doesn’t do much to dispel the Islamic conversion angle. FBI “cleanup” team, perhaps?

          • and don’t forget that ISIS flag that somebody photographed, all neatly folded and lying on the back seat of “Paddock’s” car!

            word now is that Paddock “paid off his gambling debts” a few days before the Event; this after prior (((MSM))) claims that he “made millions playing video poker”.

            translation: (((Adelson, Wynn and Co.))) cancelled Paddock’s debt in return for a Service to be Rendered.

            it was either that or a piece of gefilte fish.

          • I heard something about a flight to Phoenix followed by a rental car journey back to Las Vegas not long before the shootings. This would mean more security cam footage that has yet to appear anywhere. I wonder if his rental car had GPS tracking. More data. Then there was his house at the edge of a subdivision where any visitors on foot could have an easy way in/out for meetings while someone else had overwatch from the hills in the back.

  4. Is this cucked corporate speak a joke or a guest column for (((the New York Times )))?

    • Matthew Bracken

      You think it’s a joke? Did you think the Las Vegas massacre was a joke? Did you think it was a joke to the people who were shot and killed while the LV police ran around like headless chickens without a clue or a plan?

      Do you think it will be a joke if somebody shoots up a stadium and leaves clues blaming the carnage on white nationalists, and the media accepts this false-flag message as irrefutable fact?

      • Matt, I think that relying on local PD to prevent/stop these things is wishful thinking. In most major urban districts, they and their admin/political bosses are in sympathy with the feds or at least under their sway/fusion center control.

        Your points are accurate, your worries are ours as well, but we’re not “policing” our way out of them. Increasing the firepower/surveillance capabilities of local PD only helps the feds, or any other would be tyrant.

        That was my point up top. You have my highest regard and gratitude for all that you have written. Few have done as much to awaken and warn as your novels and articles.

        • Well said. As Remus says, “avoid crowds.”

        • In my AO the police etc are the cleanup/take notes crew, all after the fact

        • Matthew Bracken

          I don’t expect local or federal LE to do much if anything. I largely write “for the record,” for after the fact, when the usual experts are trotted out to say that nobody could have EVER foreseen such a calamity….

          And to encourage folks to look past false official narratives for the true motives and actors.

        • This was my point too, obviously.

          It’s as if Bracken is not actually the author of this cucked statist crap.


    It is a chilling scenario. And, I can see the Deep State letting it happen and allowing mass murder to further their ends. The fact that “SWAT” was outside the hotel room in Las Vegas for many minutes before their “dynamic entry” speaks volumes. It is the same hesitation mindset that was exhibited by the Leviathan’s Orcs at Berserkely and Charlottesville.
    I do not know what the final outcome will be. I am still prepping and gaming everything. I am not all that far from the Blue Hive of Spokane. This time of year, it is a huge venue for the Chiefs hockey team and concerts. It will become a slaughterhouse if anything happens. Their security is unarmed and they even hassled the Spokane County Sheriff for carrying when he showed up for an event there!
    Rule#1 should be to avoid crowds and similar venues. Rule#2 should be that if you are obligated to go to some such gathering, have a plan. Rule#3 should be Rules#1 and #2,
    And, Mr. Bracken, since you have been hassled about Facebook posts, are you also under the BATFE microscope as John Ross has been after he wrote Unintended Consequences? Just askin’.

    • Matthew Bracken

      I’m on the radar of the SPLC and other cultural Marxist websites, but the FBI (“Faking Bogus Investigations”) has never directly contacted me. Some of my FB “friends” could be LE or Antifa trolls, but I operate under the assumption that (A) every keystroke I’ve made since at least 1999 is fully retrievable to use against me and (B) most of the FLEAs hired in the past decade are SJW’s who think the Constitution is a joke. I don’t write or post anything anywhere that I wouldn’t be happy to discuss with the boys and girls down in the fusion centers at any time.

      • Hi Matt,

        “I’m on the radar of the SPLC and other cultural Marxist websites, but the FBI (“Faking Bogus Investigations”) has never directly contacted me…”

        As an acquintance (former Luftwaffe pilot WWII) of my late father told the both of us years back, “Ift you’re taking heavy flak, you’re over your objective!..release your eggs them but goodt and strafe dem to hell as well if you can!!”

        Keep dropping ordnance on ’em Matt!!
        Btw thank you for writing RCOZ, enjoyed every page of it!!

        May the moslems and their mouthpieces like cair really get uncomfortable and get their mandresses in a tight wad!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • Matthew Bracken

      As far as the Deep State letting a stadium massacre happen, even if they knew about the plan, it’s worth mentioning that 100s of ATF and FBI agents who knew all about Fast and Furious let that intentional mass-murder plan go ahead without blowing a single whistle until after a Border Patrol agent (a brother FLEA) was killed. They didn’t seem to have a big problem with 100s of Mexicans being murdered with the weapons they helped to ship to the cartels. They might not mind a prospective stadium massacre that would be blamed on “evil alt right white nationalists,” and the ready availability of semi-auto “assault weapons.”

      • I’m thinking there’s a direct correlation between the failure of these false flag events to provide adequate push of social engineering to accomplish the goal of citizen dis-armament, and the level of violence created. In other words its looking to me like they are escalating the violence level because past false flag events garnered much less desired effects.
        A problem seems to be the 5th column media doesn’t have a monopoly on what we are permitted to know because of the open source exchange of information nature of the internet. Also there is a growing awakening of people to the purpose of using crisis as a means. More every day are rejecting the approved narratives and memes.
        How does a ruling class deal with these threats to their absolute power?
        It increases the level terror?
        The scale, the scope of the events?
        Change the intended target of the events?
        The multiplicity of the events?
        The level of dissimulation and or plausible deniability?
        Turns to proxies to perform the events?
        Deliberately confuse the dialog thus decreasing the ability of people to understand the premise/intents behind the events?

        What I suspect, purely my own conjecture, is the deep state or whatever you call it will double down eventually with a massive scale event, and just go full jump the shark, shut down everything it has control of, and do what it knows is the safest for its long term survival, screw the consequences.
        These kind of actors behind all this do not ever relinquish power, or the means of their power and wealth. Thats how tyrants roll, correct?
        Look at 9-11. Waco. Oklahoma City, LeVoy Finnicum, and as you say Fast & Furious, obviously whats the difference between 1 Rancher executed on a remote road, and thousands of dead and an entire Republics existence to these tyrants?
        O’m saying, there is no differences between them. Except intended results.
        The question that matters to me I think is not about specifics of the events, but how far are those behind them are prepared to go to attain their intended goals. And what are the desired effects.
        In that light, it strikes me 9-11 was multi tasking, it was a dry run to game out what would the unknown unknowns be, so they could be understood and prepared for in a future large scale crisis as a means. Aside from the on the spot intended benefits & risks. Which leads me to think well the sonofabitches could very well pop a high altitude EMP specific device over the geological center of the 48 states, blame it on the Norks, and kill a whole bush full of birds with one stone.

        Time and time again the same actors behind the scenes show up, the same MO’s, the same false narratives generated off the results, the same targets of these events are blamed. Its almost boring. (Yawn): Ok, its White guys with guns gone postal again. So whats so new about that, they ain’t fooling anyone but the crowd who craves drama or has their heads buried in the sand. The same blah blah blah by the same hive mouthpieces spewing the same politically correct/approved narrative diarrhea of the mouth every time, the same straw men and whipping boys. Its so route there’s literally no need to tune in.
        So it seems pointless to spend so much energy on specifics, when the intent and desired outcomes are obvious and are themselves the cautionary lesson upon which to base understanding and preparations.
        Isn’t that the purpose of your excellent Essays, Social Commentary and Short Fiction? So the self aware and self determining can prepare themselves for whatever may be perpetrated by the powers that be?
        After all, you have been right essentially about everything. I for one have not only enjoyed your essays and “Fiction”, I have used your insights to become aware, become insightful myself and have the mental tools as a result to look past the smoke & mirrors and get a glimpse of the intent behind it all.
        Knowledge is power, is proven, considering the naysayers, detractors, nitpickers, grammar nazi’s, the resistance is futile trolls & gloomy guss’s, the obvious agent provocateurs, who all come out from lurking and tag team certain truths ideas and individuals to disrupt or shut down threads of rational observations and thinking.
        This in itself is a tell the suspicions many have about false flags is hitting near the truth of things.

        Anyways, appreciate you Matt. Your keen insights are appreciated. Keep up the great efforts.
        May we all be Phil Carson’s and Ranya’s.
        May we never say die and never bend a knee to the bastards.
        Lets Win.

        • Matthew Bracken

          Thanks. If my writing has encouraged such deep independent thinking, then it’s been worth it.

        • The CEO of every major organization is a Jew. Why?

          Now the former CEO of (((NPR))) is on Cux news saying “not all Jews are like that—spare me!!”

          (((they))) are frightened.

      • “… it’s worth mentioning that 100s of ATF and FBI agents who knew all about Fast and Furious let that intentional mass-murder plan go ahead without blowing a single whistle until after a Border Patrol agent (a brother FLEA) was killed.”

        Noooooo! The Eff Bee Eye? Federal Agents? G-Men? Why, them’s the goos guys… right? Now, I just don’t wanna believe that!

    • in fact, Dweezil, SWAT was on floor 32 at the 20 minute mark, then DID NOTHING as the massacre continued for another 50 minutes. 10 minutes after Paddock clocked himself, they went in and shot him again. Just to make sure…

      …because dead men tell no tales.

      incidentally, the LVPD takes its marching – or stand down – orders from the Jew mayorette. She takes her orders from (((Adelson, Wynn and Co.)))


        Word. But, as you have said before, this will continue until the dollar dies. One of the first places to end up in chaos will be Vegas. People won’t come there to gamble when they can no longer afford to eat. Watch for the Gangstas from North Las Vegas move in and take over things. (((They))) will be well ensconced in their off-shore bolt holes well beforehand.

  6. Just plain todd

    I gotta admit, who cares if anyone shoots into any kind of pro sportsball venue? Gubmints gonna crackdown on us sooner rather than later. They pretty much dont need to pussyfoot around anymore. .gov doesnt face any consequences from where i sit. One day though, there might be a lexington green moment, but i dont see our avg giving a shit or doing shit about that. Murikans will happily board FEMA trains if they have big screens in the camps.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Haven’t you seen Red Dawn? They will have very big screens.

    • Yup!

      The parasite class isn’t even really trying that hard to camouflage their false flags anymore.

      The ‘solution’ definitely isn’t more parasite class and further expansion of their badged orcs and orcettes either!

      Americans will need to step up massively in regard to their OWN personal safety as that’s OUR business and responsibility even though the parasite class tries to seductively croon otherwise.

      For too many (especially in the hives) the reality is shown below.

      When the balloon pops and things quickly go spicy in the hives, how many will pathetically clutch their smartphones frantically crying for the badged orcs and orcettes to ‘save them’?…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

    Reblogged this on FOR GOD AND COUNTRY.

  8. Mr. Matt, that right there is an award winning attempt to prick the conscience of LEOs, and I do admire your optimism. But what you have really accomplished here is to very succinctly spell how just how much LEOs at the level this would need be coordinated, while we all know, that they have proven themselves nothing more than enforcers for political policy, and could by and large, not give two shits how many of us have to be killed in order to bring about those political objectives.

    How else would they explain Las Vegas, and now that I think about it, how much more do we need to have that reality shoved in our faces before we act accordingly?

    I’ve been catching your interviews with John B. Wells and Doug Hagmann. You are doing an outstanding job, Matt. Truly…

    • Full agreement, Dear Lady, and better said than my attempts at the same.

    • Matthew Bracken

      You nailed it, that’s exactly what I’m trying to do, prick the conscience (and stoke the dormant honor) of our LEOs and FLEAs. And in the event that a false flag is pulled off, I want to encourage folks not to accept the “official” (false) narrative, but to look for the true actors and motives.

      • Thanks again for all you’re doing. I think your hunch is as usual correct, except for the remedy. Foolish faces appear in public places at this point in time. Anyone still attending National Felon League games is doing so at their own risk. As long as the NFL keeps kneeling for it’s daily Soros affiliate hummers I think they’ll be shooting into a friggin empty stadium.

        As for LEO morality reminders, I’d say that’s mostly a lost cause. I still maintain there are good cops out there (go ahead bash away as you’re entitled to your opinion as am I) but they are fewer than ever before.

        Let’s use Vegas as the example. Sherrif Deputy Dog is going with whatever his handlers tell him because if he doesn’t he will receive videos of his family being whacked slowly. That man had that look, the look of someone who realizes shit is in the wind and a win isn’t in the bag. I hate vegas or I’d suggest we all descend on it and force a truthful press conference but I am out of fucks to give about the degenerate classes.


  9. Mr. Bracken, the foiled attack in Garland, Tx. by two Jihadis attempting to shoot up the “draw Muhammad” contest hosted by Pamela Geller seems old new’s put to bed. A recent interview with her by Gavin McGinnis, she made a big point of pointing out that the FBI handlers were present, nearby, and mistakenly arrested by local law enforcement. I feel like I pay attention but I don’t remember hearing anything like that in the moment. Is that true? Was that going to be a big false flag as well that got stomped early?

    • Matthew Bracken

      It appears that the FBI were trailing the two jihad terrorists all the way to Garland, but the FBI never warned the event organizers. The implication is that our corrupt SJW-FBI actually wanted Spencer, Geller, Wilders and the other attendees to be massacred. If that had happened, it would have been a “served them right for insulting Mohammed” moment.


      • “If that had happened, it would have been a “served them right for insulting Mohammed” moment.”

        There you go. Not to mention more excuses for domestic security, giving up rights, more surveillance, etc. Let the useful idiots serve a purpose.

        Recall Operation Able Danger and 9/11: the jihadis were tracked by one branch of fedgov only to be told another branch was “on it”. They weren’t and look what happened.

      • “…It appears that the FBI were trailing the two jihad terrorists all the way to Garland, but the FBI never warned the event organizers. ”

        Oh come on! I just don’t wanna believe that!

  10. I respectfully disagree with Mr. Bracken on law enforcement’s ‘failure’ in Las Vegas. I don’t think anything or any person, ‘failed’ in Las Vegas before or during the initiation of the incident. The only ‘failure’ I know of is the pattern of law enforcement to never put themselves (as a unit) at risk during a firefight until the area is secured’ (Columbine is a great example) before moving to probable engagement sites.

    Based on everything I’ve read, discussed with SME’s, and know from my own experiences, my belief is the plan chosen by whoever financed/authorized/ it was executed flawlessly, including the reconnaissance of the target and shooting positions, the arrangement of barriers to stop the target (20K people) from getting out of the beaten zone, ORP establishment for team deployment to preselected shooting positions, infiltration to those positions, execution, and exfiltration complete with a smoke screen (broken hotel windows). In other words, from a text book perspective, Las Vegas was executed in the style of a classic raid, complete with a smoke screen exfiltration (Paddock’s room, corpse, AR’s and a bit of brass laying about).

    • Randolph Scott

      “The only ‘failure’ I know of is the pattern of law enforcement to never put themselves (as a unit) at risk during a firefight until the area is secured’ ”

      Typical chickenshit deal they use to follow their own doctrine of ‘everyone goes home safe’. It is crap like this that adds to the thorough dislike and distrust of LE at every level.

    • Matthew Bracken

      Ten minutes of free-fire down at big crowds without any counter-fire is a total failure. LV officials and PD had been extensively and explicitly warned to expect a massive ISIS type attack on the strip. Security pros in and out of the LVMPD tried to have SWAT counter-snipers on over watch for events like the concert in question, and they were shot down as being paranoid, creepy, and leading to a bad image of Las Vegas.

      With an IR scope on a counter-sniper rifle the broken window-walls (8X8 feet) would have stood out like giant eyes. The muzzle flashes would have been seen immediately. Concrete floors, ceilings and walls would have contained the shots of the police counter-snipers. They would have killed the sniper or at least driven him back from the ledge. If trained SWAT counter-snipers can’t be relied upon to put their shots in an 8X8 foot square at 500 yards, then they need to be fired at once, and new SWAT counter-snipers need to be hired, trained and properly equipped with modern tech, including IR/NV scopes.

      The police did not stop Paddock, Paddock decided to stop on his own. It was a MASSIVE failure.

      Are you suggesting that if the same exact scenario played out next week below another hotel, the police would still be just as unprepared, literally running around like headless chickens, and not breaching the room for an hour? In 2017, after all the warnings to expect a major terrorist attack on the strip, police counter-snipers guarding that concert should have been putting fire into those giant gaping window holes in under 2 minutes, saving many lives.

      I’m just shocked that you think the Las Vegas response was not a failure. How about Pearl Harbor, or 9-11?

      • Aren’t you assuming that the official narrative is true?
        Whatever that narrative happens to be, today?
        Suppose for example that “counter”-snipers were in place, yet were the actual shooters, or to run interference for an actual shooter?

        While what we “know” about Paddock suggests his involvement was not an outright impossibility, it seems highly improbable on many levels.

      • Hello again Matt,

        I don’t know if you’re aware of this but the Mandalay was not the only hotel/casino in Vegas that ‘saw action that night at that same time. Both the Tropicanna and the Bellagio were also attacked by multiple armed assailants (there may have been other venues as well bit those two I do know of).

        So while ‘Lee Harvey’ Paddock was allegedly doing his thing from MULTIPLE, windows and floors, other coordinated groups were doing theirs in concert across the ‘Strip’.

        “Lone gunman” my ass!!
        This as a professional Op that went down in textbook fashion to stampede the herd into a buffalo jump as you’d out it.
        The narrative smells and I’m NOT buying it for one minute!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

      • Shinmen Takezo

        Matt–I could have laid down suppressing fire with an SKS at 200 yards and kept that rat back behing the broken glass.

        You cannot trust a government employee to do anything right in my opinion.

      • Mr.Bracken – The facts available do not support that Pollack did the mission. I cannot, in good conscience, debate it from the perspective that Pollack was ‘the’ shooter. Think about plunging fire v. grazing fire and the height of the 32 floor v. the length of safe area under the ‘wall’ that people were able to avoid fire. Look at the ballistic evidence, however anecdotal you may believe it to be, and the compare it to your own training, Sir.

        I believe there were two or even three shooters at lower levels that allowed many people to shelter under the 30 inch wall.. You’re a former SEAL. This was a mission. Please step back and acknowledge what you know from your own experience.

        How could a civilian police force ‘fail’ against a well planned mission? They’re useless against a raid. They’re not what you were then and others are today, no matter how they are framed, Sir..

        I only ask that you consider it objectively. And then, if you think I’m full of shit, that’s fine. It’s simply a debate. .

        No disrespect intended.

    • Respectfully sir, they failed miserably and are failing beyond words to act honorably in the aftermath. In fairness to them, this was likely not anywhere near what’s being portrayed. The guy had lots and lots of help. Or maybe re really was a hooker raping multi millionaire poker player with a fondness for terminal ballistics.

  11. Check your e-mail from yesterday, CA.

    It likely won’t be an NFL football game (unless perhaps the Superbowl).
    Nobody’s there, and nobody’s watching.
    The college bowl games, OTOH, would be ideal

    And probably not even a sniper, per se.

    One which even notional helo-borne sniper teams would find nigh-impossible to thwart. The whole thing could be done by a guy in a plastic porta-potty, who’d walk away unsuspected and unnoticed afterwards.

    • Wrong, my friend was at the Ravens game yesterday, and from what I could see, the stadium was 80-90% packed. Which I am nearly certain is the stadium featured in Mr. Bracken’s novel.

      • That’s mainly from a lack of things to do in Baltimore.

        Most of the country would view an attack on the NFL as a good thing, and if Baltimore was the target, they’d request the attackers to add Philadelphia, Detroit, and Chicongo to the list as well, at a minimum. DC, St. Louis, Boston, and NYFC wouldn’t get much sympathy either. And if it was L.A., Frisco, or Oakland, those responsible would rake in donations from the rest of the country within minutes. More than half from people in California.

        If, OTOH, someone attacked a NASCAR race, or a southern-state college game anywhere below the Mason-Dixon line, we’d go to DefCon 2, the Air Force would probably launch alert bombers same day, and Delta Airlines would be pulling airliners offline to mount under-wing bomb racks on them.

    • I’m with this – there could be a real problem if anyone actually attended NFL games anymore. The scenario is correct, just a different target.

    • Matthew Bracken

      If a COTS drone released a bogus “poison gas” spray, even just a can of spray paint, the crowd could be triggered into a massive panic stampede.

      But it might be fun to watch a prankster’s drone chase football players around the field. Or buzz them during their kneeling protest. I wonder if NFL games have drone jammers on hand? After Las Vegas, and their demonstrated failure to prepare for a fully anticipated attack, I would guess not.

    • Hmmmm….

      Remember this?…

      What I’d be worried about as a payload dropped from a sufficient altitude would be a ‘dirty bomb’ comprised of uranium or plutonium (quite a quantity of both have gone missing over the years and it DOESN’T require a degree in nuclear physics to improvise such a device that would yield a successful detonation in the 15% to 25% output range of the Hiroshima explosion). Imagine what that would do dropped into the center of the Superbowl or even worse, deployed over Disneyland during either Thanksgiving or Christmas…

      Would the parasite class “go that far” or allow non-state “proxies” to do so if it benefitted them?…

      Personally, I put NOTHING beyond them, especially after Waco I, II and all the rest.
      The only factor to consider where they’re concerned is their competence in pulling an Op off..and we’ve seen that recently in LV.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  12. snowmiser-04

    Dear Matt, thank you for writing this piece. Your logic is sound and your communication style is very clear and effective. I just sent the following email to Yellowhammer News, which is a conservative news for Alabama. Here is the email (note ‘Cliff’ is the editor/publisher who is now on the POTUS team):

    Good morning,

    This is a very interesting, though disturbing, piece that I wanted to bring to your attention.

    I think there is a public service to be done here. Tuscaloosa, Auburn, and State police forces need to think about this scenario. These are the times we live in. I think the author makes a reasonable case and also proposes solutions that law-enforcement agencies can and should implement. I wanted to pass this along to y’all so it gets more attention. I know Cliff has connections both with POTUS, and, more importantly, in our state. I pray you all will take this seriously and share with appropriate LEO leaders and other officials who are charged with protecting the people of Alabama. Also, the citizens of Alabama need to be aware of this so they can protect themselves. Having ‘non-panic’, orderly exit drills at Bryant-Denny and Jordan-Hare seems like a no-brainer that should be done as a regular practice.

    Mr. Bracken is an eloquent speaker. I would urge you to contact him for an interview; I suspect he would graciously offer his time. He is a true patriot.

    God bless,

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  14. I for one am glad to see an article focusing on Las Vegas. Since Las Vegas we have witnessed the Security State functioning in all its glory: Shocking LE-sourced revelations, released rapid fire, guaranteed to grab the news cycle away from the increasingly obvious and remarkably messy Las Vegas coverup by the FBI. All of a sudden we care about the casting couch and the shocking revelation that some goal-seeking women engaged in the heretofore-unheard-of act of more or less willingly sucking a lot of cock to get what they wanted. Imagine my surprise! And all of a sudden we have specific, targeted and very damming leaks about HRC, the DNC, Pissgate, even Mueller, Rosenstein, McCabe, Holder which seem to indicate specific prosecutable violations of law. When these big stories break the first thing I always ask myself is “what are we suddenly not talking about?”

    As much as I’d love to see HRC in prison where she belongs, I still also want to know what was really going on with Paddock. I too am surprised to see MB advocating for gunfire detection, though who really cares about the cities becoming prison camps, the people there are all communists and they advocate for those things anyway. Let them eat Chicago. Sometimes in my darker days I almost fantasize about the Khmer Rouge herding them out of Yale, Harvard, and Berkeley (and UVA) into dirt people land to learn how to subsistence farm. You wanted Communism? Here ya go!

    Perhaps you can tell, my cynicism meter is pegged right now.

  15. I used to be Eric Holder and Mike Chertoff’s security guard.

    Among many other globalist scumbags of varying importance.

    I always said to myself “Gosh, these people surround themselves with a lot of Muslims and Homosexuals” They also treated me, the white heterosexual male, like the help. Nothing I ever did was good enough. Even though my job was to simply stand in the corner and look dangerous.

    I was terminated from employment three weeks ago.

    Also, Professional curtesy please. Ask me anything you want on this platform, but don’t share this with everyone and their brother.

    • You got to “see the beast” when it wasn’t smiling for the cameras” and being itself where it could do so.

      I can only imagine the conversations that such of the parasite class had about you, me and the rest of the dirt people/ to say it WASN’T respectful or even complimentary…

      As the character of Charlie Waite said to Boss Spearmint in Open Range, “A bad man will tell you his intentions if you listen to him”.

      I’m working professional security..the only ones I hear at work are the cayotes sounding the breakfast call before sun up…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • Thats some cover you’ve got there…

      • 7 years in the 82nd gives you a “Jump First, figure it out when you hit the ground” kinda mentality.

        FTW what are they gonna do? Destroy my country? Destroy me?

        Not everyone is gonna make it. You might as well go down barking and biting.

    • Matthew Bracken

      It would be interesting to debrief Mr. Holder at an isolated cabin deep in a swamp.

      • Why bother?
        He has a oil painting of “Selma” bridge hanging outside his office door.
        Aka, just like all these fat 70 year old professors, they still live in the 1960’s.
        My friend summed it up to me quiet simply once.

        “Brother, you either win and stay on top, or you lose the crown and everyone hates you for it”

        Also, if Mr. Bracken, if You could get me in touch with Infowars, I would like to meet with their DC branch and be debreifed by them.

        May or may not have a thumb drive or two.

        Did you know that the NFL, American Healthcare Association, Qatari Dair and the Arab Center headquarters shares a building with Mr. holders Law firm…

        Ordinarily I would find them on my own, but I think they disabled their Whistle blowers platform.

        Im pretty resourceful but if they dont respond to my twitter outreach….

        Thanks Brothers.

    • You do realize this is the fucking Internet?
      We’ll keep it on the down low though…. so by all means tell us what you know.

      • Noted.
        I was in the 82nd so Im half Crazy and half Crazy

      • See the above statement to Mr. Bracken.

        Look up Covington and Burling LLC.

        Its all feds, chinese commies, arabs, judges, senators, you name it.

        And they have offices in London, Burssels, Hong Kong, LA, Silicon Valley, New York.

        I used to manage their weekend Security for the last 18 months.

        Just got fired too.

        “My services were no longer required”

  16. Thank you, Mr Bracken. Well written, and plenty of thought to chew over.
    But allow me to be a little contrarian here. With the NFL in implosion mode with all the knee-lers (there’s another word I could insert), who would be in the stands for the shooter to shoot?
    But there are plenty of other large crowds where this has been, and could, apply, i.e., Las Vegas.

  17. The problem with increased security is that it’s a reactive measure. To truly prevent mass shootings/terrorist events, we need to find other ways to detect shooters before the event.
    I don’t know what those other ways would be, but we have to start thinking that way.

    • Matthew Bracken

      My story would get longer and longer, but the revamped security would also involve doing a threat analysis on every stadium, to locate likely sniper hides out to at least a mile, and putting them under observation. Especially danger zones like the highway overpass leading into Baltimore with a direct line of sight into the stadium between the end zone and sideline upper decks. Anybody parking on the shoulder in spots like that during an event should instantly have binoculars and rifle scopes looking at him. Stuff like that.

      • Everything Bracken says is true, but being a 57 year old former fighter pilot, I grieve for the country that I once knew (or at least thought I knew). Who would have thought it would come to this, where even football games and concerts are war zones? I smack my forehead in disbelief!

  18. An excellent display of the problem and probable solution set. But Matt missed the economics. It would be highly likely that the costs of the necessary assets portrayed for defense would charged to the venue. This is already happening on a smaller scale as we speak across the country. So I would propose as a consequence of the cost, it would be the death of the open air venue.

    Another words the issue is self solving.

    • Matthew Bracken

      What will be the economic consequences to Las Vegas and MGM Resorts International when they have to pay out billions in damages after they lose massive lawsuits?
      An ounce of prevention is not free, but it’s dirt cheap compared to a pound of cure.
      And I’m not even suggesting paying for massive new programs, at all. The police helicopter is already nearby. The SWAT team is drinking coffee over there. They need to be brought together with a quick reaction plan for a distant sniper.
      That’s why the military created JSOC after the failed Iranian mission. The elements already existed, but their ad hoc mission failed.

      Folks responsible for security at large outdoor events like in Las Vegas (or the NFL) need to be ahead of the curve, and not running around like headless chickens when a fully predictable sniper opens fire.

      • “folks responsible….” =

        (((LV)))PD + (((Mark Glaser))).

        it all went as (((they))) intended.

        and if it happens at a stadium venue, it’ll be the same Tikkun Ola.

      • “And I’m not even suggesting paying for massive new programs, at all. The police helicopter is already nearby. The SWAT team is drinking coffee over there.”

        Speaking about SWAT teams drinking coffee, I just remembered what I read about in Unintended Consequences regarding the ‘Florida FBI OK Corral Shootout’ with bank robbers Matix and Platt. There were two tactical guys Armed with MP5’s and body armor that were supposed to be there/coordinate with the rest of the team…didn’t happen as they were busy double banging a local cop groupie waitress that morning at the greasy spoon where she worked.
        I’d say they didn’t even have their radios with them or had them turned off.

        So much for ‘coordination/effectiveness’..
        Good thing it wasn’t a couple of groups of moslems run amuck with Ak’s and explosive vests the fibbies had to engage that morning or they’d have been totally fooked!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  19. My friends in law enforcement , who will admit it to me , tell me the number of statist left wing goons being hired these days is outnumbering the old timers with a conscience three to one . I have family three generations back that are retired leo’s and they don’t even want to talk about the latest round of ego-maniacs being put out there with a gun and an attitude . Don’t count on very many to support liberty versus a paycheck . To the range my brothers . Don’t make it easy or even possible . If every one of us can take out 15 or twenty it will not be a long war .

    • The now mid-fifty something old men like me who carried a gun when I carried a law book share the concern, with one teaching his kids that “there is nothing good that can ever come out of an interaction with a police officer. Just avoid them.”

      Good advice for all, methinks.

    • Northern Virginia is hiring dips hit Afghanis as police officers. And Baltimore hires ex-gang members to police the gang areas.

      We are turning into a third world country.

      • we’re there now.

        in Minneapolis the local ZOG PD hires black muslim savages right off the plane from Somalia. Like the one who shot and killed a White woman while she was standing next to the cop car talking to another cop. The nigger is currently on paid leave.

        Bracken’s notion of getting the orcs to straighten up and fly right is absurd.

    • Matthew Bracken

      That’s also what I’m hearing. The FLEAs have been hiring SJWs who think the Constitution is a joke. They will be going through the system for the next 20 years.

      • Yup!

        Definitely doing hard and heavy AA (affirmative action) hires/promotion from the imported ‘cultural invader class’!!

        The mayor of the ‘burg where the poor woman was murdered has gone full dihimmi and doubled down on supporting the scumoli moslem trash over anyone else there! Many departments are also catering to them in allowing their moslimas to openly wear their sharia compliant head schmattas…talk about bagheaded bimbos for ‘team mo’ with guns, a tin plated badge and an attitude for the kaffirs around them…that’s a real good combo going in there!
        What could go wrong eh?…

        Almost as bad as ‘dearbornistan’ etc….

        Like a programmer friend of mine said to me years back, “garbage in,…garbage out.”

        And that’s not even touching the fact that the academies/departments ROUTINELY intentionally screen out all applicants that are ‘too intelligent’; can’t have folks working for them that actually can operate with both critical thinking and an onsite conscience to guide them..wouldn’t fit/suit their purpose/mission plan…

        Just some thoughts…

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

        • Welcome to ‘Bantuland’!!

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III


      Over twenty years ago, I subscribed to Guns&Ammo magazine. In the early 90’s and individual wrote a letter to the editor about being stopped for a traffic violation in Foster City, CA. As the Orc was writing the citation, he commented to the driver about the NRA decal on his rear window. The ORC then went into a speech mode about how the NRA were a bunch of gun nuts, trouble-makers, etc.
      So, Res Ipsa Loquitur. Numerous articles have been contributed to this site over the years about the attitudes of our boys and girls in blue to the rest of us deplorable serfs. I have seen it over and over again in my own travels in CA, OR, and ID. This is sad. It is also frightening because when you get down to brass tacks, the largest criminal gangs in modern-day Amerika wear badges. Bleib ubrig.

  20. Shinmen Takezo

    I share Matt’s concern, but…. nothing will come of it.

    Matt is braying in the night like a wolf, hoping that “they/them” (meaning the government employees) will do the ‘right thing’ –when in fact government employees (much less NFL organizers more concerned with ticket and jersey sales) never, ever do the ‘right thing’ because they are in fact government employees/political enforcers (dead weight/parasites)… and with the NFL league, their eye is on the bottom line.

    Your average LEO (uniformed, alphabet agent, etc.) today is merely a political enforcers with 90% of their activities devoted to ‘revenue collection’ (revenue farming) or enforcing political edicts (both left and right). Things with LEO’s today are in fact much worse than in the days when the Declaration Of Independence was drawn up outlining the outrages of “The Kings Agents.” I think the only outrage our government has not committed against citizens is ‘quartering’ toops in private home–but that could change at the drop of a hat.

    There will never be SWAT teams pre-positioned with helicopters outside of large capacity venues. Not ever I believe. You LEO will only show up the draw chalk lines around victimes once the smoke has cleared.

    I personally was across the street from the Bank Of America (inside the supermarket) full-auto holdup and shooting in the late 90’s, where two thugs held off hundreds of police officers for around 40 minutes (or longer) before SWAT even showed up (headquartered downtown in Los Angles 20 miles away) and then additional time passed as they setup and and encountered the robbers. It was a long wait BTW (thankfully my car was parked behind the market, not between the market and the bank).

    Yes, the police in Las Vegas were completely inept and slow in their reaction time to deal with the situation–and yes, they are currently misleading the public about Paddock and his motivations or possible accomplices.

    The one thing you can count upon is that anyone who draws any kind of public paycheck, is that these people will consistantly do the wrong thing at the wrong time, usually escalating the situation into a complete disaster.

    FYI–I frequent the poker clubs in Southern California… and despite these shootings and despite some personal interaction/advice with the general manager one of the largest establishments (Hawiian Gardens) pointing out their lax security on the entrances and mass shooters… nothing has been done. They still (as in all of them) hire third rate people with no attention spans, little or no training (other than security guard training) and with no serious firearm training. Even the casinos in Vegas are more or less the same–with the only highly trained security people being adept in detecting ‘cheating’ and not physical threats or dealing with them.

    I doubt Paddock took his cue from Matt’s book–but it was only a matter of time until the scenario depicted in the book played out in full as seen in Vegas on October 1st. And with our prolific culture of violence seen in all consumable media (movies, TV, etc.) where all your problems are solved with the use of firearms with ballet’s of stylized death, IE: John Wick (not a cooincidence BTW, having spent many years in Hollywood as a writer), some nut-job is going to pick up on Paddock’s cue, or most likely currently planning to out perform Paddock body count in another attack along the same lines.

    Or are these killers just ‘lone nuts” bent on scoring a hight body count?! Or are they part of some deep-deep-state operation, much more sinister than Fast And Furious, or conducted by some hidden, insane globalist/leftist organization bent on destroying constitutional rights in the USA? I am thinking the latter now, now that it has been revealed that Paddock’s hard drive on his computer is missing…. along with the hard drives of several mass shooters of recent past. The movie “The Parallalax View” comes to mind now.

    With the gun running to Mexico and the gun running (in thousands of tons BTW) out of Benghazi into Syria by our own government—no line of thought now is off the table.

    • Metro Division is HQ’ed downtown, but that had jack and squat to do with anything the day of the N. Hollywood Shootout.
      There are teams in every bureau (all four of them in L.A.) ready to call out 24/7, including in the SFValley minutes from N.Hollywood, but due to incredible foresight, some genius had decided to hold an all-LAPD SWAT training exercise the morning the robbers struck, so all the teams were there when it happened across town, which is why you saw them show up 45 minutes later, with vests thrown on over gym clothes and shorts.

      LAPD glossed over that detail afterwards, but out of 7000 cops, the story still gets out.

      The online videos also leave out hundreds of officers and their V-100 APC (which showed up far too late to rescue any downed officers, but just in time to go knocking down brick walls and garage doors after the shooting had stopped) for hours afterward, looking for the imaginary “third gunman” from initial panicked reports. LA city damage payments afterwards ran to seven figures, last I heard.

    • “Or are these killers just ‘lone nuts” bent on scoring a hight body count?! Or are they part of some deep-deep-state operation, much more sinister than Fast And Furious, or conducted by some hidden, insane globalist/leftist organization bent on destroying constitutional rights in the USA? I am thinking the latter now, now that it has been revealed that Paddock’s hard drive on his computer is missing…. along with the hard drives of several mass shooters of recent past. The movie “The Parallalax View” comes to mind now.”

      Alex, I’ll take MK-Ultra/The Parallax View for $1,000!!

      Never forget that the ‘unibomber’ was definitely part of that program run by ‘christians in action’ as were others…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  21. While everybody is concerned about this and the major scandal with Clinton, et. al., Catalans Parliament declared Catalan independence today, and Madrid immediately announced direct rule of Catalan, with the Parliament and President declared rebels. Shooting will soon commence, this year or in the spring. sie kommen, sie kommen!

    • Well at least the Catalans can try the Northern Ireland solution:

      One Shot Paddy

      And if they have a shortage of weapons to do so, I suspect the Basques might be able and willing to help. And may even be willing to make common cause with them.

      Of course, to do it right, they need to take the action to Madrid, not Barcelona. Be smart enough to not shit in their own soup…

      I forget who first posted One Shot Paddy here a number of years ago. Thanks for the thought!

    • Catalan will fare more like Chechenya did.That’s what happens when hubris is used in lieu of brains.

      And ain’t nobody in NATO going to start a war with Spain (least of all France) to supply Catalan rebels with anything, except white flags. We still need Rota, and the Brits want no trouble about Gibraltar, So Catalan’s best option is to declare war on the U.S., lose, and go for the reparations, a la “The Mouse That Roared”.

  22. “there is nothing good that can ever come out of an interaction with a police officer. Just avoid them.”

    Now, I just don’t wanna…

  23. Great article, Matt. Linked over at

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  25. MB:

    I am just reading your trilogy now. It was written quite a while ago but it still holds up well. An awful lot of it feels like it could have been written this year (SJW stuff).

    What details would you do differently if you had to write it over again?

    I love books like this that make you think “What would I do if I were in this situation?” “Would I be able to have the courage to do what these characters are doing?”

    On that note, my pet peeve is when people say the terrorists who drive trucks through crowds are ‘cowards’ and terrorism is ‘cowardly’. No it is not, it is pretty ballsy. Sitting on your couch doing nothing about it is cowardly.

  26. One problem Matt; The sniper will be shooting at empty seats.

    I mean, is anybody actually attending NFL games anymore? The players’ decision to use the National Anthem as an opportunity to kneel, whine, bitch, piss/moan has turned most people off to them. Well, those that still genuinely cared about the game anyway.

    This tech should also be employed at Congressional Baseball Games.