Dissecting A Random Attack

Read, and consider your situation.

All that needs to happen is for those who hate traditional Americans to choose you and your family.

It happens to someone else.

Until it happens to you.

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    Meh! More Blue Hive festivities. Stay away from these savages and things like this will not happen. And, when the folks with cash in their pockets stop showing up at Camden Yards and Chavez Ravine, the (((owners))), stockholders and hedge fund managers will take notice.
    There are plenty of people in this country who are just totally clueless. There are also plenty of people who are in denial, because they do not want to be labeled racist/islamophobe/thisorthatphobe, etc. When I was a Peace Officer, I used to run into these folks all the time. They were and still are, Professional Victims. No sympathy.

    • <—What he said. Long long ago Inner Harbor was a nice place to visit. Anyone with two brain cells stopped going there and Fells because it wasn't remotely safe. Good place to end up dead. Never mind if there were a power failure while u were caught in dindustan.

  2. The Usual Suspect

    Why is no one saving us ???

  3. That, my friends, is why God gave us handguns.

    • that only works when it’s not you vs. a mob. at the rate things are spinning (probably just like Obama and soros want it); if you’re not living in the country or someplace like Montana; soon enough you’re just going to be rolling the dice anytime you leave the house to venture out anywhere that’s not an island of people that would be high majority trump people in which a mob wouldn’t venture into.

      • Bullshit.
        Mobs have leaders. (And no attack is “random”. All attacks are deliberate, therefore premeditated, and they’re not selecting victims with dice.)

        If confronted thusly by a mob (any mob being “more people than you”), pick the biggest, baddest, meanest, mouthiest motherfucker and offer him a choice at gunpoint: live or die.

        And if time is shorter than that, Skip straight to Plan B:
        Start carving head canoes.

        After approximately one round, and seldom more than three, the uncommitted will suddenly remember pressing engagements some distance away, and it’s extremely doubtful you’ll run out of rounds before you run out of targets.
        After that, GTFO of Dodge. You’re in justified fear for your life/lives, remember? Act like it.

        The place to make statements to TPTB is much later, in cold logical contemplation, not amped up and adrenaline-flushed, and with defense counsel, much later, at PD HQ, and not standing over the corpse(s) and dealing with Joe BeatCop with donut-face and a room temp IQ. All you’ll do there is get yourself in more trouble, and close his case for him.


        Cougar: During the Rodney King festivities, people in certain neighborhoods throughout the LA area created their own Montanas. Streets and alleys were blocked off. Men and women stood guard with any type of firearm they could lay their hands on.
        I am not just referring to the Rooftop Koreans. There were plenty of other folks manning their makeshift barricades. I saw it with my own eyes and talked to some of them. Let these fools and criminals curse us, scream, yell, and loot. Sooner or later, the Mike Tyson axiom will rear its realistic head.

  4. Teen means nigger.


  5. Whites are superior to browns, blacks, and semites. Yet we’ve allowed them to invade our lands and actively brainwash 50% of us and 100% of niggers and spics to think it’s ok to openly tweet there is something wrong with being white. Here in our country.

    It’s not safe because of niggers.

    Yet nothing changes.

  6. Alfred E. Neuman

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  7. The Safe Streets Project:

    Part of the Alt-Alternatives movement. Quite amazing whats going on over there. Vox and company are literally forming a grass roots movement based on the precepts of Alt-Right. A fully vested cadre numbering in the 10’s of thousands who work together. Nationalism is foundational, Alt-Media, Info-Galactic, political philosophy, inline with science, history & truth. There’s nothing like it network wise which embodies & advocates the great precepts of Liberty.
    I’m seriously impressed after closely watching the zeitgeist born and grow over the last year and a half. The Kick Starter launches for Alt-Projects are successful within days, often surpassing goal by 500-800%. (Like Gab, they are having no trouble self funding. This is the truth of whats going on.
    Alt-Alternatives are much desired by millions. They are fed up with the corruption of everything going down in the West. It’s not because it is Alt-Whatever, its because people want positive change. They know the way things are going down have to go. They must go. Pretty cool shit)
    They are kicking ass in the culture war. And they really “don’t care what you think”.
    Its not what you would think it is based on the false flag/narrative operations like Richard Spencer and their fake Alt-Right psy-op’s we have cunningly been lead to believe.

    I designed these two pieces of agitprop below using important quotes from Vox Day to promote the pillars of what Alt-Right is.
    Everything they are doing is incredibly successful.
    Understandably you ain’t gonna hear about any of it. Even Instapundit is spreading lies, insinuating. all the SJW tactics, but from the cucks. They are afraid because this movement you never heard of is going to replace the ruling elites.
    It’s audacity & motive power in action.
    Serious good shit.


  8. Since that state does not allow conceal carry, simple solution. GO SOMEWHERE ELSE!!!

    • Wahrheit Von Lautsprecher

      No one, and I do mean NO ONE, can take away your natural rights. No party, no government, no police force, etc. NO ONE.
      All they can do is intimidate you into giving up your rights, into surrendering your dignity, your manhood, and your self-determination.

      But if you’re not one to surrender, then scoff their (false) laws. Do those right and needful things you would do in the absence of their noxious decrees and prohibitions. Or, put plainly, just carry anyway.

      When attacked, respond with overwhelming force – leave your attackers dead or dying – and quickly disappear from the scene. Period. Again, this is Natural law, plain and simple.

      Police reports? We don’t need to file police reports. 80% of the cops are clueless idiots who couldn’t get a job requiring more intensive brain-work, and the other 20% are hardcore power-addicts who would just assume shoot you (and your dog) as look at you. And their political masters are just itchin for an excuse to put you in a cage, anyway. They hate you and everyone like you – to th extent of wanting us all dead.

      Defend yourself. Everywhere. Every day.
      No permits. No mercy. And no explanations.
      Just do it.

      Immer bewaffen Sein!

  9. Cassandra (of Troy)

    More candidates for examination.:

    (Remember this one? Wunner why it disappeared so quickly……)

    And in other related news,:

    (In light of their support for Kaepernik & BLM, one wonders how people will react when informed of this)
    (If the House & Senate are as full of pro-2A proponents as has been claimed, one wonders why a discharge petition move hasn’t been made as was done by B-1 Bob Dornan when Newt blocked a piece of pro-2A legislation way back when. FYI, Ol’ Newtie was NOT amused & Bob was zapped but good for his effrontery)

    Now for some fun stuff.:

    (Oops #2)
    (Oops #3 Interestingly enough, the virulently anti-2A Huffington Post also did an article on the same topic awhile back)
    (Oops #4)
    (Oops #5)

    And finally, the piece de resistance.:


    Program Note:

    For those w/ the interest & ability, the 02Nov17 Tucker Carlson Tonight program’s first segment is WELL worth seeing as the topic’s the Vegas massacre & its ‘irregularities’. Ol’ Tuck/guests do a job on LE that should be seen.


  10. Study of the NI troubles is instructive on many levels. This doc is available on Itunes(ya I hatem too) but this one is worth more than the 99 cent rental fee.


    For those of you who don’t have apple or Itunes or the time to spend on it I’ll breifly summarize:
    During the religious/sectarian civil war in Ireland, the British Government in collusion with militia groups and the local constabulary bombed and murdered Irish people with impunity. The entire justice system and government structure was compromised including judges, magistrates and legislative bodies. All of the so called resistance movements were infiltrated and compromised. Murders and assassination campaigns were carried out by groups who were given intelligence reports by police, military and MI5.

    I’m not trying to ruin your day but this type of conflict is already here.

  11. Big_Celebrant

    NOV 4 – First Day of Hunting Season.

    Remember – once you start, there’s absolutely no good reason to stop hunting until your AO is totally and utterly clear of commies/#BLM/AntiFa/etc.

    Once you step off the porch, there’s no going back. Ever.

    Regardless whether you kill a single attacker in self defense, or hundreds in an open and determined campaign to cleanse your AO, the charge will be the same: “Murder”. And the consequence will be the same – a cage for the rest of your natural life.

    They are poised to ignite the fire that will burn a hundred years of ease and comfort off of our society.
    And thanks be to God for that, because all their delusions, all their various flavors of misanthropy are rooted in that false sense of ease; that confidence in a comfortable protection from the consequences of their behavior.

    Dinner is over, Charlene. Now comes the massive Reality Cheque, due and payable for the total cost of their follies, and the denouement of their every lie and scheme.