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I challenge any rational person to find offense here.


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    Hey CA,

    This was the subject of study this week in my Philosophy class.

    Everyone needs to read this. This kind of crap is why Americans can’t have nice things.İhsan_Doğramacı

    • I did a very quick ‘down and dirty’ read of it; more ‘confuse and imprison the mind’ so it’ll be defenseless against the invasion of communism/collectivism couched as a “new and novel way to think”…

      communism and it’s attendant slavery was always shit, it is always shit, and it can never be anything more than shit..trying to dress it in “new clothes” does nothing to hide how bad it smells or that it’s oozing out everywhere.

      Of course to the spoiled, pampered and lazy in both mind and body young that choose to become sjw cosmic snowflakes, it smells and looks and tastes least for now…

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

      • Why worship (((predatory capitalism)))? It is run by the same tribe that runs (((communism))). And in the Judeo-Luciferians’ never ending game of shifting goalposts, (((Austrian economics))) is theirs too.

        [[[Libertarians and other champions of the whatever-the-market-will-bear “free market”]]] insist that the (((“Austrian”))) school is “science” without religious or moral judgments. That is a lie.

        “…[T]he Protestant Church still tries to delude itself [that the Bible is relevant to theology].… [The Gospels] offer no rules of life except practical ones.… Jesus offers no rules of earthly action and struggle; his [sic] Kingdom is not of this world…” and then in the same breath Mises contradicts himself, “Such rules of conduct as he [sic] gives are valid for only the short interval of time which has still to be lived while waiting for the great things to come.” Ignoring the fishermen and The Carpenter Himself, Mises opines, “The primitive Christians do not produce, labour, or gather anything at all.” Ignoring the Beatitudes, the Two Greatest Commandments, and Luke 6:32-36, Mises pronounces, “The historical Christ and his [sic] teachings are quite indifferent to all social considerations.… The expectation of God’s own reorganization when the time came and the exclusive transfer of all action and thought to the future Kingdom of God, made Jesus’s teaching utterly negative. He rejects everything that exists without offering anything to replace it. He arrives at dissolving all existing social ties.… Hence his [sic] passionate attack upon everything that exists.… [T]he new order [of Christianity] demands therefore from its adherents no system of ethics, no particular conduct in any positive direction.… The clearest modern parallel to the attitude of complete negation of primitive Christianity is Bolshevism.… Jesus’s teaching in this respect…is merely negation…His teachings had no moral application to life on earth.…”

        Ludwig von Mises and J. Kahane (translator), Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis, Part IV, Chapter III, “Christianity and Socialism.” New Haven: Yale University Press, 1951. pp 413-416

      • Lest you ask…
        There is a type of capitalism that is anti-monopolistic and opposes usury, unjust wages, unjust prices, and cronyism… and (((they))) hate such decent capitalism.
        It is Distributism, sometimes called The Third Way. Distributism promotes the widest possible ownership of private property.

        • So the solution is to quit the field and give the high financial ground to the Khazars and their helpers? Negative advertising doesn’t work. Saying how much the other guy sucks never won anyone over. If all you got is ‘The Third Way’ it’s no wonder we’re fucked.
          I spent my twenties telling everyone how bad the jews were. Then I woke up and realized people want to hear how you can help them in real world.
          You guys have not moved the needle one inch. That should be a clue.
          You , Haxo etc have a rock solid grasp of history even if selective, but the one-string banjo act is a dead-end.

          • “You guys have not moved the needle one inch.”

            In truth they moved it the other way, and well more than an inch. Indirectly it’s another drop of evidence, as if more were needed, that self-sacrifice is the scourge of the Earth. If they could find the least value in their own lives, they wouldn’t be so busy with the bullshit.

            OTOH I’m sympathetic with why that’s such a challenge.

    • What in the actual fk? I had 2 semesters of philosophy. Tell me there are some classical philosophers in your curriculum? Any Kant, Hume, Locke or even Marx? Reading Max can provide a perspective of what the Left relies on for the basis of its world view.

  2. oldanddecrepit

    And male (or female). And heterosexual. And Christian. And conservative.
    And a whole host of attributes which would have been considered “normal” in the US of A 70 years ago.

  3. It’s a good thing I’m transracial. I don’t have to worry about this.

    • Big_Celebrant

      No such thing as ‘trans-racial’, just like there is no such things as ‘trans-gendered’.
      Do you think you’re one of those too, Stewie?

      Unicorn fantasy skittle droppings, like chicken crap around the barn… they’re everywhere, and serious cleanup is required.

      Recommended cleaning agent?
      Formula 308

    • I’m trans-semitic;

      Oy vey, all 4 of my American grandparents died in the holocaust! Gimme shekels! Forever!

  4. Why are the police involved? They are doing nothing wrong nor illegal.
    Apparently to some It’s not ok to be white…

  5. It’s OK To Be White

  6. . The real world is just waiting for these racist little fuckers to come out and play.

  7. Big_Celebrant

    They seek to destroy everything normal – white, male/female, Christian, heterosexual and monogamous, conservative, and responsible – because they lack *all* these attributes.
    In short, they are fu%king IGNORMAL.
    Pathologically, incorrectably, terminally, and miserably IGNORMAL.
    To put them out of their misery would be a kindness; a kindness I grow more happy to oblige, every stinking day.

    • >>> because they lack *all* these attributes.

      That’s not why they did it. They did it because collectivism is the way to get people to think that they themselves don’t count. Ripens ’em up for endless slavery. Judging from results so far, not a crazy strategy.

  8. What an awful racist thing to do.
    I think I’ll hang some “It’s okay to be a Nigger” signs around town.
    That should make ’em feel better.

    • I’d go for it anyway…let the chimpouts begin!!

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  9. Hi John,
    First off, “Who the FoxtrotUniformCharlieKilo is this “Jess”November166EchoRomeo-Bitch?????? Her comment that,”first of all, it’s not(OK to be WHITE!!!!)” is very interesting??? ‘Just wondering what criteria she (if she is a “female??”) is using to uphold her allegation??? As a “WHITE MAN” to say I am Offended, I say “No!!”… I am Amused!!! Really!! As the “Grumman F-14 ‘TOMCAT'” Logo depicts the “twin tailed” “GunFighter Tomcat” in the corner of the Boxing ring..with a big grin on his face and his thought being,”ANYTIME BABY!!!!!”
    Got Gunz………….OUTLAW!!!!!!!!,
    Audentes, Fortuna, Juvat,
    Blue skies-Black Death,

  10. The irony is the truth of it all.
    You simply have to be interstellar grade stupid to be used as a pawn in the war on humanity. Cosmic cognitive dissonance.
    The old saying “there’s no accounting for taste” needs an upgrade:
    There’s No Accounting for Species Self Destruction

  11. I like it ! Wish I thought to put something like these up !

  12. Some white guy

    Seems like the time is short for a cleansing.

  13. Because “it’s OK to be white” is a whole lot easier to teach the kids at the turtle table than why the Magna Carta, Ninety-five Theses, Solemn League and Covenant, Articles of Confederation, the Constitution, etc, were ever necessary to rein in our fellow white elites.

    • Teaching one does not preclude teaching the other.

      • Sure. It’s also ok for Russians, Japanese, Ojibwe, Ethiopians, the Jews, etc to teach it. But, just saying “white” is like watering down the Irish Cream or the scotch…or the schnapps or the vodka…. so who defines white? Is it skin color or do we look deeper at the genes? Do you want to go with a Telly Savalas picture with a “Breeding, baby” meme?

        The poor self esteem that puts the disaffected into beer halls for collective incessant bitching certainly needs a measure of prevention. But, we also don’t need a grandiose sense of self that leads to a false perception of personal superiority and an erosion of true meritocracy.

        • Good idea w Telly Savalas. 🙂

          Suggest that “ok white” is a pretty good counter to “white bad”, nonetheless.

          And FWIW, the future is Chinese.

          • Only on Firefly.

            John Milius had a different interpretation of history-to-be:

          • Yes, significantly Chinese.

            India will get interesting on the world stage as their main potable river runs out. Depends on how well they are counterbalanced by Pakistan. How this plays out might also be determined by whether or not India gets a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. The G20 is too crowded and any decision will no doubt cause some to be offended.

            BTW funny how France always has a seat at the table no matter where that table is. From there though the French can still be a voice for their silent hidden European partners (see the European Financial Services Roundtable).

            But who will have that huge army in Revelation? The Chinese, the Indians, or the Muslims?

          • >>>Suggest that “ok white” is a pretty good counter to “white bad”, nonetheless.<<<

            Sorry, no. It's agreeing with the underlying premise. At this point you can take it to the bank—it's individual liberty or nothing.

            • Jim, how has the push for individual liberty fared historically as an organizing principle against tyrants?


              Agree with freedom as a goal

              • You’re looking at it from the wrong angle.
                It’s not about THEM, it’s about YOU.

                Start from the axiom that you reside in a land that is slammed with criminals. Unless you can change that fact (*you can’t*) you have to live like a principled fugitive.

                What’s the solution?
                Scale it down, say 80% of the people that live in your house were criminals trying to harm you, what would you do? Obviously you have to kill the criminals. Now scale it back up for the entire country and look at the math.

                A whole lot of people can’t be here any more as they are a danger to everyone else, they must be removed.Then the rest of us can get on with the full time business of running our lives as we see fit.

                There is no other way.

                • thesouthwasrght

                  Problem with that is who determines who gets removed?

                  • I can’t believe you wrote that after reading gs’s comment. You must have been distracted…maybe read the first two sentences again.

                    CA, it doesn’t matter how well it’s worked; you’re Eve tempted by the apple of Pragmatism. You can’t spin a silk purse from a sow’s ear and so it’s insane to even try. Logic ALWAYS holds.

                  • We each get to ‘vote’ 308.

                    A not really random, yet resembling chaotic sorta sorting….

                • “A whole lot of people can’t be here any more as they are a danger to everyone else, they must be removed.”

                  “There is no other way.”

                  I defy anyone to rationally refute that. Unfortunately, that is what happens when a cultural the divide makes the Grand Canyon look like a drainage ditch. I submit that there has never in human history been anything like this… previous such ruptures were mere squabbles over territory and the geld.

                  This one is for the soul of humanity.

            • The Spartans were free men. The 300 died defending that freedom.

              Do you agree?

          • Have you worked with any Chinese, boss?

            I would lump that statement in with the “India is the future of IT”. Which is resting on top of “the Saudis/no Japanese will own us all”.

            The future belongs to those who Will take and Can hold it.

    • You are not “our fellow white,” kike. Shut the hole in your Neanderthal face.

      • T, you’re obviously a new little asshole at the skinhead turtle table at the back of the WRSA Tavern. As I’ve posted on here many times in the past I will do so now to enlighten you:

        I’m Scots Irish from a long line that settled in the colonies as early as 1750. My genetic tests identify this as well as the French and German women introduced in that makeup going all the back to the early European Celts. All this did was confirm what was already in the family Bible.

        You on the other hand probably don’t even know who your real father is. You’ve never read a Bible.

        My family fought on the side of the Revolution and later for the South. My ancestors have fought in many wars and been involved in many different kinds of business over the last two centuries.

        Your family line only showed up after we made it safe for you. You live on public assistance.

        We have been and still are landowners and have had Presidential and governor commissions over the years, but none have ever held a European title of nobility. I also did my part against Sunni jihadists in the Middle East.

        You have never been in the military and never gone far from the safety of your mom’s basement.

        So, welcome, and go fuck yourself. Why? BFYTW.

        • Bravo! GS, well and truly written.

          Regards and congratulations on your history, both genealogical and personal, somewhat similar to my own.

          A brilliant back of the hand to a mental cripple, deriving what little self esteem he can muster from aping virulent personality disorders far more adept than his own.

      • “You are not “our fellow white,” kike. Shut the hole in your Neanderthal face.

        My god. I haven’t visited WRSA in a while. But it has either always been a haven for racist shitheads or it’s been allowed to go seriously downhill lately.

        So you don’t like niggers, or ragheads, or kikes. Purely out of curiosity are micks allowed to play in this sandbox?

  14. So a mouthy sheboon who dyed her ‘fro in the tidy bowl has her sjw loin rap in a wad because someone is expressing their pride in their race no different as she and the mexicans and moslems do?..


    If she wants to be offended, I can put a dog collar on her, make her cut a lawn and eat a plate of fried chicken and watermelon off a plate on the ground!

    Let the chimpout begin bitch..I’m your huckleberry!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  15. I stole that. You’ll probably hear all about it soon enough, as soon as I disable the tracking pixels on my printer.

    • 1) Bicycle.
      2) Black hoodie.
      3) 4-5AM is generally a very quiet time on most campuses. So is 5-7 PM-ish just after sunset, when people are eating dinner, once night classes are in session.
      4) Every campus has designated Student Thought Police, whose job it is to approve all speech posted on bulletin boards. Appropriating an exemplar of approved speech already posted gets you the template for the Stamp Of Approval; a large Pink Pearl eraser and half an hour’s careful work with an X-acto knife re-creates the stamp.
      Ask me how I know.
      5) Have fun. Don’t get caught.
      6) Use commercial printers at a 24hr. FedEx/Kinko’s, etc. Use a one-time cash card there. And hey, it’s winter; wear a balaclava mask so you don’t catch cold while you’re printing your materials.

      Bonus: look up the Usual SJW Suspect organizations in your area.
      If someone were to print up flyers offering things like the latest iPhones at ridiculous prices, way-below-market cheap cars, and bullshit high-paying jobs, with handy tear-off strips with the business numbers of those folks, it’d be baaaaaad. And keep them from their usual nonsense.
      So don’t do that.

      Also don’t print out really offensive racist pro-pale color materials, and then list the organization’s number as the one for the NAACP or ACLU. It might create unwelcome confusion.

      Slipping a counter message into the middle of a careful dupe of some other side’s fliers would be hilariously double-plus badthink. So is taking their manifestos, and then subtly changing them so they don’t go where the original group wanted to go. A little forethought goes a long way, and you simultaneously make the originating group look unreliable to the hard core Leftards.
      Hilarity ensues when they form circular firing squads.
      e.g., having the Black Panthers come out against illegal Latino immigrants, because “Jose y Maria be takin’ jobs from the ‘hood rats,” pays dividends you’d never get from a purely Richard Spencer/David Duke screed.

      The goal there is subtle subversion, not pies in the face.

      We won’t even go into misdirecting people to the wrong places and times, for instance for any festivities this Saturday. Sending them to the local police station or federal building might pay enormous dividends.
      You should already be on that.
      (Hint: promises of free food, drink, free swag, and music belong there like cheese on pizza. Directing them to park in tow-away zones is a slam dunk as well. If they show, having someone handy to call TPTB to begin towing is pure comedy gold. Whether you go all-in on fake cover-up signs until your pigeons are in place is entirely up to you.)
      Paying two guys named Julio to paper the cars in the student parking lot during Friday classes gives you a cut-out that can’t ID you, and hits 100% of the target crowd.
      College kids are gullible @$$clowns, easily confused.
      Leverage that for fun and entertainment.
      It’s a moral imperative.

      And finally, distributing messages just a bit too on point by real groups, like pro-pedophilia materials from NAMBLA, or misogynistic and pro-terror bombing stuff from the local Muslim Student Association, let alone racist tripe from the black and hispanic groups, and making it it came from them is masterclass-level stuff. They and the SJW administration will be investigating hate-speech charges and counter-charges endlessly, and they’ll all be at each other’s throats non-stop.
      Oh, and remember to wear your nitrile gloves. No sense leaving your fingerprints in the local fusion center’s database, right?

      Just imagine Don Rickles and Archie Bunker having dinner, with a scribe present, and a media relations department, and let your imagination go wild.
      If you run out of ideas, pop a disc of PCU into the player.

      Stop quaking about what the Leftards are doing, boys and girls, and start baking some nuclear yeast into their Dissent Cakes. Then stand back, and watch them reap the whirlwind.

      You can play “Let’s you and him fight” with half an hour at the local copy shop.

  16. …is her hair green?


  17. Why a negro image?


    Let the games begin. Now things have been kicked up another notch. The Blue Hive Knockout Game Follies cannot be far behind. And, the victims will be unarmed, helpless white people who do not have a clue. I have no sympathy for anyone who still insists that diversity matters and we all should just try to get along.
    The Amerikan Public Education establishment along with elected hacks at all levels have created this climate since the 1960’s, They have sowed the wind and are reaping the whirlwind. The big change will be when the cops stop showing up. Once the cosmic Marxists become prisoners in their own enclaves, then Blue Hive meltdown is an economic certainty. I have plenty of beer and popcorn stored up so I can sit and watch the show.

    • Spending a lot of time at the home improvement stores here, and have recently noted a HUGE uptick in the frequency of open carry & not-so-concealed
      carry, I’m thinkin’ folks are tired of being screwed around with.

  19. Planet of the apes was a metaphor….
    “Apes together strong”

  20. Bet they love it when they go travelling and are asked, “fruits, nuts or flakes?”.

    Even worse is when women self-mutilate their scalps like this:

    Are the women above and these signaling that they’re psychobitch crazy cat ladies in training?..

    Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

    • The word for them is THOT
      Which is short for That Ho Over There.
      Completely self absorbed females that actively seek attention and sexual comments, so that they can reject the male who gave them the attention and claim victim status.

  21. whomst? inventing words like inventing ‘offenses’ is the mark of those ignorant, grandstanding, useless (to everything but the destruction of this nation) trolls.

    what to they think they will usher in when they finally get the anarchy they so assiduously desire? a world with them on top? their ‘dream’ will become their nightmare, rightfully so. they are totally delusional.

  22. CA,

    I know you’ve promoted certain training programs from others before, and I’m merely assuming these are firearms-centric, however, I’m curious if there are any cold steel experts, both in deployment as well as hardware, amongst the readership and associates, or am I late to the party?

    Seems to me that this should be prioritized for the hastening unpleasantness.

  23. Oh, Hell, It’s GREAT to be white! One simple reason, among others, is that I have the intelligence to recognize the idiocy of all my detractors, and their inflammatory positions based on Jealousy. If I had to wake up every day and look in the mirror at THAT, I’d be chimpin’ out too. No wonder they’re perpetually aggrieved, they can’t stand themselves or their unwashed brethren, and have never known how to better themselves. They’ve learned how to help themselves to other peoples money, and property, and have grown up dependent and addicted to the white mans guilt giving.But that’s what you do when you find yourself too lazy and stupid to get an education, and too stupid and lazy to get and keep a good job. Why work hard for your supper, when you can whine it out of someone else? Like most white men, I am aggrieved that blacks petition for endless goodies, and then tell whitey to go get fucked when they get it.

    • “Oh, Hell, It’s GREAT to be white! One simple reason, among others, is that I have the intelligence to recognize the idiocy of all my detractors, and their inflammatory positions based on Jealousy. If I had to wake up every day and look in the mirror at THAT, I’d be chimpin’ out too.”

      Envy also has agreat deal to do with it too.

      Yours in Daily Armed Liberty via anarchy!
      Northgunner III

  24. The Usual Suspect

    They are the turd in the punchbowl that some pretend
    does not exist.
    They drink their own kool-aid.

  25. Alfred E. Neuman

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  26. Whomst ?
    No such word.
    Grow the fuck up.

  27. Whoomst is gonna get whompst?

    I’ll take “genocide” for $1000, Alex!

    Sides are being picked as we blog. Don’t be the kid nobody wants….