Mosby: Sitrep/Update & Clandestine Pistol AAR

From late September, but still relevant.

Among other key points: three new Mosby books in the pipeline.

Keep training.

2 responses to “Mosby: Sitrep/Update & Clandestine Pistol AAR

  1. I’m sure John Mosby teaches a great course. I recently took Max’s MVT Combat Pistol course. Both guys are consummate Pro’s.

    Ho Doggie! what a great experience. Its like small unit infantry tactics for the mind. Its about the most deadly weapon. The weapon between your ears.
    1st Sargent Scott was the instructor. What a character. LMAO for 2 days straight. Sharp guy. Outstanding teacher. I learned so much I’ll never stop learning, major sea change in my thinking, just as how the small unit infantry combat courses did for me.
    Great stuff.
    I wish John Mosby was closer. I think he is fine combat philosopher/teacher like Max, from what I can tell.
    A fellow can’t go wrong with combat pistol training.
    We can’t, not yet at least carry in our two hands our combat rifle ready with a round in the chamber everywhere we go. I wish it was possible. Guys in the old days carried swords and big knives not just for self defense, but as an extension of the Man. We have to learn to drink from our enemies skulls again. Combat concealed carry tactics and mind set is our times version of the belt Saber.
    So you need this training like you need every round of ammo you can get.
    They teach you shit based on real world pistol fighting you never thought of.
    How to fight & live. They teach you to change your thinking.

    These guys are dead nuts right. Your mind is your greatest weapon.

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