LOTS: ROE For 28 October

Well said.

For this event, as well as others.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I will be there.

    For Southern Freedom,

    Pat Hines, chairman
    South Carolina League of the South

  3. The only squawk on that entire thing,
    #5. “engage in violence…”
    Violence is the wrong word.
    Engage in the use of force is the way to word it.
    Violence and the use of force are two entirely different things. Use of force for the purpose of self-defense and/or protection, or upholding the law and/or one’s civil rights, is a morally appropriate action and response to the initiation of violence.
    Entirely different from the immoral and illegal chaos of violence.
    The left has done a masterful job of confusing the public into thinking violence and the use of force are the same thing, as well as confusing the public into wrongfully using the word violence when the proper term is the use of force.


  4. YeahWhatever

    Did you idjits miss the part on the flier where 2 of the speakers are from NATIONAL SOCIALIST organizations? (Traditionalist Workers Party and National Socialist Movement)

    ANYONE supporting this OBVIOUS GINNED-UP so-called rally is a fucking MORON.

  5. Thomas T. Tinker

    What ever takes place in Tenn. ….. take notes ….. video ….. and get back to us in here. Spread the Intel!

  6. Big_Celebrant

    “No Firearms”.
    I guess they don’t want me pulling overwatch from a nearby rooftop… Sadly, we’re getting to the point where such a proposition is rapidly shifting from the realm of ‘grim humor’ to that of ‘necessary and appropriate precaution’.

    For those who are going:
    May His truth go before you as a shining beacon;
    may His righteousness pour down upon you and enliven your spirit; and may His arm be outstretched along your path that you may go forth before the face of your enemies, proceeding unscathed and untarnished before God; by the grace of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

  7. Two completely different thought patterns.
    1)Stay anonymous.2)Become public.
    Anonymity suits me. Personal choice. To those who are out there responsibly.You deliberately put yourself in a position to take human life to defend your own. Heavy shit. I was taught to stay away from direct confrontation,except on my terms.When I see you,you won’t see me.
    Deception is a principle tenet of Ninjutsu..the art of invisibility. Stealthy movement plus many other skills.That training is diametrically opposed with putting myself in a crowded public space with violent behavior.
    A cold-blooded killing machine, drenched in blood with no remorse is a psychopath. A disciplined professional is a different animal. Much more deadly, when necessary, with a longer life span. Discipline and taking responsibility for your actions. Orders make it palatable.There will be no orders directing you to a course of action.You are your own commandant.Don’t step on your dick.

  8. PoorfellowsoldierofCHRIST

    Already adverts on Craigslist for crisis actors,

  9. Be advised, there is already a Craigslist add of for crises actors for this event. There will be infiltrators among you. Be careful, and stay safe.

    • Pity nobody’s been smart enough to pull off an O’Keefe, infiltrate the infiltrators, secretly record the whole briefing and shitshow, and get paid $500 for the trouble.
      More fun to keep pounding their heads into the brick wall I guess.

  10. What a joke. Any person organizing or attending an event with NS needs to have their head examined. Good idea people, trade one form of totalitarianism for another. I sincerely hope this post is informational only and WRSA isn’t actually promoting it. Also, why in fuck would I intentionally disarm myself to attend any event that had a high probability of violence? Fucking dumpster fire this is.

    • Confederate miner

      Well I would hope you have more in common with those 2 groups than black Lives matter. Have you even read there political platform? I don’t agree with a lot of what they say and there economics knowledge is probably lacking. However they are definitely on the right side. When the war is over then we can work it out amongst ourselves how big and what role the government will play.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        I don’t give a shit whether they are better than BLM or not. They are Socialists whose base instinct is to take from me and give to others at gunpoint. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend” is exactly what got us into this mess. Have fun cucking.

        • Confederate miner

          I guess that is a no on reading their platform. I ain’t chucking to nobody. My main Internet is my own race.

          • Matthew Wilbanks

            There is absolutely no need to read their platform, anyone who calls themselves a Socialist (or Communist) is my enemy.

    • Who said NS is totalitarian?

      The paleo-Antifa of ’75 said that Good King George III was totalitarian. And the neo-Antifa of today are good Constitutionalists.

      At least the NS people have an argument. The “Liberty” folks have no argument whatsoever.


      • Matthew Wilbanks

        All forms of Socialism are totalitarian, if you don’t understand that then you’re too dumb to live. Keep trying Sarge.

        • The question was, “Who said NS is totalitarian?”

          Not whether Socialism (an entirely different subject), is wicked or not.


          • Matthew Wilbanks

            I said NS is totalitarian. All forms of totalitarianism are wicked. Keep trying to obfuscate.

        • John 11B2PB4

          I don’t think you know who you are talking to you when you say sarge do some research you should be glad this fine American is even willing to discuss with us he has been there and done that a literally wrote the book well newsletter

          • Matthew Wilbanks

            Benedict Arnold was an honorable soldier until the day he sold out his neighbors. You’re past actions, no matter how amazing or selfless, don’t excuse your future choices. If he thinks NS is a good idea then he is the enemy.

        • Confederate miner

          If the people freely choose socialism is that freedom or totalitarian?

    • “trade one form of totalitarianism for another.”

      You must’ve missed the memo. Current freefor strategy is to outcollectivize the collectivists. There was a vote or something.

      “why in fuck would I intentionally disarm myself to attend any event that had a high probability of violence?”

      To concede that the defense of your life and property isn’t up to you, but rather is to be decided by your betters. Sheesh, are you behind the times.

    • The enemy of my enemy…you know the rest.

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        Yup, and I just talked about it in another comment. It was horseshit the day it was first uttered and its horseshit today.

  11. Two Nazi groups. Stay away.

    • I’m more inclined to stay away from “Liberty Movement” events. They are lame and boring — always the same blah blah.

    • Unreconstructed

      Spoken like a true leftist. Congrats, your Antifa/BLM certificate is in the mail.

      The folks I know going to these events are neither Nazis or Supremacists. They are simply disenfranchised White Americans that have been demonized by their Countrymen. Their crime? They happen to prefer the company of their own kind to the 70IQ she-boons on every MLK Jr Blvd that spit out 8 chilluns to be supported cradle to grave by “Murcia”.
      Freedom includes the freedom to associate and freedom FROM association.

  12. The Left has mastered the art of infiltration, making these events dubious at best, and very dangerous at worst. The infiltrators will DO all the Don’ts to make good people look bad, and they will make sure to video it, just like at CVille.

    All I can ask is, “Who’s in charge of credentialing folks? And what is the process?” Because if you’re not in control of who represents you in public, you won’t be well represented. Count on it.

  13. What could possibly go right?

    I can see ridiculing people who burn both hands touching a hot stove twice, but for those bound and determined to set themselves on fire, mere words will not suffice.

    I have to figure that anybody that’s still planning on showing up has a driving need to earn a Darwin Award, and would go down to the beach to see a tsunami up close.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      “but for those bound and determined to set themselves on fire, mere words will not suffice.”

      Sez you.
      – Zombie Thich Quang Duc

    • BTW, that phone number tracks back to someone/place in West Palm Beach, FL.


  14. First critical problem: “No Firearms” allowed (commies and other collectivists WILL have them and will use them..count on it).

    Second critical problem: Several groups/actors who ARE collectivist shills (national socialists and “traditionalist workers party”)…mini parasite class that dreams of graduating to full parasite class. ‘Mo of the same’ is NOT the answer!!

    Third critical problem: Walking into a KNOWN trap/setup and expecting a different outcome than Charlottesville..esp with sorros paid crisis actor shills in force.

    This pic says it all…

    The ideal thing would be for everyone to meet the first night, have a good time together, go out for steak n beer and then GO HOME without telling anyone that the events off…let the sorros black pajama ninja bots show up the next day to ‘protest’….NOTHING..let them wander about and get themselves in trouble on camera doing their own brand of stupidity in front of everyone.
    Deny them a ‘victory’ by NOT playing their game!

    Save the defensive violence for the day it’s coming.

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  15. “When the war is over then we can work it out amongst ourselves how big and what role the government will play.”

    A classic line if ever there were one. Ranks right up there with, “I promise baby, I’ll pull out.”

    • Matthew Wilbanks

      At least one person here has their head on straight and isn’t cucking for Socialism. Good on ya Jim.

    • Confederate miner

      I’m not a socialist I’m as little government as you get I’m not making any promises. I’m not talking from their side.damn white people need to unite and take care of the big problems then we can argue amongst ourselves. What the fuck is wrong with you motherfuckers

      • What’s wrong with them is they think Muh Constitution will still be the guiding principle of a liberty-loving republic even after this country has become part of Latin America.

        Economic and political systems are like the software of a civilization, and they require compatible hardware that meets minimum specs. White people are the “hardware” that runs the software of advanced civilization. I don’t know what they think a 75% brown America is going to be like, but it’s going to embody absolutely none of the things they purport to care so deeply about. I’d guess they have a typical Baby Boomer response to that question: “who cares I’ll be dead then anyway”

        • “they think Muh Constitution will still be the guiding principle of a liberty-loving republic”

          Damn, man. Run that shit to Colorado and you can probably make a fortune.

      • Chill, holmes. I intentionally put the line apart and not in direct response to you. But since you apparently like to dig deeper while you’re stuck in the hole…

        “white people need to unite”

        What horseshit. Racism is the crudest form of collectivism. If I wanted to hear mind-numbed folly in total disregard of rationality, not to mention disregard for individual liberty, I’d go to some commie-lib blog…they’re much more experienced and consistent. [Note to g1—that consistency is “coherence,” a foolish thing to seek IMO.]

        Though I admit…it’s pretty interesting watching former freefor trying to catch up. Tragic and no doubt deadly, but interesting.

        • Confederate miner

          You obviously ain’t quite aware of the situation and the threat. My bad I tend to take for granted people on here are a more aware of reality.

          • Confederate miner

            And I ain’t a “holmes”.

            • Confederate miner

              Oh so I’m a racist and white people uniting is a bad thing. I guess you did get your playback from the same as black Lives matter. You won’t ever be cracking my head cuck. Trust that!

            • >>>And I ain’t a “holmes”.

              Sorry, I forgot—you want to be defined by your skin. So chill, cracker…if I had your mindset, I might want that too.

          • “You obviously ain’t quite aware of the situation and the threat.”

            Funny stuff. You haven’t been smoking with (((Cohencidence))), have you?

  16. There are checkpoints set up by TN law enforcement, including the Shelbyville PD. All who are going to be at the demonstration area will be checked for weapons via wand or other metal detectors. Not only are firearms prohibited (by illegal ordnance passed on Wednesday, the 25th), knives, clubs, and other weapons are to be confiscated at the checkpoints.

    I’ll be in an armed vehicle at a location nearby, as will others.

    • “There are checkpoints set up by TN law enforcement, including the Shelbyville PD. All who are going to be at the demonstration area will be checked for weapons via wand or other metal detectors.”

      And the contracted tour buses containing the antifag/blm/bamn ‘protesters’ WILL be give a free pass to drive on thru without so much as a tap on the breaks by the drivers..count on it. Also count on the fact that they WILL be bringing “interactive party toys” in those buses to use there (and we’re not talking about ‘pleasuremaster 5K’s’ that the moldylocks dykes strap on prior to their sordid activities).

      The question begs, why is ANYONE obligated to respect let alone comply with ANY form of disarmament in any form while the parasite class’s badged orcs and orcettes get to run around with theirs and lots more?

      Fuck their ‘laws’!!
      Fuck their ‘ordnances’!!

      ANYONE who says one should be disarmed is NOT your friend no matter what they’re wearing or whatever bullshit title they claim.
      Consider them a potential deadly threat and near enemy! (That includes sgt. Steven M. “Bilko” I’m a Torry – God save King George III because I LOVE statism and dream of being a Manor Lord, Barry).

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

    • “The po-po promise to enforce the law equally…and to not cum in your mouth.”

      Best wishes, seriously.
      And go back, please, and have a few folks mine a few nuggets from comments after Charlotesville about how not to do this.

      Ad hoc QRFs nearby sound like a good start, but doing the proper and prudent recon and intel preps to not need them in the first place, because you weren’t taken by surprise after being penned in for the slaughter, would be even better.

      Remote observation.
      Covert infiltration of observers on The Other Side, calling in verbally/texts in real time.
      Intel coordination HQ, in real time, including above, plus media and public service scanner traffic, in constant direct contact with ground leadership.
      Medical plan, inside and outside.
      E&E plan, for every swinging Richard.
      P-A-C-E, times everything.
      Designated official media liasons beforehand, identified and available as POCs for the press.
      Just saying.

      It’s always nicer if we don’t hand the other side a media goldmine coming and going, let alone a martyr body count.

      • And FFS:
        somebody (actually, quite a number of them) designated and capable to await, join, and/or follow and video and audio record The Other Side’s briefings, assembly, activities on-site, and egress afterwards, including convoys, busses, companies, drivers, vehicle license plates, and facials of their troll organizers.

        Weaponized autism can take care of the aftermath once you have the raw intel.

        You have a golden opportunity here to put a constant video camera on The Grassy Knoll and every other spot in Dealey Plaza before the motorcade.

        If the enemy’s going to all the trouble to set up an ambush and telegraph it in advance, it would be impolite, not to mention criminally stupid, not to intel-mine the hell out of them.

        Don’t fuck that up.

        Oh, and you, your other QRFs, and anyone else inside or out?
        One word: bodycams.
        Cellphone in a pocket audio and/or video recording everything, GoPro Heros, whatever.

        Something you can’t go back in time and do afterwards.

        And knowing your own people defeats attempts to infiltrate, and having a plan to de-brief every swinging Richard about anything of note afterwards only dates back to WWII bombing missions, every infantry patrol in history, and every serious high-speed low-drag organization at the moment.
        Learn that lesson too, and have that ready to go and do it, whether everything goes peacefully, or follows the more likely route of what everyone above the age of five years would normally expect to happen. Pretty please.

        You will see this material again; please, have appropriate answers to fill in the blanks, from the get-go.

      • “Remote observation.
        Covert infiltration of observers on The Other Side, calling in verbally/texts in real time.”

        Such would be a perfect use for several drones with live audio/video..deploy several(10+) over the area for real time intell/surveillance on what the parasite class and their proxies and badged orcs and orcettes are up to…link them to real time download of both audio/video off site so that can’t be easily confiscated.

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • And watching the site, and going over it beforehand with metal detectors to prevent anyone from caching weapons there inside the perimeter beforehand, under or inside trashcans, burial in the ground inside baggies, walked in through underground sewer/storm drain tunnels, and ten other ways I could think of and five more I can’t will be performed non-stop constantly starting today by whom, exactly?

      Go back and watch The Adventures Of Robin Hood with Errol Flynn, and pay attention to the scene where they break him out from being hanged, and note how it was done. Then flash forward to Saturday’s venue, and start thinking like a sneaky Antifa shit. In 800 years, I promise that the sheriff of Nottingham’s guards haven’t gotten any brighter. Not one whit, nor one wit.

      Assume all “security” is already compromised from the outset.
      It’s an illusion.
      No one wants the fish to see the hook.

  17. Matthew Wilbanks

    Mass gatherings like this are pointless, you will not even slow the tide. The day I show up at one of these is the day I start cracking heads of Antifa and Nazis alike. The violence is coming whether any of us like it or not. If I die in the process so be it, but I will not sacrifice my honor by comporting with totalitarian scum of any flavor.

    • Confederate miner

      So who’s side are you on? Oh yeah your anti nazi . So who’s side on you on?

      • Matthew Wilbanks

        I’m on my side. You’re apparently too dumb to realize that (International) Communism and (National) Socialism are the same thing except for how many people they affect. Have fun picking sides then getting fucked in the ass no matter who you choose.

  18. Here’s the official rules about weapons in Shelbyville.

    • Randall Flagg

      Reads just like the entrance signs at any sportsball event.

      As Ol’ Remus says…. avoid crowds.

      • “Reads just like the entrance signs at any sportsball event.”

        Actually it reads, “To any psychopath, the prey inside this event/venue HAVE been thoughtfully de-clawed, de-fanged, and disarmed for your ease of preying upon and using them as violently as you desire. Please enjoy your predation upon them and have a nice day! -The Management”


        Now, tell me again, how MANY people that took up guns and fought the fucking national socialists in the Warsaw Ghetto during WWII were ‘successfully’ marched of to Dachau or anywhere else to die?…
        They lasted longer than the Polish Army did against those invading goose stepping shitweasels..28 days!!

        Disarmament is the shame of slaves!!
        Even a slave WILL pick up a rock or branch to defend himself until he/she can get their hands on something better if sufficiently pushed far enough..ask Frederick Douglass how that works!
        Don’t be a slave!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

    • We certainly should adhere to all rules

      Gods, man. Have you never watched bridge on the river kwai?

  19. Nothing like a little rally to bring out your inner socialist.
    These events are pointless and achieve only one thing. They alienate the very people you’re trying to get on your side. When was the last time you saw a street protest actually achieve anything positive and real?
    Grown ups don’t protest. We deal with opposition in subtler more effective ways, and if I have to explain that to you, you’re not worth the time because your IQ is only double digits. Sorry.
    This rally will feed your opponents their favourite dish. The comical thing for me is watching these socialist vs socialist events unfold to the point neither side can really explain to anyone why they are there and what they’re all about.
    Hopefully both sides participating in these ridiculous displays will eliminate each other before the real fun begins. Both sides are fascists. Have fun.

    • It’s stunning what these internet addled minds come up with. Nazis with a new flag, and podunk militias are divisive and ‘bad optics’. Good God politics are retarded. People are absolutely hopeless.