Quote Of The Week

(From 2016)

“Have I said that the most astonishing statistic of the 21st century, in my opinion, is that our country admitted more Muslims for settlement in the fifteen years after 2001 than we did in the fifteen years prior? Yes I have; at least three times, according to a quick search of the archives.”

John Derbyshire

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  1. And this after the NYC slaughter? REALLY?

    …those DC lamp posts are looking more and more available to traitors, perverts, child molesters, and elitists:

    when the “festivities” begin, the phrase: “hoist a few” will not apply to beer mugs….

    • Big_Celebrant

      Amen and amen! The time is coming to hoist a few….
      A few million, that is.

      And no, I don’t have the slightest qualms about the gory character of that fact, or hesitation in the doing of it. The last decade has beaten out of me any lingering expectation that we might ever rehabilitate the amoral idiots who hate us, our nation, and our way of life.
      It’s not what they DO that is so very wrong;
      It’s what they ARE that is so very wrong.

      Cant fix that. All you can do is kill it.

      • “It’s not what they DO that is so very wrong;
        It’s what they ARE that is so very wrong.”

        Disgusting, especially coming from someone who’s generally one of the more sensible defenders of a disgusting POV. So you’re ruled by a meme instead of a slavemaster…not a huge difference from your perspective; ruled is ruled.

        Like it or not, what they ARE is the same sort of creature as you. It’s only what they DO that can affect your life. But okay, I’ll take you at your implicit word…you attach no significance to your life. Noted.

        • Jim, what part of “are” and “do” and the cause and effect nature of it is so hard for you?

          Is the only moral judgement you ever make the result? What about the failure that brought it about?

          I know it’s futile to ask, and I do so only for the sake of sparing others from your moral expediency but, seriously, are we going to hang the bastards merely on what they do? That’s all well and good when cretin is caught red handed in the act of rape and murder, but what about the movers, facilitators and mere stooges who have no actual blood on their hands.?

          Can you imagine a “fair” trial of the thousands who have, by their moral turpitude and active support or passive acquiescence, contributed to the present disaster?

          Your insistence on merely killing the thug right in front of you, while criticizing a man who recognizes the virulent, pervasive and irremediable nature of it, is a cop out.

          Calling me names is not responsive.

  2. The Eddie Munster look alike has to go…


      Tell that to the blithering idiots and FSA Cheeseheads who put the traitor in office.

  3. Looks like Ryan got his marching orders from the globalists.

    • Big_Celebrant

      No surprise there. Look what he married…

      • Yeah. Its OK. He sealed his fate.

        Have you seen the internal polls for incumbent RINO’s?
        Changes of 50% to 75% negatives, some politicians actually in sub zero territory, like Collins from Maine.

  4. Paul Ryan is an asshole.

    • Does anyone who reads these blogs, live near this POS? Does he have lots of security or just one or two? Does he drive himself or is driven? Where does he go besides work and home?

  5. What’s this “we” shit, RINO?

  6. These is why Quisling Ryan needs to go, and if that also involves a toe tag, so much the better. The difference between having him and pre-pacification Osama Bin Laden as Speaker of the House is…what, exactly?

    • Speaker Gowdy has a nice ring to it, btw…

      • Aesop spins another fable.

        Trey of the endless “hearings” about this-n-that.

        once Speaker, Gowdy woud be no different than his Republiscam predecessors: Ryan, Gingrich, Hastert, and other lice.

        do you ever get tired of being wrong?

        • Aesop apparently thinks we of Gowdy’s district think the world of him.

          We don’t.

          Goody is a clown. He barely graduated from USC law school, which required his move into government law because no reasonable practice would hire him. He’s marginally fit for what he does. His time as a prosecutor is a black mark on his record.

          • If you have a better suggestion Pat, trot it out.
            Somebody’s going to have the job, so given the choice between someone who doesn’t suffer fools, rather than someone who is one, I’d take Gowdy over Quisling six days a week and twice on Sunday.

        • Do you ever get tired of beating your gums and producing nothing but flecks of spittle for the effort?
          Give your keyboard a rest, if only for the novelty of not illustrating your limitations.

      • Randall Flagg

        It will only be so long before he turns as well.

        They all do. Eventually.

  7. That’s alright, we know who you are and whose side you’re on, you Eddie Munster looking asshole.

    Come on, universe …just one school bus sized iron-nickel meteorite onto that fever swamp during a joint session of congress…just one, is that too much to ask?

  8. its our way of life. its what we’re fighting to defend. everyone gets a piece of us, except us. and at the same time we give everything to israel who not only doesn’t allow any immigrants other than jews but treats their native population in ways we don’t accept anywhere else.

    • FYI, Israel has brought in plenty of Vietnamese refugees (specifically when others were sending them away) and others. As for the “native” population, the so-called “Palestinians” are as native to Israel as most of the Blacks were/are native to South Africa…in both cases, Westerners came into a wilderness/desert and turned it into a productive land, into which surrounding , sub-normal IQ people incapable of doing such swarmed, and then claimed it as their own because Whitey “didn’t belong” in “their” land.

      There’s plenty to criticize about Israel (or any other nation, for that matter), and I’m just fine with you (or anyone else) doing so; just get your facts right so that you don’t sound like an uninformed moron.

  9. Terry in Dayton,TN.

    One must consider which to tango first; the perp, the antaganist, or the enabler. IMO, the festivities are ongoing. How many more bodies does one need to understand that?

  10. Paul Ryan is the prime example of why the Republican Party does not represent the people who vote for them.
    Hang ’em high.

  11. He’s working on morphing from Eddie Munster to his preferred alter ego, justin “I wuvvv muzzwuums!!” trudeau…

    ryan, like his alter ego, is such a fookin dihimmi that it’s not even funny…

    Wrap them both in bacon and bacon grease and throw them in the nearest mosque on a Friday night and bolt the door…the moslem shock and horror would be priceless!!

    Yours in Daily Armed Infidel Liberty via anarchy!
    Northgunner III

  12. thesouthwasrght

    I support Muslim immigration as well. Difference being I support moving them en mass to Speaker Ryan’s humble walled abode.

  13. that asswipe elitist trash has ‘delusion’ as his best quality. he goes down from there.

  14. Correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t Ryan Ride in on The Tea-Party Hullabalooh a number of years ago?
    Ryan is, a Clear and Present Danger.
    Read that as you may

    • He rode into the Speaker’s seat on that, yes, because it was time to get rid of Boehner. He wasn’t the TP’s favorite, though. He did not get elected as a TP guy.

  15. Paul Ryan is just another PROGRESSIVE in “CONservative” clothing! If you think you are going to vote him out you don’t know Wisconsin or his popularity in the House of Representatives. If the CONservatives hate him so much why is he still the Speaker?


    Grey Ghost

  16. I eagerly anticipate the reckoning these folks deserve for their actions as accomplices to terrorist “immigrants”. Never forget who allowed these murderers into your country.

  17. Fuck you, Ryan! You do not get to decide who we are you prick!

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Looks to me like the klintons or somebody like them have dirt on Ryan. I wonder if he has taken a flight on that Lolita Express?

    • Wahrheit Von Lautsprecher

      Don’t ask “if?”
      Ask, “how many times?”

      The first one is always “free”.
      Ask any dealer…

  20. Jews are bringing in Muslims, period. Schumer set up the “immigration lottery”, and still defends it.

    Really folks, why do you continue to deny the overweening effect Jews have on foreign and immigration policy? Without question, banking is totally controlled by (((them))).

  21. Fuck Paul Ryan and John McCain too.

  22. “Blood Eagle” the bastard…………….
    Vikings – Blood Eagle – Ending scene

    • Blood eagle was a n honor… if the subject could refrain from screaming, he was redeemed and entered Valhalla.

      L’il Bitch cRyan wouldn’t make it past the tearing off of his shirt.

      No Valhalla for you!

      When, Oh! Lord! will the cleansing begin?

  23. Piss on Paul Ryan. Unless he’s on fire. Then throw a gallon of gas on him.

  24. Doing the people’s work, it is for our own good. Off course it depends on what is is.