Herschel: Flight Records Indicate A Covert Helicopter Rooftop EXFIL May Have Taken Place Just Minutes After Las Vegas Massacre

Totally legit.

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  1. and there it is. always forget that the ability to go up is usually the safest way out.

  2. The sure tell this Vegas is a set up is if it was a genuine plain old fashioned nut job that went postal, and indeed did shoot all those people and acquired the stock of weapons in that hotel room, it would appear genuine.
    At best they have attained a Schrodingers Cat level of possibilities. Which Occam’s Razor would say the simplest solution is the answer to the riddle of who done it.
    It don’t make the Op itself simple. Only the truth of what the Op was run for. And that right there is the question. Not who done it. But why it was done the way, place, and time for what purpose.
    What it looks like is exactly what a false flag set would look like. Everything revealed leads only in that direction. A manufactured crisis as a means event. With plausible deniability features. Because the narrative it was intended to justify don’t require proof. Just excuse.
    It reeks of false flag.
    All evidence points directly at a poorly run operation to cover the truth of itself just enough, no matter what that truth may be.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “It reeks of false flag.”

      Which flag? The government has expressly disclaimed ISIS, who were the only people saying it was them. A true “false flag” attack is *immediately* apparently attributable to a clearly identified actor (i.e., the Gleiwitz Incidient – Polish broadcast, dead bodies in Polish Army uniforms, etc.) It’s not left open to speculation.

      • There is a real interesting thing I noticed Jimmy. I watched a couple of candid camera phone vids taken on the ground by people who where getting out of Dodge.
        The reports from two full auto weapons had two distinct muzzle reports, and two distinct rates of fire. They way these two weapons where being fired was real interesting. Short bursts, alternating, one weapon would let loose a number of rounds, then the other would do similar, they went back and forth until each had fired what sounded like 30 rounds, then a pause for about the length of time for a mag change. A two man fire team would take turns so the off guy could maintain situational awareness while the other was firing. In one recording in particular, the direction of the weapons firing point was stationary, as I could hear the sound of the reports change on the recording as the person with the phone was coming around offset past 90 degrees to the direction of fire. Its real distinct. At one point in particular, the reports where masked by ground obstructions. And the doppler effect as the recording was made changed. There’s a distinct sound you hear when a rifle report is directly coming in your direction than when you get around in an offset angle. Its how you get a bearing on an unseen position when your estimating working around on the flank. It was easy to recognize from my own experience of witnessing the same effect in real life.
        They also sounded like they where on ground level, around 90 degrees offset from the hotel, there seemed to be a back stop behind these two weapons by the echoes in the recordings.
        I wasn’t there but I’d swear on the Bible what I was hearing in those video clips was not coming from an elevated position hundreds of yards away. They where right off the perimeter of the concert area at ground level. The lack of far off echoes bouncing off the building from the hotel to the concert was a distinctive feature also. To me it was careful selective targeting putting about 10 rounds bursts into a target, 2 man team, alternating fire. There was no question about it for me.
        Actually, as they first where firing, it sounded like a belt fed, how you keep short bursts so not to over heat your barrel, until the pause for swapping out mags. Distinctly so. A two man fire team keeping a careful rate of fire.
        If I had to guess what the weapons where, I’d say they where using one AR and one AK rifle.

        • Also don’t forget that things were going spicy at both the Tropicanna and Bellagio at the same exact time that this was happening at the Mandalay Bay.

          Multiple ops happening
          Multiple operators/teams
          NONE ‘apprehended’ yet Keystone metro had the Strip completely shut down…

          And they expect anyone to BELIEVE their ‘narrative’?….

          Yes Mtnforge this was definitely a ‘Bracken style’ false flag.

          Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
          Northgunner III

          • No, just multiple headless chickens squawking. You had hysterical bitchez in a cab telling the cabbie that “thousands” were laying dead. Which turned out to be…58. Wee difference.
            (Some internet jetfuel genius asstard claiming they whisked away thousands of corpses to turn them into Soylent Green protein crackers in 3,2,…)

            Video, shell casings, and a body count, or it didn’t happen.

            All those “multiple events” are ass gas from people playing telephone, including on police freqs.

      • It’s not left open to speculation.

        Unless you fuck it up by the numbers.

        • Jimmy the Saint

          That’s probably the inverse corollary to Lord Toranaga’s “one mitigating circumstance” rule.

  3. 9-13-01 was an earlier exfil of Saudis from the US:


    After he met on Sept. 13, 2001, with President Bush in the White House, where the two old family friends shared cigars on the Truman Balcony, the FBI evacuated dozens of Saudi officials from multiple cities, including at least one Osama bin Laden family member on the terror watch list. Instead of interrogating the Saudis, FBI agents acted as security escorts for them, even though it was known at the time that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudi citizens.

    “The FBI was thwarted from interviewing the Saudis we wanted to interview by the White House,” said former FBI agent Mark Rossini, who was involved in the investigation of al Qaeda and the hijackers. The White House “let them off the hook.”

    What’s more, Rossini said the bureau was told no subpoenas could be served to produce evidence tying departing Saudi suspects to 9/11. The FBI, in turn, iced local investigations that led back to the Saudis.

    “The FBI covered their ears every time we mentioned the Saudis,” said former Fairfax County Police Lt. Roger Kelly. “It was too political to touch.”
    Strangely, “The 9/11 Commission Report,” which followed the congressional inquiry, never cites the catch-and-release of Awlaki, and it mentions Bandar only in passing, his named buried in footnotes.

    Two commission lawyers investigating the Saudi support network for the hijackers complained their boss, executive director Philip Zelikow, blocked them from issuing subpoenas and conducting interviews of Saudi suspects.

    • Its worse than that. They flew three plane loads of Sauds out of Newark a few days after. The airspace was still closed. It was Saud Dr.. Visit month in NYC. The timing was not a mistake and since we already (((knew))) that it was Osama Bin Cave Dwellin we let them all fly out. Find the fucker who was manning outer perimeter gates at Newark and see if the story is true. The guy I shared the cab with whos brother was there wasnt joking. He said the soldier at the gate refused to let the buses past and so they had him call WH.

      Greatest FF of all time.

  4. 173d Viet Vet

    Seems like a movie plot on government perfidy & ineptness is unfolding…..


    The narrative is collapsing. It is back to the drawing board for the Deep State and their useful idiots. This does not bode well. They will have to try something even more spectacular and horrific to get the sheeple marching in lockstep. Stay tuned.

    • Like a Truck-O-Peace in NYC?

      • Yeah..something like that..

        Just saw that reported today..mayor “I luvvvv moslems” de’blasio actually had to say ‘terrorism’ but shied away from implicating the ‘religion of pieces/feces’ or ‘team mo’.

        Might as well have been justin ‘baby doc’ trudeau moving his mouth there.

        Have s couple of friends that are planning on visiting Denver over the third; told them in no uncertain terms to forgo the trip at thst time if at all possible and if they couldn’t/wouldn’t to keep their operational awareness/watch 6 at all times and to STAY AWAY from crowds!!

        Stay safe my brothers and sisters!!

        Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
        Northgunner III

  6. I guess with the time it has taken, and all the loose ends hanging out like this one, plus the disinformation, the FedGov outfits who arranged this and have been fucking it up ever since, they’ll have to tell a real Whopper in their final report. Do they all know the public doesn’t trust them, and thinks they are liars en extremis, and that their dedication to lies and Leviathan is going to snap back like a stressed steel cable? I guess if you have been practising your lies for decades, it becomes normal, and your dead conscience can’t stop you anymore. My ex used to lie, constantly. She gave me a deep and abiding prejudice against people who lie. A lie is when you murder the truth.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Dweezil, exactly. This may not be a single event. There may be more planned. For maximum effect. Or I’m wrong by 180 degrees. Stuff happens.

  9. thesouthwasrght

    Considering a shitfinger Saudi Prince owns the top 4 floors of the Mandalay it don’t take a rocket surgeon to figure out that it wasn’t a 64 year old lone honky that pulled this off.

  10. 1) The Delano is still within the effective range of .223 weapon or weapons shooting minute-of-massive-crowd.
    2) The east tower rooftop end appears to have a platform allowing someone to see over the 15′ tall rooftop parapet, directly at the concert crowd in question.
    3) Rounds fired from that point at the crowd pass the Mandalay Bay tower in close proximity to the suite Paddock was found dead in, creating the exact false echo location problem I mentioned, with supersonic bullet cracks coming at the beaten zone of the target venue just about exactly 1 second behind the source point, from the 4+ acre wall of glass of the MB’s north and southeast 43-story wing walls.
    Which phenomenon, exactly as noted, including by me, only about twenty times since the incident, is something well-known, going back to military snipers like Carlos Hathcock only as early as the year 1965.
    4) This gives you a second shooter (if necessary), or a primary shooter, with Paddock simply being DOA, getting cold, and waiting to be discovered, while allowing the actual shooter(s) all the time in the world to stroll over, step into their bird, and depart. If they used brass catchers, they’re effectively invisible afterwards. They’d probably even have time for a second person or team, unarmed and unsuspected, to sanitize the shooting roost before departing inside the building, at their leisure.
    5) You still need someone to shoot (and miss 199 times) 200 rounds at Mall Cop Campos, and then either step out, unscrew the stairwell door, rescrew it from the stair side, and depart up or down; or else walk a few doors down the corridor on floor 32 at MB, enter another (uninvolved) room, and wait to be escorted out as a “frightened bystander” by LVMPD an hour and change later.
    6) Which also tells you where the missing video camera flash drives and laptop hard drive walked away to, if they were ever present in the room during the shooting at all to begin with.

    This is what actual facts look like: they explain things better, and they don’t confuse it further by bringing up more questions than they answer.

    Continued unknown: who, and why.
    All of which is rampant speculation (which doesn’t make it wrong per se). Just entirely unverified guessing.

  11. Vegas is where the Middle Eastern Princes pay good money to the Left wing Mob to fuck white women by the hundreds of thousands.

    Of course the Left and Islam linked up in Vegas and launched an attack on White America.

    Of course lefties are selling guns in Vegas.

    Of Course Illegals run security in Vegas.

    Of Course the FBI would create this issue and then try to be the hero.

    Of Course, Of Course, Of Course.

    Nobody could have predicted this…

    • I think it’s time to throw ‘Middle Eastern Princes’ from the Mandalay Bay rooftop!

      Be interesting to see what the drag co-efficient is on those pristine white man dresses they insist on wearing as well as their kaffiyahs…

      Turn around IS fair play!!

      Yours inDaily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  12. They want those guns.

  13. The information reflecting the flight is in ATC’s hands beforehand; the a/c is then assigned a ‘squawk’ for their transponder (the x-ponder doesn’t actually squawk the airline/flight number). This may change along the way. Anyone monitoring Departure freq and enroute control (to be sure it didn’t change when entering a new radar “jurisdiction”) along the way could’ve spoofed SWA flight’s squawk. But that’s a lot of listeners – in relay (and potential Seth Rich’s). Even low-level rotary-wing stuff is going to be assigned to squawk something running VFR because of the tremendously busy piece of airspace it is. There would be several tapes as there are several freqs for McCarran depending upon from which direction you’re coming.

    It would be interesting to hear the ATC tapes when someone has 2 identical transponder codes popping up on their screen. Say, from 2200 local until the real Flt 4119 lands.

  14. Forget the stupid helicopter bullshit! They are creating all these different scenarios to muddy the water, so you chase your tales trying to get answers.

  15. Big_Celebrant

    Heh. Looks like my call turned out good. The annotated GoogleMap CA put in the header is what I sent him the day after the ‘event’, along with the explanation of my working theory that the real shooter(s) were on the Delano roof, and why.
    Read the ‘from over the transom’ portion again –

    Because a helo is the perfect exfil for the OP as I outline it…

  16. Learn something………….
    What Is Cambridge Analytica? Psyops Of The Trump Movement


  17. SO WHAT??? JFK , Bobby, MLK jr. ,Gulf of Tonkin, Waco, Ruby Ridge, Clinton, Obama ,9/11, Vegas, and hundreds of lies, cover ups and murders with thousands of dead in between all of it. The Government does this kind of shit every day and gets away with it. and: IT. WILL. NOT. STOP. Until several million people pick up rifles and make it stop. Now deal with that.

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  20. If they can’t show you the security cam videos….
    Like the pentagon on nine eleven?
    By the way, 7 of the 19 are alive and well – one is
    even an airline pilot. (((somebody))) stole their identities…