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TL Davis: Lies Of Tolerance

Orwellian inversion.

As social and national policy.

See also Steyn:

This will not end well.

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How It Happened

Watch the visual aid.

Read the brief commentary.

Consider family and its prospects.

More trained friends with hard hearts and provisions.

A Very Short NRx Correction to Z-Man

A link-rich reply to this current Z Blog post.

Strong cup of coffee and your B-complex, followed by the Z post, then its counter.


Practical Advice: Fighting In The Forest

From a WRSA commenter:

Firing Port Training is excellent Training considering 90% of people live in a major city surround by potential Firing Ports.

But what if you end up in the woods?

How to Properly Use a Tree or the entire Forest for cover.

1) You can flag your barrel around a tree and tuck in very tightly, but you sacrifice visibly and, you will give away your position with constant movement to scan for targets; If you stack up on a tree, make sure you have a buddy(Or Buddies) watching your other angles. Communicate and Identify these sectors of fire.

When Setting your sectors of fire in a woodline there are a few things you want.

A) You want maximum overlap of sectors of fire on THE FARTHEST trees you can from what you believe to be the enemies most likely point of attack. This will prevent your enemy from using these trees against you. Giving you MAX visibility on their Cover(A Round Tree).

B) A solid Healthy Hardwood Living Tree. Not a dead piece punky lumber or a wimpy pine tree(Although some pines are quite dense). Avoid the trees that are laying down. They are most often old and rotting so they make for poor cover, infested with annoying insects and spiders, vermin, and potentially Fleas from the vermin, and you’ll be breathing in moist toxic air full of spores from God knows what. I have had a sinus infection from sleeping next to pile of dead lumber. It’s best to just avoid dead wood. There is much better cover nearby. Also, Some trees have some nasty sap. Avoid Sap Trees, It will be all over everything; In your hair, your gear, and your skin. Its hard to clean and is irritating to most people after it sits on your skin for a while.

2) You can be offset from the tree. It really doesn’t matter how far away from the tree you are as long as you are not under direct fire when you chose your tree, or are going to initiate an ambush from this position. In fact, hugging a tree too closely makes for poor visibility, and requires you to move your head around A LOT to properly scan your area. I avoided getting to close to trees because of this rounded nature. If someone misses you and hits the tree next to your head, The bullet has a good chance of bouncing into your face, which effectively doubles the size of your enemies target(Your Head). Stay off the tree please.

Use your eyes to scan rapidly, and your head to pan SLOWLY.

This will prevent you from giving away your position. This also requires practice to exercise your eye muscles. If you haven’t done woodline treeing for a while, you will exhaust the muscles in your eyes and have trouble keeping your eyes open past 24 hours. Maybe Less. Practice stretching and exercising your eyeball muscles. This can be done throughout the day, and helps for long periods when you stare through a scope all day.

3) What ever you choose as cover, avoid scuffing up the trees, algae, and moss too much. It takes very long for this stuff to grow, and will give away activity very readily for up to a year in most areas outside of the south.

4) Big Bullets go through living trees at close range. Small Bullets sometimes go through living trees(Hard Or Soft Wood?) at short range.

5) Pick a tree that is about the width of your shoulders with a rifle up when in the prone. Practice this move on a column in your home or around that tree outback. If you are behind a tree, in the prone, using it as cover, peering around the “Right” side of you tree(Rifle Up). You can slightly roll to your left side(Staying behind your tree) WHILE pulling your weapon back and swinging down so the rifle looks likes its in a tight “Low Ready”, Switch hands for a “Goofey” Or “Left Hand” grip on the weapon, then, complete the roll out, and post up quickly on the other side of your tree. This is the best way to change sides of a tree without giving away what you are doing to your enemy. Or getting ripped up by gunfire exposing yourself. It’s fast, uncomplicated, and will feel natural if executed properly.

6) Your enemy will not, and can not, maneuver or flank you quietly through the more dense parts of the forest. FYI, every wooded environment has areas that come in different densities. You cannot move through the dense areas quietly. These make excellent back drops if you are short on Eyes and Ears. And You can dive into them real quick to escape being completely overwhelmed. At that point some brave enemy has to flush you out. Which will be near suicide. You should have a few minutes to gather yourself and plan something while they try to burn you out, bomb you out, or flush you out.

Regardless, You are the Shark. I recommend Swimming away as fast as possible, but you do get a second chance to initiate an ambush. I recommend running, You ARE being flanked. If you blow through the thicket or draw, you can probably catch their flanking element. 50/50 odds they go left or right.

Also, Dense thickets of fleshy and woody plants can slow down and deflect bullets a lot more than you would think.

7) Stay at least ten feet into the thick woods, and ten meters into the open woods, if you border an open plain or a field.

8) If you are in Sage Brush, In a fresh set of Army ACUS, you are very scary.

9) Rock a 100 meter Zero in the Woodline on a bolt gun. Inches matter when someone is tucked into a tree or behind a tree.

10) Wildlife will investigate you eventually. Birds will fly away from you.

11) If you plan to fell some trees and make some cover or level 3 fighting positions, two small trees with dirt in between is better than a large tree. Large trees are hard to move, make for a sore back when you need to shoot over them or pull security, and open the canopy more when you cut them down(Increasing the potential for being spotted by aerial recon)

12) If you take a pile of slightly moist(Not Damp or Wet) organic material(Leaves/Needles) and pour some gas mixed with oil on it. You can light this up and create a blueish white smoke out that is worth ten smoke Grenades. Very cheap and effective. Checking your wind can help, bad smoke is better than no smoke. Helps you run away when some dude at 200-300 meters is trying to kill you. It could block or obscure his LOS. He probably wont be able to IDFF. Could second guess himself. Doesn’t hurt to smoke. Makes a good Plan B escape.

On Training

A guest post at ZeroGov.

Strong structures are based on strong foundations.

On Finishing A 1911 80% Build

From over the transom, via SubGuns.

Fundamental gunplumbing.

It’s a skill that must be transferred to the younguns.

The Book Of Q

From over the transom, a compilation of posts, allegedly regarding machinations behind the scenes in the USG.

Interesting times, as noted on the final page:

What to make of this so far?

Well, it’s hard to say at this point. Some of this Q stuff is hyperbolic, some of it is not verifyable. Codes like PHIL_B_O_Extracted – which some anons believed te be code for Barack Obama being arrested in the Philip- pines – can’t be verified. Obama was filmed arriving at a Democrat fundraiser in New York on november 15th, seemingly in a good mood. If he really was apprehended and struck some kind of a deal to fry the bigger fish, it is possible he would be allowed to attend such meetings. But this is all speculation, of course.

That some many things did seem to touch upon real events on the other hand, is stunning to say the least. On Nov. 3, the day before the Saudi purge happened, Q posed the following questions: “Why did JK (Jared Kush- ner) travel to SA (Saudi Arabia) recently? What is SA known for? Where do the biggest donations come from?” Ten princes are arrested, including prince Alwaleed Talal, one of Hillary’s biggest donors, and one of the big- gest shareholders of Citybank, who had a big say in picking Obama’s cabinet during the banking crisis, and who, according to some conspiracy theorists, actually payed for Obama’s college tuition (though this again, is unverifiable).

Q’s pictures of a city and some islands taken from inside an airplane, when analysed, match location and tra- jectory of Air Force One as it flies across Asia. This logically, points to the fact that Q may indeed have been a compagnion to president Trump on his 12 day trip to Asia. Some have argued Q may be Dan Scavino, White House Director of Social Media and assistant to the president, though this is entirely speculative.

At the same time, it seems a large number of sealed indictments were being issued. A sealed indictment remains anonymous until it is unsealed. This can be done for a number of reasons. It may be unsealed, for example, once the named person is arrested, or once an entire network is arrested.
Roseanne Barr’s Twitter was back up the day after it shut down shortly after she publicly asked Q to contact her. She tweeted she’d explain later. She been retweeting a lot but hasn’t given a word of explanation yet.

As more news comes out, we’ll quickly see how much of Q’s picture turns into reality. God bless!


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Bracken Sends

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Link to excerpt

#Counterjihad indeed.

Z Blog: The Shadows Grow

What and who stand against transnational collectivism?

And how?

French Author: Divide France to Avoid “Civil War” with Muslims

Via Bracken on Twitter, this trial policy balloon.


C’est dommage.

It is a pity.

And do not fool yourself: that same bitter choice is already staring North Americans in the face.

Tempus fugit.

Practical Marksmanship Lesson

From a WRSA commenter:

If you have a hard time with graphs and charts(Or if you want another trick to remember) I have another trick for you.

Hold your Sight on the Belt Buckle.

Belt Buckle is your point of aim.

At 25 meters/yards its dead on.

At 50 meters/yards it lands in his belly button.

At 100 meters/yards it lands on his solar plexus.

At 150 meters/yards it lands on his upper chest.

At 200 meters yards it lands on his solar plexus.

At 250 meters/yards it Groups around his belly button

At 300 meters/yards it Groups around his belt buckle.

At 300 meters your 2 MOA dot is the size of your Target’s Face and your Irons are about the size of his shoulders.

Level your front sight post on to the chest at his Nipple Line or put that Red Dot’s top apex on the base of the targets neck.

Then… Always fire 3 rounds @ 300 meters/yards or beyond in a slow succession. This is to account for the decrease in terminal velocity(less damage), weapon heat, and for your spread due to inherent MOA.

This process works for match ammo or bulk ammo.

And should be used with both.

It’s best to let your triggers reset be released in a reversed fashion compared to your pull. This will keep you steady and wise during firing.

Now the Formula is.

300 meters/yards is “dead on”

350 meters/yards groups on the solar plexus area.

400 meters/yards groups on the belly button.

450 meters yards groups on the belt buckle.

500 meters/yards groups on the thighs.

550 meters/yards groups on the knees.

600 on the feet.

Now. Past 600 is alot harder to shoot on the fly than you think because of wind and your angle. You need to fire 5 rounds slowly and methodically at any range past 600 meters or yards with any 5.56 round.

FYI this is called the “Fly Formula” for letting lead fly on the fly at multiple targets.

You need to level your Irons on your target’s “head” to get a pelvis/guts/chest group @ 600 meters.

If you can see that far good for you. I can as I am blessed with the gift of uncorrected 20/20 vison. Some people are not or no longer with age. Buy a scope. ACOG works great. So do traditional scopes.

Ignore 650, 750, 850, and 950 meters.

Just add a “head” to each point of aim at 700, 800, 900, and 1000 yards.

Fire your 5 rounds very carefully. You can fire 2-3 rounds before your target even hears it at these distances.

This works very well. You should get 2-3 hits out of 5 rounds at 600 meters. And probably 1-2(probably 1) @ 1,000

And that’s all. I used to be a SDM in Sadr City, Baghdad. So fuck you if you disagree. This shit works.

I just taught you how to kill bad guys like a real meat eater.

Sips Tea*

Brushbeater: Practical Carbine Accuracy – Off the Bench and In the Field

Read, learn, do.

BPS: The End Of The Post-War European Structure

More Rose Fertilizer

Aesop pronounces the Mandalay Bay massacre.

Rise Of The Cat Ladies

On The Anti-Trump, Anti-Incumbent Resistance

It’s easy to scoff and dismiss this energy wave as a bunch of hairy-chinned, hot-flashing, post-menopausal C words.

But consider:

1) These people (and the Bernie supporters across generations) are the post-2016 Dem party, and their power will grow as Bill The Perv and Hillary The Drunk continue to lose power.

2) Their platform is More Power To Government At All Levels.

3) If the Hairy Chins are the anti-Incumbent Dems, where (besides within the Trump family) are the anti-Incumbent Republicans? If they exist, what is their plan? If their plan is valid, how do others get in contact and support it?

4) The most dangerous aspect in the article is the “Run for Something” concept, based on the single threshold question, “Are you Progressive?”. Imagine what local politics alone will look like after a couple cycles of that.

Simply put, if the pro-gun, alt-Right, anti-Communist, pro-Male, pro-Trump, pro-private property, and pro-Freedom minorities do not get into the game for 2018, then 2020 and out will be grim.

Politics matter.

Who, whom.

The cat ladies are serious.

Ryan Bundy’s Opening Statement

Read it all.

Godspeed to them.

NYT: We Promise Trainloads Of Hard-Hitting Anti-Nazi Coverage In The Coming Months, Fersure

Now for God’s sake don’t cancel your subscriptions, my little Red GoodThinkers.


See related article earlier today.

SLL: Because We Can

The latest from Robert.



And those who refuse to be either.

Choose wisely.