The Inevitable Path Of Spiciness

Two from Aesop on just how feasible serious unpleasantness is:

Yunfakh min Allah – Wind Of God

Welcome To My Nightmare

Even if the political winds have calmed for a bit, there is unprecedented social and cultural instability in FUSA.

Someone will exploit it, for political or even sheer nihilist purposes.

Do something this weekend to improve your fighting position.

Tempus fugit.

20 responses to “The Inevitable Path Of Spiciness

  1. Drones are not the only problem. Even small quantities of modern explosives planted in opportune locations can do an amazing amount of damage to soft targets. large enclosed areas are all prime targets. A pound of C4 with a very simple timer would immolate a stadium entrance (tunnel) and everyone within it. The food court at any mall is subject to the same risk, as are large open areas within any American building, which have large crowds. There are simply too many targets of opportunity to protect.
    The best advice remains, “avoid crowds”.

  2. Matthew Bracken

    Watch this video showing what a Russian drone carrying a thermite grenade did to a Ukrainian ordnance depot. Pretty amazing tactical leverage. Nothing is preventing this from happening anywhere else.

    KABOOM! Russian Thermite Grenade carried by Drone blows up $1 billion of Ukranian Ammo

  3. Ya that’s one heck of a story. Inshallah was what the Egypt Air captain kept saying as his plane nose dived into the ocean. It was likely nose diving because he was pushing the yoke in that direction IMO. There is a wonderful piece here from the Gaurdian which describes el raghead as saying “I rely on God” but I clearly remember the initial reports were of him uttering Inshallah which I believe translates to “If god is willing”. Clearly someone (pilot) had made a decision to turn his will and life over to the care of god as he understood him. Unfortunately for those aboard his version of god involved a guy that like to bang nine year olds and goats.

    It’s a fucking great day to be alive. We’re all gonna die so let’s live now. It’s how we live that counts. I just came in from splitting kindling. Winter is coming.

    • I love it when a plan comes together.

      Seriously, I just read the papers.
      I don’t write the script, it writes itself.

  4. Let me add to the story:

    Ahmad’s legal name is Alfred and he is white. He was born in the USA to a middle class family in the midwest. He was an average student.

    He converted to Islam 6 months ago and the NSA has been intercepting his communication with known international terrorists on the Saudi peninsula for the past 6 months. He even traveled there a month ago and met with his handlers at a known radical Sunni mosque. This was his first time outside the USA. He had no problem re-entering the USA and flew all around the country casing locations for the drone attack. Of course, none of this video from his foreign and domestic travels (airports, hotels, restaurants) is ever found. It would show he wasn’t always alone.

    A day after the original mosque meeting a Shiite faction provides information on Alfred (white Americans really stand out) through a 3rd country who provides it to a CIA field agent. The 3rd country’s own agent trusts her source. They have fought Sunni insurgents together and the agent knows her Shiite source’s brother was decapitated by the Sunni radicals in an internet video. The CIA agent also trusts his 3rd country source because they have been sleeping together for years and their kids reside at a boarding school in Switzerland.

    CIA HQ asks its agent “Is the 3rd country official source England, France, Russia, or Israel? The CIA agents states “It’s DILLIGAF. The information is valid. Now let’s protect Americans back home.” He’s rough around the edges, but he gets the job done. He’s had outstanding reviews for 40 years. His supervisor is also old school and validates the information based on his reputation alone.

    One week before the attack during a high level meeting between CIA and the State Dept, a pro Muslim Brotherhood Senior Executive Service carryover from the Obama administration dismisses the CIA agent, the entire 3rd country, and the original eye witness source as “they’re all unreliable”. He cites that one of the people involved is “probably Jewish and therefore, there would be bias.” Although one person in the room believes the MB SES has his own “bias” he is afraid to openly file a formal complaint for fear of provoking a counter complaint which would kill his career (and possibly his entire family under a future pro-muslim regime in a foreign country). Besides, if he wrote something up he would be late for his mandatory LGBT sensitivity training.

    The Attorney General was unable to attend this meeting (on behalf of the entire Justice Dept and the FBI) because she was giving testimony before Congress that day on how bumpfire stocks on semiauto AKs violated both the “sporting clause” of the 1968 GCA and the NFA. POTUS later signs his first EO on firearms banning them.

    Despite a DOD contractor (a military veteran) showing up at the AG’s house in the middle of the night and passing along the original information on the Ahmad/Alfred mosque meeting, pieces of NSA intercepts, and credit card receipts for the drones, the FBI still issues a final report a year later on the drone attack: “There is no known motive for the attack. There is no known connection to international terrorism. In conclusion this appears to be the senseless act of a lone individual.”

    The FAA and FCC issue administrative rules that drones with a flight range and radio control past 50 feet are illegal for anyone to operate without both pilot and HAM licenses. Pilots and HAMs are offered cash bounties to turn in violators. Congress begins debating if civilian possession of *any* drones including children’s toys should be legal and there will be no grandfather clause or compensation for current owners. During furious backroom debates corporations like Amazon are allowed to keep their drone fleet. Congressmen get their campaign donations as promised.

    The CIA field agent has a boating accident while back in CONUS on vacation. His body isn’t located during an initial search, but turns up later at a previously searched location. Even in photos on the internet his body is obviously far closer to the road than the shore. Also seen in close up photos are ligature marks around the neck, but these are dismissed as “growth of common mold after demise” in the autopsy report. His 3rd country girlfriend wants to visit for the funeral but is suddenly on the USA No Fly List and is denied a visa by the State Dept. Her kids are beat up off campus in Switzerland by asylum seekers who flee to a no-go zone near a new mosque. Swiss media call it “an isolated incident and police are investigating what the students did to provoke the attack.”

    The DOD contractor appears briefly on youtube after he turns up in a foreign country seeking asylum. In the public media there is often saber rattling between this country and the USA. He is assigned to a state owned farm in an isolated province with no internet available. He dies when his tractor overturns. No one in the village questions why he was on his tractor when it wasn’t planting or harvest time or that the tractor had no fuel in the tank.

    The AG retires, but suddenly becomes non-verbal and incapacitated due to a neurological condition. She dies a year later in a nursing home which makes the news for 12 hours at the bottom ticker on the screen. Her wife is paid pension and insurance. She quickly moves back to her home country in Asia and marries a man. Payment of survivors pension still continues….

    Did I miss anything? I hate loose ends.

    • Very good the only thing you missed is now all white males will need a tracker implemented in their hand or forehead which is the start of everyone needing one…To keep the children safe of course…The sad thing is if all that happened people here would still be setting on their couch bitching on how bad it’s getting…

  5. The false flag possibilities are endless and cheap.


    Two things: C-4 is very effective. I was trained on how to use it along with blasting caps when I was a guest of Uncle Sam, 1969-1971. But, where does the average schmuck obtain it? If you are going to go down that path, expect to be snitched off and incarcerated immediately. This has been a historical fact in modern-day Amerika.
    Second, the target in the narrative is LA. Another Blue Hive totally filled with wetbacks, cosmic white leftists, gangsta rappers, gang-bangers, queers, dykes, pedophiles and legions of shambling, texting, slack-jawed, mouth-breathing, brain-dead, vaping Mall/Sports zombies.
    This collection of human debris routinely visit the ballot box and use its power to steal my honest-earned wealth and deprive me of my God-given liberties. THEY are my real enemies, not some Muzzie on a motor scooter with a firebomb. They deserve everything bad that ever happens or will happen to them. Schadenfreude!

    • “This collection of human debris routinely visit the ballot box and use its power to steal my honest-earned wealth and deprive me of my God-given liberties. THEY are my real enemies, not some Muzzie on a motor scooter with a firebomb.”


      It’s a given that the parasite class and it’s enablers/supporters and it’s praetorian guard of badged orcs and orcettes ARE our enemies, no disagreement there.

      That ‘muzzie on a motor scooter with a firebomb’ is no less of a deadly threat as he fully believes that kaffirs like you, me and everyone else here at CA’s site are to be killed or enslaved for the glory of his pedo prophet/’perfect man’ mo-hamm-head and his imaginary sock puppet god allah. He and about a billion plus fellow asslifters to ‘team mo’.
      If you don’t think that such savage vermin wouldn’t aerially firebomb our homes and families,..think again!!

      Sat islam/moslems!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III


        NG: Point taken. But, before they get to Rawles Land, it will be the Blue Hives. Chairman Mao once stated that the people are to the guerrilla as water is to a fish. In these leftist-controlled, politically correct septic tanks, no one will dare question them or voice their suspicion for fear of being prosecuted for a hate crime.
        I am banking on the fact that when the explosion comes, the cities will take the hit. That will wake folks up. And yes, there is a mosque in Spokane Valley and plenty of “refugees” and other human dreck and criminals not too far from the lines of drift that I recon at least twice a week. I am not that naive to think it could not happen here. That is why I follow LTC Cooper’s color code always. Bleib ubrig.

    • C-4, dynamite, det cord, and blasting caps can be had for a driver’s license and cash in several states west of the Mississippi, when last I looked. I defer to anyone with current information. Fertilizer and fuel oil with a black powder initiator require only cash and a truck to haul it away.

      The C4 and dynamite also has taggants embedded, but that only matters if Dirkadirka was worried about getting caught. It doesn’t stop him before the act.

      And while I understand the perspective on the fate of Angelenos at a World Series game, the visitors from Houston, their relatives in Texas and elsewhere, and a few tens of millions of baseball fans probably won’t be as cursorily dismissive.

      The purpose of terror is to terrorize.


        Aesop: I understand your concern about the good people from Texas. There were a lot of good people in Las Vegas on October 1st who still do not have the whole truth or closure. In my thirty-plus years as a Peace Officer I ran into the same type of good people who lost everything, including their lives to crime.
        It has been stated by others smarter than I am on this site for quite awhile: avoid crowds, practice situational awareness, etc. An incident as described above would not only affect the Amerikan psyche, it would affect the Amerikan wallet. When the fat cats who control things see their bottom line tanking because sheeple stop showing up at sporting events, concerts, casinos, etc., they will demand that their useful idiots in D.C. do something. And, you cannot tar and feather the whites when the culprits are Muzzies, no matter how you try to spin it. Ameikans may be dumb, but they are not that stupid. More are waking up all the time. Check out the latest on the Las Vegas False Flag. Their narrative is deflating like a beach ball with a pinhole puncture.

  7. Considering that in such a scenario of air drops from 350′ AGL or so onto people in stadiums, theme parks, open air food courts at malls, etc, think how much more effective the psychological warfare part of such attacks would be if the drones also incorporated properly sized amplifiers/speakers to blast out “Allahu Akbar!!!” repeatedly while they’re delivering their payloads..especially if they’re buzzing the cameras/mikes at stadiums or other listed venues.

    That would immediately up the panic level exponentially!

    Of course the moslem brotherhood front groups like cair and their useful sjw/msm/political dihimmi idiot enablers would be denying that the “religion of pieces” and moslems had ANYTHING to do with such and would self-righteously claim that THEY are the true VICTIMS in the wake of such horrific they did after 9/11 and after every other violent moslem attack (while the moslems in Dearbornistan, Islamberg, NY, Little Somila, Lewiston MN, and other moslem colonies openly and gleefully celebrate in the streets..would that anyone properly video them doing so for other non-moslems to see it happening).

    Sat islam and it’s moslems and their enablers and supporters!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  8. Dr. William Fortschen also has tried to warn us about the threat of a multi-pronged jihadist attack across the country:

    Day of Wrath Site

    “.. ISIS terrorists have already demonstrated the grim determination to commit this scale of mass murder. In early August they released videos of infants and toddlers being shot and decapitated as well as other videos of boys as young as seven proudly holding up the severed head of one of their victims. Their boast is that such horrors will be unleashed here as well.

    Their method of entry? The fact that security along our southern border is in tatters is evident to all. In August 2014, Congress members openly said that at least one hundred terrorists associated with ISIS are already within our country.

    In 2001, Osama bin Laden boasted that his day of triumph cost him little more than half a million dollars. During the spring offensive by ISIS into Iraq it is estimated that they seized at least half a billion dollars in hard assets, not paper money, such as gold and silver. Connect that money to the Mexican cartels that are engaged in smuggling along our southern border, and the path for terrorists into our country opens wide…”

    Dr. William Fortschen – Day of Wrath

    Sat islam – Sat moslems!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • Ten years ago, among the detritus regularly found in illegal alien lay-ups laden with discarded items and trash, we were regularly finding Koran’s in Arabic, prayer rugs, and boarding passes from points of origin in the Fertile Crescent.

      We also turned over 4 OTMs (Other Than Mexicans) netted in one haul of a few dozen pollos, whereupon three MIB Suburbans arrived to BFDesert spot, took the four, and the rest were left for Border Patrol. This was circa ’05.
      When we inquired specifically about them to supervisors the next week, the response, with a dead-fish look, was “What four OTMs?”

      I could infiltrate the Ringling Bros., Barnum & Bailey Circus, including elephants and livestock, over the southern border, at noon, seven days a week, and get them L.A. in a few hours. Bringing in a suitcase nuke, a dirty bomb, a truckload of sarin, or 50 jihadi cadre would be child’s play.
      I’d face more resistance if they had produce from out-of-state than if they had backpacks full of claymore mines.

  9. Well, I loved both stories, and hope that there is a sequel.
    We are simply fuXXXd until we wise up, stop importing Diversity, take Moslems to the Dawning Of Enlightenment And Wisdom, & get back to the gender you are-is the equipment you were sent with. Simple really. Yet we continue to do the same things over and over and over………