Buppert: “A Man’s Character Is His Fate”

Bill discusses EDC, November 4th, and you.

Head on a swivel.

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  1. Jeff had a lot of good points about his personality all the strong points were there. Honor, Smarts, God Centered Beliefs…., humility was one that he lacked

  2. The Usual Suspect

    I must confess to being a dinosaur my favorite Colt 45
    is rather plain, upgraded sights, trigger, beavertail, it
    is my constant companion, I would feel naked without it.

    I go out the door every day expecting the worst, and if the
    worst happens, someone is going to get a nice pistol.

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  4. Note to Antifa : November 4 in Texas is opening day for whitetail deer season. Many will have a scoped deer rifle in their possession to look for venison. Or whatever – they are useful items. Maybe not a good day to cause damage and mayhem.

    ’cause sometimes … the dragon wins. Just saying.

  5. I’ll believe it when i see it. Unless you’re in downtown Seattle, SF or some of Commie hellhole and within 1000 feet of a Starbucks or apple store, you’re fine.

  6. Well I’ve git him beat. I’ve got my Glock 21 or 23 and 40 to 100 rounds with me even at work.

    He’s unarmed at work?

  7. Most kids don’t have access to farms. Might have to substitute mountain biking for horseback riding. It will also help with aerobic exercise and strengthen the legs.

    When I see boys taking a calculated risk, I don’t rush in to make it safer but let them do it under a watchful eye. I don’t want to discourage character building even when it causes some scrapes along the way.

    • Me too. That’s why my boy just had his 3rd cast removed. All this character building is killing me in medical costs. Boys gotta be boys though.

  8. Nice!. Thanks for the rundown on kit. Frankly, I’ve got no idea what half that stuff is. I’m sure my set ups simlar, I’ve just not kept up with the names of the stuff in my bags.

    Bill, I’m surprised, your not carrying a rifle or shotgun in your rig.

    If I had to have a hero, Cooper would be him. As a younger man I followed him and his Ideology, the man was just squared away. In fact I would say pistol craft was largely a Cooper basis.

    After his basics, nothing has really changed, except for very minor alternative ” ways”.

    My travel guns are Glock 45s. Carry a model 30 and a 21 both while on the road. While my 45s are solid, I’ve not done everything you have to them. Night sights, triggers extended mag release, and 15 mags when traveling.

    My holsters are custom exotic hide models made by exodus leather, ” the guy who makes Segals holsters, and mag holders. Not a fan of kydex, it’s good shit, just not for me, I’ll stick with leather, thank you.

    It’s pouring here today, I think I’ll go thru my winter kit, and restock my Tuna, Spam, and salmon packs. Few years back ,we started to put a case of freeze dried food in each of our rigs.

    We also carry a pack of one gallon freezer plastic bags, with the intent of emptying the number ten cans into the heavy bags, for lighter,easier packing.

    Love to see pics of your kits.

    Lastly I carry an AK folder under my seat, along with 10 thirty rounders in my truck at all times, it’s an old MAK 90 with an ACE folder. I often carry my m1 or an FN in my rat rod, when I’m out checking shit out. Five mags with FN and 10 8 round clips for the m1, in 3006.

    Thanks Bill, was needing some motivation.


  9. It would appear that ZeroGov’s server is down. I’m gettin Nada.

  10. Something I thought about last night, could this Thing rumored to happen tomorrow be nothing more than a test? A test by the left to see what kind of response Leviathan might make, and how they might make it? Also the left would be very interested what the “patriots” would do, along with any other group and their response? Like something the Sioux would try, to gauge the enemy’s strength and weaknesses without actually engaging them. It could prove invaluable to the left in this respect. Scouting mission par excellence for them. Suppose, (very small chance) they stage major riot type operations in several cities. If Leviathan comes out in force, and takes the lefts side, what do you have then? Just because these people are hideous in their aims, doesn’t mean they’re stupid. I’d be willing to bet not a few of them know about how vulnerable the grid is, and how to fuck with it. As we’ve seen, they’re not exactly bashful about doing dirt, lying about it, and at the same time, blaming their enemies for it. My thoughts are that this is a dress rehersal/intel op. , mostly intel op.

    • If they fuck with the grid, it will be the hives that suffer the most. And those hives are the core of their constituency…

      • Wahrheit Von Lautsprecher

        Collectivists are not above putting the screws to their own. The examples of such are plentiful. We can only hope they are stupid enough to cut off their own nose early in the game, it saves us the trouble of doing it later…

  11. Alfred E. Neuman

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  12. Can anyone shed any light on this?

    • Big_Celebrant

      99.99% certain to be a LARPer.
      Even if true, it doesn’t change the character of what needs doing. Every man, in his AO, needs to be prepared to put down the Leftist insurrection. With deadly force, as necessary.

    • Word to the revolution, don’t go fucking up my deer season.

    • I’ll be happy to shed some light on this:


  13. 4th, is a dog and pony show, nothing more, nothing less. Their ” movement” needs the MSM attention, without it, those POGS, die a slow miserable death.

    Antifa, has zero legs here, never will.


    • Wahrheit Von Lautsprecher

      They don’t need ‘legs’ everywhere. They don’t expect to have them everywhere. Just like building a fire theyve built up areas with lots of tinder that they intend to ignite first. Their hope/plan is that if they start this thing right (lots of concentrated violence shown in the MSM loop over and over), then the fire of violent insurrection will spread rapidly among the mud people that -are- everywhere. They’re counting on two things,
      that it doesn’t take much to ignite chimpouts all over metro-Amerika, and that with chaos as cover lots of imported muslims will decide to go boom, go bang, or rent a truck and take a drive through middle Amerka.

      Immer bewaffen Sein!

  14. I’m more interested in the reaction to Soros’s brats when they turn nasty because only a pittance of resistance to them takes place.
    They been trying all along, with BLM, to get a fight going, they went as far as to use Richard Spencer and blow his cover as an original member of antifa, an agent provocateur.
    Seems to me nobody is taking them seriously, I know I don’t and everyone I know see’s them as a joke.
    They are going mohave to go into little towns and hamlets and shit stir if they want to be taken seriously.
    That doesn’t discount their potential for violence and hurting people.
    I seriously doubt black block can be successful like the Bolsheviks they are modeled after.
    You can’t pull off major shit like the Bolsheviks without a Nomenklaturer who has their back and a very large nation state like we are without massive citizen disarmament.
    Trump isn’t going to tacitly or other wise support black block as the obama regime did making them his proxies, and being the red queen “Off With Their Heads” psychopath in a pantsuit was denied her throne, there’s basically Soros financial and media backing, a deep state which is not all that effective controlling the message. Bolshevism on a scale necessary to existentially threaten us dirt people with liquidation is a long odds at best. There isnt the numbers there who will get out in the streets and be get the Kulak/kill the Kulak actors.
    And like everything, it all comes down to Guns.

    I believe they where gearing up pre 11-8-16 to be used as narrative creators in order to have a multitude of visual fake excuses the 5th Column media would then have “reason” to call for nation wide disarmament, and of course the crocodile tears of the political class would cry us a river with “common sense” gun diktat bullshit.

    There’s a lot of rural and provincial areas where the inhabitants aren’t going to be the least intimidated threatened or fear these red diaper brats.
    I can just see them trying that crap in WV. It would be a most inhospitable experience for them.

    • I know Spencer. He’s legit, not a false flag. Disagree with his philosophy, sure. But he is what he seems.

  15. 40 percent of Americans prefer socialism.

    83 percent of professing Christians: Are “Meh” Christians.

    One in two U.S. millennials say they would rather live in a socialist or communist country. 22% of them have a favorable view of Karl Marx and a surprising number see Joseph Stalin and Kim Jong Un as “heroes.”

    Etc., etc., etc.

    Give it time. Many of you will die in peace on your beds anyhow.

  16. November 4th?

    it’s the day after November 3rd.

    of lesser import:

    (((Soros))) $25/hr. assholes might break some windows in a (((Starbucks))) somewhere and help themselves to an almond latte; some BLM thugs will invade a 7/11 and steal toilet paper.

    and in East St. Louis, (((Anna Piller-alias-Baltzer))) + a couple fat dykes and assorted cat ladies will blockade an intersection for several hours.

    am hoping for more but I doubt it will happen.

  17. I have an idea that whatever does happen will be pretty anemic but overblown by the media. There may be a few hot spots around the country but this is a big country and without media inflation the whole thing will go away like steam in a Death Valley summer day.
    That doesn’t mean that we should be too complacent, we still need to raise our vigilance at least one level and perhaps two. If I were one to flout the law I’d carry a weapon without permission of the King… er, State. As it is, I’ll probably spend the next few days safely ensconced behind my wife’s skirts.
    And if you buy that, I have a high-resolution map showing where my canoe tipped over, spilling all my guns in a shallow lake. Only $50…

  18. Heh. When the chatter about this ‘4 NOV’ things got going back in August, my pastor scheduled a “Mens Retreat” for this weekend. Invite only. More than half of us are veterans, and the rest are natives who are totally reliable.
    So if anything “unfortunate” happens to the commies this weekend, I didn’t do it. Honest. And I’ve got an airtight alibi (or more like 30 of them).

  19. fuck the pooplice

    fuck the gubmint

  20. Jimmy the Saint

    November 4th doesn’t have to be any sort of spectacular. It’s not supposed to be Overlord or Barbarossa, merely the kickoff date.

  21. Best we can do is the old “Black Jack 34” and be ready to hit.
    Never fold.
    We already put in the small blind and the big blind.

    What are they gonna do?
    We should be a little concerned because of guys like the Dallas Shooter and the other such Ilk.

    The real threat is already in power, taxing the fucking hell out of us.
    They might go for broke though because Soros put an 18 billion dollar down payment.

    Thats one hell of a buy in.

    Poker faces everyone.
    Eyes and Ears.