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… In the US the South remains a distinctive sub-nation, but I think that any serious neo-Confederate revival is, alas, a pipedream. Karlin speculates that the US could break up along ethnocultural and economic lines, like those proposed by Joel Garreau (9 nations) or Colin Woodard (11 nations). Michael H Hart proposed dividing the US into two nations along county lines, to be determined by voting patterns. Basically a red ocean full of blue islands.

I don’t think those scenarios are realistic either. But a return to the Articles of Confederation period (1781-1788) just might be. Before the United States became a unitary nation it was an alliance of sovereign states. The modern template for how this would work is the European Union. Yes, the EU has a terrible reputation in our circles, but the EU is a toothless tiger compared to the all-powerful federal government in the US, and the much-maligned Brussels bureaucracy is positively microscopic compared to the behemoth in DC.

This way the 50 states would become fully sovereign nations, with all the powers that Germany or France or any other countries in the EU enjoy, while still keeping an attachment to the United States, which would transform itself from an independent nation to a transnational organization. The globalists and multiculturalists could have their own nations (e.g. California & New York), and the nationalists and patriots could have theirs (e.g. Texas & Kentucky)…


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  1. Might your “Clinton Archipelago” map be better named the “American Progressive Archipelago”? This offers a good argument for “global warming” and rising seas (maybe 100′). We, in the netherlands might stand on the new shore and pick off refugees as they attempt to come ashore. This would obviate contaminating our soils with progressive blood.


      Dan: Unfortunately in my A/O there are way too many craven rat bastards who would welcome these parasites. About a year ago, the CDA Daily Fishwrap published and article about the impending hiccup of the Cascadia Subduction Zone and how “we” would handle the influx of “survivors” from Tacompton, King County, and other Blue Hive environs.
      I know these parasites would inundate Spokane County. I think an effective way of dealing with them would be setting up a FEMA facility at Fairchild AFB. My libtard son-in-law’s cosmic white progressive parents have a lot of property out by Medical Lake. They could take in a bunch. As for all of the leftist mooks in CDA and Sandpoint, I would just print up flyers with their names and addresses on them and hand them out to all of the drones. I did this once before when I lived in OR and it shut a lot of do-gooders up.

      • Brilliant:

        …As for all of the leftist mooks in CDA and Sandpoint, I would just print up flyers with their names and addresses on them and hand them out to all of the drones. I did this once before when I lived in OR and it shut a lot of do-gooders up…

      • DTW Great to meet another Dry Sider! (I have a feeling we have met before, in another dry-land named after a medicine man

      • I’ve contemplated similar posters for those enabling the waves of indigent, improvident & irresponsible to relocate here – best send the influx directly to their homes & businesses.

        To encourage the others.

        An otherwise enjoyable 70th?


          Thank you for asking. Yes, it was enjoyable. First snow due Friday so tomorrow it’s back to weather preps. Bleib ubrig.

      • lastmanstanding

        That is fucking brilliant D…that one is going in my quiver for a later date.

        Having spent a fair amount of time in your AO I sympathize although the same thing is happening in mine.

        We are setting up a 4 year plan to evacuate our current place…and we are seeing major inflow of just the kind that fuck things up.

        Time to move on…if time allows.

      • What a sparkling; glittering; lustrous thinker, you are! OMG! I can “volunteer” so many liberal progressive idiots that I know. Why wait for a crisis? This is something that I could do on a weekend-in say well educated Silicon Valley or GayFay Frisco, just for the hell of it!

        • Yeah, got that right S.S.There’s nothing quite like the smell of SJW explody heads in the morning.

          By the way, speaking of quotes. Hopefully I immortalized one of your best:


          SS: Thank you for the complement. FYI to all: in my previous situation, it was easy because the SJW’s leading the charge were two “men of the cloth.” Since the environs were small, it was no great shakes to send them directly to their homes. And, one notice was posted on the bulletin board at a local laundromat, where a lot of the local FSA hung out.
          I had just read Hayduke’s book about monkeywrenching and decided it was time to you-know-what or get off the pot. And, nobody else knew, not even my better half.
          The situation did not last as just about all of the “churches” in the county set up soup kitchens and the moochers could get a hot lunch almost every day of the week. And then these Pharisees would brag about how many meals they served!
          Of course, then all of the neighbors began complaining about the bums and tweakers peeing in the street in front of their homes and having their dogs take a Schumer on their front lawns. Like many have said before, the real threat and encroachment comes from the cosmic white left.

  2. I don’t even think you have to reach back as far as the AoC. Take the original USC and purge it of the 3/5ths compromise elevate the 9th and 10th Amendments and you would get pretty close. Essentially a political equivalent of 1840 America. There would also need to be some serious purging of the Fed Statutes. Reverse Wickard v Filburn. Collapse the number of Federal Judicial Circuits. Then if we are going that far turn the States with serious tax issues back into territories — CA, ILL, MI — to force the necessary corrections fiscally.

    Nice thought, but doubt it will happen till the pain is registering 11.

  3. I found it interesting that the author did not reference the old Russian ‘US break up’ model — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Panarin#Prediction_of_the_United_States_collapse_in_2010
    Panarin has been suggesting this since 1998, long before it became fashionable in political circles here.

  4. Brilliant.
    Because increasing the power of 50 states’ petty dictators would be way better than one strong federal one, and put the governor of Rhode Island on a political par with the governor of Texas. And, as under the electoral system, the governors of the 10 or 12 largest and most populous states could tell the other 38 or 40 to suck it. Let’s take roll call:
    CA – Deep Blue
    TX – Pale Purple
    NY – Deep Blue
    FL – Purple
    IL – Deep Blue
    PA – Purple
    OH – Purple
    MI – Purple
    GA- Red, with a Blue swath
    NC – Red, with a Blue swath
    NJ – Deep Blue
    VA – Purple
    38 other states – WhoTF cares?

    And doubtless a captain in South Carolinian or Oregonian Navy would have his opposite number from Russia or China quaking in his boots.


    Go Team Red State!
    Yeah, that’d really put the skeer on the other side. Not.

    And the Articles of Confederation should be re-tried, because all the reasons it failed miserably (which exact level of idiocy, necessary or not, imperiled the Revolution itself, and prolonged it by years) and spectacularly the first time around can be resolved with handwaving, magical incantations, happytalk, and…look, squirrel!

    We do and ought to regularly castigate the other side’s Snowflake morons for a total lack of common sense, nor any idea of wee little things like language, science, math, geography, history, economics, etc., which are collectively known as “reality”.

    And then there are our own side’s idiots, with a total lack of common sense, nor any idea of wee little things like language, science, math, geography, history, economics, etc. which are collectively known as “reality”.

    The left side of the bell curve is absolutely bipartisan, and stuff like this is the reason.

    The only way to rework the political map is going to come after reality has its way with demographics, in a Malthusian curve kind of way.
    And the divide will be, as expected, between cityfolk, and the ruralese.
    And in that day, incorporated city limits will become as harsh a dividing line as any international border is now.

    Magical thinkers on both sides will have a dawn of reality in an eye-opening way, some of them even noting it in time to save themselves from the yawning maw of the same Four Horsemen of ever:
    War, Famine, Pestilence, and Death. And as always, in that exact order.

    Those who imagine they can invite one and of necessity miraculously avoid the other three are braindead ahistorical idiots of the first rank.

    The sooner those two sides come to an accommodation fair to both, and realize that they cannot spend grain, nor eat money, the sooner the political scales will come back into balance.

    A good start would be to simply tell citizens of the several states that once they establish residence within city limits, they lose the power of the voting franchise affecting the whole (just inside their own little enclaves, so they might enjoy the fruit of their own choices in real time), and are free to enjoy the largesse of the association, without the privilege of trying to dictate the prosperity of an area they no longer inhabit, just as all parasites do. Remora do not tell the shark where to swim, and hyena do not tell the lion pride what to hunt.
    As in nature, so in civilization.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Oh ye of little faith – reality always conforms to ideology, especially when that ideology is really, really ardently held.

    • “And the Articles of Confederation should be re-tried, because all the reasons it failed miserably”

      “Failed miserably” depends on perspective. It “failed” in one primary respect for one particular gang…it didn’t produce the loot that looters wanted. I’ll leave it to you to explain your kinship with that perspective.

      “(which exact level of idiocy, necessary or not, imperiled the Revolution itself, and prolonged it by years)”

      Neat trick. Yorktown and the Articles were in 1781 AFAIK. Probably felt like years for the looter class though.

      “and spectacularly the first time around can be resolved with handwaving, magical incantations, happytalk, and…look, squirrel!”

      Not like the happytalk with its replacement, still going hard over 200 years later, right? But look at the bright side—that plus “Magical thinkers” are why you still hold the Hypocrite Crown.

      • Neater trick, Jimbo, is that the Articles largely replicated the exact model they’d operated under since 1776: each state doing whatever it pleased.
        Get a refund from your history teacher.

        Now explain why that worked so well, and was therefore replaced ASAP because everyone loved it so dearly.
        What’s that? Can’t do that, because it never happened?
        Sit the fuck down.

        This is why you hold the Kneejerk Don’t Know What You’re Blabbering About, But Keep Doing It Anyways Crown.
        The amount of Nothing you contribute to every discussion you join cannot be measured with existing instrumentation, but your opprobrium is correctly valued almost as intrinsically worthful as fiat currency, minus the latter’s easily covertability into toilet paper, and/or comedy.
        We have some lovely parting gifts for you, probably duplicates for you, but rules iz rules.

    • Yes, the Articles of Confederation still provide too many opportunities for a centralized government, and are therefore a really terrible idea. Breaking up should just be breaking up, with alliances between the States as necessary.

      • Which is why all human history from the Tower Of Babel to present shows why self-dividing tribalism is inherently such the superior plan…except for the absolute dearth of any such examples, any time in human history, ever, and any place.

        The irony sorts well with your chosen handle.

        As would names like Sitting Bull, or Crazy Horse.

  5. See “The Urban Archipelago” http://www.thestranger.com/seattle/Content?oid=19813

    This has been a Unicorn Fart Fantasy of the communists for some time now. The end game being that The Communists would somehow force others to there religion.


  6. California secession is not a bad idea. It would remove the far left influence on the rest of the country. At least the electoral college aspect.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      Another stupid comment, from a person living in a double wide somewhere in ‘shit’s-ville’, who thinks that the Golden Corral buffet is the shizzle.

      FYI the population of California is 39 million.
      45% of that population is conservative.
      This number/population controlls 80% fo the landmass of California, with all the water supply, oil producing areas, transportation choke points, canal systems, food producing areas and so forth.

      The 55% (leftists/communists) mostly using illegal voting tactics by illegal immigrants are jammed into 20% of California’s landmass in three small, distinctive strips (socal, Bay Area, Sacramento).

      So you as an ‘aggresively stupid’ person thinks that a tyrranical majority is okay to tyrannize a minority–and should split off from the USA?!

      What a fucking fool you are.

      When the CW II festivities unfold–you will remain in your double-wide, muching on your MRE’s doing nothing for anyone else, but for yourself.

      Controlling California, Oregon and Washington State is the key to winning CWII FYI–not just controlling your AO in shit’s-ville in the state of bum-fuk where you live.

      As a FREEFOR conservative, I am all for California leaving the USA (a dying idea BTW)…. because once this happens, the conservative areas in California (the majority of counties BTW) would drop out and seceed from the minority of counties/voting majority of leftist-illegal-Mexi-rats and form a new country apart from the USA (why go back and keep on doubling down on stuipid I say).

      Learn about California demographics and politics before you shoot your fucking idiotic mouth off again please… and if you think your state where your city of ‘shit’s-ville’ is immue from leftist over-run, think again–because it is happening in Montana, Utah, Texas and many other states where a populous urban center filled with leftists will out-number your rurual voting numbers easily.

      Don’t think it won’t happen to you fuk-stain.

    • Him,
      Ought to ask yourself — when was the last time that CA was critical to the EC math? Just because it has 55 EC votes does not mean it is relevant to Presidential politics.

      Last four election cycles minimum the GOP candidate has not even bothered to campaign there except to collect funds being a Dim stronghold. Even the pressitutes assume that it is a given that Dims win the state. Trump did not even factor CA in part of his Midwest election strategy. Now will that change as what few red staters that lived there are moving out in droves.

      • Shinmen Takezo

        California had not been crucial to EC math for over a generation.
        The elections (presidential) have been decided before the voting booths close west of Mountain Standard Time for a while now–and mostly Central Standard time by the urban populations back east in the crumbling cities.

        • True, ST, but when it was Blue here, the election in November was over by October the 1st, before the polls even opened. 😉

          • And no, that wasn’t a typo: Blue used to be R, and Red was D, until the networks all simultaneously flipped the colors starting with the Clintons, so we’d stop associating the D’s with the trademark color of International Communism since forever.

            I’m sure that was all just a coincidence though…

      • Jimmy the Saint

        “Trump did not even factor CA in part of his Midwest election strategy. ”

        Which is a pretty shrewd plan, given that California is nowhere near the Midwest. It’s almost like not including a stop in Key West as part of campaign in New York.

    • I’ll take “Ignoring the Obvious Catastrophic Flaw With That Plan” for $1000, Alex…

      • Because nobody in the Dem…er, Communist Party has noticed that they’d lose 55 electoral votes forever, and give the other party a veto-proof supermajority of 4-10 new senators forever, and 35 of the missing electoral votes, when the new break-off territories are eventually re-admitted. So they’ll obviously favor slitting their own throats in support of secession. We won’t even mentioned for the twentieth time that it’s expressly unconstitutional under Art IV, Sec. 3.
        This is why the entire idea is, at its kindest, described as purely delusional.

        Somebody look up “Missouri Compromise” and see if you can notice the freshness date on that genius plan was right around 1854. The solution to that cock-up led straight to Fort Sumter, just as this one would lead to a thirty-way civil war that’d make the last one look like a grade-school re-enactment of the real thing.

  7. “Cities burn because we insist on employing white policemen in black regions.”

    What unmitigated horseshit.

    He was doin’ OK until he dropped that turd in the punchbowl.

    Ol’ Fred always finds a way to shoot himself in the foot.

  8. There’s the question of how deep and widespread the rot of administrative tyranny the USC has enabled goes.
    Me, I’m thinking with few exceptions, the entire construct is guilty by association, that there are so many corruptocrats and associates involved, its why IT IS a leviathan, not an exception, there’s no way this unmitigated disaster of treason and corruption can ever be prosecuted more than sacrificial bread & circus for the masses, making token examples out of a few to sooth the Normies fears and give totalitarian government velvet lined touch of manacles, making way for the next regime of organized crime and slavery in line to have power.

    What it seems on that score, what is clearly required is nothing short of a political cleansing will be adequate to redress the institutional crime syndicate the federal government has been turned into. Many states especially those on the globalist marxian archipelago are not far behind, some even surpassing the feds.
    Don’t get me wrong, justice for these major crime figures is far far overdue and would be most welcomed to see, but it will do nothing but put a bandaid on the crux of the matter.
    That its time to castrate the entire federal leviathan, nothing short of that, or a 3rd war of secession will be the unintended result of not returning to the pre US Constitutional system of independent nation states bound by a compact of confederation.
    This federal beast is unfixable. Its system of centralism is ingrained in its construction.
    If you tell me, and others of which we are a growing plurality its not possible to find a solution I’d say its not only possible, it not only happened previously, but it was working very well till the Hamiltonian, dare I say Fabian interests, conned the 13 nation states into ratifying the instrument of administrative tyranny which gave us the centralized power the people, The People of the 13 nation states just fought against. I will say too, history has a circular nature to it. Do we of the culture that believe in liberty, first, having cognitive awareness of our history and legacy, of the sense of liberty and self determination we are naturally born to, and I’m talking us dirt people, us Deplorable’s, do we break the chain of cycles, and prove our rightful primal sovereignty or do we crap out and end up again in 5, 10, 100 years in the same shit we are in now as regards our liberty, our unfettered economic freedom, our intrinsic wealth as a people?

    There’s deep inbeded problems we must answer and resolve, the effects on every facet of our lives from corruption of the federalist system, the loss of states, (meaning the peoples of the states), sovereignty, the usurpations of power through vast influence and special interests, and a big fat nothing of bread & circus, which is literally a laughing joke of a 3 ring circus of crooks being sacrificed on the alter of political expediency by other crooks so the rest of the crooks & traitors can get on with the business of steadily enriching themselves by strip mining us dirt people of our built in productive wealth generating attributes.

    What are the choices in this hurry up police/surveillance state?
    It’s a slim list with no clear recourse.
    We are going to be faced with the question pretty soon from the looks of things. What is supposed to fundamentally be the prime directive of government to protect our nation is what we must be protected from, the government itself.
    Do we go the path of cross that bridge when we get to it hoping for the best?
    We begin to make individual and small tribal declarations of secession? See how it goes?
    We grab our rifles and just start shooting? See how that works?
    We keep trying to vote our way out of this? Keep repeating the same thing hoping for different results?
    We run off to prepare & wait for a last heroic stand in the geographic “Redoubts” and fight mountainous insurgency 4th generation war?
    We find some way to have solidarity on a scale large enough to go on to wage non violent non compliance? See how long it lasts and how committed we can be to such an action.
    We become a resistance of widespread leaderless and “lone wolf” insurgents? Like ISIS has begun in Europe?
    A free state project such as in NH pleads its case of secession to the UN or another nation state in the effort to gain legitimacy and recognition?
    Wait it out, for a collapse of the strip mining deep state run corporate pirate/political crony economy, and use the turmoil to advantage to secure various little nation states?
    Do we keep joining up in the honorable resistance? Which at some stage becomes a plurality of people who live their liberty and self determination, become a body of people naturally, and by dint of time and numbers begin to effect positive change because it has reached the inflection point where it is a large enough grass roots movement that the beast can’t deny?
    Something like William Lind’s VICTORIA! Is it possible? Maybe there only needs to be the kind of spark at the right place and time to set off such a rebellion?

    The most important problem which must be resolved isn’t anything the leviathan does. Though it has a definite hand in it.
    Its Choice. Choice as in solidarity. The Poles are the worlds experts at solidarity. The Hungarian’s are very good at it. The Irish pulled it off. There’s a number of secession movements underway.
    Its the fractured dis-united divided people who have not yet found the wherewithal to become a plurality with the numbers, mission, and motive power to be a force which can effect positive change.
    To me, this is where the power lays. It always has been the only source of legitimate power in America, that the moment this legion chooses to be a plurality and withdraw consent it is powerful enough to get what it wants and have the people and resources to win.

    Till any of this happens, everything is rapidly turning from theory into pissing up a tree.

    Theres a whole shit load of people who can’t survive without being connected to their glow worms, without being plugged into the Matrix, its become the most important thing to them. They are literally addicts, junkies, just as if they where booting smack.
    And there’s always the “loyalists” who do not care for or are terrified of radical change. And the shit stirrers and wackos who come for the insanity of upheaval. Of course can’t forget those who are the corporate slave class along with the actors who are worker bees and executives of the state.

    Maybe we get lucky. Maybe something breaks, and a cascade failure of the political elites, in the form of self destruction & the Chinese Mandate of Heaven takes place.
    Can you really bet on such a thing?

    My money is on the “Honorable Resistance”. Of all the grass roots movements its one that is stocked full with intelligent, common sense minded, doers and makers. People with moral and physical courage, who are focused, they make it work, they aren’t quitters or whiners. They are self determining/sufficient minded. They home school. Grow/produce their food, have “unplugged” from the grid, they cut the cord, they build and begin with themselves Liberty, they are shepard’s of their land, they act responsibly, they sustain and preserve, they conserve, they learn trades, skills, preparedness is not something you do, its part of living and is naturally integral, they are happy determined people. Perseverance and prudence guide them. And they have withdrawn their consent for the construct of the beast. They are people who are indomitable, they live and breath the walk.

    Its a movement.
    I joined in full earnest ten years ago, I can say straight up, its the only movement where when you mention it all sorts of people are interested, they express a desire to join, they see it as wholesome and very legitimate, they want to know how it was possible for you. How you figured it out. You tell them 5 acres & independence, common sense, change your thinking, and you can see the wheels of their minds turning. What bakes their noodles is they all of a sudden grasp it is on their scale of do-able. Even a few acres can be enough. I’m quick to point out its hard work, but you have to work for a living regardless, why not for your personal wealth & happiness. You got to do it. work, one way or another.
    Its actually Winning Hearts & Minds.

  9. Shinmen Takezo

    Interesting map–rather islands of communisim.

    The ‘left coast’ island is a way overstated BTW.
    Reduce it by about 30 (especially in the south) and it will be right.

    So….. according to this, in the up-and-comming Civil War II (comming soon BTW) where will all the ‘meaningful struggle’ unfold?

    Answer: on the west coast and primarilay in the west.

    The east coast (now the cradle of tyranny) will remain the Socialist States Of America, no matter how much you all pray and snivel and no matter how many videos you make with persuasive arguments for constitutionism at $19.95 a pop on DVD.

    Civil War II will be a ‘counter revolution’ by liberty minded people who are forced over the edge…. because unlike our forefathers (who sacraficed their lives, liberty and fortunes by signing the Declaration Of Independence), modern day liberty lovers are lazy, fat, stupid and spend much of their time waiting for ‘Revelations’ to unfold and Jesus to come floating down to save them… and when this doesn’t happen (and it won’t BTW), when drooling, slathering leftists begin pulling them out of their homes and shipping them off to death camps, only then will the ‘liberty movement reach the ‘critical mass point’ and swing into action.

    There is a distinct possiblity that a ‘critical mass point’ will start to unfold starting this weekend on the 4th with the ANTIFA riots that are planned. According to some leaked undercover reports and videos, they are planning to go on a ‘murder rampage’ against known conservatives in many AO’s. Hopefully this will happen, because it will require an event like this to get people in the liberty movement to shit and get off the pot and actually do something other than wave flags on street corners while pumping their fists in the air shouting “Murica!”

    So if this unfolds, strategically, the west coast is the ‘key to the whole shegang.” Everyone touts that that there is a III% that will actually swing into action and make things happen (actually 5% to 8% FYI)…. So if California has a population of 39 million, what is 3% of 39 million?

    Riddle me this number please–actually don’t, because this number far exceeds or at least equals the population of Idaho, Montana and Whyoming combined I believe.

    If the ‘blue areas’ are over-run and subjugated by FREEFOR in the coming conflict, it will ensure that globalism and communisim is destroyed in North America for the next 10 generations. The west coast states are they ‘key’ to the coming conflict. A CWII willl assuredly see the breakup of the currnet US/Union system–and most states west of the Applachian Range will become a FREEFOR union of some sort (including western Canada from the great lakes to the coast).

    So let’s hope ANTIFA/BLM et al go hog wild this weekend and do their worst, because lots of people need the shit shaken out of them to wake up and rub the crumbs out of their sleepy eyes.

  10. I mean…Really???
    Serious question needs answering.
    What is it at the heart of it all stopping us?

    • Shinmen Takezo

      I answer your question…. ‘courage’ to do what is necessary.

      I had this discussion with a Jesus Wiennie last night over a beer… and they (meaning most liberty movement people) are too busy with their jobs, familys , Major League Baseball, sending in checks to Pat Robertson to do all the heavy lifting to get out in the streets and get mussed up.

      They still think (mostly) that the opposition can be convinced and won over to our side with clever rhetoric and fancy videos on “constitutionalism” when in fact talking to them is like imparting particle physics to a dog pound dog.

      They/them in the liberty movement (mostly) are too afraid they will loose their homes, their “gun rights” their jobs, their famlies and their season tickets to whatever bread and circus is available that week. They are too busy to realize that the opposition has completely engulfed and compromised/subverted all the major institutions of this country while they were busy working overtime.

      This Jesus Wiennie I was conversing with has no concept of recent political history nor past and is too busy studying the bible for answers (where there are none to be had) to do something other than getting angry and pumping his fist meaninglessly in the air.

      Our forefathers who signed the Declaration Of Independence put it all on the line when they literally put up or shut up against the greatest military power of that day (Great Brittian). Now we expect these fucking dolts we elect to congress and the senate to do the right thing—when in fact most of them are cashing in with their positions of power with payoffs from foreign governments and lobbyists (trade deals, etc.) and we are expecting justice from degenerates in black robes, when in fact the entire justice system is out of control and subverted.

      I will take some sort of “Overton Event/cascade” to get these fools off the shitter, off their knees from sniveling and praying and on their feet to actually do something.

      I am seeing some people do something recently by actively opposing these ANTIFA terrorists–and this is a good sign. We need more of this to get the ball rolling.

      • I know what your saying without reservation Shinmen.
        Its was more of a snarky thing and a rhetorical question for the most of us here on WRSA.
        I posted it on Gab while back right after Trump’s inauguration. It received quite a few re-posts, thumbs up, and comments. Way more than I figured it would.

        This one below,nat tip – CA’s idea, and a great idea I think, and 3 others in similar vein, hardly any interest though. Its a kind of conundrum what creates notice, I call it strafing the Normies. i’ll watch whats trending and make a few passes. Its sometimes a total gas. You get into these intelligent and thoughtful conversations that go for hours, & days sometimes. The “Honorable Resistance”, self sufficiency, homesteading, off grid, practical skills, make your own, raising your food, provincial/rural living, those things generate really considerate interest. Anything never Give Up Your Gind is highly regarded. All of which I find personally wonderful and a great positive sense of spirit. Another interesting thing, trolls DJW’s agent provocateurs and resistance is futile gloomy Gus’s get the shit kicked out of them, they don’t last long. I’ve had quite a few SJW’s and trolls think they where going to fuck with me when I was first couple weeks on Gab when it went live. After being on WRSA and the scrum we all got here for years, shit, its like shooting fish in a barrel. Got CA to appreciate for that!:

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Because that map is misleading – it shows the areas that Clinton won. It does not show the level of the 5th Column in the areas that Trump won, and that is the far more critical demographic.

  11. That map is deceiving. Go state by state and county by county. Look up the adult population for each state/county. Then look up the eligible voters. Then look up how many actually voted. Then look up the margin/percentage separation of for/against. Red doesn’t mean that the majority of the state/counties are RED in the term you may think it does. And RED does not mean RED is your “liberty” friend. And you… well some of you, are 180 degrees of separation from many of those that voted RED. And the vast MAJORITY of those RED’s will never, ever, in their wildest dreams, pick up a weapon, and WILL gyrate their loins in adulation to the Deep State Military, Intel Agencies, and LEO’s if any of you decide to do what is proposed to do. And… many of those votes were AGAINST Clinton, not for your freedumb and libertard.

    And, the latest military survey says you are more of a threat to “National Security” than ISIS.

    • Look again. The political overlay maps to the large urban cores. Those same islands are not logistically self sustaining. Cut the power, water and its game over. At that point the battle is containment not conquest.

      • Proof Number 4,00,382 of the theorem:
        Amateurs talk tactics; professionals talk logistics.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Yeah, is super genius plan! Genocide is always popular. A lot of those areas you want to annihilate via starvation have substantial populations of folks on our side, or, in the absence your plan, would be on our side.

        Also, how do you propose cutting power and water in the red areas. Just as even blue areas have substantial red populations, the red areas have substantial blue areas. While you’re out cutting water and power, they’ll be busy wreaking havoc on your rear.

        And, if you haven’t noticed, the red team is really not unified. Engage in tactics like genocide, and you’ll find yourself fighting an awful lot of your own side, too. Odds of success? Non-existent.

    • Good comment.
      I think the honorable resistance takes all kinds of people. We all are never going to agree on everything. But getting there and the goals, thats where solidarity comes in.
      I worked for a bunch of years in a custom weld/metal fab shop with a bunch of Poles here on a skilled trade sponsor program right after Solidarity happened. They told some awesome stories how and why it happened. Over 100,000 Poles voluntarily walked into concentration camps with nothing but their clothes and a back pack of food, locked themselves in and put armed “guards” on the wire, to keep the Old Soviets from crossing the frontier and doing a Hungarian revolution crack down.
      They claimed it they beat the Soviets deadline for the Polish government to quell solidarity, literally by hours.
      They ran out of everything in days. Nobody had time to prepare for all those people. And they said nobody quit. Amazing event.

  12. Secession is a way out of this but I suspect those pushing for the complete destruction of FUSA won’t settle for something that peaceful. Some fckers don’t know when to quit.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      How peaceful is secession really going to be? Just about any area that secedes is going to have to have death squads/death camps working overtime to get rid of all the dissenters. 51% of the vote in an area might get you secession, but it won’t get you a *peaceful* one. You just trade one civil war for another – and probably one with an outside invasion to support the dissenters.

  13. I can say the turning point for me came when they burnt alive on TV, I sat watching it, my mind went blank like a circuit breaker popped and it had to reset, all the people in that compound in Waco. I kept saying in my mind those people got out. Those people got out.
    I was never the same man from that day. Its burnt into my minds screen. It was the end of any innocence and gullibility I had about my government.
    I didn’t vow to defy and resist, it wasn’t a conscious thing. It just was, defiance and rebelling. I’ve never had to wrestle with or question my resistance. Certain as the sun rises. Its just smolders like bitterly cold dry ice on a hot humid day.

    They burnt those people. Alive. Murdered them. Because they refused to comply with being dis-armed & their faith treated like a capitol crime. They burnt because they where made an example of because the clinton regime wanted to play red diaper baby commie glorious fearless man & wife diktator.
    Little radical chic cocktail party chairman Mao wannabe’s.

    They used tanks and armored combat cars. On people in the middle of nowhere. Burnt somebodies kids alive to a crisp. Then stood on the crunchy carbonized remains of little kids while taking trophy shots of each other like they had bagged a trophy buck.

    Aside from killing your dog and your wife & children, there is nothing more reprehensible than government armed badged leg breakers burning American’s alive because they told these goons & their leaders BFYTW.

    They want to dis-arm me?
    Only in hell motherfuckers. Because if I go your going to burn with me if I have anything to do with it.

    • Shinmen Takezo

      FYI…. Waco was my “scoobie doo” moment as well.

      • Heard you man.

        • Nota bene: nobody gets out of the spendy APC the second time, at a cost of maybe $20 worth of “seasoning”.
          cf: “Fool me once,…etc., etc.

          1/2 gallon premium or av gas
          1/2 gal liquid dish soap
          one spoonful of aluminum glitter flakes
          one t-shirt scrap from hardware store rag bundle
          dispense into small glass bottles
          apply as necessary until the infestation subsides

          Be aware that certain products in the supermarket condiment and spice aisles come in the perfect sorts of containers for easy dual-purpose use:

          piquant salad flavoring as a handy bonus.

          I suspect Waco II will not be the repetition of history certain orcs imagine to be inevitable.

  14. Per the “Archipelago” thesis, here’s a window into the Shitlib mind f/the Bush era:

  15. Almost every organization in DC is connected to Brussels.

    Even Eric Holder is beholden to Brussels by less than one degree of separation.

    I keep saying this, but Ill repeat it for nostalgic reasons.

    You guys who think you know; Don’t know.

    Why would Europe, Or Israel, Or Anyone- Allow our government to become so corrupt that it threatens the safety of the entire world?

    Because we don’t have a government. The US Federal Government is the European Union.

  16. I don’t believe the EU is a good way to go either. I think that the US Con (in it’s original form) is probably good enough, if properly followed and watched closely by a heavily armed populace.

    Also, the fed must remain small, as in numbers of people. Less than 5,000 people should run the federal government aside from the military itself. Speaking of which, reducing that from millions of decent warriors down to about 800,000 hardened warriors would work out fine.

  17. nothing but intellekshul vapors.

    no prisoners.

    after which, there will be a unitary White nation in North America.

    and it won’t be a dumbocracy.

  18. And when their little global socialist nation states fail? I think Ms. B. Has the idea right, that they would happily invite the Chinese or UN in to help out… That is an unacceptable outcome.

    • And, as if on cue:


      Full Disclosure: I am not a fan of The Common Sense Show, or Dave Hodges, as I find his communications/information/reportage tone and tenor borders on hysteria, in many cases. Generally, I find that particular trait irritating, but when found amongst those who self-describe as “Watchman” I believe it is counter productive and quite possibly, harmful.

      Nevertheless, his column today is remarkably prescient in light of your above comments.

      Thinking about this from afar, it appears the Antifa, ISIS, MS13 alliance leadership has likely courted this possibility, and is in fact, counting on it.

    • They are crazy, but nobody is that crazy to send the Smurfs into flyover land.
      I can see it know, Smurfs and WV State police making thunder runs up through the ridge lines and hollows. I live up a 9 mile 1 lane goat path. It starts at 1800 ft elv., ends up on my end at 2976 ft in 8 miles of kiss your ass turns. Half the road is a perfect natural ambush up its entire length, with near vertical up incline and Zero shoulder or near vertical drop off with no shoulder.
      Talk about armed redress. Every kid Lady & man worth their salt and being called a West Virginian would be shooting.
      Remember the scene from blackHawk down when they finally show up with APC’s to recuse the trapped GI’s? The Sargent in the front seat says get this fucking bullet magnet out of here.
      Be something like that here. Except we be smart enough to wait. The pricks have to get out of those tin cans sometime.
      Smurfs are a bad idea.
      But what Matt Bracken and Max Volovity wrote about using foreign mercenaries as “peacekeepers”, add in plausible deniability and news/info blackout, thats bad news. Exactly for who?
      My money is on Elmer Fudd, regardless of how asleep he is now.
      The Normies can’t be discounted yet just because they are Normies now.

  19. No, the ballot cannot be used to accomplish one single god damned thing.

  20. All cities in both the north and south are infested with niggers.

  21. Alfred E. Neuman

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  22. Relax..sit back, let the commies fire the first shots, then watch…AMERICAN HISTORY being written. RED IS RED blue is blue. They are desperate. They will not prevail.

    While in Kodiak and commercial fishing for many years, I got to know many Irish trawler fishermen who, had all Irish deck hands…ALL of them said they’d got “the whisper”…meaning, you’re dead if you stay in Ireland. I only knew the ones that left in time. Early 1980s.

    America is going to be Ireland. Men..and women, will prevail…in time. Let the commies bring their game. They won’t stand a chance. RED IS RED, blue is blue.

    Y’all need to stop with the ‘niggers,’ ‘the south,’ ‘the boomers,’ ‘the millennial’s,’ ‘the democrats,’ the republicans,’ ‘the jews.’ When this ball starts to unwind, there will be niggers, southerners, boomers, millennials, democrats, republicans, and jews….. ALL, will be manning the parapets. That, then, will be the American History being written.

    Nov 22,1963, Ruby Ridge,Waco, Oklahoma, 9/11, Fast and Furious, Sandy Hook, Boston, Bundy Ranch, Las Vegas…we,ve all seen it together. We. are. in. this. together. They seek to divide us. And in that effort, they are winning. But realistically, they can’t win and they know it.

    Man your parapets with what you got. When the smoke clears, you will be with niggers, southerners, boomers, millennials, democrats, republicans, jews, mexicans, asians…

  23. the island i live on is the land that time forgot.

    we don’t even have cell service on the northern end.

    mostly indians and seniors. after all. who fucking lives on an island?