The “Patriot Movement” And You

Harsh, but fair.

If you alienate more people than you attract consistently over time, change your tactics.

Or keep failing.

How are you passing key values and skills to the next generation?

38 responses to “The “Patriot Movement” And You

  1. Big_Celebrant

    Like the Nazi parties of the 1930s, the current “Militia Movement” is a tired answer to an outdated question.

    To have anything resembling an effective ‘militia’ you have to have a cohesive community, and you have to have the numbers to sustain a legitimate mission within that community.

    Just as all politics is local, so are all effective militias local entities. If you can’t assemble 25 armed and competent fighting men at a rendezvous point in your town/county within 30 minutes or less, then you fail the basic premise upon which ‘the militia’ is founded.

    If you have only 25, or 50 or even a hundred people, but they are spread out over 3 to 6 of counties (or more), you don’t have an effective ‘local force’.
    And that’s before we contemplate that at least half of those ‘militia men’ are over forty, over weight, and incapable of pushing themselves through anything more demanding than a weekend camp out.

    The real question, at this point in time, is “how do we establish/fortify our communities to build a real and positive local identity around which people will rally” – whether that rallying is to defeat a noxious politician seeking office, or a natural disaster, or an invasion of AntiFA/#BLM thugs intent upon punishing us for living in accordance with our beliefs and values.

    To date, I have encountered very, very few such communities, and it’s not for a lack of searching.

    Militias don’t create communities; communities create militias. When our priorities are founded in reality, we may advance towards our objectives. Any other approach is a circle-jerk of grandiose proportions.

    • Been trying Brother its a hard row to hoe though…

    • Well said. And likewise at the larger level: Nations don’t create their people. A, and I do mean “A”, People creates its own Nation. The United States has declared War against its Founding Race, like a son who would kill his own parents to get his inheritance. Google the etymology of “nation” and compare it to “country”. The United States is just a country now, in other words, a whole lot of nothing.

  2. Ancient Chinese master say, “It is only undisciplined troops who make the people their enemies and who, like fish out of its native element, cannot live.” To follow big fat warlord charlatan is to invite shame on all houses, and make easy target for subversion by wicked men. Best to spend less time with shameful Tapco SKS, chopsticks, rice bowl, and rice wine, and more time at study of disciplines of diplomacy, teaching, philosophy, and physical fortitude. Be neither selfish nor unjust.

    And remember, where there is Multicam and pot bellies, there is foolishness.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Ancient Chinese master say, “It is only undisciplined troops who make the people their enemies and who, like fish out of its native element, cannot live.””

      It all depends on who constitutes “the people,” though, doesn’t it? The Roman legions were highly disciplined, but they were so heavy handed that rebellions in the provinces were a relatively frequent problem, to give but one example.

  3. Guys, guys… all you have to do is think like ME and we win!!

    If guys want to get drunk in the woods and work on SUT in the morning, why the fuck does anyone feel like thats an impediment to their life (or their ‘movement’)? Kinda seems like nobody’s business.

    ‘But the make us look bad in the MEDIA!’
    The media already hates you, guy. If you’re looking to win followers through that venue then I’ll go ahead and assume youre dumber than the dude who invited VICE out to their camo camp party. Just cant help but be divided. Winning.

    • Rabbi High Comma

      It’s not about the media’s opinion. It’s about the “deplorables” who are potential recruits. Just as Nazi flags are poor optics (the populace has been brainwashed to reflexively reject any iconography from WW2 Germany as pure, unadulterated evil), giving the media an opportunity to defame (however dishonest it may be) is playing into their hands. Healthy, clean cut, patriotic Whites (men and women) standing up for themselves and their heritage drives the left insane and they have no angles to attack it with.

      If the militia movement was to have affected positive change, it would have done so 20 years ago. Now it consists of pot bellied loud mouths who love their wife’s black son. Freaking sad.

  4. Do you mean alienation from some of the commenters on this forum who at the drop of a hat start with beaners, wetbacks, mud people, niggers, asphalt apes,etc? If you insist on this type of language without knowing the character of the people you’re insulting don’t expect any allies from those of us with long memories, you’re just another side of the same class of enemy.

  5. Punisher skulls with blue lines across them….

    I truly never understood this or 99% of what they produce. I got better kings to do.

    ca, sent you comms.

  6. Not wrong, but not right either.

    Unless we figure out a way to rally around a core set of operating ideas we are fucked.
    Maybe the Nov 4th stuff will kick off and get people motivated real quick like.

    • “Unless we figure out a way to rally around a core set of operating ideas we are fucked.”

      Respectfully, that’s why things have gone sour since you derailed. Sorry to be boring, but formally the distinction is between a coherence theory of truth versus a correspondence theory of truth. This is an explicit appeal to coherence.

      Correspondence is the way to go because reality is as it is no matter who you are or what you believe. Thus when many people choose it, they’re all on the same page. Plus there’s the added benefit of not having to fight Mother Nature, a not-insignificant benefit.

  7. You couldn’t ask for a better facade. Those guys lead to a serious underestimate of patriot power by our Stasis Quo.

    In addition, there is no power to prevent them from doing anything they want, and we wouldn’t want that power. So we make the best of it, go on doing what we do in preparing for serious opposition.

    Sabotage is far more effective than shooting people, in any case. Taking out the power to DC requires less force than conquering it, is just as effective. There is zero possibility of any amount of armed force preventing actions like that, and sabotage can be very low risk for everyone.

  8. Not really that harsh, just a cold splash of reality. Haven’t spotted any of them in their underwear yet, than G*d. That thing that i saw, had the camera crew catch the “leader” still asleep in his tent. The night before, he was drinking MIller Lite (woof!) and gave the appearance of a drunk. A good rule of thumb is that if you want to make a FAVORABLE impression, leave the booze out of camera range, and don’t drink while on film. I had the impression of the campsite for “training” that it was more social than discipline and martial practices, and that PT was an after thought. Bacon and eggs? Sure, but if you want to train, train with what you would eat out in the boonies, not the luxuries afforded at this campsite. And it’s PT first, and chow later, while you’r e getting the OPORDER, and organizing your people and their gear. Never done that? I have, lots of times. You’ll be surprised at how much shit you have to strip off people to keep them from weighing themselves down with a 100 lbs of extra crap. You eat your grub while doing other things, like listening to the squad ldrs give the OPORDER, and looking over all your people and their weapons. Scouts out? OP’S/LP’S out or in? Who is going to secure the campsite? Are you coming back to it? Where are your heavy packs secured, and does everyone know the location of it, and the rally point? What’s your plan B, if plan A is a total fuck up? Who is looking out for drones and manned aircraft? You got a million things to do, and no time at all for bullshit and sleeping late. By the By, Platoon Sgts. and Squad Ldrs, are up FIRST, and they wake up their people, everyday.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Just who the fuk is this faggot who wrote this piece of tripe?
    Oh—he’s a “Jebbo Bush” supporter who thinks that a “kinder, gentler, conservative” approach is the way to go.

    What a fuk-head!
    Jeeze–why did CA post this shit anyways?

    • Got to see what others are up to.

    • In 1860 the Northern States would assemble for militia muster and hold whisky picnics. The Dixie States would hold maneuvers and marksmanship training. (A lot of good that did.) The Yankee boys couldn’t shoot, or move, just communicate to the press (read by the Confederate Officers.) The Confederates lost because of logistics, resources and allies were non-existent. They held off defeat for four years with nothing.

      Perhaps the “militia” movement is another false flag operation and directed again by the Swamp. Shinmen, you are no Infantryman. Training is not a whisky picnic, nor a bar-b-que. Cseanz said it best. It is miserable inconvenience and necessary. It is NOT fun, we enjoyed the camaraderie and the satisfaction of having accomplished tasks and tactics.

      As mtforge says, they are not watching US, we can still move about freely, out of sight is out of mind. OPSEC.

  10. outlawpatriot

    Sounds like Daddy. 🙂


    I would take exception to his lumping of the Tea Party with these white-trash losers. I was active in the Tea Party when I lived in the Peoples Democratic Socialist Republic of Oregon. We were an educational group which awakened the local sheeple about the legalized extortion of property taxes and local government corruption.
    The end result was the continued defeat of every effort of the local Leviathan to pick our pockets. And, our candidates won and continue to win the local elections. BTW, the FEDGOV has just settled the national Tea Party lawsuits, vis-a-vis Lois Lerner and the IRS retaliation.

  12. Looks like a Canadian Island Paradise

  13. Patriots have many many definitions of what exactly a patriot is/does. Sadly on this site ” believing” in our country, and our guiding principles, our constitution, isn’t enough.

    I sense many here are at the blind hatred point. I will pray that you find the truth, thru the fog, sooner rather then later.


    • “…[O]n this site ‘believing’ in our country, and our guiding principles, our constitution…” gets you called a Cuck, or worse…or a Zionist, which they *think* is worse…

      …And which I gladly claim for myself.

  14. We need to stop the infighting.

    You don’t go to war with the army you want.

    You go with the one you have.

    • Good advice. You might consider giving a rest to your chronic sniping at your elders.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “We need to stop the infighting.”

      Unfortunately, that’s kind of the Right’s raison d’etre. So much of “our side” has actually been on the other side, and for so long, that’s it’s kind of ingrained at this point.

      Build trust first – everything else follows from that.

  15. I think it is difficult not to alienate a part of the majority.
    When the takers began to understand they could survive off the makers the great experiment that was Liberty under a federalist construct of centralism, it all went south.
    I think too if your at the least even a tiny bit a taker, your going to someplace in your being find insult & injury with others who are not only makers but are fed up with being taken from by the takers and revolt against being taken from any longer one tiny bit more.
    Never mind its a double standard of astronomical scale, but any makers worth their salt are not insulted by hearing and being told the truth no matter how harshly because that truth isn’t threatening to them or what they do or don’t do.

    You see it all the time, the ones insulted, they usually have some beef or are threatened by hard realities and become indignant, they lash out, proclaim something as impossible, even with the truth of something staring them right square in the face.

    Like BFYTW, or TINVOWOOT for example. There’s a certain kind who pooh pooh this, they even have a clique regarding it, safety in numbers you see, and usually they are somebodies who have been brainwashed and do not recognize their indignation about such things as such.
    You can’t make them understand, because they don’t understand, because its not the idea they don’t understand, its the idea something like that even exists to begin with.
    Like Tom Baugh’s great axiom about liberty & teaching people to fish, they don’t know what Liberty is and they have to understand such an idea exists before they can understand what Liberty is.

    You see it all the time on comment threads.
    I’ll be straight up, I say a lot of things because I’m not afraid of the truth, of myself or the world.
    But invariably, there’s a commenter who attacks what I say like its a personal direct affront to them targeting them specifically personally. Its not that I insulted them. Truth insulted them. It scares them. It puts them way outside their comfort zone. And they lash out. Or its a jealously guarded peeve they must defend at all costs.

    It seems to me, people who embrace the double edged sword of understanding their power of consent, who embrace the components of rightful Liberty are insult proof, because they understand the first thing is how can I be insulted with truth, when truth is my liberty is the ground under my feet, the primal rights, and if my heart is pure proscribed within those bounds I know I have harmed or imposed on no one and expect only the same from like minded Freemen.
    All others can’t help themselves. Yet.

    That don’t mean you stand idly by and put up with bullshit from those who fail the test of self determination proscribed within the sphere of rightful Liberty, because those who blindly strike out against the truth of being free, are in some ways the larger enemy of your liberty, than those who strike out with agenda malice and intent to rob your power of freedom for their personal empowerment, because those who blindly carry the water of tyranny make tyranny as a whole possible, i.e. the little totalitarians among us.

    I’m sorry if my Liberty insults you.
    But there it is.
    Take your Liberty or leave it.
    Its your Liberty.
    Don’t blame Liberty.

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    So….you’re saying that openly advocating the death of virtually the entire population of the United States is a bad recruiting tactic, then?

    • I don’t think the ones that do that are “recruiting”, as such. They just plan to survive whatever would kill the rest of us, and make their own Edens where they are in the aftermath.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Everyone is *always* recruiting – either for their own side, or for their opponent’s.

  17. The patriot movement is a good idea run amok.
    The victory at Bunkerville was followed up by the insane stupidity of Malheur. Dozens got felonies charged and that gave the govt probable cause to spy on me and everybody else who comes here.
    Go ahead and call people nigger, spick, kike and blame everything on Joooooo lawyers. And lose 95% of your support. A year ago the alt right numbered in the millions. After Heil gate and Charlottesville, where insane Spencer copied the Nazi torch light parade, sieg heils and all, you can count the alt right in the hundreds.
    Go ahead and hate all cops. The only reason the cops seem so bad, is now we have cameras and cell phones everywhere. Believe me, cops were far worse, and far more efficient, before cell phone cameras. Most cops are conservative and want to do the right thing. Cops respond to a million calls for service a week and only a few end up being problematic and on TV. You would be surprised how many support, or are in, the patriot movement. Identify, support, and work with the good cops in your area ( and identify and avoid the bad ones). The patriot movement has no chance if it doesn’t do that. God knows I disagree with the Oath keepers on some things. But on this issue they are dead on .
    Remember this fact. A year ago the alt right numbered in the millions. Now it numbers in the hundreds.

    • you have no idea what the “numbers” are. In any case, the “altRight” has been thoroughly converged, Jew’d.

      but the day the (((debtbuck))) dies, the un-Jew’ing will begin.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “Identify, support, and work with the good cops in your area ( and identify and avoid the bad ones).”

      What Would Eamon Broy Do?

  18. I take the more or less philosophical approach to what the piece is about. Takes all kinds no matter the cause. I can understand what the author is saying, but I don’t care what those he is writing about do. I can’t change them or the false portrayal the media uses them for anyways.
    All I can do is effect positive change at my level, on the ground I’m standing on and the property I own, hopefully within my AO. Thats all each of us can do. Thats the source of a potential militia of substance. As each day more and more do so, its the only “militia” that will matter.

    I don’t need the media to tell me who I am. They can’t anyways. And it never will truthfully even if it wanted to.
    Besides, Liberty for me, Liberty for thee in regards the Militia described, even if I do not approve. I believe we all got to remember that.

    As people wake up, they will more & more see the media and its portrayal of its target enemies for what it is. And while the media is navel gazing at its own social moral superiority, its the honorable resistance, below the radar that is busy, preparing, learning new things, building tribe and allies. Keeping its council to itself.
    Maybe it is callous to say this, but if Mordor’s eye is cast towards the media’s whipping dog “Militia” and the prancing strutting “III%”, its not cast towards the Honorable Resistance, nor the true 3% who do not realize they are yet a plurality and will become such when the time comes.

    Don’t stop the enemy when they are making a mistake.

  19. 100% valid.

    If a tactic fails, stop using it.

    Showing up at rallies, armed and kitted out, accomplishes nothing and simply terrifies people who will use state power against us. In other words, it’s counter-productive.

    What DOES work is getting our people armed and trained to standards.

    If you are concerned about social trends, and want to preserve our civilization, but are concerned about “fascism” and “Nazis” vs. Pure Land Constitutionalism, why not reach out to people involved in the Alt Right and find out what they really believe in? Maybe you can train them and sway them through example. Maybe there’s a squad-worth of 20-somethings in your area who would be more useful to their community with your tutelage.

  20. In a way I don’t blame the militia’s as defined in the article. If nothing else, they got the right to protest whats going down same as me or anyone. And if they are angry, and choose to wave their guns in the faces of the tyrants, God Bless them please. Because they do have that universal primal right.
    And so what if they are portrayed as trailer trash or uncouth barbarians, ignorant Deplorable’s. At the least they have the courage if their convictions and the balls to show it.
    Even in the worst case optics/PR scenario, those running this country into the crack to hell deserve to be let known they are being put on notice: We Have Guns. Lots of guns.

  21. L.

    So? What’s new?

    Besides everything said here that was said yesterday, last week, last month, last year… year, after year.

    You’re not ever getting your freedom, which ever way it is mixed in the Belly Button Movement salad bowl, back… ever. You’re too fucking STOO-PID to take some honest to goodness truthful criticism because ya’ll think you are the epitome of the man manly… Belly Button Movement.

    • “Besides everything said here that was said yesterday, last week, last month, last year… year, after year.”

      The charge isn’t totally wrong Curtis, but I’m pretty sure it’s built mostly of projection. IOW, “Et tu?”

      “You’re not ever getting your freedom, which ever way it is mixed in the Belly Button Movement salad bowl, back… ever.”

      Yeah? What if I told you that you and they had it all along? What then? And even if you disagree, what the hell are you doing speaking for others? Seriously…you don’t have enough of your own to keep you busy?

      “You’re too fucking STOO-PID to take some honest to goodness truthful criticism because ya’ll think you are the epitome of the man manly…”

      I always judged you a good man, and still do. But I gotta say, you make for a shit hypocrite. That’s probably a good thing, all in all. Still, when it comes to hypocrisy, that line was beyond the pale. I mean c’mon, we both know you don’t even have the balls to let *comments* fly!

      The good new is, anyone can change. Like everything else, it’s just a choice.